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Advanced Smurf Search:
Advanced Smurf Search:

Can't smurf what you're looking for? Simply type your keywords, pick a category... and off you go!

How to use the Advanced Smurf Search:
1. Pick a category
2. Pick a phrase
3. Pick partial or full match
Pick a Category

"All Smurfs": The default setting - every category in BlueBuddies will be searched.

Individual categories: Search exclusively within one category. For example, search only within Plush Smurfs, Smurf Figurines, Smurf Music, etc.

Pick a Phrase

"Phrase": The standard option is to search for "words as a phrase". BlueBuddies will search for exactly what you typed in.

"All Words": The order of the words doesn't matter.

"Any Words": Any of the words you enter will give you a result!

Partial or Full Match

You can search for either "partial" words (the default), or "whole words". A partial word search for "car" returns: car, cars, cartoon, carton, and caring. A "whole words only" search just returns results containing the word "car".
Helpful Search Tips

Keep it short. Instead of typing "soccer player" - just enter "soccer". Instead of "skiing", "ski poles" or "skier", just try "ski".

Try synonyms. Try different words for the same thing, like "biscuit", "cookie", "treat" and "snack".

Use the drop down menu. Click "All Smurfs" - then select "Smurf Figurines" to just search for PVC figurines.

Keep it simple. BlueBuddies is full of pictures, images and photos. Do not search for "Smurfette photo", "Smurfette image" or "Smurfette picture" - just type "Smurfette" and all the Smurfette pictures will be displayed.
What is the Advanced Smurf Search?

The Advanced Smurf Search is an expanded version of the standard search located at the bottom of Using this special page, you can select exactly which
category you're searching for, phrase options, along with word options. If it exists, in any form, our advanced Smurf search engine will find it for you.
More Search Options:

Still can't find what you're looking for?
  • Search the Smurf Message Board. The message board has lots of info about all sorts of topics!
  • Use our custom Google Search. Get an entirely different set of results using our Google search!


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