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Smurfs Cartoon Episode Guide!
Want to know what episode aired when? Smurfed as to the name of a particular show? Can't remember the lyrics to the theme song? Need to know when the show will be on next? Find all the answers here! Includes details on the broadcast, syndicated, and special versions of our favorite cartoon.
Smurf Theme Song & Smurf Episode Guide
The Smurfs Cartoon Episode Guide.

The Smurfs cartoon episode guide includes all episodes from the Smurf cartoon show - the Saturday morning airings and the syndicated versions. This guide also includes specials that appeared during prime time and other presentations, such as the Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue special and the full-length feature film The Smurfs and The Magic Flute. Each title is followed by a short description of the Smurf episode itself. Listed directly below is a link to each section of the guide:

Smurf Cartoon Episode Guide
The Smurfs Cartoon Episode Guide

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Overview of The Smurfs and the television show.

In 1981, NBC President Fred Silverman bought the rights to the Flemish Smurfs characters and turned them into one of the most successful cartoons ever to hit the air. Created by cartoonist Peyo Culliford in 1957, the Smurfs (known as Les Schtroumpfs in their homeland) became famous in America through the popular line of
Wallace Berrie toys and figurines. Silverman extended the brand to television - and created the beloved show we know today.

Smurfs are blue and three-apples tall. There are over 100 Smurfs and they live in mushroom houses inside the Smurf Village. The Smurfs are led by 543-year-old Papa Smurf, a good and powerful wizard. Each Smurf is assigned a task in the village, according to their ability and the needs of the community. Smurfs live peaceful lives in harmony with nature. However, the Smurfs also face a horrible enemy - their nemesis Gargamel. The evil Gargamel is a wizard who spends his days trying to capture, eat, or destroy the Smurfs. Gargamel's cat Azrael adds to the menace, always looking for a tasty blue snack. There are sundry other bad-guys who like to make the Smurfs' lives difficult as well.

Each Smurf possesses one dominant emotion or characteristic, which is reflected by his or her name. Characters on the show include Brainy, Jokey, Vanity, Grouchy and Clumsy. Later seasons of the program feature new characters, such as Grandpa Smurf and the four Smurflings (Nat, Snappy, Slouchy, and the female Sassette). Gargamel, too, gets a sidekick in the form of his apprentice, Scruple.

In 1982 the Culliford characters Johan and his aide Peewit (re-christened "Peewee" in America) were given their own segments during an expanded, 90-minute version of the Smurfs. The two humans proved to be unpopular and were eventually dropped.

Despite its incredible popularity, The Smurfs did encounter some controversy. Some adults considered the show discriminatory in its portrayal of Smurfette, the female Smurf. In addition, there were some serious (and not so serious) comparisons made between Communism (feared at the time) and the Smurf lifestyle.

Perhaps the most memorable feature of the show is the use of the word "smurf" in every possible tense and construction. It wouldn't be unusual to hear a Smurf remark, "It's such a smurfy day, I think I'll go smurfing in the River Smurf."

In terms of accolades and milestones, the show won two Emmys for Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series and, in 1987, NBC produced a "message" episode. The "message" episode, "Lure Of The Orb", features anti-drug themes. In the show, Poet, Handy, and Painter Smurf become addicts after rubbing a witch's magic orb, requiring the help of Papa Smurf and the gang to overcome their problem.

The Smurfs hit the silver screen in 1984 with "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute". The film is actually a dubbed version of an older Belgian Schtroumpfs feature, and the Smurfs don't actually appear on-screen until later in the film. The film was a failure, but the television show continued to rule Saturday mornings for the better part of the decade.

In 1989, in an attempt to revive the nearly decade-old show, the Smurfs leave the Smurf Village and visit various times and locations throughout history. This substantial change to the Smurfs television formula proved too much for audiences to accept. Viewership of the show fell. After the time-travel season, the show was canceled. The cartoon survives to this day in a syndicated package called The Smurfs' Adventures.

The show ran from 9/12/81 to 8/25/90 on the NBC television network. The cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera, NBC, SEPP Intl. S.A., and Wang Company Ltd.

Here are some Smurf pictures from the Smurfs cartoon!

Hanna Barbera Presents!  Feathers and Papa Smurf flying over the forest!  Lazy Smurf waves to Papa and Feathers!  The evil Gargamel!  Smurfs Adventures!  Hanna Barbera Closing Credits!
The Smurfs will return after these messages:
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Gnap! It's a Purple Smurf!  Introduction of The Smurfs!  Astrosmurf encounters The Swoofs!  Trouble in the Smurf Kingdom!  Gargamel wants to turn Smurfs into gold!  Smurf sees double in The Hundredth Smurf!
    The Smurfs Season 1

  1. The Abominable Snowbeast
    The Smurfs encounter a snow creature that turns out to be friendly with Smurfette.

  2. All That Glitters Isn't Smurf
    Every Smurf mistakenly believes that Papa Smurf lost his magic touch.

  3. The Astrosmurf
    The Smurfs help fulfill Dreamy's wish to travel to the stars by disguising themselves as Swoofs on another planet.

  4. The Baby Smurf
    Gargamel transforms himself into an blue infant to destroy the village from within.

  5. Bewitched, Bothered, And Besmurfed
    Hogatha's amulet causes some of Smurfette's wishes to come true when she wears it.

  6. The Clockwork Smurf
    Handy's mechanical Smurf becomes a hero when he rescues Prince Gerard from his evil aunt.

  7. Dreamy's Nightmare
    Dreamy's trip around the world is cut short when Gargamel captures him.

  8. The Fake Smurf
    Hogatha's impersonation of a Smurf backfires when she loses her tail.

  9. Foul Weather Smurf
    Handy's weather-controlling machine creates chaos in the climate.

  10. The Fountain Of Smurf
    Papa Smurf becomes a Smurfling, and the Smurfs must find a way to restore him to normal with the help of Gargamel.

  11. Fuzzle Trouble
    A furry little creature becomes a multiplying menace.

  12. Gargamel The Generous
    An accidental discovery of diamonds by Clumsy attracts Gargamel's attention.

  13. Haunted Smurfs
    Something is haunting a castle that the Smurfs discover when they leave the village in search for food.

  14. The Hundredth Smurf
    Vanity's mirror reflection comes to life and does the opposite of what Vanity does.

  15. Jokey's Medicine
    The Smurfs end up trapped in Gargamel's lair when they decide to get even with Jokey.

  16. King Smurf
    Brainy becomes king of the village and starts a civil war when Papa Smurf's gone.

  17. The Magical Meanie
    Brainy and Clumsy discover a badly behaving genie who's only nice when somebody says the magic words "pumpernickel pickle".

  18. The Magic Egg
    A magic egg that grants every Smurf their fondest wishes creates chaos.

  19. The Magnifying Mixture
    Brainy accidentally turns Hefty into a giant, who brings an even bigger problem into the village.

  20. Now You Smurf 'Em, Now You Don't
    Underground trolls use a crystal ball that lets Smurfs see their fondest wishes in order to kidnap whoever touches it.

  21. Painter And Poet
    Two creative Smurfs take their unappreciated talents with them when they flee to a deserted island.

  22. Paradise Smurfed
    Lazy dreams of discovering a hidden paradise that hides a nightmare.

  23. The Purple Smurfs
    A purple fly bites Lazy, causing a tail-biting purple epidemic.

  24. Romeo And Smurfette
    Hefty and Handy, not to mention everyone else, compete for the amourous attention of Smurfette.

  25. St. Smurf And The Dragon
    A baby dragon has an insatiable appetite for the glowberries Papa Smurf needs for his invisibility formula.

  26. Sideshow Smurfs
    The Smurfs enter a human village to rescue Smurfette and Clumsy from a mean showmaster.

  27. Sir Hefty
    Hefty becomes a knight to slay a dragon that's been setting fire to the village.

  28. Smurf-Colored Glasses
    Handy's magical glasses trick Smurfette into seeing Gargamel as handsome.

  29. The Smurfette
    Gargamel creates Smurfette as a pawn to destroy the Smurfs, and Papa Smurf changes her into a real Smurf to foil Gargamel's plan.

  30. Smurfette's Dancing Shoes
    The Smurfs split up to retrieve three treasures in order to rescue Smurfette from a forced marriage to a greedy troll.

  31. The Smurfs And The Howlibird
    A careless dumping of a dangerous formula mutates a small bird into a flying screeching predator.

  32. The Smurfs And The Money Tree
    Gargamel's mother tests Greedy's avarice by planting a golden goodie tree outside his house.

