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Fascist Smurfs
Well, we've heard that the smurfs are communists. But some say Papa Smurf is a fascist. Oh, no, not our beloved Papa Smurf? Could he really be the true face of the evil red menace? Read on for more about Smurfs and Fascism.

 Are the Smurfs Fascists? ...or a Brief History of 2000-2016

Fascism is a form of leadership and society whereby the individual will of the majority is suppressed for the benefit of a small number of people. The public is manipulated to feel primal emotions, such as anger, rage, and fear, in a methodically orgazined effort to divide and conquer. Once divided and localized, systematic abuse of power keeps the population under control. Papa Smurf is not such a leader, his duty is to protect and care for everyone in Smurf Village.
Divisions simply don't exist in the land of Smurfs. Everyone wears the same clothes. The houses are all similar. Everysmurf's voice is heard by Papa Smurf, and he considers all opinions as worthy of discussion. This contrasts sharply with the human world, where 99% of the globe are ruled by a small one percent.

King Brainy, who took control of Smurf Village when Papa Smurf was away, is the closest example we can get to fascism existing in the Smurf universe. Here, Brainy Smurf used the tried and true techniques of fascism to control the populace. Here are the tools he used:

  • Dissonance, Division and Localization: Brainy Smurf immediately started separating Smurfs to do specific tasks in groups, which diluted and distorted the collective will of the many. Division is evident in the human world as well. Although the Vatican has scores of the best scientists working for it, for free, this is never, ever reported in the mainstream media for an important reason: it would become a common fact known by the public. Instead, like King Brainy, the media creates a poisoned alternative narrative where "faith" and "science" are at odds. People are divided - and turn against each other, instead of helping each other.

    This gives the ruling class advantage and leverage. For example, the Catholic church was instrumental in helping free communist Poland in 1989 - because people, and the Church, worked together. Although the Church's role was well known and accepted at the time, now, history is being re-written on this topic (a la George Orwell's 1984), omitting the help of the Church. The powers that be greatly fear people of reason and faith working together, so the facts are scrubbed from history.

    Dissonance is used to disrupt message board conversations. Here, messages stay on point but have weak evidence. This occurs when you mix two supposedly contradictory things together and let it appear they are unified. To see it in action, go to a science-oriented message board and agree with the topic you're trying to suppress - and then add a message of faith like "God Bless!" Because the public has been conditioned to accept that science and faith are at odds, the group is split, the will is shattered, and consensus is destroyed. (Other topics used in this technique include: lizards or "reptile people", aliens, conspiracy theories, Area 51 or generalized schizophrenic writing styles.)

    So what are Papa Smurf's tips for detecting fascism on a message board? First, if the poisoned message agrees with your position on the main idea, but the surrounding arguments are weak, crazy or contradictory - it could be fascism. If the message leaves you feeling weak, unempowered and confused (your will to action has been drained), then you're probably falling into a fascist trap. Unlike Gargamel's traps for the Smurfs which used bars and windows, cages and bindings - all visible to the naked eye, in the human world, the prison of fascism is invisible.

    Another way to detect message forum or chan miscreants, called shills, is demonstrated here by Mom and her son Bobby:

    Mommy, What's a shill?
    Well Bobby. A Shill is a very bad person. A person who pretends to be someone else for money.
    How does it work?
    It starts by hiring a man of low moral character. Someone who will do or say anything for money. A bad man.
    And this bad man is hired to impersonate someone....say, a Voat user.
    "Voat users aren't bad mommy are they?"
    Of course not dear! And anyways, this bad man only pretends to be a Voat user.
    "But only pretends! Like an actor!"
    That's right Bobby. The man is really an actor. Like Alec Baldwin.
    So this bad man goes on the internet and pretends to be a Voat user.
    The actor goes on Voat and says, "I LIEK GUNS!!! I GOT TOO OF UM GURK RURK GURK"
    The bad man thinks he can fit right in with real people.
    "Why Mommy?"
    That's a good question Bobby.
    Why indeed, America?
    Friends, did you know there are evil interlopers pretending to be real Americans out there on the internet?
    It's happing right now.
    Right now, in your home, and right now, down your street.
    These bad people want to change opinions by impersonating other people, whom they hate. They then want you to hate them too.
    "Gee mom thats' terrible."
    It's terrible indeed Bobby.
    These bad men say things, pretending as another person, to sway opinion.
    "Like a person wearing a disguise!"
    "That's right Bobby. Like a person wearing a disguise."
    So these bad people say bad things while wearing a disguise!
    Who said that?
    It sounded like it came over there.....
    Mommy, Mommy!! A Voat user is going around saying MUK LUK LUK and all sorts of bad words.
    "A Voat user?"
    "No not a real Voat user, it's really that bad actor in a mask!"
    "Does everybody know that its not a real Voat user, that it's a shill? a fake?"

