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Rumor & Speculation!
Heard the one about the swearing Baby Smurf (they swear it's true)? What about the Socialist/Communist/French plot to corrupt honest decent American youth? The Smurfette Show - is it real? Is Smurfette conspiring to keep womankind under the thumb of the misogynistic patriarchal meta-culture? Find the answers here!
Swearing Smurf

Talking Berry Lovin'! Baby Smurf does not curse at all. Baby does, however, come with a bib, a bowl of berries and a spoon.
The Smurfette Show

Poor Smurfette seems to be having trouble. At least she still has her luxurious blond hair.
Communist Smurfs

Socialist Smurfs? Miniature Marxist minions? Cute Communists? Can it really be true Papa Smurf?
Jack Black Smurf

Is hard rockin' Jack Black a Smurf?
Sexist Smurfette

Does Smurfette empower or enervate womynkind?
Secret of Monkey Island Smurf

What is the mysterious smurfy secret of Monkey Island Smurfs?
Does the Baby Smurf doll swear?

Baby Smurf uttering obscenities? Say it isn't so! Well, it isn't so.

Toronto, Ontario based Irwin Toys emphatically denies that Talking Berry Lovin'! Baby Smurf swears. agrees, after personally investigating and determining the toy isn't cursing. Although one Canadian woman claims Baby says "who gives a (expletive)?", this cute little doll does not swear - period. This is simply a case of an overactive imagination, bad hearing, or both.
Swearing Baby Smurf Doll
Swearing Smurf Doll

Swearing Smurf? Listen for yourself... and join the debate here!
Is The Smurfette Show real? Can I watch it on TV?

Watch the Smurfette Show
Well, yes and no. The Smurfette Show is a cartoon that was originally broadcast October 5, 2002 during NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Written by Robert Smigel, the writer behind two of NBC's funniest creations: Late Night with Conan O'Brien's Triumph The Insult Comic Dog & Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse, The Smurfette Show is an episode of TV Funhouse that parodies E! Entertainment's The Anna Nicole Show.
The Smurfette Show's version of Smurfette is a lot different than the one we're used to - she looks, sounds, and curses just as Anna Nicole Smith does - and seems to have a lot of the same "personal issues" Anna Nicole Smith is plagued with. Even though Smurfs fans may be disappointed that this isn't an actual series of shows featuring Smurfette, fans of TV Funhouse consider this episode to be one of the best in the series.

The Smurfs will return after these messages:
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Smurf Communists
Is Papa Smurf a Communist?
Are the Smurfs Communists?

Karl Marx stated, "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs". In this regard, the Smurf Village and its inhabitants indeed represent Marx's dream for a utopian society. Each Smurf has a specific job to do for the benefit of the community, each Smurf is provided the same clothes, and each Smurf eats at the communal table. Although many claim the word "Smurf" stands for "Socialist Men Under a Red Father", this cannot be true - the Smurfs have passed the Socialist phase of Marx's design and entered its final stage - Communism.

Read the full Smurfs Communism article...
Is musician and actor Jack Black a Smurf?

Jack Black the Smurf
Jack Black Smurf
Is Jack Black a Smurf? Well, to us he is. But we're pretty sure he disagrees. Actually, Jack Black is simply the star of a Smurfs TV commercial. Yes, dear reader, you read correctly - Jack Black of Tenacious D, hit comedy School of Rock and... The Smurfs.

At the age of 13, Jack was featured in an Atari Pitfall TV commercial (which he was rightly proud of). His follow-up to Pitfall was an ad for SmurfBerry Crunch Cereal. According to the Associated Press, Jack and his classmates were not impressed:
"My stock plummeted at school," Black said. "'Pitfall' was cool. Being in a Smurfberry Crunch cereal ad and being pulled along in a red wagon ...?"

He shakes his head, falling silent.

Perhaps he should be called Jack Blue, not Jack Black? Regardless, is working hard to find this commercial.

Is Smurfette Sexist?

There are a few university dissertations and essays scattered about which claim that Smurfette is the product of a misogynist, patriarchal mind-set designed to supress female acheivement and esteem.

This is not the case.

The characters in the Smurf Village exhibit extreme character traits for the purpose of creating levity and heightening dramatic tension - nothing more. Brainy is overbearing and boring, Greedy is gluttonous to the extreme, and Smurfette can be whiny to the point of distraction. These character portrayals should not be interpreted as directives for the observer, rather they are simply comedic portrayals designed to entertain.

A more detailed analysis is available:
Read the full Smurfette Sexism article...

Is Smurf music hidden in the game Escape from Monkey Island?

Yes indeed. The Smurfs music is hidden in the file "sfx.m4b" on disc 2 of the IBM PC version. In addition, Lucre Town (a town depicted in the game) has a surprising resemblance to Smurf Village. Perhaps story writer and designer Sean Clark is telling fans that Smurfs are the true secret of Monkey Island?

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