  33. The Smurf's Apprentice
    Clumsy turns himself into a dragon, and the Smurfs must help him return to normal.

  34. Smurphony In 'C'
    Aurora the Good Fairy gives Harmony Smurf a magical horn called a Shazalakazoo that entrances its listeners.

  35. Sorceror Smurf
    Gargamel disguises himself as a long-lost Sorceror Smurf.

  36. Soup A La Smurf
    Bigmouth is hungry and eating Gargamel out of house and home. Gargamel entices Bigmouth to eat Soup a la Smurf - with our blue buddies as the main ingredient!

  37. Spelunking Smurfs
    The Smurfs discover a cave with frozen food and a frozen ogre guarding it.

  38. Supersmurf
    Brainy tries using brute force instead of brains to retrieve his village's stolen food supply from Bigmouth.

  39. Vanity Fare
    Gargamel hides himself inside a magic mirror to capture some unsuspecting Smurfs.
Smurfette and mouse Squeeky!  Spinning Smurfs!  Jokey Smurf!  Johan and Peewee!  Brainy Smurfs sits with friends!  Greedy Smurf hides a cake!
    The Smurfs Season 2

  1. The Adventures Of Robin Smurf
    Vanity as Robin Hood must rescue Smurfette as Maid Marian from Brainy as the evil Prince John with the help of his merry men.

  2. All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy
    Gargamel steals fairy gold, and the fairies accuse the Smurfs of stealing it, leading into an all-out war that Papa Smurf must stop.

  3. The A-Maze-Ing Smurfs
    The Smurfs meet Malchior the Magnificient inside his labyrinthine manor.

  4. The Black Hellebore
    An evil wizard uses a deadly flower to put everyone in a trance.

  5. The Blue Plague
    Brainy gives his fellow Smurfs a meal that makes them feel like chickens.

  6. The Box Of Dirty Tricks
    Gargamel gives the Smurfs a destructive little present.

  7. Bubble, Bubble, Smurfs In Trouble
    Scaredy learns that he couldn't find bravery by hiding himself inside a bubble.

  8. Clumsy Smurfs The Future
    A glowing rock Clumsy finds gives him some glimpses into what's going to happen.

  9. The Cursed Country
    The Smurfs find a way to douse the flames of a fire-breathing dragon being used by an evil master to capture slaves for his diamond mine.

  10. The Enchanted Baby
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs must deliver a baby with magical powers to his parents.

  11. The Goblin Of Boulder Wood
    Peewit recounts his first encounter with Johan.

  12. The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy
    The wizard Mordain, who seeks to overthrow the kingdom by turning his liege into a frog, abducts Papa Smurf and some others.

  13. Gormandizing Greedy
    An overweight Greedy learns that it isn't healthy to overeat.

  14. The Haunted Castle
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs must help a ghost of a haunted castle find his rightful heir.

  15. Heavenly Smurfs
    The Smurfs try tricking Gargamel into believing he has been sent to his final judgment.

  16. The Imposter King
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs must find the real king and stop his imposter.

  17. It Came From Outer Smurf
    Dreamy's claim of seeing a visitor from another world is ignored until he retrieves a crystal that creates a windstorm.

  18. Johan's Army
    The Smurfs help Johan and Peewit protect the castle when his army's been rendered useless.

  19. The Kaplowey Scroll
    A translated scroll with a magic word that makes things disappear becomes dangerous when Grouchy uses it on Jokey.

  20. The Last Laugh
    Gargamel's giggle glitter causes uncontrollable fits of laughter in the Smurfs.

  21. The Littlest Giant
    Papa Smurf helps a young runaway giant reunite with his own family.

  22. The Lost City Of Yore
    Nosey's butting-in gets the other Smurfs in the middle of an argument over the evil Scepter of Yore.

  23. For The Love Of Gargamel
    Tracker learns to respect all life, even Gargamel's, when he helps Papa Smurf create a formula to restore Gargamel and Azrael from being turned to stone.

  24. Magic Fountain
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs search for the magic fountain to energize an enslaved people.

  25. A Mere Truffle
    Tracker loses his memory when he leads the other Smurfs on a truffle hunt.

  26. One Good Smurf Deserves Another
    Clumsy gets a chance to repay Handy's bravery by rescuing him from a real monster.

  27. Papa's Wedding Day
    A charming woodnymph working for Lord Balthazar tricks Papa Smurf into marrying her.

  28. The Prince And The Peewit
    The court jester and his royal doppelganger switch places.

  29. The Raven Wizard
    An evil wizard kidnaps Sabrina to magically transfer her youth onto himself, and Peewit comes to Sabrina's rescue.

  30. The Return Of The Clockwork Smurf
    King Gerard seeks bravery of his own when his companion Clockwork is put out of the action and the king's uncle Leopold seeks to take over.

  31. Revenge Of The Smurfs
    A bunch of disgruntled Smurfs try to get even with a human army that has rampaged the village.

  32. The Ring Of Castellac
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs must return a drugged duke to his rightful place.

  33. Sister Smurf
    Smurfette and a human girl flee from their unappreciative families, only to be held prisoner by an old hag.

  34. The Sky Is Smurfing, The Sky Is Smurfing
    Scaredy's warning of danger is taken seriously when a nearby volcano erupts.

  35. Sleepwalking Smurfs
    Gargamel uses Madame Trilby's magic flute to lead sleeping Smurfs out of their village.

  36. Smurf Me No Flowers
    Lazy is led to believe that he has only a few days left to live, encouraging him to do some physical feats he hasn't thought of doing before.

  37. Smurfs At Sea
    Papa Smurf recounts Dreamy's adventures at sea.

  38. Smurf Van Winkle
    Lazy is tricked by the other Smurfs into believing he has slept his life away.

  39. The Smurf Who Couldn't Say No
    Pushover learns to be steadfast in his refusals when he and Scaredy must relight a mystical fire to calm a rampaging swamp monster.

  40. The Sorcery Of Maltrochu
    Johan, Peewit, and the Smurfs must restore a young royal who's gone to the dogs, courtesy of an evil baron who wants to marry the beautiful Genevieve.

  41. Squeaky
    Smurfette learns to value the passage of life when her pet mouse dies.

  42. S-Shivering S-Smurfs
    Nobody pays any attention to Tracker's prediction of an early snowfall until it happens, and now they're angry with him.

  43. The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of
    Gargamel does his own version of Freddy Krueger when he invades the dreams of the Smurfs with the help of a magical dream crown.

  44. The Three Smurfketeers
    It's an "all for one and one for all" adventure, brought to you by the boys (and the angel) in blue.

  45. Turncoat Smurf
    Everybody accuses Brainy of turning against them when he accidentally leads Gargamel into the village.

  46. Waste Not, Smurf Not
    Handy's food processor causes the Smurfs to use food unproductively.
Gargamel in The First Telesmurf  Handy's Sweetheart - Marina!  Azriel!  Smurfette and Baby Smurf!  Handy Smurf is in love!  The Smurfs are captured!
    The Smurfs Season 3

  1. Once In A Blue Moon (Season Premiere)
    A stork delivers a real Baby Smurf into the village on a rare night.

  2. All Creatures Great And Smurf
    Natural nearly endangers the village when he brings home a wounded Azrael.

  3. All Hallows' Eve (The Smurfs Halloween Special)
    Lazy is accidentally turned red by Mother Nature's autumn wand on Jokey's birthday.

  4. April Smurf's Day
    Gargamel plays a trick of his own on the Smurfs by disgusing himself as a smurfberry bush.

  5. Baby's First Christmas
    Chlorhydris poisons Mr. Nicholas' heart with hate by kissing him under mistletoe, and only Baby Smurf can cure him of that hate in time to deliver the presents.

  6. Baby Smurf Is Missing
    A couple of poachers kidnap Baby Smurf, thinking that he is a leprechaun.

  7. Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep
    Periwinkle, the perfection-minded pixie, finds a kindred spirit in Vanity.

  8. A Bell For Azrael
    Brainy's brilliant idea to put a bell on Azrael is used against the Smurfs when Gargamel puts his spell on the bell.

  9. Born Rotten
    A furry little creature with a foul smell hatches in the village, attracting Gargamel's nose.

  10. The Chief Record Smurf
    A lab accident gives Clumsy photographic memory, and Gargamel erases it with his babble bath.

  11. A Chip Off The Old Smurf
    Everybody contemplates Baby Smurf's future while a locust infestation attacks the forest.