    To detect fascists in real life, look no further than insecure men spending big money. Ostentatious displays of wealth is a cheat that fascists use to show you how powerful they imagine they are. But in many cases, they don't understand what they bought - but they keep up a facade of omniscience and spend spend spend. The thing is, money doesn't really buy will or power or knowledge - there is no short-cut. You have to earn your own willpower. So fascists, who exist as emotional children, will often try to use money as a bludgeon to silence, cow, or impress others.

    Say for example, you collect classic cars. Even if you're a billionaire, money can't tell you how to re-build an old rusted VW Beetle from scratch. Sure, you can buy a fully restored Beetle - but it will never really be yours. You need will, intelligence, engineering, and creativity to shove, shave and mold those parts into the right place (and patience). When you do it from scratch, it's not money that's important, it's time, will and grit.

    Starting from the bottom up, making it work - from scratch - is the only way to learn - and fascists aren't big on learnin'. Plus, being adept in the three rs is a good way to save your dough. Grease monkeys, tinkerers and hackers are your friends.

    Division also has another face, called "localization". A good example of this was seen during the 2000-2010 re-localization of the UK. The universal BBC British accent spoken on TV was replaced by local reporters using hard regional dialects. Instead of flying the Union Jack across the nation, UK citizens were reduced to the flying the old local flags for each area. People were no longer tied by a common accent or symbol - and the United Kingdom was no longer truly united by a common spirit.

    Ever tried viewing Hulu from outside the United States? Ever tried the BBC iPlayer outside of England? If you have, you've noticed they just plain don't work. Despite the fact that the internet was designed as a world-wide tool for the benefit of everyone everywhere, suddenly media is restricted to geographic regions, aka "localization". The reason is not piracy or money - those in control do not want viewers to receive alternative competing narratives from other cultures...which might suddenly cause the viewer to start thinking and asking questions.

    Localization was actually first seen way back in 2001, when eBay, which previously allowed small sellers to access the worldwide marketplace (and thus compete with the big retail stores) began making big changes. The eBay experience was suddenly cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use. Insane, broken and half-implemented changes were made to the eBay back-end servers and API for programmers. People were confused as to why something that was working so perfectly for so long was hobbled beyond repair.

    The reason? The entire old-world model for pricing, selling, and distribution was threatened by thousands of new small business users. Mom and Pops were doing it better, and cheaper than the big boys - and they were starting to source directly from China. eBay then made a terrible choice - to destroy itself from within. Thus, a new type of economic fascism was born.

    Now, in 2016, sellers use cellphone apps to sell locally (person to person) - manufacturers and retailers no longer have pesky upstart competion to worry about. The old sales model was maintained by brute force, and all those burgeoning new online distribution players (small businesses) from 2001 were essentially killed in the womb.

    Localization is now in full force. In Eastern Canada, 1984-style newspeak dictionary updates are no longer subtle suggestions - they're changing the actual dictionary. Canadians have spelled words like "recognize" with a "z" since time immemorial. But pre-schoolers are being taught, across the board, full-on "s" (recognise) British spelling for the first time ever. Why force Canadians to change their spelling? Simple: Since they didn't but squeak once or twice in response to forced signage, label and language laws, they have been softened up to the point that they'll take newspeak without any questions. The more localized you are, the more different you are from your neighbors....which makes it harder for you to relate to your neighbor, and easier for them to tell you to fear or hate anyone they want. So buckle-up for a mind-bending spelling freakshow, Western Canada.

  • The Global Riot: On the opposite side of localization we have Globalism. Globalism is the antithesis of nationalism, and there ain't enough room in this town for the both of them...

    Globalism is the entire reason wacky groups like Color of Change exist. Simply put, they want to de-fund and dis-arm local police departments. Crazy? Yes indeed. But this will allow a federal brownshirt style Gestapo to brutalize American citizens from afar, with 'officers' no longer tied to neighborhoods and families. Sound familiar? United Nations 'Peace Keepers' are globalist as well. Africa has seen firsthand the wanton abuse, sex trafficking and corruption globalism brings.

    While nationalism can only exist with patriotism, globalism hates the 'idea' of America. They hate patriotism, and they hate Old Glory, because they know it stands for something. America has conviction in its soul that globalists do not possess. And they hate America because of their shortcomings. Everyone knows what America stands for. The flag means something. The symbols mean things. It's the only place in the world where things count. And globalists literally seethe with anger at the idea of a patriotic America.

    Volkswagen's recent criminal emissions chicanery was discovered in America. Because that's the place where emmissions tests matter, where the results are double checked, and the data is fully analyzed. America stands for something, and it lays it all out on the table for everyone to see. America airs its dirty laundry in public. Mistakes are made in full public view...and America is stronger for it. America, eventually, usually after exhausting every other possible option, learns.

    But globalists do not believe in America. They hate it. They want what they want when they want it - they take and do not ask. Fascism. More importantly, globalists do not like facing up to their own hipocracy and shortcomings. Their 'public face' is their most prescious treasure, which they protect at all costs. Which reminds me, have you ever wondered why globalists hate Trump so much? It's the same reason celebrities and actors hate Trump.

