01:06 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I'm here... still longing for Smurfette!
01:06 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> OUR Smurfette!
10:54 PM <Perky Smurf> Hi angelica smurfette, it's always nice to see members who have been gone for awhile here again,
01:53 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Smurfette, are you there?
10:08 AM <Perky Smurf> She's most likely on a little hiatus, almost everyone on the site doesn't go on for a few months. She'll be back when smurf
10:08 AM <Perky Smurf> news kicks up again.
10:52 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Want to join: http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/3/140.html
12:57 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I hope she does, she's... really shy.
01:44 PM <Perky Smurf> Well, she joined in the first place, and stayed on for many years, I doubt she's going to never come back on, just wait...
02:37 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> You're probably right.
09:37 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> So... did anyone take on a Superhero identity like I did?
10:13 AM <Perky Smurf> Hey Sweet smurf
09:52 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Do you have an answer to my question?
11:39 PM <Perky Smurf> I never assumed any form of superhero identity.
01:32 PM <Perky Smurf> Sweet Smurf 2 could you maybe come and help us finish this RP?http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/3/137/2.h
03:29 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/3/137/2.html
12:12 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Well... MG? Have you continues OUR role-play?
12:38 PM <Matthew Grisham> Still working on it.
09:27 PM <SmurfBoeing> Hello comrades!
11:56 PM <Perky Smurf> Hi Boeing
04:43 AM <angelica smurfette> Want to join me? http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/128/2.html
04:44 AM <angelica smurfette> I made it using an old account. But I am back every now and then so just let the posts come flowing in
05:58 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Ok so I guess that other account I've been using was unnecessary...
11:25 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> MG, our role-play remember?
03:13 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I finally bet Gargamel in Battleship
05:28 AM <Krisalyn Baptista> Hi
07:16 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Hello
10:58 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> No, seriously, Mystery Incorporated?
10:58 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Remember, MG?
06:02 PM <Matthew Grisham> The RP is on hold!
06:22 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Why?
03:33 AM <Matthew Grisham> I'm working on other RPs right now.
05:48 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> MG, you don't have to neglect your friend to do my RP, it'll still be here... Just go ahead and work with Sweet Smurf 2
05:49 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Unless you want to join mine, Sweet Smurf 2... There's always room for another Smurf on my RP
08:01 AM <Matthew Grisham> Sweet Smurf 2 can also help on my other RP. http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/141/2.html#000036
02:54 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Hey, smurfs... It's 5:53am where I'm at, and I'm about done getting ready to go to school... Is there any Smurf on right now?
03:23 AM <Matthew Grisham> I am. [Frown]
03:29 AM <Perky Smurf> Hello
03:32 AM <Perky Smurf> Sorry I haven't been on lately
03:52 AM <Matthew Grisham> It's fine.
04:11 AM <Perky Smurf> Thanks MG
04:26 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Hi guys... What's smurfing? I'm in English right now... We're doing some activity on Johnathan Swift.
04:27 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Gimme a few minutes and I'll be right back
05:41 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Ok I'm in gym, now... Who's here?
05:50 AM <Perky Smurf> I'm here
06:33 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Hey perky what's up?
09:23 AM <Perky Smurf> Nothing, has anyone done something interesting today
10:08 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Not really... Just learning about how Jonathan Swift said that Ireland should eat their own children... As a joke, of course.
10:10 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Really all I want to do is go home and take a nap...
10:12 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> Of course I live with my aunt, who has a three year old daughter... So that nap? Not gonna happen...
12:13 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Where is OUR Smurfette?
01:20 PM <Matthew Grisham> Uh, Sweet Smurf 2. I just came here to apologize about what happened earlier.
01:21 PM <Matthew Grisham> I know now that I should finish the MI RP with you. http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/140/7.html#000156
01:22 PM <Matthew Grisham> And I'm okay with it.
06:06 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I just wish Smurfette was here!
06:07 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> She's good with time-travel role-plays.
07:27 PM <Matthew Grisham> I don't know if she'll ever come back.
07:28 PM <Matthew Grisham> Oh, and by the way. Can you ever forgive me?
08:24 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Yes.
09:28 PM <Matthew Grisham> Oh, thank smurfness. [Happy Smurf] What a relief.
09:33 AM <Perky Smurf> Hello
01:26 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Bad news, Perky.
02:07 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Despite their being Smurf-related news...
02:07 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Smurfette hasn't returned!
11:35 PM <Perky Smurf> How long have you been trying to get her attention?
11:04 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Not often.
11:04 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> I'm not Amy Rose!
11:11 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Just checking in on her...
11:11 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Hoping she'll notice!
11:32 AM <Matthew Grisham> Here. Maybe a new piece of artwork will cheer you up. http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/1/1966/135.html