  12. Clumsy Luck
    Clumsy proves how lucky he really is when he escapes a meteor that crashed into his house.

  13. Every Picture Smurfs A Story
    An evil artist tricks Painter into doing a lifelike portrait of Papa Smurf so that he can come to life and find his eternal inspiration.

  14. The First Telesmurf
    Overgrown smurfmelon vines make for a new means of communication, and a new way for Gargamel to find the Smurfs.

  15. Forget Me Smurfs
    An early-blooming flower on an early-breaking spring day causes the Smurfs to forget when the village dam is about to burst.

  16. A Gift For Papa's Day
    Papa Smurf tries to discreetly dispose a gift hat that he doesn't like wearing.

  17. The Golden Smurf Award
    Hogatha transforms herself into a trophy to get some Smurfs for her beauty regimen.

  18. Good Neighbor Smurf
    Brainy proves himself to be a poor roommate when he has to bunk with someone else.

  19. Greedy And The Porridge Pot
    Greedy borrows a magical porridge pot that buries the village in mush when Brainy gets a hold of it.

  20. The Grumpy Gremlin
    A gourmet gremlin with a foul-smelling concoction seeks a new home when Peewit accidentally chops down his tree.

  21. Handy's Kite
    Handy and his high-flying crew are captured by Lord Balthasar.

  22. Handy's Sweetheart
    Handy falls in love with Marina, a mermaid seeking help for her ailing father.

  23. Harmony Steals The Show
    Papa Smurf goes to trial to dispute the origin of Harmony's "ghostwritten" symphony.

  24. Hats Off To Smurfs
    Vanity finds a new hat that disfigures his face when he splashes water on himself.

  25. Hefty's Heart
    Can Hefty find it in his heart to cure himself of the "yellow hate disease"?

  26. Hogatha's Heart Throb
    Gargamel tricks Hogatha into getting her bird call by disguising himself as the wizard of her dreams.

  27. A Hovel Is Not A Home
    Gargamel tries to capture Smurfs with the help of his Great Book of Spells in order to buy himself a bigger home.

  28. How To Smurf A Rainbow
    Gargamel's in search for gold when the Smurfs create an incomplete rainbow.

  29. A Hug For Grouchy
    Grouchy bravely embraces a pixie under Chlorhydris' spell to break the power of the Wand Of Ice.

  30. The Last Smurfberry
    Gargamel creates a smurfberry famine, causing the Smurfs to seek out across the seas to find more of the berries.

  31. A Little Smurf Confidence
    Weakling gains strength from his own willpower when Papa Smurf gives him smurfberry jam to put on his nose and calling it Can Do Cream.

  32. The Littlest Witch
    The Smurfs befriend a young witch, teaching her to do good, while stopping a bad witch by causing her to lose her powers for a year.

  33. Lumbering Smurfs
    Clockwork helps the Smurfs protect King Gerard's forest from a rogue band of loggers.

  34. The Magic Earrings
    Hogatha seduces Gargamel into giving her a pair of earrings that let her hear sounds from all over the world - including Smurfs.

  35. The Magic Rattle
    A magic baby rattle falls into Baby Smurf's hands and an evil fairy wants it.

  36. The Magic Stick
    Papa Smurf's magic stick that teleports things or cleans up things gets lost when Bigmouth starts chomping down their smurfberry bushes.

  37. The Miracle Smurfer
    An impish charlatan tricks the Smurfs into giving him all their possessions to trade for his miracle tonic.

  38. The Moor's Baby
    The Smurfs must solve an algebra problem to free the Tooth Fairy and ease the teething pains of both Baby Smurf and a visiting moor's baby.

  39. The Noble Stag
    Oh, "deer"...Malcolm the Mean has turned King Gerard into a black stag.

  40. No Time For Smurfs
    A few Smurfs cause all time to stop when they accidentally break Father Time's hourglass.

  41. Peewit Meets Bigmouth
    Peewit accidentally turns a young bratty prince into a chicken. And even worse, Bigmouth feels like having chicken tonight...chicken soup, that is!

  42. To Smurf A Thief
    Papa Smurf helps Homnibus clear the name of a young boy accused of stealing.

  43. Smurfette For A Day
    Hefty becomes a drag queen for a troll king.

  44. The Smurf Fire Brigade
    A rash of fires inspire the Smurfs to create an effective invention for fighting them.

  45. Smurfing In Sign Language
    Laconia the mute wood elf teaches a magically soundless Poet the wonders of signing.

  46. The Smurfs' Time Capsule
    A druid that escapes captivity from a tree seeks out Papa Smurf when his moonrock amulet is stolen.

  47. The Smurfstone Quest
    Handy, Hefty, and Lazy team up to find a crystal with healing powers.

  48. The Smurf Who Would Be King
    Dreamy dreams of being stranded in the kingdom of the Pookies, where he is king and must use his secret weapon against the Norf Nags.

  49. Smurfy Acres
    Gargamel lures the Smurfs into another Smurf Village with the help of his Great Book of Spells.

  50. Speak For Yourself Farmer Smurf
    Farmer poses himself as another Smurf to get the amourous attention of Smurfette.

  51. The Tear Of A Smurf
    An ugly hag is turned into a beautiful princess when some captured Smurfs shed some tears for her.

  52. Wedding Bells For Gargamel
    Gargamel accepts the courtship of a beautiful princess to get at her hope chest, which contains a map to the Smurf Village.

  53. Willpower Smurfs
    Jokey tests his fellow Smurfs' ability to resist temptation, andlater Gargamel's when Harmony is captured.

  54. The Winged Wizard
    Look out Dastardly and Muttley - it's Gargamel and his wacky flying machines!

  55. Wolf In Peewit's Clothing
    An evil wizard turns Peewit into a werewolf to capture some Smurfs to get (yuck!) Smurf sweat.
Gargamel dressed as a Smurf!  Baby plays with mini Gargamel!  Gingerbread Smurfs!  Smurfette's Sweet Tooth!  Smurf Soup!  The Smurfbox Durby!
    The Smurfs Season 4

  1. Babes In Wartland
    Baby Smurf finds himself on the throne with King Bullrush.

  2. Baby's Enchanted Didey
    A fragment of Gargamel's magic cloth becomes a new diaper that lets Baby Smurf fly.

  3. The Bad Place
    Muddy aliens have landed in the village, and the Smurfs learn to live with them as they seek help to repair their ship.

  4. Bigmouth Smurf
    He's big! He's blue! He thinks he's a Smurf! And what's worse, he's Bigmouth!

  5. The Bignose Dilemma
    Bignose, Gargamel, and Vanity magically switch noses.

  6. Blue Eyes Returns
    Smurfette's orange horse friend returns when Gargamel floods the forest with magic beans.

  7. Breakfast At Greedy's
    Lighter-than-air pancakes causes the Smurfs to float uncontrollably.

  8. A Circus For Baby
    Hefty loses his fear of heights with the help of an elephant when he rescues Baby Smurf.

  9. A Float Full Of Smurfs
    Gargamel and Azrael disguise themselves as rabbits for the Smurfs' autumn festival parade.

  10. Gargamel's Giant
    Gargamel uses smurfberries as a substitute for choke cherries to bring a giant to life.

  11. Gargamel's Misfortune
    A pair of charlatan gypsies help the Smurfs rescue Smurfette and Dreamy from Gargamel, who tricks the gypsies with a bag of painted rocks.

  12. The Gargoyle Of Quarrel Castle
    Selwyn and Tallulah's pet gargoyle finds friends in the Smurf Village and accidentally sets loose a three-headed hydra.

  13. Gingerbread Smurfs
    Brainy loses big time to Greedy in a bake-off when his magically-created gingerbread cookies come to life and take over the village.

  14. Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer
    Hefty regains his confidence in the face of disability when he tries out Handy's invention.

  15. Hopping Cough Smurfs
    The Smurfs must find the hopping crane to cure themselves of a bouncing disease.

  16. The Incredible Shrinking Wizard
    A polluted muck pond causes Gargamel to shrink without limit, and only doing good deeds can restore him to normal.

  17. Jokey's Funny Bone
    Jokey gets more attention than he deserves when he claims he lost his funny bone.

  18. Jokey's Shadow
    What prankish nastiness lurks in the heart of Jokey? Only his shadow, which he accidentally brought to life, knows.

  19. Lazy's Slumber Party
    The Smurfs give Lazy a sleepless night he would rather forget.

  20. The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes
    Smurfette befriends a magical flying horse who lost his shoe sliding down a rainbow.

