04:34 PM <Savvy Smurf> The movie's rating on IMDB appears to have gone up. [Big Grin]
04:37 PM <Savvy Smurf> And it's now made, worldwide, $133.7 million!
04:37 PM <Savvy Smurf> For a movie that cost $60 million to make, I don't know if that's enough to win a sequel, but my fingers are crossed. <3
04:44 PM <Savvy Smurf> Speaking of the movie, I saw it again yesterday (we snuck in blue gatorade and blueberry muffins for snacks, haha).
04:45 PM <Savvy Smurf> Loved it even more the second time. <3 <3 <3
11:00 PM <Tatiana> Trust me as long we keep on showing the love for them then I know it'll win a sequel for sure!
07:54 PM <Ellie.O Nef> I loved thed movie soo much
07:55 PM <Ellie.O Nef> But the theater was almost empty, did that happen to you too? :/
08:00 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> The only thing I would take away is that they seem to forget the "Smurfette" means "female Smurf".
08:00 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> I thought they would remember in the actual movie but... no!!!
08:01 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> The only time they DID remember is Smurflily saying "This is the Smurfette I been telling you about!"
08:56 PM <Savvy Smurf> Maybe we should have a topic on the movie aside from full-on reviews...
06:56 AM <perky smurf> yea that's a good idea
08:43 AM <perky smurf> Ok i made one simply titled Smurfs: The Lost Village.
07:45 PM <Savvy Smurf> Yay!
06:44 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Has anyone seen my recent post?
08:44 AM <Redneck Smurfette> Hi guys, I'm back. Anything interesting happen lately?
11:30 AM <Sweet Smurf 2> You should check out my recent posts.
07:51 AM <Ariel, The Lost Smurfette> hi... It's.... Been awhile, huh?
08:53 PM <Tatiana> But I'm glad you're back! [Smile]
04:29 PM <Savvy Smurf> Hey, names I've only seen in old posts, lol. Welcome back! [Confused]
01:46 PM <Century Smurf> Hello, everysmurf! [Wink]
01:47 PM <Century Smurf> I trust that you had a happy St. Patrick's Day and Easter
01:50 PM <Century Smurf> And, of course, the new smurf movie has finally come out! Hopefully it will be on dvd very soon [Smile]
01:51 PM <Century Smurf> And I see some new names! Welcome, smurfs!
01:34 PM <Savvy Smurf> Aaaaah I'm so smurfin' BOOOORED
01:25 PM <teensmurffreak> dfdnkjfjhn HELLO! I live. And I have an important question for you all
10:06 PM <Tatiana> Yes what is your request? :3
10:06 PM <Tatiana> Yes what is your request? :3
12:53 PM <teensmurffreak> I posted a very concerned status about my cousin and I was hoping somesmurf on here would repost elsewhere or even donate...
07:11 AM <Century Smurf> Is your cousin going into surgery?
05:41 AM <Century Smurf> ... well, I hope everysmurf here at Blue Budddies is having a smurfy summer! [Wink]
06:51 PM <teensmurffreak> he can't if we don't get the money, Century. I'm asking everyone on all my sites to smurf a hand
06:17 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> My high score in Smurf Tetris is 23814.
06:17 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Do you know what that means?
06:17 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> It's OVER 9000!
05:56 AM <Century Smurf> Have a smurfy July 4th
05:56 AM <Century Smurf> That's tomorrow!
08:49 AM <Century Smurf> I hope everysmurf had a smurfy july 4th [Big Grin]
12:10 PM <Century Smurf> Redneck hasn't been on in a while...
02:58 PM <SmurfBoeing> SmurfBoeing here to Smurf you a good day!
02:50 PM <ImAgnome> Hi guys I'm a smurfy new Smurf
02:38 PM <ImAgnome> So is the plural of Smurf "smurfs" or "smurves"?
01:05 PM <Century Smurf> Hi, ImAgnome!
01:06 PM <Century Smurf> As far as I've ever heard, the plural of the word is "smurfs"
11:39 AM <Redneck Smurfette> Don't worry, after the summer is over I'll be back 🙃
03:35 PM <SmurfBoeing> Sup bros?
07:48 AM <ImAgnome> Hi smurves I am back
03:05 AM <Smurfyno1> Big smurfs fan [Smile]
07:41 PM <Kathryne10> How can I know the value of handicaped smurfs?
06:18 AM <Redneck Smurfette> Try either looking at the Smurf Price Guide, Checklists and MORE! In the Smurf forum.
02:46 PM <Squeaky Smurf> At the moment there's no price in their checklist: http://bluebuddies.com/View_Promo_Smurfs_Checklist.htm
12:06 PM <Schtroumfette Lise> Hi I have 2 smurfs for witch I can't find the exact same on the checklist. 1) My skier have white ski poles baskets
12:10 PM <Schtroumfette Lise> 2) the card player #56 has ASS writen on his card in his hands... Ever seen this ?
12:16 PM <Schtroumfette Lise> My ASS smurf was bought in Quebec, Canada and didn't come with the set of cards... thanks !
03:49 PM <Kathryne10> Hi, do you know the value of the smurf on the site is in $US or $CAD?
10:52 AM <Linkin Smurf> Hey guys, is Oakley Smurf around? I would like to send him a request for something, if that's ok with him. [Smile]
12:55 PM <Linkin Smurf> Actually, does anyone still have the 2009 Televista DVD of Smurfs and the Magic Flute?
12:36 PM <Zackmak> Yes, I would like to know if the prices are in Canadian dollars or US, as well
07:34 AM <Linkin Smurf> Zackmak, you have the 2008 Televista DVD of Smurfs and the Magic Flute? and I'm Canadian btw so
01:00 PM <Century Smurf> Hello everysmurf! long time no smurf
06:53 AM <DarthSmurf> Lake George trip tomorrow. Here's hoping I can find some smurfs!
11:08 AM <teensmurffreak> hello everysmurf. Really feel bad that I have not been on
03:22 PM <freggel> hello smurffriends!
05:53 AM <Krisalyn Baptista> HI!!
07:32 PM <Jokie Smurf> were any of y'all here around 2011?
09:23 AM <blueballs> Hey everyone! How's it smurfin' in your village?