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Make a Smurf Costume!
Want to dress up as a Smurf for Halloween? Need a Smurf or Smurfette costume? Want to look exactly like Papa Smurf, complete with red hat, red pants and blue skin? Then look no further than this page! Here you'll learn all the secret tips of the trade - including exactly what body paint to use, and how to get your hat looking just right!
Dress-up as a Smurf:
I want to dress-up as a Smurf. Where do I start?

Buy a Smurf costume - hat, pants, gloves, shirt and shoes - click here

First take a look at our Smurf Halloween Costume area to get some ideas. Buy a ready-made costume using this special Smurf costume link (they even have Smurf masks). Buy water-proof Smurf makeup and liquid latex here. Discuss Smurf costumes, and see some great examples by checking out this thread. Finally, read this whole page for step-by-step instructions on how to make a Smurf costume!
How to make a Smurf Costume

Dress-Up as a Smurf
Dress-Up as a Smurf!

A Smurf has blue skin, white hat, white pants, and a blue tail.

Buy a ready-made Smurf costume.

White Pants: Any type of white pants will work. They could be white jeans, white jogging pants, white long-underwear or even white pajama bottoms.

White Shoes: Any kind of white shoes will do - tennis shoes, slippers, or a non-white pair of shoes with a big pair of white socks worn over them will work smurfily!

Blue Skin: If you want to go shirtless like a true-blue Smurf, read our guide to blue body paint by clicking here. Otherwise, if you're not painting your skin, you need a blue shirt - a blue long-sleeved shirt is perfect. A long-sleeve turtle-neck also works, as will a white shirt colored with Rit dye (cotton fabrics will dye the best). Most shades of blue, including light blue, royal and dark blue are fine.

White Smurf Hat: Read how to make a Smurf Hat or buy a Smurf hat.

Blue Tail: All Smurfs have a blue Smurf tail. Roll-up a blue sock into a ball and use safety pins to attach it to the back of your pants, near your butt. You're going to want to sit down at some point so position your Smurf tail in such a way that you can remain comfortable! You can also make a blue pom-pom style ball and pin it to your pants. Or you can simply cut a blue circle out of thick paper and tape it on your smurfy behind!

Simple accessories can easily change a regular Smurf into a Smurf character... here's how to do it!

More info: Plus-sized Smurf Costume    New - Buy a GROUCHY Smurf mask!

Buy a Smurf Costume Buy Smurf Shoes Paint Yourself Smurf Blue Buy Papa Smurf Mask Buy a Smurf Mask Buy a Brainy Smurf Mask Buy Smurf Gloves Buy a Smurf Hat Buy a Plus Full Size Smurf Costume * click on an item to buy it
How to make a Smurfette Costume

Smurfette wears a white dress, white shoes, blond hair, and has blue skin.

Buy a ready-made Smurfette costume.
Homemade Smurfette Costume Blue Skin: The best solution is to wear blue body paint or blue latex. Read our guide to painting yourself blue by clicking here. If you don't want to wear paint or latex, there are alternatives.

A long-sleeve blue shirt and thin blue gloves work great. If you cannot find a suitable blue shirt, dying is an option (you can dye the whole lot with one box of Rit Dye; you'll have the best results with 100% cotton fabric). Another idea is to use a pair of blue tights / panythose for your arms (split them in half - each leg becomes a sleeve for your arm; cut open the toes for your fingers to go through, or leave the toes un-cut and you'll have little blue gloves).

Smurfette has blue legs. Getting this part of the costume is easy - just get some tights / pantyhose / leggings / pants that are Smurf blue. We recommend these tights in royal blue. Tights / pantyhose look better than pants, but pants will keep you warm if you're going to be outdoors. As always, if you cannot find the right color blue, then dye it.
White Dress: You need a white dress (or white top and skirt). Smurfette's dress is a white jumper / pinafore similar in style to some of the dresses on American Girl dolls. Be creative - you can choose other clothing aside from a regular white dress. Nighties or slips may do the trick as well - and you can always cut it to the right length. Used clothes stores, thrift stores and even the Salvation Army may have the style of dress you're looking for. If you can't find a suitable white dress, an easy solution is to get a large white men's t-shirt and sinch it at the waist with a belt.

White Shoes: Smurfette wears white high-heel shoes. High-heels are impractical for trick-or-treating, but they'll work fine for a fancy dress party or Halloween ball. White ballet shoes are a very practical alternative to high-heels to get the Smurfette look just "right". Don't forget, you can always spray-paint a pair of shoes white!

White Hat: Read our guide to Smurfette hats or buy a Smurfette hat.

