05:35 PM <SmurfyDove> And that's only if you're really lucky and find them at a place like Walmart or Winn Dixie... I've never seen the elsewhere
10:18 AM <blueballs> slap on my blueberries papa smurf
10:26 AM <SmurfyDove> WHAT are you smurfing about?
05:39 PM <SmurfyDove> [Roll Eyes] [Roll Eyes] whatever, uh... Blue...balls...
05:41 PM <SmurfyDove> Goodnight everysmurf... It's 9:38pm here in florida, and I have to get up at 5:15 for school. Good thing I'm graduating 2018!
10:54 AM <Diana49> Can anyone help me find which number Smurf this is?
10:58 AM <Diana49> He has a black hat, black pants, orange jacket with yellow bowtie, has a white card in hat.
12:06 PM <Matthew Grisham> Anyone want to help me continue Smurf Generations?
12:06 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/141/3.html#000063
02:25 AM <SmurfyDove> Hey Sweet Smurf 2... Just subbed to your channel...
02:27 AM <SmurfyDove> Do you think, after you're done with the Empath stories, that you might like to read my story and smurf a review?
01:29 PM <SmurfyDove> Diana49... Your smurf sounds similar to the photographer figurine... Only HE has a camera and does not have a card in his hat
01:30 PM <SmurfyDove> Maybe he's a reporter Smurf?
04:52 AM <SmurfyDove> Why is it that nobody's bothered to tell me that I've been spelling Allistor Moody's name WRONG throughout the entire story?!
09:38 AM <Perky Smurf> Hello
10:53 AM <Matthew Grisham> Welcome back, Perky.
10:58 AM <Perky Smurf> How are you smurfs?
11:07 AM <Matthew Grisham> Doing smurfy.
11:50 AM <Perky Smurf> Have I missed anything important?
11:56 AM <SmurfyDove> Not much... You know... A slow day here in the bluebuddies community... But I did happen to write a little more of my fanfic.
12:06 PM <Perky Smurf> Good.Anything else in the month I've been gone?
12:23 PM <Matthew Grisham> I've been posting some art in the Smurf Art Showcase.
12:23 PM <Matthew Grisham> And so did Ariel.
12:24 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/1/1966/135.html
12:50 PM <Perky Smurf> Good to see the Purple Smurfpocolypse was just a misunderstanding!
12:51 PM <Perky Smurf> (Though it makes me feel like I wasted the last month in that bunker!)
01:07 PM <SmurfyDove> Oh no! Poor Perky! No, everything's okay... No need for bunkers... Yet
01:29 PM <SmurfyDove> I honestly hope not....
04:25 PM <SmurfyDove> Matt... Do you ever feel as if... I dunno... You and I might just be the only smurfs who stay on here on a regular basis?
04:27 PM <SmurfyDove> I see new smurfs... But why aren't they saying hello?
04:53 PM <Matthew Grisham> Maybe they're a little shy.
05:22 PM <SmurfyDove> Maybe... But they don't need to worry, we're not like all of those other "fandoms" or whatever...
09:58 PM <Perky Smurf> They haven't posted on any topics either, maybe their just here for the store?
03:16 AM <Perky Smurf> Is anyone on right now?
03:39 AM <SmurfyDove> Me... I missed the bus for school... I have a feeling today is not going to be so good...
04:02 AM <Perky Smurf> That depends on you,whether or not a day is good is about how you treat your mistakes
06:06 AM <SmurfyDove> I know...
09:28 AM <Perky Smurf> So was your day bad?
10:03 AM <SmurfyDove> Meh... I ended up staying home because nobody wanted to take me to school... My mom and i were left at home alone... No car
10:05 AM <SmurfyDove> I did chores that were on a list on the counter that turned out to be for my aunt... So... Good? Idk
11:14 PM <Perky Smurf> Good morning!
01:43 AM <SmurfyDove> Good morning. It is 5:41 am here at my place and I am getting ready for a long day at school...
08:28 AM <SmurfyDove> Anysmurfy out there?
10:29 AM <Matthew Grisham> I'm here.
10:30 AM <Matthew Grisham> Hello, Ariel. How's everything?
11:55 AM <SmurfCollector5> Selling one of the largest vintage smurf collections of existence, PM me for details!
12:22 PM <SmurfyDove> I'm doing good MG, how about you?
12:26 PM <SmurfyDove>
12:27 PM <SmurfyDove> I sent this in to my choir teacher as an audition for a stand alone in the concert
12:28 PM <SmurfyDove> Smurf me luck that i get it
03:05 AM <Matthew Grisham> Your full name is Ariel Byers?
03:27 AM <SmurfyDove> Byars... Yes
06:34 AM <SmurfyDove> Why?
08:26 AM <Matthew Grisham> Just found out when I watched your video.
08:53 AM <SmurfyDove> Oh. Ok
08:54 AM <SmurfyDove> Is it alright? I mean I know I messed up (a LOT) but do you think I did ok?
09:31 AM <Matthew Grisham> I only heard part of it. I didn't even get to hear your singing just yet.
08:39 AM <SmurfyDove> Hello? Is anysmurfy out there?
12:58 AM <Perky Smurf> I am
01:31 AM <SmurfyDove> Hey everysmurfy! How are ya'll doin' this bright early morning? It's 5:30am and I'm gettin ready for school. What's smurfy?
04:21 PM <flying smurf> it's 9:20am in here and I'm doing nothing..
06:12 PM <SmurfyDove> It is now 10:12pm and I'm up to nothing... Lol
06:13 PM <SmurfyDove> Well, 10:12pm -ish my time
12:08 AM <flying smurf> Now it's 5:10pm here, and I'm eating diner now...
07:10 AM <SmurfyDove> Cool. It's 11:09am and I'm chatting on hangouts with a friend of mine about an assignment due monday
02:56 PM <Matthew Grisham> Everysmurf! Good news!
02:56 PM <Matthew Grisham> A new non-Smurf fanpic has been posted today!
02:57 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/2/208.html#000017
05:02 PM <SmurfyDove> Good job on the Mickey club crew, MG!
06:09 PM <Matthew Grisham> Thanks!