01:35 PM <Matthew Grisham> Not so good. My roleplay is in need of more users.
01:35 PM <Matthew Grisham> And I need your help with the story.
01:36 PM <Matthew Grisham> It's called "The Handsome Genie".
07:37 PM <Matthew Grisham> The one where Clumsy becomes friends with a egotistical genie who is surprisingly smarter than Brainy.
07:38 PM <Matthew Grisham> If any of you smurfs would like to join me in the RP, feel free to do so.
09:42 PM <Matthew Grisham> Here's the link: http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000152;p=0&r=actu#000006
02:36 PM <Norther (He/They)> That sounds awesome, I just need to make a smurf RP character and read up on dialogue so I can be sure to phrase everything t
02:36 PM <Norther (He/They)> *to fit
09:24 PM <Matthew Grisham> Thank you!
09:25 PM <Matthew Grisham> I'll be forever smurful for your help.
08:40 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hi everysmurfy... [Frown]
05:57 PM <HuckleberrySmurf> You alright, Ariel?
09:25 AM <Norther (He/They)> Hi Guys! It's been a while- Ariel, how are you? Everything Alright?
05:36 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Just... Miss my dad. It's been almost 3 days already and I still can't accept that he's really gone.
08:07 AM <Squeaky Smurf> Oh no... So sorry...
10:32 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> :'(
09:53 AM <smurfberries> Ariel, I havenít been here in a good minute, but Iím so sorry for your loss.
09:53 AM <Norther (He/They)> That's awful, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hang in there- we've all got your back and are here for you
09:26 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Thanks.
09:27 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> All I know is that I'm going to have an awkward birthday on Saturday... We're holding a small service for him...
04:49 AM <Papa Smurf> Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Ariel. May your Dad rest in peace.
06:51 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hey. I'm here and so far my birthday has been ok... Kinda weird not hearing from my dad tho
06:53 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> It's already 11pm... Guess it's not going to be as weird as I thought?
05:17 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> Papa Smurf? Didn't you expect you to just chat here.
07:58 AM <Matthew Grisham> Ariel. I need your help.
08:52 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> What is it Matt?
08:53 PM <Matthew Grisham> Cn you help me finish this role-play.
08:53 PM <Matthew Grisham> It's right here. http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/152/2.html#000032
08:53 PM <Matthew Grisham> Remember to follow the rules before you can help.
08:55 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=000152;p=0&r=actu
06:02 PM <Brainy_Smurf> sup
09:30 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Hi
03:11 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hi there, Ariel... How are you doing?
12:14 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> I'm alright how are you?
09:03 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Fine, thanks much.
02:56 PM <CountSmurfula> Hello all! I, Count Smurfula, am the newest member!
07:19 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Welcome, Count Smurfula! Smurfy nice to meet you.
12:23 PM <Matthew Grisham> You're welcome to stay for as long as you'd like. Our village is your village.
12:30 PM <CountSmurfula> Thank you very much!
12:49 PM <Squeaky Smurf> You're smurfy welcome. [Wink]
05:19 PM <CountSmurfula> When are the most people on?
07:53 AM <Matthew Grisham> Well... It's hard to smurf...
08:41 AM <CountSmurfula> Yeah, I figured that. Where are the other Smurfs?
08:43 AM <CountSmurfula> Presumably they leave the village, because anysmurf would get tired of the village after a while of smurfing around.
08:49 AM <CountSmurfula> I don't know why they would, but they do.
11:52 AM <Squeaky Smurf> I don't think they left for being tired of Smurf village... It may be for many other reasons.
12:17 PM <CountSmurfula> True! That actually makes more sense.
05:45 PM <Matthew Grisham> Excuse me, CountSmurfula. I hate to be a bother... But have you ever tried a role-play?
06:56 AM <CountSmurfula> No, not a Smurf one at least... I've tried a Pokemon Role-play once...
11:19 AM <Matthew Grisham> Well, then how'd you like to try it out?
11:20 AM <Matthew Grisham> I'm opening up a new one today.
11:21 AM <Matthew Grisham> It's based off a European Smurfs story that went through the translation process.
11:21 AM <Matthew Grisham> Click on the link to find out.
11:22 AM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/4185.html
08:20 AM <CountSmurfula> Good morning everysmurf!
11:27 AM <Squeaky Smurf> Good afternoon, Count Smurfula! [Happy Smurf]
12:29 PM <Matthew Grisham> http://bluebuddies.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/3/153.html
12:29 PM <Matthew Grisham> A new role-play has been set up.
12:30 PM <Matthew Grisham> Every Smurf is free to attend.
12:24 PM <GoldenCrocs> Hello everyone I am new and I just got a hold of a lot of vintage Smurfs (1970- 1980) and I'm looking to sell
12:24 PM <GoldenCrocs> Is anyone interested
08:38 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> https://www.dailysquat.com/smurfs-complain-about-blue-man-groups-use-of-blueface/
08:39 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Anyone have a comment on this whole "blueface" deal?
09:31 AM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Finally got another tiny bit of fanfiction done. Enjoy
02:33 PM <Squeaky Smurf> Hello there, GoldenCrocs, welcome! Just take a look here: http://bluebuddies.com/help/smurfs_on_ebay_for_sale.htm
08:55 PM <Sweet Smurf 2> It's a parody news website
03:40 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Lol I figured that, Sweet Smurf.
10:46 AM <CountSmurfula> Hello all! I, Count Smurfula, am back!
03:23 PM <Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette> Squeaky!!!!!! your art is being stolen! as well as many others!