    Globalists, globe hoppers and celebrities live in a cloudy, bubbly la la land in their heads where they say and do really important things that no one else can. Like acting, 'deep thinking', and 'saving the world'. They can sing, play music and dance. They know things. They're 'well studied' and 'experts'. They're special. They're smart! They're good looking and pretty much perfect. And most importantly, they are the only ones who have these special abilities, and they believe they should be publicly lauded for it. All you have to do is listen to them and do what they say, while admiring their amazingness enviously. People like Lena Dunham don't just want you to think that she's pretty and smart and attractive, she already knows that. She wants you to envy her. She wants crowds of people to shout her name. She wants you to want her. She needs you to envy her.

    What Trump does is use his magic powers to pop their bubble, and make them see themselves as we all do, as Trump does... and they hate it. They hate the fact that he has pierced their magic shield of denial. The truth hurts. He makes them face the truth, and feel it, and they hate him for it.

    One more thing about Trump. He is America. He is the embodiment of America. And just like America, he learns. But with Trump, everyone benefits. When he speaks, it can be entertaining to some, obnoxious to another.

    Why the polarization? Simply put, the Western world has been turned upside-down and inside-out over the last few decades or so. Children for at least three generations have grown up without strong father figures. The family unit barely exists. So really, it all comes down to daddy issues.

    Trump can be intimidating. It's easier to paint Trump as brash and boorish as opposed to what is really more important - that he is a strong male figure. It's easier to say "I hate him!" rather than deal with the fact that he's a man with a strong will who can defend himself. If he scares you, it's because he makes you feel responsible. He makes you feel that consquences are coming.

    We're all responsible for the state of the world right now - and everyone has to grow up a bit. He isn't perfect, but he tells the truth. Yes, it makes perfect sense when Cher says she's "traumatized" by Trump, because he "lies". The thing is, Cher, you, me, us, have been lied to all our lives, and only now are we getting the unfiltered truth. Trump is not lying. And it's scary sometimes. But only cowards retreat back into the safety of the lie - it's easier to beieve a tenuous half-baked "explanation" from the liars like the Anti-Defamation League, Snopes, the Southern Poverty Law Center or CNN and go back to blissfull ignorance - but it's cowardly. (aside: the pain I've suffered - and dealt out - as a coward in the past is a far worse pain than the pain of facing the truth.) Don't be a coward, Cher.

    Yeah, he's brash and boorish too. Sometimes he puts his foot in his mouth. He likes hot chicks and he's said naughty things when he thinks no one is listening. Sometimes he pontificates, sometimes he spitballs ideas that are works-in-progress, but he's always thinking. His mind moves a million miles an hour and he likes to toss out ideas and see where they land. Sometimes those ideas hit someone in the face like a pie. That's his personality, and that's that.

    But do you know what Trump hasn't done? sold weapons to ISIS. as Secretary of State. on behalf of the United States..... To ISIS.... actual terrorists. So yeah, Trump sometimes says a few naughty things and drops the f-bomb. Hillary Clinton drops actual bombs. Trump can laugh at himself....but people who dare criticize Hillary Clinton end up committing suicide a lot. Trump may be beligerent to a person's face. Hillary is two-faced. Trump says insensitive things from time to time, Hillary is married to an accused rapist...whom she defends by viciously attacking his multiple victims. Trump's personality needs a bit of polish. Hillary polishes off her victims. Trump, at his worst, can be called a glib, obnoxious cad of a man. Hillary has been accused of multiple murders, supplying weapons directly to our enemies under color of law, and directly and personally attacking the rape victms of her husband. Oh and also for putting the government of the United States up for sale to the highest bidder. And lying under oath (just like her husband). And disseminating classified information to our enemies that imperils the safety of our nation.

    Trump can say some bad things. Hillary does bad things. Evil things.

    Globalists like Hillary have more than just a charming personality. They have predilections too. Which they express in riots and chaos. Nothing shuts something down quicker than wanton violence. It's the basic tenet of the fascist ethos. King Brainy put Jokey Smurf in jail for telling jokes, and kept him physically restrained. In the human world, riots shut down speech as well, as evidenced by what happened to Trump in Chicago 2016.

    Black Lives Matter is a fear-based, anti-intellectual bludgeon that utilizes university-aged young adults. Their actions are violently frightening displays of thoughtless rage and chaotic fury. They either demand the suppression of free speech, or the removal / firing of key people in academic power. Black Lives Matter's false bargaining tactics and demands are in fact only for show, part of a larger primed-for-media public theater. This played out almost identically in 1966 during the student riots / communist revolution in China.


    Amazingly, companies such as Kelloggs, Pandora (the internet music service) and others have either donated millions of dollars to #BLM or supported them on social media. Decades in the future, will they look back at this and say they made sound business decisions?