  21. The Man In The Moon
    The Smurfs convince the Moon Man of his importance when he takes an unexpected vacation.

  22. The Master Smurf
    A magic crown turns Greedy into a mind-controlling tyrant, and Papa Smurf must find the other crown to get Greedy to lose his.

  23. Monster Smurfs
    A magically deformed Smurfette befriends a treestump monster.

  24. Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow
    Handy accuses Lazy of slacking off on the job when a hurricane carries them and several other Smurfs off into an erupting volcano, but Lazy manages to redeem himself.

  25. Smurfing For Ghosts
    There's something strange in the neighborhood of Quarrel Castle. Who does Peewit the house-sitter call? Brainy and Clumsy.

  26. Papa's Worry Warts
    A young wartless Wartmonger comes of age when a warted Papa Smurf passes his "worry warts" onto him.

  27. The Patchwork Bear
    The Smurfs help an animated teddy bear find courage when his princess is held prisoner.

  28. A Pet For Baby Smurf
    Baby Smurf's glowing darling becomes a ghoulish danger.

  29. Petrified Smurfs
    Peewit must get Selwyn and Tallulah to work together to reverse a spell that turned half the forest and the Smurf Village into stone before dawn.

  30. The Pussywillow Pixies
    A lone Pixie befriends a Smurf lost in Pussywillow Hollow, and with the help of the other Smurfs they rescue her friends from being captured by the Wartmongers.

  31. The Secret Of Shadow Swamp
    Grouchy tries to escape from his birthday with an adventurous troll.

  32. The Secret Of The Village Well
    Everyone in the village is wondering what Clumsy's secret wish is.

  33. The Smurfbox Derby
    A race from the top of the mountain falls flat when Gargamel arrives to steamroller the competition.

  34. Smurfette's Golden Tresses
    Hogatha wants natural blond hair like Smurfette's, so she captures Smurfette and forces her to cut her hair.

  35. Smurfette's Sweet Tooth
    Her insatiable appetite for sweets gets out of control when her very touch turns everything into candy.

  36. The Smurfiest Of Friends
    Brainy learns to value his friendship with Clumsy when he helps Brainy escape being held prisoner by an ungrateful admirer.

  37. Smurfiplication
    Gargamel uses a multiplying machine on Brainy to get his six Smurfs for making gold.

  38. The Smurfomatic Smurfolator
    Handy builds his dream machine, which he uses against the tall weeds growing in the village.

  39. Smurf On Wood
    Take one toad, put Papa Smurf's cap on him, throw in a bunch of superstitious Smurfs who think it's a result of Papa Smurf making a wish at a magic tree, plus one wizard in search of that toad. What you get is a recipe for one funny adventure..

  40. Smurf The Other Cheek
    Dot, dot, who's nose got the spot? An unfriendly game of kick-tag is afoot.

  41. The Smurfwalk Cafe
    Handy and Greedy are in a dispute over who should get the credit for their accidental co-creation of a new frozen dessert.

  42. Stop And Smurf The Roses
    Chlorhydris abducts Laconia and tries to kill her by killing off all her flowers.

  43. Symbols Of Wisdom
    Brainy and Gargamel grow magical beards in order to gain respect.

  44. Tailor's Magic Needle
    Brainy puts Tailor's clothesmaking skills to the test when his magical needle starts sticking it to the other Smurfs.

  45. Tick Tock Smurfs
    Brainy's new time schedule has the Smurfs rushing through their day, and it's making them feel stressed out.

  46. The Traveler
    A mysterious traveler from the east comes to calm the rage of a magical dragon.

  47. The Trojan Smurf
    Gargamel hides inside a giant hollow statue of Papa Smurf to lure the Smurfs into taking him into the village.

  48. The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf
    Smurfette's gift of gab really makes a mess of things when Gargamel casts a lying spell on her.
Brainy Smurf on Safari!  Sassette Smurfling!  Gargamel!  Puppy!  The Smurflings - Slouchy, Snappy and Nat!  Papa Smurf with a Cookie!
    The Smurfs Season 5

  1. The Smurflings (Season Premiere)
    Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy get a second childhood with the help of Father Time.

  2. Sassette (Season Premiere)
    The Smurflings create a female counterpart for themselves and a sister for Smurfette.

  3. Puppy (Season Premiere)
    Hominbus' magical puppy arrives in the village with a magic locket.

  4. Alarming Smurfs
    Too many alarms bug the sanity of the Smurfs while the Smurflings run away from the village.

  5. All Work And No Smurf
    Brainy overworks the adult Smurfs on their day off, causing unusual transformations.

  6. Baby's First Word
    What can possibly ruin a joyous occasion like this? Baby Smurf can say that in one word.

  7. Bigmouth's Friend
    King Gerard's friend and protector Clockwork Smurf makes a brand new friend...Bigmouth! Bigmouth comes to the aid of Clockwork when Gargamel and Lord Balthazar create a giant mechanical robot that attacks King Gerard's castle.

  8. Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals
    Brainy proves himself to be a role model to young Nat.

  9. Brainy's Smarty Party
    The Smurflings host their own Outcast Party, which makes Brainy's party seem like the Communist Party.

  10. The Comet Is Coming
    Papa Smurf leaves the village for the day...and of course, the whole Smurf Village gets into trouble! A Comet, which appears rarely, will be visible that evening and Papa writes a message to the Smurfs telling them to watch. The letter Papa wrote becomes damaged during delivery, and is mis-interpreted - the Smurfs belive the end of the world is coming!

  11. The Dark-Ness Monster
    Brainy loses his glasses and finds himself relying on Clumsy.

  12. Dreamy's Pen Pals
    Dreamy realizes that the Swoofs aren't real at the same time a real alien pays him a visit.

  13. Educating Bigmouth
    The Smurfs help Bigmouth win back the heart of Bignose.

  14. Gargamel's Time Trip
    Gargamel steals Father Time's hourglass and goes back in time to destroy the Smurfs.

  15. The Great Slime Crop Failure
    The Wartmongers kidnap Farmer and the Smurflings in order to help restore their slime crops.

  16. The Grouchiest Game In Town
    Grouchy, Papa, Brainy, Slouchy and Gargamel are captured by the Games Master, a bratty little child wizard who forces people to play games for their lives. Grouchy Smurf plays against the Games Master in a game where the fate of his fellow Smurfs hangs in the balance.

  17. Happy Unhappiness Day To You
    Gargamel has invented a brand new Smurf catching machine that zones in on the emotion of happiness. Gargamel is sure he'll find the always jovial little Smurfs with this contraption. Unfortunately for him, the Smurfs are celebrating Unhappiness Day, a day where all the Smurfs choose to feel unhappy (which allows them to be happy and renewed for the rest of the year).

  18. Have You Smurfed Your Pet, Today?
    The Smurflings abandon their duty to feed Puppy when they become obsessed with Handy Smurf's Stringaling (Yo-Yo) fad. A very hungry Puppy wanders the forest for food, eventually finding Gargamel's castle, where he is taken prisoner. Gargamel threatens to destroy Puppy to obtain the dog's magic locket!

  19. He Who Smurfs Last
    Chlorhydris causes all the Smurfs except for Papa Smurf and Baby Smurf to lose their sense of humor.

  20. Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow
    Smurfette escapes from the Wartmongers with the help of Puppy.

  21. Love Those Smurfs
    Chlorhydris casts a spell on the Smurfs that makes them love only themselves, and a few Smurfs must deliver humble pie to restore their love for each other.

  22. Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates
    A brave seafaring Smurf gets himself in trouble with pepper pirates.

  23. The Masked Pie Smurfer
    Jokey lets the custard fly as a masked prankster.

  24. The Mr. Smurf Contest
    Gargamel transforms himself into a Smurf to enter a contest to be Smurfette's escort at a dance.

  25. Mud Wrestling Smurfs
    Clumsy steps into the ring against the Wartmongers while Papa Smurf plans an escape.

  26. Mutiny On The Smurf
    The Smurflings prove themselves to be a capable crew of the S.S. Smurf when Brainy and a few others are accidentally cast away en route to rescue some other Smurfs captured by an evil king musician.

  27. Papa's Day Off
    Homibus gives Papa Smurf the chance to see how the other Smurfs would handle an emergency situation if he wasn't there.

  28. Papa's Family Album
    Papa Smurf recounts his first adventure with his little Smurfs to the Smurflings.

  29. Papa's Flying Bed
    An evil spell cast by Gargamel on Papa Smurf's new bed causes him and some other Smurfs to fly off to new adventures.

