06:19 AM <Abbiette> Hi
05:23 PM <Tatiana> Hi!
04:32 PM <Century Smurf> Just in case I don't get on here soon, happy birthday, Redneck Smurfette! [Big Grin]
04:33 PM <Century Smurf> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgx4w0lFIao
05:05 PM <Redneck Smurfette> Aww, thanks Century! [Big Grin] sorry I've been gone so long, I'll be sure to plat it again on Friday [Wink]
05:58 PM <lizabey> I'm going through the checklist, and it's kind of surprising just how many I have.
05:59 PM <lizabey> Though some smurfs already have a check, and some I actually do have while others I don't.
03:06 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Smurfette, are you there?
09:42 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Please respond.
09:43 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> It's getting lonely in this village.
04:30 PM <teensmurffreak> I'm still alive...
04:20 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> That's good to know. Anyone know what Smurfette's doing (OUR Smurfette, I mean)?
07:26 AM <teensmurffreak> I haven't talked to her. TnT
07:26 AM <teensmurffreak> Actually, I've been kinda dead to the Smurfs community myself. ^^;
03:10 PM <1DirXtion> My New SMURFY KITCHEN will be complete within another week or so!
07:12 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Why do people think you're dead?
02:47 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> No seriously, teensmurffreak. Why?
11:17 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> I've been trying to disprove the anti-Smurfs theories (KKK, Nazis, communisim, etc) on reddit but no one listens.
04:04 PM <Redneck Smurfette> How come?
10:43 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> I bring up communism involving overthrowing a king even though the Smurfs actually help royalty.
10:43 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Not to mention they are frequent allies with King Gerald and the King from Johan and Peewit.
10:44 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> And he said that communism has nothing to do with that or any politics.
10:46 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Here's a link to my Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/60q164/debunking_smurf_theories/
10:38 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Okay, how about a bet.
10:39 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> One with the lowest Smurfberries in the Smurf Race gets to watch Shed 17.
02:56 PM <teensmurffreak> Ehh, I'm busy with life so I can't get onto the sites all the time. I myself think I'm dead here.
07:38 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I understand. I already got the lowest anyway.
07:39 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> So... Have you heard about the Captain Underpants movie?
10:34 AM <teensmurffreak> I honestly think that's weird. X'D
04:51 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Tommorrow is Smurf Emancipation Day!
08:05 AM <teensmurffreak> I'm confused...
09:56 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=002087;p=0&r=actu
09:58 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Man, you replied late... because it's today.
06:04 AM <teensmurffreak> *is still too confused to understand*
11:32 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> Why are you confused?
12:20 PM <Parkle75> QUICK! are there any Smurf experts out there?
12:22 PM <Parkle75> I'm going to my question on the board but a direct helper would smurf
04:59 PM <teensmurffreak> Expert? Did you call for an expert?
03:12 AM <perky smurf> I think almost everyone heres an expert
03:23 AM <perky smurf> Have you guys seen the lost village?
10:09 AM <Sassette> Saw it and I loved it!!!!
01:11 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Hadn't seen it yet. Planning to.
04:57 PM <Tatiana> ADORED IT!! Hope everyone feels the same!
06:23 PM <swarlock> Loved it!
10:30 PM <Tatiana> We don't care what the critics say! We love the newest movie and they can't stop us!! [Big Grin]
05:12 PM <teensmurffreak> JUST watched it! I could post the Youtube link buuuut the video is literally on its side
10:37 PM <perky smurf> i loved it also, its sad that because of its unfairly low score we may not get any new smurf content for a while [Frown]
11:56 AM <Tatiana> I hope they won't let those R rating loving critics stop them from bringing the Smurfs back!
05:55 PM <Redneck Smurfette> I'm really glad that they tried to copy Peyo's orrigional creation rather than make up something new [Big Grin]
08:41 PM <Savvy Smurf> The Lost Village is smurfing amazing! I'm sad it hasn't done very well (which I blame squarely on those other... movies...).
08:42 PM <Savvy Smurf> I'm not holding my breath for a sequel, but maybe we'll get a new series, maybe something on Netflix?
10:41 PM <perky smurf> that seems like the most likely thing to do with them
08:55 PM <swarlock> Wont be able to get Netflix until my business is up and running.
12:58 PM <Tatiana> I asked my family and they assured that the critics don't determine the movie's future but the box office does!
12:59 PM <Tatiana> And last I checked, it had grossed 100.5 million!
04:34 PM <Savvy Smurf> The movie's rating on IMDB appears to have gone up. [Big Grin]
04:37 PM <Savvy Smurf> And it's now made, worldwide, $133.7 million!
04:37 PM <Savvy Smurf> For a movie that cost $60 million to make, I don't know if that's enough to win a sequel, but my fingers are crossed. <3
04:44 PM <Savvy Smurf> Speaking of the movie, I saw it again yesterday (we snuck in blue gatorade and blueberry muffins for snacks, haha).
04:45 PM <Savvy Smurf> Loved it even more the second time. <3 <3 <3
11:00 PM <Tatiana> Trust me as long we keep on showing the love for them then I know it'll win a sequel for sure!
07:54 PM <Ellie.O Nef> I loved thed movie soo much
07:55 PM <Ellie.O Nef> But the theater was almost empty, did that happen to you too? :/
08:00 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> The only thing I would take away is that they seem to forget the "Smurfette" means "female Smurf".
08:00 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I thought they would remember in the actual movie but... no!!!
08:01 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> The only time they DID remember is Smurflily saying "This is the Smurfette I been telling you about!"
08:56 PM <Savvy Smurf> Maybe we should have a topic on the movie aside from full-on reviews...
06:56 AM <perky smurf> yea that's a good idea
08:43 AM <perky smurf> Ok i made one simply titled Smurfs: The Lost Village.
07:45 PM <Savvy Smurf> Yay!