    Fascist rioting is sold to viewers by the media as "protesting". Nothing could be further from the truth. Real protesting, strikes and roadblocks have been used for years as a form of an in-your-face, last-ditch plea. Striking workers would slow you down, and make you face them eye-to-eye. Sometimes you could feel very uncomfortable - which was the whole point - but you could still cross the line, and they hoped you understood their message and how serious / desperate they were. Roadblocks on the highway were often used as a last resort by the truly powerless, to draw attention to their position.

    Black Lives Matter is perverting the very nature of protest by turning it into an un-thinking mob, cruel, full of hate and unrestrained violence. They have no message at all, except to silence free speech - and to justify a fascist response by the government. #BLM turns protest on its head - instead of being a salve and spotlight, alerting the public to injustice, BLM's perverse "protest" has become the injustice itself.

    Riots on the internet are called trolling, and invoke name calling, harassment, shouting and general off-topic rowdiness and incivility. Whether it is physical violence in the real world, or violent thoughts on the internet, the right to free speech is squelched by riots and trolls.

    Everybody I Don't Like Mysteriously Dies. The Corrupt Politician's Guide to Rigging an Election.

    The endgame for globalists is to isolate and localize a country and then introduce 'false nationalism'. This false nationalism reinforces their artificially created narrative and worldview. False nationalism is the slickest of all their tricks and it can grind down the human condition of the average man to a fine nib.

    This fake nationalism is so powerful that even a brother in Ontario may betray her sister in Illinois because of political conditioning. What am I talking about? In this case, I'm talking about the fact that the entire population of Canada lives within a few hours drive, or in many cases, a few minutes drive, away from the United States.

    Canada and the United States have always had north/south relations throughout all of their history. Trade went north and south. Not east and west (at least not until globalists got involved). The closest neighbor city in Canada is in some cases a city in the United States, so you would assume there would be strong ties between these brother and sisters, who live and work so closely to one another.

    On the contrary, Globalists do everything in their power to isolate Canadians physically and mentally from their American neighbors just a few hundred miles away. There is a relentless barrage of anti-this and anti-that drummed into the soft heads of Canadians around the clock. It works because it is the sinister result of all their relentless mental brutalizaton of the human psyche that disavows real, true bonds between neighbors and introduces corrupt ties that binds people blindly to the state under a banner of false nationalism. This false nationalism is an affront to not only the dignity of the individual, but to the sacrosanct nature of the human soul as well.

  • False dichotomy: Coke and Pepsi, Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal. Those are the choices we are given. And by their very nature, they are a trap. Designed for you to fail.

    The world isn't divided into black and white. In some cases, there are almost limitless possibilities to consider. Yet we're funneled into choosing two things throughout our entire lives. It's created a perfect divide, a perfect impasse, a perfect system to ensure that no one ever gets along together. It's almost like it was done on purpose.

    How many of you are proud to be a member of a political party? Do you dutifully place your little sign on your lawn, letting your neighbors know that you've voted for the "right" candidate? Do you know what that little sign stands for? Does it stand for anything? Once the people behind the sign change, the meaning of the sign changes does it not? No?

    You don't understand? Well, let me break it down. Politics are not a brand. If the actors behind the scene change, the political party itself changes in essence. But since birth you have been conditioned to accept a dichotomy of choice. You have been conditioned to not understand that once the players behind the stage change, it's no longer the same play. One week it was The Glass Menagerie, the next week it's Death of a Salesman. Yet you're taught to think that Democrat=Democrat=Democrat. But It's a lie. John F. Kennedy is so far removed from TV host Barack Obama in terms of policy and philosophy it's hard to consider them in the same category.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy sheltered the world from the greivous pain his body was experiencing so the nation would feel confidence and hope, wrote inspiring speeches and books, and tried to ensure the Federal Reserve didn't sell-out the world's paper supply printing banknotes....Barack Obama's favorite TV show is Entourage.

    Don't be proud of your political party. It doesn't really serve you, and you'd probably disagree with what they're trying to sell you, if you took the time to peek behind the curtain.

    Two choices? How about three? Wowee that's choice isn't it. No... What matters is who is doing the choosing. If you have to choose between three bad choices, they are all bad choices. Plain and simple. There is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry Azrael), and you've been told your entire life that there are only two (or three!!!!) options. Your options are limitless. You are limited only by what is possible...and the people standing in your way.

    David Rhodes, President of CBS is the brother of Obama Staff member Ben Rhodes. Former ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama Staff Member Liz Sherwood. CNN Deputy Chief Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Staff member Tom Nides.

  • Mis-information, dis-information, censorship: In the fascist world, the ruling elite control the flow of information, as did King Brainy. The media is the trick used for this trade, whether it be King Brainy's 'proclamations' or panicked wide-eyed talking heads on your widescreen tv.

    Internet censorship on social media is now is in full force. Facebook is working with the German government to silence dissent and suppress communication. In July of 2016, Facebook even banned well-known German author Udo Ulfkotte because they didn't like his book about unreported crime in Germany. Twitter is now reviled for its denial of free speech. How low did Twitter stoop? They even went so far as to remove the "verified" checkmark from columnist Milo Yiannopoulos' Twitter account, before banning him for life. All because he was a journalist they didn't like. Wow. The Smurfs dealt with this sort of thing by tossing Brainy on his head, but in the human world, the best way to deal with an angry television or computer is to unplug it... and to find more reliable sources of information and discourse.

