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» Smurf Forum » "A Child Among The Smurfs" fan adaptation (Page 3)
Author Topic: "A Child Among The Smurfs" fan adaptation
Super Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 03-06-2012 09:06 AM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
To Onesimus: I'm still working on "The Smurfs And The Golden Tree", and I have started work on "Doctor Smurf" but really didn't get far with that adaptation.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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Velvety Vanity
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Icon 1 posted 03-15-2012 05:49 AM      Profile for Velvety Vanity       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
How Smurfy! I think this is my favorite comic so far. It's so heart-warming... I love the ending. I'm glad to see Jeanty has not lost his playful spirit! [Smile]
I'm so glad Jeanty was gently guided to the path of goodness. I would love to see him grow up to be like his Uncle. He is so lovely to nurse the wounded animals to health.

"Don't be silly, Smurfette, the mirror is the greatest invention of all time!"

Smurfy Acres

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Icon 1 posted 05-02-2019 07:28 PM      Profile for Royal Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
The official English version (published by Papercutz, obviously) is coming out on February 4th, 2020!!!

The official English translated title:
The Smurfs and the Bratty Kid


When Papa Smurf’s stork gets wounded in a storm, Papa Smurf must rely on the kindness of a local farmer to nurse the stork back to flying condition. A different kind of storm arrives in the shape of Jeanty, the nephew of the farmer. The boy is as aggressive as his uncle is friendly. Making his way to the Smurfs Village, Jeantry leaves a path of destruction in his wake, putting the whole village in jeopardy. Source

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