07:56 PM <Flying smurf> Congratulation!!!!
12:25 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> I start this saturday (tomorrow)
12:26 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> And in other news.................................................................
12:27 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> My model Ariel is COMPLETE
01:15 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Great, Ariel! As Sassette usually says, SMURFAROO! [Sassette Smurfling]
03:22 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Pics are up! Not too shabby, eh?
09:24 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hmm... I bet if I had allowed the eyes to bulge out of her head even just a LITTLE more...
09:26 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> , my Ariel would look like a character from one of Tim Burton's stop-motion films... Maybe I should try and draw her that way
02:08 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Ever though of joining my role play adaption
10:52 AM <Norther (He/They)> Ahoy, everysmurf. Iím currently at work and it is very slow. How you guys doing lately?
03:58 PM <Squeaky Smurf> At the moment I've been going on with my Smurf fan fic. [Smile]
01:47 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Cool! Can't wait to see the next section of your story!
02:19 PM <Squeaky Smurf> I made an update last month: http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/1/2093/12.html and now I need to continue.
10:59 AM <Smurf Soup> I'm new, how do I add an image to a post??
12:20 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Welcome, Smurf Soup! Here we are: http://bluebuddies.com/help/smurf_picture_uploads.htm
07:22 PM <Smurf Soup> Thanks squeaky
01:13 PM <Squeaky Smurf> You're smurfy welcome! [Wink]
05:41 PM <Smurf Soup> Thanks again!
05:47 PM <Smurf Soup> You're the smurfiest
08:48 AM <Squeaky Smurf> Smurfy nice of you!
04:27 PM <Amoth> Hello.
04:28 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hello there, Amoth, welcome! [Wink]
05:21 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> MG, are you still there?
10:33 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Happy turkey day everyone
10:34 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> [Big Grin]
04:42 AM <Flying smurf> Hi Im still alive
08:28 AM <Cjhile918> Hello-I have about 30 Smurfs I'd like to sell. I have about 4 that according to this guide are more rare and extremely rare.
08:28 AM <Cjhile918> is Ebay really the best place to do so?
12:40 PM <HuckleberrySmurf> I believe so. That's where I go when I'm looking for smurfs. You could auction them as a lot, or sell them individually
10:10 AM <Ben Hamilton> Anyone know the value or rarity of the Smurfagram figures?
03:16 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Pity, Ben (welcome btw), but there's no checklists for Smurf-a-Grams here.
03:54 AM <Papa Smurf> Ben, you can print out a list from the Smurfagrams Guide in the FIGURINES link at the top of the page.
05:00 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hello, Papa Smurf! How have you been?
09:25 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> here's a poem generator poem for you all today lol
09:25 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> OH... how I CHASE BUTTERFLY so... AH! It's a PRETTY FREEDOM for a TOOT!
09:26 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> OOH! there's my SMURFBERRY, BELCHing SWIFTLY along the everFUNNY FLOWER...
10:22 PM <ZippyZappy2> I'm going to make some sketches on my sketchbook and relax
03:49 AM <Flying smurf> Good evening smurfs
05:52 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Good morning smurfs
06:22 AM <Flying smurf> Well now it's goodnight to me.. Have a great day
07:33 PM <Zappette> Good evening to you
05:26 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Is anyone joining in my SDMI/Smurfs crossover role-play?
04:15 PM <Smurfy1For2> Hi smurfs!!
05:39 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hi there, Smurfy! Great to see you here! [Happy Smurf]
05:23 AM <Smurfy1For2> Thanks Squeaky!!
05:24 AM <Smurfy1For2> Goooooood morning Smurfs!!
05:42 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Good morning!
12:31 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Good afternoon, everysmurf! [Wink]
03:16 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Good evening Smurf world
07:06 AM <Flying smurf> Marry Christmas
07:10 AM <Flying smurf> Happy birthday for Jesus Christ
09:23 AM <HuckleberrySmurf> merry christmas flying smurf [Smile]
09:24 AM <HuckleberrySmurf> and every smurf [Big Grin]
05:27 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Thanks, Huckleberry, and I hope your Xmas was very smurfy! [Santa Smurf]
02:44 PM <Century Smurf> Hello, everysmurf!
02:46 PM <Century Smurf> I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that you will have a happy new year!
02:46 PM <Century Smurf> [Santa Smurf]
02:48 PM <Century Smurf> Smoe of you have no idea who I am, since I have not been on in months, and while I still love the smurfs I do not have as
02:48 PM <Century Smurf> much time as I used to
02:56 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hi Century Smurf! Glad to see you're doing well! [Big Grin]
06:32 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Century!! Great to see you here again. Smurfy 2020!! [Happy Smurf]
02:19 AM <Zappette> Happy smurfy new year!
12:18 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Thanks, Zappette, same to you! [Wink]
05:34 PM <Smurfstrong> any of you rp on another platfomr
05:34 PM <Smurfstrong> platform
02:13 PM <Baby Snickers Smurf> New member here!
08:06 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hello there! [Happy Smurf]
06:57 AM <Baby Snickers Smurf> Heya!
10:09 AM <Baby Snickers Smurf> I'm glad to be here!
06:51 PM <Baby Snickers Smurf> How's everyone doing?