    Another ruse the dominant corrupt media uses is to label all dissenting opinions as false, or fake. They want you to accept their narrative, and only their narrative. Anything that deviates from that, is of course fake, right? NO. That's called fascism. In reality, what they label as fake is called "actual news" and "actual reporting". There are plenty of real, solid news outlets on the internet, run by honest people, and they are telling the truth...and the mainstream media is desperate for you not to pay attention to it.

    Perhaps the Wikileaks release of emails, which spawned the real and legitmate #pizzagate investigation, is making the mainstream media quiver in their boots. They should be quivering. Because the #pizzagate revelations are going to change the world. Pizzagate is very, very real. And the people investigating are very, very determined to shine light on what has taken place in the darkened corners of our society.

    So let me get this straight. Wikileaks releases 20000+ emails proving the DNC colluded against the Sanders campaign. Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigns in disgrace and before the ink is even dry on her resignation letter Hillary appoints her co-chair of her campaign. Now here comes the juicy stuff. Obama is filing a electronic terrorism case against Wikileaks in order to protect the DNC instead of praising them for making the American people aware of massive fraud within our electoral processs. Biden actually called them hi tech terrorists. The cherry on top is a potential DNC whistleblower was found murdered outside of his apartment with a gunshot wound in his back. All of his personal belongings left intact (read, it wasn't a mugging) You want to know the best part? Virtual silence on all of this from the mainstream media.
    His Name was Seth Rich. He was 27 years old.

  • Pornography: Pornography is an air horn that cannot be turned off. Pornography is so pervasive that it infects social interactions, turning normal everyday conversations into tawdry inflections of a debased norm. Tiny amounts of naughtiness is fine. So is a teeny-tiny amount of poison. The point is, tiny indulgences, hidden from the mainstream, derided by normal society, is tolerated. But hidden. Porn should exist in the shadows of society, as an outlier. Porn should never be mainstream. There should be plently of tsk-tsks and disapproving looks...but blasting porn 24/7 through a firehose is nothing more than a weapon.

    Pervasive, normalized pornography has skewed our view of reality. Fascists know this, and this is why it is the most powerful weapon in their aresenal. That is why news anchors and porn stars share the same make-up. They can up-end the entire family system through the use of this weapon, so the only answer is to never view it.

  • Concentration of power and passive acceptance: Other forms of fascism are subtle, but they all serve to undermine the will of the people in a powerful way. Minute changes, ignored by the public, forces acquiescence to fascism over time.

    Some examples are almost invisible, such as the replacement of the Wal-Mart American star logo with a stylized glyph. Wal-Mart's rebranding was more than cosmetic - it revealed the true new character of the Wal-Mart empire. Gone was Sam Walton's shining star of the USA, which was displayed proudly in the original Wal-Mart signage... and gone too was its soul.

    Wal-Mart, under Sam Walton, had a "buy American" policy. When possible, he would always buy products from an American supplier or producer rather than get them from overseas. "Buy American" was Sam's intended legacy. But it was short lived.

    Do any of you remember Sam's ads on TV? Sam used to wander around the store and highlight all the goods that were made right here in the USA. He was proud of those goods. He was proud of his country. He wanted you to know that if you shopped at Wal-Mart, you were buying goods made right here in the US of A. But after his death, his heirs abandoned Sams' dream of "Made in America".

    Thus, our dependence on Chinense manuafacturing and cheap debt was born. How tragic. A father's legacy betrayed. But if this was simply about family treachery, it would just be gossip, nothing more. But this is not just about the Waltons. When Wal-Mart went Chinese, everyone was betrayed. Perhaps they thought a subtle makeover, easing us into globalism, would ameliorate their behavior? Perhaps they were wrong?

    Speaking of subtle, even "America's favorite tea", Lipton, is in on the globalist action. Their new packaging sings the praises of "Sir" Thomas Lipton, on the side of the box. Sir? Really? As in his royal highness your majesty Sir Lippty Dippty Doo? Did Lipton forget a revolution was fought against imperialists? And that America doesn't recognize titles such as "Sir"? Are globalists planning on making Americans formally recognize "Sirs" and "royalty" in the future? No sir-diddy-sir-sir-sir, ain't gonna happen. Perhaps Lipton thought they'd soften-up Americans' minds with globalist packaging like those poor Canadians suffer under.

