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Smurf Website Queries!
Looking for answers to questions regarding Confused about some aspect of the website? This page will attempt to answer your query. Of course, you can always smurf a message if you haven't found what you're smurfing for!
Questions and Answers:
Why was created?

We love the Smurfs. A lot. The creators of this site have collected Smurfs for years - and we talk endlessly about our little blue buddies with anyone that will listen. We decided to put our money where our mouth was and create a Smurfs website - but not just any website, mind you - something special...

We started in 1995, carefully entering our Smurf collection into an Amiga computer system. We knew that a computerized database just had to be started...we just didn't know how far it would take us - or that it would grow so large!

In 1998, there was only one dedicated Smurfs web domain in existence (which is sadly no longer with us). Although we loved that site, it seemed an impossible task for a single website run by a single person to catalog and sell all the great smurfy items in the world - so we decided to do our part. We created a complimentary site dedicated to cataloging every Smurf product we could find, starting with our own computerized database that we'd been building for years. We decided to maintain a non-profit status to help concentrate on the Herculean task of archiving as opposed to selling.

Over time, we've created the largest compendium of Smurf material available anywhere. Compiling and showcasing these items is our passion. We love sharing our smurfy finds with the whole world. We love talking about them with the Smurfs community (see our
Smurfy Bulletin Board System). We love the fact that although other websites may come and go, stands as a cornerstone for Smurfs fans everywhere. was born in 1995 and continues to thrive to this day as the oldest dedicated Smurf domain on the web, a fact we're fiercely proud of. We are resolute in our dedication to the Smurfs community - our passion for Smurfs is infectious! Long live the Smurfs!
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What is the mission of

We are dedicated, as a non-profit resource for the Smurf community, to organize and catalog every piece of Smurf merchandise in existence. is a non-profit educational resource maintained by the worldwide Smurf community.
There are a lot of items I'd like to buy from you but there is no "Purchase" button. Why?

Foremost, this website is a gallery. is an "archive" and "encyclopedia" of smurfiness. Items in the gallery that do not have a "Purchase" button are present for reference purposes only.
Has won any accolades?

Yes! We have been positively reviewed by Hotrate. In addition, we've also been mentioned in
USA Today and Fark. We appreciate the support!
When I click SMURFS AUCTION I get taken to another website. Why? provides direct links to thousands of eBay's live Smurf auctions. Feel free to view or participate in any of these smurfy auctions! These auctions are not actually part of the site, however. Clicking the auction link will take you directly to eBay's Smurf auctions.
What is the history of began as a project to computerize our Smurf collection on an Amiga computer in 1995. The website version of this Amiga compendium was launched on October 18, 1998 as "Papa Smurf's Sleepy Time Storybook and Secret Hideaway" using our (then) ISP as our webhost. On July 4, 1999 the domain was created. Twenty days later, on July 24, 1999, a more modern incarnation of the site was opened to the public. On August 19, 2002 at 7:00 PM Central, transferred its content into a custom designed scalable database-driven website engine. and were integrated into one seamless website on Friday, March 14, 2003 under the moniker We're connected to the internet via DS-3 fiber optic cable.
Who administers

Along with a host of other volunteers, is managed by
Papa Smurf, Raven Child and Sassette.
What security measures does take to protect sensitive data? utilizes
Thawte's SSL encryption technology to ensure that purchases are safe and secure at all times. All payment data is encrypted and never physically stored at
How can I login to my email account?

Existing email users can login to our email service by clicking here
I have a website and I'd like to put up one of your spiffy banners. What HTML should I use?

We're flattered you'd like to link to us! The code to use is as follows:

Your banner will look like this: - the World's Largest Smurf Compendium!
What web browser does recommend to view the site? is tested extensively using Firefox, a leading "next generation" web browser. Certain BlueBuddies features, such as RSS feeds, are instantly available using Firefox. You can download Firefox for free by clicking

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