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Expo 2010 Shanghai
The Smurfs were Chinese guests of honor for over six months during 2010, at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai! They made an expo music video too!
Shanghai Expo 2010 Smurfs

2010 was a smurfy time to be in China! The Smurfs became Belgium's official ambassador at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

The 2010 Expo featured over 200 countries and organizations from around the world, joined together to celebrate good urban policy and sustainable development under the banner of, "Better City, Better Life".

The Expo ran from May 1 to October 31 and was a smurfy success!

Watch the Shanghai Expo Smurfs Video
Belgium, for its role at the Expo, honored the theme by creating a pavilion made of recycled materials and using solar panels on the roof. The Belgian-European pavilion itself was over three square miles in size and designed to look like a giant brain cell! The "neuron" theme of the pavilion promoted Belgium's message of an "Intelligent Europe". In fact, the first floor of the pavilion featured a half square mile "European Union" exhibition. Visitors entered the Belgian pavilion (the "brain") through a "vein" entrance, made from a soft fibrous material designed to simulate the experience of exploring a living cell.

People dressed as Smurfs welcomed visitors while virtual Smurfs presented multimedia shows - The Smurfs were even part of a special song! The Smurfs shared the spotlight with famous Chinese singer Shang Wen Jie - check out the music video!

Belgian Smurf Ambassadors
Meet Ambassador Smurf
Smurf Ambassadors

The real stars of the Belgian expo are, of course, the Smurfs! On March 10, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, the Smurfs were officially declared the mascots of the Belgian Pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

"Smurfs are lovely, kind and all good to others. They will not hurt anybody and are good people," said Leo Delcroix, the Belgian commissioner general.

If you look at the picture to the left, the white unpainted Smurf figures should look familiar - they were also used to promote the Smurf's 50th Anniversary European tour.

Belgium's ambassadors are true-blue to the theme of sustainable development - they live in perfect harmony with nature.

Smurfs Shanghai Expo 2010
Smurfs Shanghai Expo 2010
Smurfs Expo Music Video

The Smurfs are music video stars... featuring in the 2010 Belgian Expo music video. In the song, the hidden Smurfs are lured out by the beautiful melody of Shang Wen Jie and Jean-François Maljean. Even Harmony Smurf joins in and manages to play in tune - surely a first for him! The video premiered on the Belgian National Day, June 13. It was then broadcast on Chinese television during October 2010. The lyrics of the song focus on unity, respect and the friendship between Belgium and China.

In addition to the Smurfs, the Belgium pavilion celebrated the country's 250 year-old brewing tradition. The Belgian Beer Cafe had over 20 different varieties of beer that they gave away to visitors. The Chocolate Corner featured more than seventy chocolate makers and over 20,000 free chocolates were distributed every day! And the Smurfs love chocolate too! A commemorative Smurf pin was created showing Smurf's love of Belgium chocolate with his fellow blue friend, Haibao *. A special chocolate "Great Wall of China" and "Oriental Pearl Tower" were on display too. Visitors to the expo could also see a mini-diamond factory that showcased how diamonds are cut. Last but not least, the Belgian Essence restaurant celebrated Belgium's finest chefs from around the country.

* Haibao, the Shanghai Expo mascot, is a fun little blue character - no wonder Hai Bao is friends with the Smurfs!

Smurfs Belgian Chocolate
Smurfs Belgian Chocolate
Smurfy Belgian Chocolate

The Belgium Pavilion tried to seduce China with a combination of diamonds, sweets and Smurfs! Visitors tasted delicious Belgian chocolates in the format of Smurf coins. One side of the sweet shows a Smurf eating chocolate with the other side saying, "I Love Belgian Chocolate". In addition to the tasty treats, each day visitors were able to win a Smurfette figurine holding a diamond ring! And this wasn't the only sparkly delight for Smurf fans...

Crystal Smurf Figurine
Crystal Smurf Figurine
Smurfs Crystal Figure

Val Saint Lambert and the Smurfs, two Belgian brands known all over the globe, teamed up for the first time at the Shanghai World Expo. Both exhibitors in the Belgian pavilion, they developed a unique piece together: a crystal Smurf. The stunning crystal statue highlights the cheerfulness of the colorful little characters. Val Saint Lambert Crystal and the Smurfs share numerous characteristics: they are both Belgian, have a respect for nature and are synonymous with creativity throughout the world!

The Smurfs Chinese CD
The Smurfs Album featuring "Our Song"
The Smurfs Album

1. Smurfs Song / 蓝色小精灵之歌
2. Travelling Smurfs / 旅行中的小精灵
3. Mice Like Smurfs / 我爱蓝色小精灵
4. Gargamel / 邪恶巫师贾不妙
5. Papa Smurf/ 胡子老爹
6. Our Song / 我们的歌
7. Azrael Cat / 大笨猫之歌
8. Bringing Good Luck / 好运气
9. Brussels / 布鲁塞尔
10. Forever Love / 爱,永恒
11. Our Song (Laure Shang feat. The Smurfs) / 我们的歌

In 2010, Jean-François Maljean collaborated with Shang Wen Jie (one of the most popular female pop stars in China). Together they wrote the anthem of the Belgian Pavilion for Shanghai 2010 Exhibition. "Our Song" quickly became a number one hit in China. Then in 2011, Maljean (with Silvano Macaluso) created a CD with "Smurf" songs in Chinese. It includes the hit, "Our Song". Laure Shang (featuring the Smurfs) sung “Our song” on this album. It was composed by Jean-Francois Maljean and Laure Shang wrote the lyrics.

Belgian EU Pavilion
Belgian EU Pavilion
Belgium & China Smurf Friends
Belgium & China Smurf Friends
Smurf and Haibao Pin
Smurf and Haibao Pin
Saxophone Smurf
Saxophone Smurf
Shang Wen Jie
Shang Wen Jie
Smurf Store at Belgium Pavilion
Smurf Store at Belgium Pavilion
Belgium EU Pavilion Pin
Belgium EU Pavilion Pin
Smurfs Figurine - China Belgium - Exclusive Edition
Smurfs Figurine - China & Belgium
Happy Smurfs at Expo
Happy Smurfs at Expo

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Chinese Belgian Smurfs Our Song

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