  30. Papa's Puppy Prescription
    Puppy gets a warm nose while Papa Smurf gets a cold nose.

  31. Poet's Writers' Block
    Poet finds new inspiration under pressure when he has to write a poem for a princess.

  32. Queen Smurfette
    Smurfette's reign as queen for the day raises a ruckus when Father Time forgets to end the day.

  33. The Sand Witch (Beach Blanket Smurfs)
    A lonely witch learns to appreciate her friendship with a sea monster when he shows up with Baby Smurf.

  34. Smurf A Mile In My Shoes
    Jokey learns a lesson in humility (for the duration of this episode) when he comes to the aid of a tortured sand troll that he teased.

  35. Smurfette's Rose
    Smurfette's desire to see a blue rose causes her to smell like a rose.

  36. Stuck On Smurfs
    Togetherness isn't always a good thing when Gargamel makes all the Smurfs get really attached to each other.

  37. They're Smurfing Our Song
    Gargamel alters Woody's panpipe to play an evil tune, but Sassette restores its happy tunes by admitting her love for her "creator".

  38. Things That Go Smurf In The Night
    Can Snappy make it through the night sleeping without his teddy bear?

  39. Unsound Smurfs
    The Smurflings and Baby Smurf search for a sound to break the magical barrier around the village.

  40. Wild And Wooly
    Wooly and the Smurflings help protect a flock of sheep in exchange for wool.
    1986-1987 Season

  1. Smurfquest (Parts 1 to 4) (Season Premiere)
    Grandpa Smurf returns to the village from a 500-year voyage around the world to restore the power of the Long Life Force Stone. Papa Smurf and a few other Smurfs help Grandpa Smurf find the purest sources of the four primal elements from around the world while the remaining Smurfs stay behind to search for the Long Life Force Stone.

  2. All The Smurf's A Stage
    Timid portrays several different Smurfs to prove his acting ability to Poet.

  3. Baby's New Toy
    Baby loses all interest in his current toys, but the Toymaker has lost his interest in making toys. Now the Smurfs need to cheer up both.

  4. Bookworm Smurf
    The world ceases to function when Sassette wishes all the books in the world to disappear.

  5. Bringing Up Bigfeet
    The Smurflings get more practice in babysitting than they ask for when they offer to watch after Bigmouth's nephew.

  6. Can't Smurf The Music
    Chlorhydris tries to take the music out of the Smurfs by doing away with the notes.

  7. Calling Dr. Smurf
    Dabbler devotes himself to the study of medicine for the duration of this episode.

  8. Clumsy's Cloud
    Clumsy brings a little cloud of misfortune into the village which really needs a silver lining.

  9. The Color Smurfy
    The Smurflings and Grandpa Smurf seek to restore color to a monochrome world by finding the right color in a spectrum pool to restore life to a color sprite.

  10. Crying Smurfs
    Hefty learns that even a tough Smurf like him is never too tough to cry.

  11. Dr. Evil And Mr. Nice
    Scruple gives Gargamel a magic-induced split personality.

  12. Don Smurfo
    Jokey's masquerade as Smurfette's storybook hero Don Smurfo puts him at risk when he has to confront Azrael to prove himself.

  13. The Enchanted Quill
    Gargamel's after a magic quill that never makes mistakes to draw up a map of the Smurf Village, so Papa Smurf creates a magic quill that goofs up and switches it for the real quill.

  14. Essence Of Brainy
    Brainy has lost his personality, and three of his fellow Smurfs have too much of his.

  15. Farmer's Genie
    Farmer encounters Gourdy the Genie in his garden, who makes a mess of things but is allowed to stay in the village anyway.

  16. Fire Fighting Smurfs
    Snappy has a fit of conscience when he finds himself caring for wounded animals from a forest fire he accidentally created.

  17. Future Smurfed
    Lord Balthazar creates a rip in the fabric of reality with Father Time's scythe, releasing a baby dinosaur from the past.

  18. The Gallant Smurf
    Hogatha turns herself into a Grandma Smurfette in order to capture Grandpa Smurf and present her to the mother of a prince as something she's never seen before.

  19. Gargamel's Dummy
    Jokey's puppet of Gargamel comes to life and carries out the real Gargamel's evil will.

  20. Gargamel's New Job
    Gargamel moves in as Prince Theodore's new sorceror while the Smurfs visit the prince.

  21. Greedy Goes On Strike
    An unappreciated Greedy finds new appreciation with a gnome king, who ends up taking advantage of Greedy's talents and ignoring his son.

  22. Grouchy Makes A Splash
    Grouchy loses his fear of swimming when he sees Baby Smurf being kidnapped by Gargamel in a duck suit.

  23. Handy's Window-Vision
    A crystal that transmits images to dozens of smaller crystals turns the Smurfs into "window-vision" watching stool potatoes.

  24. Head Over Hogatha
    Cupid gives Hogatha a case of lovesickness and she falls for Gargamel, but Gargamel just wants to use her to get to the Smurfs.

  25. Heart Of Gold
    Clockwork rocks the village when Gargamel replaces his heart of gold with a heart of stone.

  26. The Horn Of Plenty
    The Smurfs travel to the Land Of Plenty to get some of the legendary cornucopia.

  27. I Smurf To The Trees
    Gargamel makes all the trees come to life and they decide to leave the forest.

  28. It's A Puppy's Life
    Gargamel switches bodies with Puppy and starts making off with the Smurfs.

  29. Jokey's Cloak
    Jokey's cloak renders him permanently invisible when he gets wet wearing it.

  30. Journey To The Center Of The Smurf
    Miner finds a new way to keep the Smurfs warm all winter when he discovers "dirty rocks".

  31. The Last Whippoorwill
    The Smurfs must rescue the last whippoorwill egg before insects totally invade the forest.

  32. Lazy's Nightmare
    Morphio is using the Smurfs' worst fears to trap them in their dreams, but Lazy finds out how to fight back against those fears.

  33. The Littlest Viking
    Asterix the Gaul he isn't, but Peewit does prove himself worthy of being a Viking warrior by facing the Stone King.

  34. A Loss Of Smurf
    A suggested beauty regimen turns Vanity into a blue Wartmonger.

  35. Lure Of The Orb
    Poet, Handy, and Painter fall under the hypnotic lure of a magic orb that gives the illusion of heightened inspiration.

  36. Master Scruple
    Gourdy the Genie finds a temporary new master with Gargamel's apprentice.

  37. The Most Popular Smurf
    Scruple puts a spell on Jokey that makes all his gag giftboxes contain actual gifts.

  38. The Most Unsmurfy Game
    The Wartmongers are using the Smurfs as prey in their hunting game.

  39. A Myna Problem
    A myna bird unwittingly protects the Smurfs from Gargamel by repeating a spell that turns them into ducks.

  40. No Smurf Is An Island
    Handy designs a submarine so that he can visit his long-lost girlfriend, Marina the Mermaid.

  41. Papa's Last Spell
    Gargamel casts a spell on Papa Smurf that blocks his ability to use magic.

  42. Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf and Gargamel are accidentally doubled, and must find some way to pull themselves (and the entire village) together.

  43. The Prince And The Hopper
    Smurfette falls in love with a prince who's been turned into a frog by an evil wizard.

  44. Put Upon Puppy
    Puppy learns to be obedient when he rescues the Smurfs from Gargamel.

  45. Reckless Smurfs
    The Smurfs totally redefine "extreme sports" when Gargamel puts a daredevil spell on them.

  46. The Root Of Evil
    Chlorhydris unleashes a destructive root that turns whoever it touches evil.

  47. The Royal Drum
    Princess Amani from Africa visits King Gerard, and her royal drum attracts the attention of a couple of thieves.

  48. Sassette's Tooth
    Gargamel poses himself as the Tooth Fairy to capture the Smurfs when Sassette loses her tooth.

  49. The Scarlet Croaker
    Sassette, who's accidentally captured by a young Wartmonger she befriends, later finds herself and her fellow Smurfs rescued by a mysterious heroic Wartmonger.

  50. Scruple's Sweetheart
    Scruple breaks Brenda's heart when he and Gargamel fight over her magic wand at the Broomstick Ball.

  51. Smurfette's Flower
    A pushy sentient flower learns to respect Smurfette's kindness when it takes advantage of her.