Blond Hair: Smurfette has long beautiful blond hair. Unless you're lucky enough to be a blond, a Smurfette wig will do the trick, or if you're feeling adventurous, you can also dye your own locks a Smurfy blond color. Better yet, buy a high quality licensed blond Smurfette wig. Good luck!

Buy Smurfette Costume Buy Blue Tights Buy Blue Body Paint Buy a Smurfette Blue Bodysuit Buy a Smurfette Hat Buy a Smurfette Wig Buy Smurfette Gloves Buy a Smurfette Costume * click on what you want to buy in the picture
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How do I make a Papa Smurf Costume?

Papa Smurf has a white beard, blue skin, red hat, red pants, and a blue tail.

Buy a complete ready-made Papa Smurf costume.
Red Pants: Papa Smurf is the only Smurf who wears a red outfit instead of a white outfit - it's his trademark 'look'. In order to be Papa Smurf, you absolutely need red pants (white will not do). Any type of red pants are fine - baseball pants, pajama bottoms, long-underwear or sweatpants will do the trick. If you can't find red pants then red dye works quite nicely on grey jogging sweat pants. (Use enough red dye or your pants will turn pink!) Rit or Dylon dye will work nicely.

Red Shoes: Red sneakers / trainers are perfect, but you can always spray-paint old tennis shoes. And don't forget red slippers work well too!
Homemade Papa Smurf Costume
Red Smurf Hat: Read our guide to making a perfect Papa Smurf hat. Just follow the step-by-step instructions... and instead of using white material, simply use red. Or, consider this professionally-made Papa Smurf mask with hat and beard.

White Beard: There are several options for a Papa Smurf white beard. You can make a beard out of cotton balls or buy a ready-made Papa Smurf Beard. You can also buy white beards in the Halloween or Santa Claus section of stores. If you don't want to glue cotton balls directly to your face, simply glue them to paper (cut-out in the shape of a beard), attach a string, and tie it around your head. Another idea is to use white face paint. If you want an alternative to a beard, face paint or cotton balls: you can try finding a Papa Smurf mask online, right here.

Blue Skin: A blue t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt is all you need. If you're lucky enough to find a blue turtleneck, you don't even need to worry about your neck being blue! Of course, you could also actually paint your skin!

Blue Tail: Smurfs have little blue tails. There are three easy ways to make a Smurf tail. The easiest way is to simply cut a blue circle out of a piece of paper and tape it to your rear. You can also ball-up a blue sock and pin it to the back of your pants (with safety pins). Another idea is to pin a blue pom-pom style ball to your pants. Whatever method you choose, make sure your tail is placed in such a way so that it is easy to sit down!
How to make a Smurf Hat

Smurf Hat Pattern
Smurf Hat Pattern

Getting a nice Smurf hat isn't as hard as it may seem. Virtually any hat that's white (or red for Papa Smurf) will do - a skull cap / beanie / toque (thin woolen cap) is ideally what you're looking for. If you're in the South, you may find this type of hat hard to locate - your local Army / Navy Surplus or local thrift store will have it. If you want to add extra height to your hat - just stuff in some socks, toilet paper, cotton balls or cushion filling!

You can also try making one out of paper - or anything else that is white! Felt works really well. Draw a template on thick paper, felt or other material (based on the pattern above), cut it out, and put the two sides together (simply sew or glue it). Don't forget to stuff it to get the full smurfy effect!

If you're truly having difficulty getting a Smurf cap, raid your closet. If you have a white t-shirt that is slightly too small for you - put the shirt around your neck and then begin to pull it off until the neck part is stuck around your head. Tuck the remaining fabric on your head to shape it like a Smurf hat. You can use tape or safety pins to keep your "Smurf hat" in place.

... or
Buy a Smurf Hat.
Graftobian Blue Body Paint
Buy it Now
Blue Body Paint. Where do I get it?

Smurf colored blue body paint or latex will perfect your Smurf Halloween costume. Although a blue t-shirt or turtleneck may be "acceptable" for making you look smurfy, nothing really beats actually turning your skin blue. Many types and brands of body paint and latex exist, and it's important to get a brand that is non-toxic and relatively easy to remove.

What body paint or latex should I use to make a Smurf costume?

Blue Liquid Body Latex from BuyCostumes is amazing. Liquid latex is non-toxic and simply peels right off when you're finished with it. Remember to buy enough latex to cover all areas of visible skin. The same store also sells a very unique glow-in-the-dark blue hair gel that will give you a cool Smurf look that is guaranteed to make people stop and notice - plus it washes off in soap and water! Buy the glow in the dark blue hair dye by clicking here.