    I've saved the creepiest and most disturbing example of subtle globalist "values" for last. Smurfs always say that size doesn't matter, but the most shocking example of globalist machinations can be found in 22.5 ounces. Or so. You know kids' shampoos? The kind with cartoon characters on it, with neat-o smells like apple and strawberry? They're wholesome right? Nice people must make those products. Unilever is a huge corporation that makes shampoos just like this. One of them is called "Sauve Kids". Just do an Amazon search for "Sauve Kids" and look at those fun, happy little bottles of shampoo for your child. Unilever's Suave shampoo sure looks great doesn't it? Did you notice the 22.5 ounce size? Kind of a funny size isn't it? Sort of sticks out like a sore thumb among the standard world of 8, 10, 12 and 32 oz bottles. Well, that's because 666 milliliters actually equals 22.5 ounces. Yep. You read that right. Giant multi-national Unilever actually sells kids' shampoos in 666 milliliter containers. For Satan. Yes. This is actually true and real in the world we live in.

    [Sometimes, when I sit down to type...I wonder. Really? Satanic kids shampoos are not words that I should have to type in that particular order. Ever. Writing the above paragraph about Unilever and its nonsense actually hurt my brain. It's insane. Just stop and take a minute and say it to yourself "satanic kids shampoo". Now imagine that there is someone out there, who really, really, really, really takes this seriously. You know, this is his dream, and now he's achieved it: Satanic shampoo for children. He is so pleased that 666 ml of shampoo will be used by innocent children, and he gets super exicted about it. "Muhahahahahaha! I have done it! All the children in America will be annointing themselves in a volume of fluid that is pleasing to our Dark Lord Satan! Hooray!" I's just all so stupidly foolish. If you worship the devil, it's kind of like betting on the Washington Generals at a Harlem Globetrotters game...the fix is in, and you're going to lose....I just...I just can't accept that the world is on the one hand so evil, but also so utterly, utterly stupid and silly. I mean, worshipping the the devil is just plain silly.] {ed note: apologies to Kids in the Hall}

    Unilever's unfathomable devil worship, Lipton's pandering obeisance and Wal-Mart's devolution kind of flew under the radar, but real concentration of power is much more noticeable. For instance, did any of you have trouble with your personal email servers during 2015? How shocking...

    Personal email servers were under attack for months during 2015 but it was not reported in the media. Day after day, private email servers were hammered with denial-of-service attacks. It was almost impossible to get email. Even if you had a 'hosted' email account, "customer service" told you that your server had to be shut down due to spam and DDOS attacks.

    Why cause all this trouble? To force everyone to use Microsoft and Yahoo type webmail servers aka "the cloud". It turned out to be very easy for you, in the end, to "upgrade" your email accounts... but in reality, you were shutting down your personal servers - that you had control of - and substituting it with a system you had zero control of. At the same time, small and big ISPs, big business, and government organizations all simultaneously "migrated" from their own private internal mail servers to - you guessed it, Yahoo and MSN etc. It's hard work to sift through thousands of individual POP and IMAP mailboxes... so the powers that be decided to simply not allow you to use your own email.

    Hey, remember the Opera web browser? It was cool. It was unique. It was one of a kind - and it interpreted markup languages differently from Mozilla and Chrome. So of course, it had to go. Out came its brain, and it was turned into a zombie Google codebase clone. People were so confused as to why their beloved browser plug-ins stopped working. Turns out, it's pretty hard to keep track of all the exploits needed to compromise multiple web browsers... so they thinned the herd. (Although, at night, one can sometimes catch a glimpse of a zombiefied Opera corpse shuffling aimlessly through the internet). So, just like with email, web browsers are now a "known quantity", and controllable. With access to your email, and web browser, their concentration of power is complete. But they wanted more...

    The ultimate manifestation of fascism is in the form of the Trans Pacific Partnership, aka the TPP. Here, in writing, is the official sanctioning of the supremacy of the corporation and state over the the will of the people. Not that they told you about it or anything. It's only the most important document since the Bill of Rights. All done in secret of course. And nobody's read it. Well, I've skimmed it. And it is literally the worst document in the history of the world. It will go down as the most hated, reviled, fascist monstrosity of a document that can only truly serve one purpose... kindling. That is the only use free people could have for such a travesty. So I encourage all those associated with the TPP to to turn their copy into kindling, all 7,000 pages, and warm the cockles of their hearts. Toasty. I'll put some freedom-marshmallows on a stick, and maybe we could remember that we're all in this together.

TL;DR Search engines, Wikipedia et al have been busy little beavers recently re-writing the definition of fascism on their websites. But the simplest explanation is this: Fascism forces you to do or believe things. 'Applied force' is the method used to sustain fascism. The opposite of fascism is freedom. Freedom recognizes the rights of the individual, and 'truth' is the method used to sustain it.

September 2016 Update: I...I'm not sure how to really address this. In case some of you are wondering, internet cartoon character Pepe the Frog is not racist. or fascist. He is in fact a cartoon frog on the internet. I'm not sure how we go to this point, where I feel I have to add this to a page about fascism, but here we are. Pepe the Frog is a cartoon frog that not everyone may not be familiar with, but he's been around for a few years. Some people dress him up, some people put him in their own cartoons...he's a cute little meme sensation, used across the internet. He's no different than Papa Smurf. Do you know how many pictures of Papa Smurf dressed as Hitler I've seen? But Papa Smurf is still just a cartoon character. So is Pepe the Frog. Aghhh.. Can you imagine the level of desperation and cold calculated lying required to besmirch poor Pepe as racist? Well, now you don't have to. Please, to those few people still watching their tee-vees, turn it off.