  52. Smurfette's Gift
    Smurfette's nose for finding out her birthday presents makes her part of an imp's collection.

  53. Smurfs On The Run
    Gargamel and Sassette upset the balance of truth and deceit, and it's up to the both of them to reset the balance.

  54. Smurfs On Wheels
    Grandpa Smurf, Papa Smurf, and Nat prove getting to Dreamy Steamy Springs on foot is more than half the fun when Handy takes his fellow Smurfs on a wild ride in his camper.

  55. Snappy's Way
    Snappy turns the "doe-ray-me" spell back on the troll that cast it on him when he accidentally buries his fellow Smurfs under an avalanche with his selfishness.

  56. Sweepy Smurf
    A not-so-popular chimney cleaning Smurf gets his due when he rescues Baby Smurf from a burning house.

  57. The Tallest Smurf
    Gourdy the Genie makes Slouchy the tallest Smurf by shrinking the others to ant-size.

  58. Tattle Tail Smurfs
    Pinocchio's nose grows whenever he tells lies. Here the Smurflings' tails grow whenever they tell on Brainy..

  59. The Village Vandal
    A super-hungry termite causes destruction in the village, and the Smurflings are blamed for it.

  60. The World According To Smurflings
    The Smurflings learn about the balance of nature when they misuse Mother Nature's wand.
    1987-1988 Season

  1. Smurf On The Wild Side (Parts 1 to 4) (Season Premiere)
    The Smurfs encounter a loincloth-wearing Smurf in the forest, who turns out to be an infant lost in the forest 150 years ago and raised by squirrels.

  2. All The News That's Fit To Smurf
    Reporter's nose for news delivers a dangerous scoop that Grandpa Smurf wishes wouldn't get out.

  3. The Answer Smurf
    Slouchy saves the Smurfs from Gargamel while all the others fall under Brainy's spell of charisma.

  4. Azrael's Brain
    Gargamel's pet becomes a trap-building genius, upstaging the "brilliance" of his master for the duration of this episode.

  5. Baby's Marvelous Toy
    Baby's magic toy that can give him what he wishes for attracts Gargamel's attention.

  6. Bad Luck Smurfs
    Gargamel gives the Smurfs a case of bad luck when he captures Lady Luck.

  7. Bouncing Smurf
    Clumsy becomes a real saphead when he is trapped within a drop of rubber tree sap.

  8. Castaway Smurfs
    Smurfette and a few others get more than they ask for when they wish for an escape from their everyday routine lives and find themselves shipwrecked on an island.

  9. Chlorhydris' Lost Love
    Chlorhydris sets off to ruin Smurf Friendship Day by switching Cupid's love arrows with her black heart arrows while Sassette finds the witch's true love held hostage.

  10. Clockwork Smurfette
    Handy creates a female companion for Clockwork who winds up falling in love with her creator (okay, that wind-up thing was a pun!).

  11. To Coin A Smurf
    Gargamel turns a few Smurfs into gold coins, which later get stolen by thieves.

  12. Crooner Smurf
    Harmony's new golden voice makes him a hot commodity for Hogatha.

  13. Cut-Up Smurfs
    A piece of parchment from Papa Smurf's book with a bit of magic formula splashed on it becomes Sassette's trio of living paper dolls.

  14. Dancing Bear
    The Smurflings are taken as a circus' new attraction while Wild Smurf and Brainy must find a dancing bear that ran away from that circus.

  15. The Fastest Wizard In The World
    Gargamel finds a way to break all the speed limits in the forest to counter Wild Smurf's blazing speed.

  16. Flighty's Plight
    Flighty learns to make decisions when he rescues his fellow Smurfs from Lord Balthazar.

  17. Foul Feather Fiend
    Gargamel transforms himself into a bird to infiltrate the village.

  18. Gargamel's Last Will
    Gargamel thinks he'll turn into a dog by midnight when Puppy bites him, so he steals Lord Balthazar's sensor crown to capture the Smurfs before he does change.

  19. Gargamel's Quest
    Gargamel sets out to find the village when a magic spell that protects it from being found by non-Smurfs wears off.

  20. Gargamel's Second Childhood
    It's a "freaky Friday" or whatever day it is for Gargamel and Scruple when they switch ages.

  21. Gargamel's Sweetheart
    Evelyn the evil witch seduces Gargamel to capture the Smurfs.

  22. Hefty's Rival
    Can Hefty get along with a Smurf who matches him athletically - which would happen to be Wild?

  23. A Hole In Smurf
    The Smurfs discover a new obsessive activity called golf.

  24. I Was A Brainy Weresmurf
    Things get really hairy and howling for Brainy when he gets scratched by wolfbane.

  25. Jokey's Joke Book
    Jokey's latest bag of tricks prove to be worse than his usual giftboxes.

  26. Legendary Smurfs
    Gargamel uses Slouchy's junk to bargain for gold from two men writing a book on forest legends.

  27. Little Big Smurf
    An oversized Snappy eats the village out of houses and homes.

  28. Locomotive Smurfs
    Gargamel takes Handy's railsmurfer on an express-train ride to their doom.

  29. A Long Tale For Grandpa
    Grandpa Smurf's storytelling gets in the way of making a brew to get rid of destructive aphids making their way to the village.

  30. The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas
    Chlorhydris and Scruple conspire to steal Mr. Nicholas' sack of toys.

  31. Nobody Smurf
    Nobody proves to be a somebody to all the other Smurfs.

  32. Papa For A Day
    Every Smurf gets a chance to wear the red cap and see how they would lead a village.

  33. Peewit's Unscrupulous Adventure
    A wicked chamberlain uses a celebration at Peewit's kingdom's castle to ransack it.

  34. Poet The Know-It-All
    Poet gets an amulet that lets him see the future, and Lord Balthazar wants it.

  35. Poet's Storybook
    Poet's story seems to be more realistic than he intended it to be when magic makes all the things in his story happen in reality.

  36. Poltersmurf
    Prankish little spirits are accidentally let loose in the village.

  37. Predictable Smurfs
    Clumsy accidentally sets off a chain of events that actually saves the Smurfs from Gargamel.

  38. Prince Smurf
    Hefty is forced to marry a princess he rescued.

  39. The Return Of Don Smurfo
    The real Don Smurfo emerges from the pages of his storybook to experience adventures in the real world.

  40. Sassette's Bewitching Friendship
    Melina proves herself to be a competent good witch when Gargamel has his hands on the Smurfs.

  41. Sassette's Hive
    Sassette becomes Queen Bee when the real Queen Bee is captured by renegade wasps.

  42. Scruple And The Great Book Of Spells
    Scruple uses Gargamel's Great Book of Spells to make himself a powerful wizard, and ends up freezing a glacier over the entire forest.

  43. Sing A Song Of Smurflings
    The Smurflings find out that their music actually charms a savage beast.

  44. Skyscraper Smurfs
    Architect and Handy design a tree-based apartment house that proves to be less of a convenience than it was designed to be.

  45. Sleepless Smurfs
    Gargamel and Morphio conspire to induce insomnia in the Smurfs.

  46. Smurfette's Lucky Star
    Smurfette uses up her last wish to bring her fallen wishing star back into orbit.

  47. Smurfette Unmade
    Gargamel turns Smurfette back into her old un-Smurfy self to capture the other Smurfs for making gold, but Smurfette finds her true self and rescues them instead.

  48. Smurfing For Gold
    Gargamel gets into double-time debt when Jokey gives him gold-painted rocks to pay the bill collector in exchange for Clumsy's freedom.

  49. Smurfing Out Of Time
    The River of Time is draining, and the Smurfs must plug it up before all time runs out.

  50. Smurfing The Unicorns
    Grandpa Smurf sets off to find a unicorn's horn to cure Puppy from poisoned water.

  51. The Smurflings' Unsmurfy Friend
    The Smurflings get into trouble with a mean wood sprite.

  52. Smurf Pet
    The Smurflings sneak into the village a wild creature with a huge appetite.

  53. The Smurfstalker
    Grandpa Smurf gets taken seriously when a hired bounty hunter goes after them.

  54. The Smurf Who Could Do No Wrong
    Clumsy becomes a target of envy when he gets a Do No Harm charm from Homnibus.

  55. The Smurfy Verdict
    Here Brainy accuses Clumsy of doing wrong when Baby Smurf gets lost.

  56. Snappy's Puppet
    Snappy becomes really attached to his new hand puppet when it comes to life.

  57. Soothsayer Smurfette
    Smurfette finds a new dress for Baby Smurf's birthday party, which turns out to be a fortune teller's magical doll dress.

