12:38 PM <Century Smurf> occasionally
01:28 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hi, Century! How have you been?
10:25 AM <Squeaky Smurf> Smurfy Holidays! [Santa Smurf]
07:46 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Smurfy holidays to you, too, Sqeaky Smurf
01:16 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Happy New Year's Eve everysmurf!
04:08 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Happy New Year!
04:47 PM <Flying smurf> Happy new year, everysmurf! [Smile]
03:18 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Happy New Year everysmurf!
07:53 AM <ljg42> I have a lot of about 150-200 smurfs, including some rare ones. I went through the list and they are valued at about $1000.
07:53 AM <ljg42> anyone interested in buying?
06:51 PM <Squeaky Smurf> How about posting some pics of them? [Happy Smurf]
02:27 AM <roxetak> Today I recived a lot of smurfs. Thanks to Timea I expand my collection. :-)
09:28 AM <ljg42> here is my list. i also have super smurfs, holiday smurfs and historical smurfs
09:28 AM <ljg42> http://bluebuddies.com/View_Regular_Smurfs_Checklist_00006959.htm
03:58 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Good morning, Smurfs
04:31 PM <Flying smurf> hi everyone
06:09 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hi, Flying Smurf!
10:43 PM <Matthew Grisham> A new RP has been set up.
10:43 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/146.html#000001
12:48 AM <Flying smurf> ↑↑Hi, Ariel!
06:48 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hii! Cutting my time on bluebuddies to only a few minutes every few days... But I will still be smurfing around
03:19 PM <Flying smurf> Friday is my graduation!
12:40 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Now that you're back... Happy (belated) Valentines Day, Smurfette! [Enamored Smurf]
04:01 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Happy Valentine's Day, everysmurf! [Wink]
05:56 PM <Smurfette> Happy valentines day all!
08:19 PM <Squeaky Smurf> How was your graduation, Flying Smurf? [Happy Smurf]
04:55 AM <Flying smurf> it was good! thank you for asking! [Smile]
05:03 AM <Flying smurf> So now I'm going to go middleschool from March 3.. ㅋㅋ
07:14 AM <dulcinea72> hello e-people
01:20 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Great to know, Flying! [Big Grin]
01:20 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hello there, Dulcinea72! [Happy Smurf]
05:09 PM <dulcinea72> how does one become a hering smurf?
04:47 PM <Squeaky Smurf> I'm Brazilian and Hering Smurfs are Smurf figurines made in Brazil, so... (continued)
04:52 PM <Squeaky Smurf> ... the Administrator realized to give me this member status. [Wink]
03:54 AM <d.jarram> hello can anyone help?
03:55 AM <d.jarram> hello everyone, i found 7 smurfs i had put away that i had a a kid a million years ago! i have old ones mostly babies,,, i ha
08:36 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Smurfy to know, D. Jarram! And welcome to Bluebuddies by the way! [Big Grin]
02:59 AM <Flying smurf> Emergency!
01:55 PM <Squeaky Smurf> What happened, Flying? [Confused]
02:41 PM <Flying smurf> I could never be here again.
02:44 PM <Flying smurf> korea goverment pessed strange law.
02:46 PM <Flying smurf> Google will block in korea.
02:51 PM <Flying smurf> I really wish that law enforced. or all the koreans can't use youtube, Facebook and most of internet.
02:53 PM <Flying smurf> If that law really forced, it tell us korea is now Communisist country.
02:58 PM <Flying smurf> if you don't have any hear from me, just think korea is no democratic movement country anymore.
05:40 PM <Norther (He/They)> Hey everyone, I haven't been on in while, I hope everyone's been doing well!! ^_^
10:48 AM <Squeaky Smurf> This is really awful, but do you mean North Korea?
02:36 PM <Flying smurf> No, North korea already blocked all the internet.. and now it's south korea..
05:27 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Oh my... Being SK a non-Communist country, I imagined that Internet would be without any filters. [Frown]
05:03 AM <Flying smurf> there isn't a filter yet, I wish KCC just cancel that law.
08:24 AM <Nicholas Chandra> wow i never knew they will try that law. i hope that will cancel it cause it may cause trouble
02:16 PM <Flying smurf> I certainly agree you.
06:58 AM <ZippySmurf2> Smurfy Times
02:30 PM <Flying smurf> hi everyone. I'll gonna leave this site
02:31 PM <Flying smurf> because I don't like Smurfs anymore. bye
02:33 PM <Flying smurf> ah and there is one more thing
02:33 PM <Flying smurf> Happy Afril fool's day!! Lolせせせせせせ
05:38 PM <Matthew Grisham> Wow. You got us good!
12:56 AM <Flying smurf> haha thanks [Big Grin]
10:55 AM <Smurfstrong> whose on?
03:48 PM <Squeaky Smurf> More Smurf April Fool's here: http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/1/3553.html
02:59 AM <Deanchr> whit shirt
02:29 AM <Scavila> Hello everysmurf!
05:05 AM <Flying smurf> Hi I have to study for school exam
05:09 AM <Flying smurf> So if you don't have any hear from me to May
05:09 AM <Flying smurf> Just think I'm dead
11:59 AM <Squeaky Smurf> Everysmurf here shall be waiting for you, Flying!
05:10 PM <Flying smurf> Thanks! today is Satureday, I can take little rest today.
05:57 PM <Matthew Grisham> Happy Earth Day, fellow Smurfs!
05:57 PM <Matthew Grisham> Sorry it's late.