Pepe in the Bible
Is Pepe a sign from above?

So if you want freedom, you don't want Facebook. You don't want apps. You have zero control over them. What you want is called the "internet", and it has been here all along. Waiting for you. and now you have Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, and Linux. Radio Shack, I think we have a customer....

So to all of you dreamers, would-be entrepreneurs, builders and visionaries - go out their and make your mark. If you do it on the internet, no one can stop you. Only you can build a better, free tomorrow, so go out there and do it!... and remember, more than anything else...BLUE LIVES MATTER.

Are the Smurfs Fascists? - Click here!

October 2016 thoughts: We have a choice this November, do we want The Jetsons, or do we want Fallout 3? Because a vote for Hillary is a vote for endless, fascist war. with whomever. It doesn't matter, because war never changes, and the Clintons never change. We have one, tiny chance this November to save America proper. One chance to save the America you see when you close your eyes and dream of her. One chance to ensure that our families, our future, remain within our own hands and the rule of law. A vote for Hillary leads to only one thing - death. She is a warmonger, through and through, with a trail of bodies and bloodlust unparalleled. Hillary is no Hitler, because the very word Hillary subsumes the mantle that terrible word once stood for. And what is this new evil? What is Hillary? Hillary plunges us into endless war, fascism, corporatism, death for profit, death for hire, murder and above all total control, all institutionalized in a system of her own design. Why is it impossible for her to actually apologize? Because a god doesn't need to. Hillary is the worst of the worst, and she should be remembered as such. If we do not elect Trump, the world will fall into a global nuclear war. She is itching to go to war with Russia. She can't wait. And then our world, as we know it, will end. This time, right now, is the pivet point for the future of the twenty-first century. Which way will it go? You decide.

Random Grumblings: Fascism isn't always to blame when things go wrong, often the root is in fact plain ol' stupidity. That's the way it is for most things. I've used computers my whole life. Way before they were cool, way before they were accepted, way before they were understood as "necessary" by the public. That gives me some perspective. Clear, valuable perpective, earned over time. One of the the things my peers and I dreamed of was a connected world. We had our own versions of the internet, called bulletin boards, and we had text and private messaging way back in the '80s, although in a different style. We envisioned a world of technology with cell phones, messanging, texting, and interoperability. The problem was the fact that the rest of the world was not up to speed. It's as simple as that. So many of the truly "ahead of its time" technologies, like the Commodore Amiga, fell by the wayside - because the public didn't even know why it would want one. They would indeed eventually want one, 20 years later, to the benefit of me-too companies like Apple and Microsoft.

As I've mentioned, we've had text and messaging protocols on BBSes way back in the 80s - so twitter and email are not really new ideas. Which is why it is no surprise that Twitter has never, ever made any money. How could it? It's like the mail service before competition was opened up to courier services. Twitter is simply a part of the message delivery infastructure, and eventually will be replaced by compatible protocols that operate across multiple devices and programs. There's money in that, baby, (like FedEx and UPS) but not in the locked-in version Twitter is currently floundering with. It's only a matter of time. Same too for Facebook, which is like an overhyped blog. Eventually, the pendulum will swing back to the public, with your help. Everyone will have control of their dear diary through the wonder of open protocols, just how it was intended for the internet all along. And eventually, Zuckerberg will recieve the zucking over he so truly deserves.

Yes, it's fun to connect stuff to the internet - but common sense should always prevail. Who thought putting the power system on the internet was a smart idea? It's stupid. North America's power grid was dependable and reliable for decades without being accessible from Timbucktoo... but now it can be completely disabled or controled by clever teenagers in Mali. Why? Why? I mean..why? Doesn't it make your head hurt? Aggh.

When Papa Smurf was younger, I was in fact kind of reckless. My younger self would have thought it incredibly funny to sit by the side of the highway and wirte a script to make cars turn themselves off and glide to a gentle stop. Yes, that would be me, at the roadside, laughing like a maniac, as car after car automatically pulled over. I would have put a herculean amount of work into the script to make sure no one got hurt.

I probably would have never implemented a script like that in practice. First of all, at that age, I was just learning, and my programming skills were shaky at best. More importantly, it's simply too dangerous. I learned a very valuable lesson in high school when we got a fancy LED display sign for inside the school. It displayed rolling text with the days announcements. Back then, I had a small handheld computer from Radio Shack, around the size of a big remote contol, that learned and replayed infared signals. So of course, I learned how to send the needed frequencies and commands to the display sign, change the message, and fiddle the various sundry options available. I felt so satisfied learning how that sign ticked. But I didn't do a thing with it. I didn't write a smarmy message, or turn it off and on, or anything. I respected my fellow students and teachers, and respected the technology. I just wanted to learn.