  58. Stop And Go Smurfs
    Papa Smurf's spell puts his little Smurfs in a freeze-frame with the ring of a bell to help Painter complete his sculpture, but a young witch ends up stealing the bell.

  59. Swapping Smurfs
    A well wizard that's been exchanging old things for new has ended up putting a few visiting Smurfs under his spell.

  60. Timber Smurf
    He's a lumberjack, that's okay, he's gonna save the Smurf Village today (Monty Python joke!).

  61. Vanity's Closest Friend
    Vanity has an admirer that he just can't seem to get rid of.

  62. Vanity's Wild Adventure
    Vanity spends the night in Wild Smurf's treehouse.

  63. Where The Wild Smurfs Are
    Hogatha's now using squirrels for hair tonic, and the Smurfs must rescue them.

  64. Wild About Smurfette
    Every Smurf is jealous that Wild Smurf has been getting most of Smurfette's attention lately.
    1988-1989 Season

  1. The Lost Smurf (Season Premiere)
    Grandpa Smurfs sets off to rescue Nanny Smurf from a haunted castle that seems to phase in and out of existence.

  2. Archives Of Evil
    Brainy gives Nemesis Greedy's cookbook in place of Papa Smurf's spellbook by mistake.

  3. Bigmouth's Roommate
    Scruple finds himself sleeping under Bigmouth's roof until he can prove himself to be useful to Gargamel.

  4. Bungling Babysitters
    Hogatha captures Baby Smurf for her formula for baby-soft skin while the other Smurfs are too busy quarreling.

  5. Clockwork's Powerplay
    Clockwork becomes a total burnout when a bolt of lightning gives him a dangerous power overload.

  6. Clumsy In Command
    Clumsy proves that not all good guys finish last when his mountain-climbing team saves Brainy's from a falling boulder.

  7. Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests
    Nanny and a few other Smurfs wind up in Don Smurfo's storybook, living his adventures.

  8. Denisa's Greedy Doll
    Gargamel turns Denisa's doll into another instrument for catching Smurfs.

  9. Denisa's Slumber Party
    Sassette becomes a guest in Denisa's all-girl slumber party.

  10. Grandpa's Nemesis
    Grandpa Smurf's ancient enemy has come after him and the Long Life Force Stone.

  11. Grandpa's Walking Stick
    Wild conquers his fear of flying to rescue Brainy and the Smurflings from being turned into trees.

  12. A House For Nanny
    The Smurfs literally try to find a houseplant for Nanny.

  13. It's A Smurfy Life
    Handy comes to the rescue of his friends when Gargamel gets a hold of one of his inventions.

  14. Land Of Lost And Found
    Hefty, Handy, and Brainy exchange their best attributes to Scour in order to get back Papa Smurf's lost telescope.

  15. Long Live Brainy
    Brainy learns the hard way by being the leader of the Trokels that leaders also have to be followers.

  16. A Maze Of Mirrors
    Vanity seems to be fading out of existence when all his mirror reflections come to life.

  17. Memory Melons
    Selwyn and Tallulah's marital spats are causing big storms to brew over the forest.

  18. Nanny's Way
    The Smurfs find new respect for Nanny when she helps save them from Gargamel.

  19. Pappy's Puppy
    Puppy loses his memory and is retrained by Gargamel to hunt for Smurfs.

  20. Shutterbug Smurfs
    Handy's instant-picture smurfing machine makes Painter jealous.

  21. Smoogle Sings The Blues
    Smoogle does dueling vocals with a cawing raven.

  22. A Smurf For Denisa
    Lord Balthazar's niece Denisa befriends Sassette when Gargamel has her over his hovel.

  23. Smurf The Presses
    A misheard comment makes Reporter and the other Smurfs believe that Gargamel has changed his ways permanently.

  24. Stealing Grandpa's Thunder
    Nanny and Smoogle catch a nasty animal trapper in one of his traps to save Grandpa Smurf and Wild Smurf from being in one of his traps.
Time Travel Gargamel and Scruple!  Time Travel Brainy Smurf!  Time Travel Smurfs Introduction!  The Smurfs Rainbow!  Island Girl Smurfette  The Smurfs Magic Crystals!
    The Smurfs Season 9

  1. The Smurfs That Time Forgot (Parts 1 and 2) (Season Premiere)
    The Smurfs use a magic key to bring a lost baby dinosaur back to his time, but they become trapped in time when they lose the key's crystals.

  2. Cave Smurfs
    Brainy and Greedy find themselves bonded to the prehistoric birds' significant others.

  3. Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep
    Only Lazy and his need for rest can help lull this Egyptian empress to sleep.

  4. Mummy Dearest
    Gargamel's Egyptian incarnation puts the Smurfs to work on building a monument for his cat pharoah Azra when they wake up a mummy that saves them.

  5. Shamrock Smurfs
    An enchanted stew puts more than a little "Irish spring" into Greedy.

  6. Karate Clumsy
    Clumsy does chop-sockey to an evil ninja rat (and he's not related to Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, either!).

  7. Like It Or Smurf It
    Brainy's version of Double Dare gets dangerous on a volcanic paradise.

  8. Papa's Big Snooze
    Papa Smurf goes beddy-bye when a Japanese bug bites him.

  9. A Fish Called Snappy
    Snappy does Mr. Limpett when he gets on a water sprite's bad side.

  10. The Smurf Odyssey
    The Smurfs help Zeus' feeble son learn the ways of godhood on his quest for the Golden Fleece.

  11. Trojan Smurfs
    When in Troy and Smurfette gets captured by an heiress who thinks she's a doll, the Smurfs do what the Greeks did.

  12. Fortune Cookie
    Jokey puts some messages of his own inside the fortune cookies.

  13. Imperial Panda-Monium
    The Smurfs must rescue a child emperor of China from Gargamel's Oriental self, who wants to usurp the throne.

  14. Smurfette's Green Thumb
    Smurfette gets pricked by a magic plant in Babylon and turns whatever she touches into a plant.

  15. Hefty Sees A Serpent
    Nobody believes Hefty's story about a serpent until Gargamel's Scottish counterpart captures them.

  16. Phantom Bagpiper
    Smurfette becomes a horse jockey to help a Scottish ghost rescue his kidnapped horse.

  17. Jungle Jitterbugs
    Vanity gets some dance in his pants, which helps bring rain to a South American village.

  18. The Clumsy Genie
    Clumsy trades places with a genie in Baghdad, and now he has to cure the Sultan's cold or else!

  19. Scary Smurfs
    The Smurfs get turned into monsters after nibbling on a gingerbread house in Germany.

  20. Sky High Surprise
    A band of baby bandits in the desert steal the time crystals.

  21. Gnoman Holiday
    Julius Geezer of the Gnomans wants Smurfette as his wife, and Lazy has to fight a Gnoman gladiator to save her.

  22. Greedy's Masterpizza
    Painter is no longer the only Smurf who can create a "masterpizza"!

  23. The Monumental Grouch
    Grouchy has a change of heart in Rome when his likeness is taken for granite.

  24. Curried Smurfs
    Gargamel's Far East counterpart finds and sells the Smurfs to the Rajah for his private zoo.

  25. G'Day Smoogle
    Does Smoogle find his long-lost cousin Marsupilami down under? Well, actually he finds his own ancestors down under, so who knows?

  26. Grandpa's Fountain Of Youth
    Grandpa Smurf regains his lost youth in Mexico.

  27. Big Shot Smurfs
    Greedy and Brainy are caught up in a civil war between two groups of tiny people off the coast of Spain.

  28. No Reflection On Vanity
    Vanity mistakes an icicle for a missing key crystal while the real missing key crystal is about to set adrift into the sea in Antarctica.

  29. Papa Loses His Patience
    Is Papa Smurf getting as hot-tempered as those bulls chasing them around in Spain?

  30. Swashbuckling Smurfs
    The Smurfs become unwilling shipmates for a parrot pirate.

  31. Painter's Egg-Cellent Adventure
    Painter must get a magic chicken in Russia to start laying painted eggs again.

  32. Small Minded Smurfs
    A headhunter in the jungle is doing shrinky-dinks with the Smurfs' heads.

  33. Bananas Over Hefty
    An oranghutan has got the hots for Hefty.

  34. Smurfs Of The Round Table
    It's up to the Smurfs to restore honor to Camelot and wrest control of Excalibur away from Morgan Le Fay.

  35. Wild Goes Cuckoo
    A Swiss clockmaker uses Wild Smurf in his next cuckoo clock.

  36. Brainy's Beastly Boo-Boo
    An African storytelling stick in Brainy's hands turns his fellow Smurfs into wild animals.