If you're interested in traditional body paint / body make-up, blue body paint is just what you're looking for. Comes with two shades of blue and pink for accent. This is a quality product that is non-toxic and easy to remove. Buy "Smurf blue" body paint by clicking here.
Want the best price on Smurf body paint and latex? Graftobian to the rescue! Graftobian makes a variety of blue body / face paint, blue latex, and professional theater makeup - check out their makeup section by clicking here. You should also peruse the Halloween sections of your local store, or even dollar / discount stores for Halloween makeup! Helpful hints: powder-type body paint won't work. Remember to get a grease based paint - and make sure you have baby oil or petroleum jelly on hand to remove it later! Graftobian makes a professional make-up remover you can buy here.

... see examples of people wearing blue body paint and blue latex.
Pick a character Smurf Costume

There are many different Smurf characters to choose from. It's fun and easy to add simple accessories to become your favorite Smurf! For example, you only need to add big black eyeglasses to turn a regular Smurf into Brainy Smurf. It's especially fun for groups to go as different characters!

Brainy Smurf
Brainy Smurf
- thick round black glasses
Jokey Smurf
Jokey Smurf
- yellow gift box with red ribbon
Baker Smurf
Baker Smurf
- chef hat, apron, rolling pin
Vanity Smurf
Vanity Smurf
- pink flower in hat, mirror
Handy Smurf
Handy Smurf
- tool belt, pencil behind ear
Hefty Smurf
Hefty Smurf
- red heart tattoo, dumbbell
Painter Smurf
Painter Smurf
- artist's palette, paintbrush
Baby Smurf
Baby Smurf
- diaper, rattle, pacifier
Poet Smurf
Poet Smurf
- ink feather pen, paper scroll

Can't decide which Smurf to be?
Take the
Smurf Personality Test to find out!

Buy Vanity Smurf's Flower Buy Vanity Smurf's Mirror Buy Vanity Smurf's Mirror Buy a Smurf Costume Buy Greedy Smurf's Chef Hat Buy Handy Smurf's Overalls Buy Brainy Smurf's Black Glasses Buy Painter Smurf's Pallette * click on the picture to buy an item
I want to be Gargamel, the big bad enemy of The Smurfs!

Items for a Gargamel Costume:
  • black robe with patches
  • red shoes
  • black hair
The most important item of clothing you will need for a Gargamel costume is a black robe. Don't forget that just about any robe will do so long as it can be dyed black! Then simply attach a few patches to this robe. One placed at each elbow and then another around your middle section will look great. You can either buy iron-on patches or stitch (pin) on some square pieces of white fabric. In addition to a black robe, Gargamel also wears red shoes. Get a red pair of tube socks and put them over your normal shoes. You could even stuff the tops of your footwear (between the top of your feet yet inside the sock) to create rounded cartoon-like looking feet. Red tights would also work. (If they're good enough for Superman, they must be good enough for Gargamel!)

If you can't find a suitable robe, try a smock, lab coat or any long coat. You could also look for pieces from other costumes, such as a wizard's robe, a witch's long dress or a monk's robe. A black graduate's gown works well too. I guess if all else failed, a big black gargbage bag would do in a pinch. Remember that black dye can fix any color issues so long as the fabric takes dye well (ie. natural fibers like cotton).
Gargamel Costume
One last suggestion to make your Gargamel costume great... carry a butterfly net with an unsuspecting plush smurf doll stuck in it!
Get Smurf Beanies Buy Gargamel Net Buy Gargamel's Boots Buy Gargamel's Robe Buy Azrael, Gargamel's Cat * click on the pic to buy an item
That's all too expensive. I need a cheap Smurf costume.

If you want to make your Smurf costume on a budget - try your local thrift store! Second-hand thrift stores and dollar stores have some cheap ideas you can use. Try browsing for anything Smurf blue and work with it. Or buy used white or light color items that will take blue dye easily. You can even use blue spray paint to make your clothes blue - just one can will do everything! If you're looking for cheap Smurf shoes, just slide white socks over-top your regular shoes.
I need an adult Smurf costume.

Smurf Costume Party
Smurf Costume Party

Well, the costumes described on this page are adult Smurf costumes - although they work perfectly fine for kids too. After all, you're dressing up as a Smurf, so it really is fun for all ages.
My family wants to dress-up as Smurfs.

Smurfs make a great theme for fancy dress parties, Halloween costumes for a group of friends, or trick-or-treating door to door with your family. You're sure to have the best-dressed costume of the night!
Have a safe and smurfy Halloween!

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