Compare and contrast: One day, another kid in the school "borrrowed" the official controller for the sign and wrote a rude message... and got away scot free. The controller was put back where it was supposed to be by the miscreant after he altered the sign. The controller also had a simple numeric password that everyone thought was somehow impenetrable. People investigating this "school crime" looked uneasy, angry, and emotional because they couldn't accept the fact that the simple password could be bypassed or guessed. I remember that the person in charge of the sign was rather angry. It took me a while to realize that the teacher wasn't mad, he felt violated. I learned from that day forward how important it is to maintain the illusion of control.

It's okay to hack things, it's okay to gain complete control over technology to learn - but you can't break the facade of control. Look, touch, but put things back exactly the way they were when you went in, and don't tell a soul. It's a trick people... it's a trick we play on ourselves to feel good. But do you think everyone out there with a computer is like Papa Smurf? Ultimately I'm a gentle person at heart, but there are others out there full of malevolence. Tons of them. That's the future you're facing with GoogleAppleAndroid iCar Connectivity (tm). You really have no idea what you're in for...pure chaos...don't buy cars that can be driven by people on a computer from other continents. Don't buy cars that think and drive by themselves - you're not the one in control of the logic... people will end up dead from this.

So here's some more unsoliticited advice: You don't want "smart" thermostats, smart fridges, smart appliances. There is too much risk, and really very little reward. Perhaps when the world is more mature, more ready, these sorts of things won't represent the uncontrollable securtiy nightmare they represent now. But believe me - some weirdo in Kirkjubaejarklaustur will get a real kick turning your hot water pipes off and on and exploding them in the winter, or listening into your private conversations in front of your TV and coffee-maker - and right now there is no plan, no thought, no idea as to how to secure any of this stuff. So Papa Smurf says be careful kids, and watch out for yourselves, because no one else is... but maybe, together, you can change that. Go forward, and develop an open infastructure for interoperability - for all things. Make the meta schema of meta schemas, scalable, beautiful and open for all to see. FOR EVERYONE. Just like the internet.

Open standards - what made America great. Telephones that work with all phone systems. Car tires that can be manufactured by many companies. Fax machines, modems, CPUs, the internet - they were all part of an open standard that needs to be re-embraced. Companies competed based on their ability to provide good service - not because you were locked in to a propreitary technology. Back in the '80s, you didn't need one phone for AT&T and another for Sprint..that would be insane...Phones are phones right? ONLY because of open standards.

Right now, your cell or mobile exists in a nightmare of incompatibility. Your mobile comes "locked" so you can't use it on two different providers. On the slim chance you manage to "unlock" your cell, you now have to become a technical expert to determine exactly what frequency range you need for a different provider. No, your T-Mobile phone won't work with AT&T. And data plans? It's a nighmare of extreme price gouging and complete incompatibility between carriers, all accross North America. Without open, consistently applied standards, you end up with the high prices and terrible service you get today. Please take a moment to remember that between 1970-2000, all of your local landline calls cost you ZERO. You were charged zero cents a minute. For decades. You paid a standard, low monthly fee (thanks competition!), and that was that. All because of standards that were defined, rigid, and enforced.

Cable companies right now are reaaaaaaaallly sticking it to you. They've fudged up how it all should work, and sadly most people are none the wiser. Cable Card 3.0 - you need it. That ugly box on top of your TV is a monstrosity. The only reason it exists is greed. You don't need it. Remember the mid-1980s? How you just hooked the cable into the TV and got 100 channels? You didn't have to switch through three video modes, or hit input, or select, or go to a menu, or choose HDMI 4, or press the AUX button. It just worked. You know, like a tv used to. That's because of open standards - there was an open standard for cable decoding. And you can get it back with the new Cable Card initiatives. And cable pricing? Cable companies need to compete with municipal and local offerings. Everywhere that municipal internet providers have popped up, speed goes up and prices go down.

Sling. That's what will save the cable TV experience. Put Sling in a cablecard on every TV. The broadcast networks have proven their worth - zero - so the solution is to bypass them entirely. Imagine small television studios competing for advertisers on a global scale. You know, the actual people who make the shows? Just cut out the broadcast TV middleman and you've got an entirely new model to broadcast programs from around the world. Instead of a tiny number of channels no one watches, imagine an endless ocean of never-ending content, all monetized by Sling. It's like Adsense for television. and it's here right now. Charlie Ergen's Sling will revolutionalize broadcast by allowing contextual video ads to be played, anywhere in the world, ensuring everyone gets paid fairly, finally - by cutting out the the leeching midddlemen called NBCCBSABCFOX.

Open standards, and competition - that's a world you can breathe freely in, without worrying that your toaster is murderous like a gangster from Caprica City, or that your Wi-Fi connected toilet surreptitiously takes samples and shares them with the credit card company. What? You think they wouldn't do that? That's a whole new way to determine your credit score. You heard it here first. Eat more bran, your FICO score goes up. Your credit score could be color-coded...

A warning...

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