  37. The Golden Rhino
    A greedy trader steals both Prince Bakari's golden rhino and a golden Brainy.

  38. Hearts 'N 'Smurfs
    Gargamel's Dutch doppelganger puts a spell on Brainy that causes all his fellow Smurfs to spread nastiness when they take over Cupid's job.
    The Specials

  1. My Smurfy Valentine (February 13, 1983)
    Smurfette's wish for a Prince Smurfing eventually causes two evil wizards, Gargamel and Chlorhydris, to fall madly in love with each other when Gargamel intercepts Smurfette's note to Cupid to make her wish come true.

  2. The Smurfic Games (May 20, 1984)
    The Smurfs engage in athletic competition to settle a dispute between both ends of the village over misquoted compound words, which turns deadly when the medal Clumsy is awarded actually causes an earthquake.

  3. Smurfily Ever After (February 13, 1984)
    Smurfette contemplates over who she would like to marry someday while the Smurfs help prepare for the wedding of Laconia and Woody, but Gargamel shows up to ruin this joyous occasion with his ghoulish calliope.

  4. The Smurfs' Christmas Special (December 12, 1982)
    The Smurfs come to the rescue of two children and their grandfather when an evil mysterious stranger shows up and causes their sleigh to turn over, forcing them to seek help and inadvertently bring Gargamel in on the action.

  5. 'Tis The Season To Be Smurfy (December 13, 1987)
    Grandpa Smurf and Sassette visits a human village to witness how they celebrate the holidays, and end up helping an old couple by having their fellow Smurfs bring some Christmas cheer into the old couple's lives while tracking down a thief in the process.

  6. The Smurfs' Springtime Special (April 8, 1982)
    Gargamel teams up with his godfather Lord Balthazar to capture six Smurfs for making gold by putting a spell on Mother Nature, freezing their forest. The Smurfs enlist the aid of the woodland animals to bring an end to their plans and to bring spring back into the forest.
    Other Presentations

    Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue (1990)
    The Smurfs, in addition to Garfield, Bugs Bunny, Alf, the Muppet Babies, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and several other cartoon characters, come to life to help a young girl whose brother has succumbed to the lure of drugs. (This story does not take place within the established "continuity" of the cartoon series.)

    The Smurfs And The Magic Flute (European, 1983)
    Johan and Peewit find a magic flute that makes whoever listens to its tune dance. When Matthew Macreep steals the flute and uses it to steal valuables, Johan and Peewit travel to the land of the Smurfs, who help them by creating a second magic flute. (This feature film was not produced by Hanna-Barberra.)

Who provided the voice work on the television show?

The following is the list of voice actors who spoke the parts for the Smurfs cartoons:

Click underlined names to hear your favorite Smurf voice!

Additional Voices
AzraelDon MessickJack AngelJoe Ruskin
Baby SmurfJulie Dees (aka Julie McWhirter) / Paul WinchellMarlene AragonWill Ryan
BalthazarKeene CurtisBob ArbogastMichael Rye
BigmouthLennie WeinribLewis ArquetteWilliam Schallert
Brainy SmurfDanny Goldman / Barry GordonRene AuberjonoisRonnie Schell
ChlorhydrisAmanda McBroomBever-Leigh BanfieldMarilyn Schreffler
Clockwork SmurfFrank WelkerEd Begley Jr.Avery Screiber
Clumsy SmurfBill CallawayBernard BehrensMimi Seton
Dame BarbaraLinda GaryGregg BergerSusan Silo
Dreamy SmurfDon MessickSorrell BrookeKath Soucie
Farmer SmurfAlan YoungPeter BrooksJohn Stephenson
Father TimeAlan OppenheimerRuth BuzziAndrea Stoddart
GargamelPaul WinchellJoey CamdenAndre Stojka
Grandpa SmurfJonathan WintersVictoria CarrollDee Stratton
Granny SmurfSusan BluRoger C. CarmelSusan Tolsky
Greedy SmurfHamilton CampMary Jo CatlettFred Travalena
Grouchy SmurfMichael BellWilliam ChristopherLes Tremayne
Handy SmurfMichael BellSelette ColePeggy Walton Walker
Harmony SmurfHamilton CampHenry CordenRay Walston
Hefty SmurfFrank WelkerTandy CronynB.J. Ward
HoggathaJanet WaldoPeter CullenPeggy Webber
HomnibusAlan OppenheimerLeo DeLyonFrancine Wilkin
JohanMichael BellPatti DeutschLynnanne Zager
Jokey SmurfJune ForayJess Doucette
KingBob HoltRichard Dysart
King GerardPhil ProctorWalker Edmiston
Lazy SmurfMichael BellDick Erdman
Miner SmurfAlan YoungDick Gautier
Mother NatureJune ForayHenry Gibson
NarratorPaul Kirby / Kris StevensJustin Gocke
Nat SmurflingCharlie AdlerPhil Hartman
Nosey SmurfPaul WinchellJerry Houser
Painter SmurfBill CallawayJohn Ingle
Papa SmurfDon MessickArte Johnson
Peewit (aka Peewee)Frank WelkerMarvin Kaplan
Poet SmurfFrank WelkerZale Kessler
Princess SalvinaJennifer DarlingAron Kincaid
PuppyFrank Welker / Russi TaylorRuta Lee
Sassette SmurflingJulie Dees (aka Julie McWhirter)Michael Lembeck
Scaredy SmurfAlan YoungAllen Lurie
ScrupleBrenda VaccaroTress MacNeille
Sweepy SmurfDon MessickPatty Maloney
Sloppy SmurfMarshall EfronEdie McClurg
Slouchy SmurflingNoelle NorthCindy McGee
SmoogleRussi TaylorNorma McMillan
SmurfetteLucille BlissJoe Medalis
Snappy SmurflingPat MusickAllan Melvin
SqueakyFrank WelkerSidney Miller
Tailor SmurfKip KingPatty Parris
Timber SmurfBernard ErhardClaire Peck
Tracker SmurfKip KingVic Perrin
Tuffy SmurfPat FraleyDiane Pershing
Vanity SmurfAlan OppenheimerHenry Polic II
WartmongerHal Smith (aka Harold John Smith)Bob Ridgely
Wild SmurfFrank WelkerPaul Riding
Wooly Smurf Neil Ross

Regular cast members (for example, Russi Taylor and Charlie Adler) were also called to do "additional voices" as required.

More detailed information regarding Don Messick can be found

Interesting Notes: Kip King (Tailor Smurf) is the father of NBC Saturday Night Live comedian Chris Kattan. Paul Winchell (Gargamel and other voices) is the father of actor and blogger April Winchell. Alan Oppenheimer (Vanity Smurf) is not just a great voice-over actor - he has performed on-camera on many TV shows, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Quantum Leap and even The Andy Griffith Show.
What are the lyrics to The Smurfs Adventures theme song?

There are a few different versions of The Smurfs Adventures theme song.

Over time, the song was edited, re-tooled, and cropped depending on the season and format of the television program. In addition, there are several versions of the lyrics as well!

Here is the most popular English language version - watch the video and sing along!

Buy The Smurfs DVD here.
Harmony Smurf Plays the Smurf Song

* Download Annotated Smurf Lyrics

Smurf Theme Song Lyrics

La la la-la la la,
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la,
Smurf your whole day long.

La la la-la la la
Smurf along with me!
La la la-la la la
Simple as can be.

Next time you're feeling blue just let a smile begin,
Happy things will come to you...

So smurf yourself a grin!

Oooooo I hate Smurfs!
I'll get you, I'll get all of you
if it's the last thing I ever do! hehehehe!

La la la-la la la,
Now you know the tune,

You'll be Smurfing soon!

Where and when can I watch The Smurfs on TV?

The Smurfs are shown on both
Cartoon Network and Boomerang!

Cartoon Network is a worldwide cartoon channel that features the most popular (and best) cartoons available on television. Boomerang is a television network which features classic cartoons from 1958 through the 1990s. If Cartoon Network or Boomerang are not available on your local cable system, you can receive it via Dish Network or DirecTV throughout North America. Dish Network and DirectTV also provide online program guides that detail exactly when and where the next episode of the Smurfs will be shown.

Cartoon Network and Boomerang do not always begin showing the Smurfs at exactly the stated time - sometimes the show begins a few minutes early, and sometimes it begins a few minutes late. So make sure you show up early!

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