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Smurf Video Game Information!
Want to play with the Smurfs - digitally? Playing with your pixilated blue pals has never been easier. Whether it's the Game Boy or the Atari, the Smurfs have made an appearance on virtually every platform. We proudly present every Smurf game - released, unreleased or pirated. Plus: cheats, hints, tips, a checklist and more!
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Smurf Video Games Platforms

The Smurfs have games for 20 platforms. The consoles / systems are: Android, Apple iOS, Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear and Sega Dreamcast.

Please note that this list of Smurf video game platforms include home-made or "home-brew" video games, games that were finished but not released for sale, and games that were aborted at some point during the design process. Coleco's Super Game Module and the Sega CD are not considered platforms (and are thus not included in the final tally) because they are peripheral "add-ons" for existing consoles.
Smurf Video Game Checklist

Here is our comprehensive and complete checklist of every Smurf Video Game that is playable in English - including all released, unreleased, and "home-brew" Smurf games.

PlatformSmurf Game TitleYearStatus
AndroidSmurfs App2010Released
Apple iPhone / iOSSmurf Village App2010Released
Atari 2600Smurfs Save the Day1983Released
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle1982Released
Smurfette's Birthday1983Not Released
Papa Smurf's Treasure Hunt1983Not Released
ColecoVisionSmurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop1983Released
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle1982Released
Smurf Play & Learn1982Not Released
Smurf Challenge2010Beta
IntellivisionSmurfette's Birthday1983Not Released
Smurf's Rescue in Gargamel's Castle1982Not Released
Commodore 64Castle Smurfenstein1983Home-Brew
Smurfs / Smurfen1985Home-Brew
GI Joe II: The Smurf Massacre1986Home-Brew
NintendoThe Smurfs1994Released
Super NintendoThe Smurfs1994Released
Smurfs 2 / Smurfs Travel the World1996Released
Nintendo 64The Smurfs2000Not Released
Nintendo WiiThe Smurfs Dance Party2011Released
GameBoyThe Smurfs1994Released
The Smurfs 2 / Smurfs Travel the World1995Released
The Smurfs 3 / The Smurfs Nightmare - PLAY ONLINE1997Released
GameBoy ColorThe Smurfs Nightmare1998Released
Adventures of The Smurfs (Mission des Schtroumpfs)2000Released
The Smurfs Adventure - Prototype2000Not Released
GameBoy AdvanceRevenge of The Smurfs (La Revanche des Schtroumpfs)2002Released
Nintendo DSThe Smurfs2011Released
Sega Master SystemThe Smurfs (Les Schtroumpfs)1994Released
Smurfs Travel the World (Autour du Monde)1995Released
Sega GenesisThe Smurfs1994Released
The Smurfs CD1995Released
The Smurfs 2 / Smurfs Travel the World1996Released
Sega Game GearThe Smurfs1994Released
The Smurfs 2 / Smurfs Travel the World------Released
PlayStationThe Smurfs1999Released
Smurf Racer! (NTSC) / 3,2,1 Smurf! (PAL)2001Released
Sega DreamcastSmurf`n Doom2002Home-Brew
Microsoft WindowsLearn with The Smurfs: Shapes and Colours1996Released
Learn with The Smurfs: Memory and Logic1996Released
Learn with The Smurfs: Numbers and Letters1996Released
My Printing Workshop1998Released
The Smurfs------Released
3,2,1 Smurf! My First Racing Game2001Released
Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel2002Released
Smurf Dance Party Game
Smurf Movie Games
Smurf Movie Videogames

The Smurfs Movie in 2011 has ushered in a new era of Smurf videogames!

The first movie tie-in is the interactive dancing game called Smurf Dance Party for the Nintendo Wii. The game takes full advantage of the Wii's motion recognition hardware and allows kids and adults to dance along with the Smurfs - and even Gargamel! Smurf Dance Party is made by Ubisoft and was released in 2011.

The Smurfs is a Nintendo DS game that allows players to play educational mini-games and have read-alongs with the Smurfs. In preparing for the upcoming Blue Moon festival, the game allows you to help Baker Smurf make cakes, help Smurfette pick out an outfit, and even compose a symphony! Watch out for Gargamel, though, or he'll throw a wet blanket on the party. Also features Papa Smurf and Clumsy Smurf. From Ubisoft. Released in 2011.
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What Smurf games have been released?

30 Smurf video games have been released so far. Although the 1980s Smurf games seem the most vivid to many game fans, Smurfs video games have been released on a fairly regular basis for the past 30 years. The smurfy games are as follows, sorted by platform:

Atari 2600 VCS: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. A low-res but extremely playable version of Coleco's seminal videogame. Despite the primitive graphics, this Atari 2600 version of Smurf Rescue proves to be rewarding over muliple plays.

Smurfs Save the Day Kid Vid Talking Video Game Cartridge. A unique cartridge that utilizes an automated cassette tape player to deliver pre-recorded audio. The Smurfs actually talk to you during the game! Smurfs Save the Day teaches kids musical relationships, shapes, and color basics.
Smurf Rescue for Atari 2600

Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. The classic ColecoVision Smurf game in which you save Smurfette. Jumping and ducking are the order of the day, and watch out for those tall blades of grass! From 1982. Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop. Aimed at kids 4-8 years old, this do-it-yourself cartoon maker is fun for all ages. Featuring a virtual paint box, pre-rendered smurfy graphics, and music, this activity cartridge is fun to play and watch as well! Also contains the ability to "digitally video record" your work and play it back. Developed by Innoventions.

Nintendo: The Smurfs. An 8-bit version of Infogrames' first Smurf video game.

Nintendo Game Boy: The Smurfs. One of the best games released for the Game Boy, this game is a classic in its own right. A multi-dimensional platform game that looks good, is challenging and fun for all who play. The Smurfs for Game Boy features an enhanced color palette and border artwork for Super Game Boy owners. The Smurfs Travel the World. Released in 1996. This sequel to The Smurfs was released in Europe only. The Smurfs 3. Released in 1997. This special black-and-white version of The Smurfs Nightmare was released only in Europe.

Nintendo Game Boy Color: The Smurfs' Nightmare. Gargamel has cast a terrible spell trapping the Smurfs in the world of nightmares. Only Hefty Smurf can save the day (or night)! An earlier version of this game was also released in Europe in black and white for the standard Nintendo Game Boy. The Adventures of the Smurfs. Released in 2000. A combination adventure and platform game in which you must help cure your sick Smurf brethren - who have turned orange with white spots! Released only in Europe.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The Revenge of the Smurfs. Released in 2002 only in Europe, this fun and colorful game is very similar to the Super Nintendo release of the Smurfs and features elements of both earlier Game Boy games "Smurfs Nightmare" and "The Smurfs".

Sony PlayStation: The Smurfs. Baby Smurf and 9 other Smurfs have been kidnapped by Gargamel and it is up to Hefty Smurf to save them! A fun game that nicely uses the PlayStation's 3D capabilities. Developed by Heliogame. Smurf Racer! An enjoyable one or two-player racing game from 2001 that features eleven race tracks and 8 different Smurf cars. Aimed at kids 4 and over. The European PAL version of this game is called "3, 2, 1 Smurf! My First Racing Game". Developed by A2M (Artificial Mind and Movement).

Sega Master System: The Smurfs. A brilliant platform game very similar to The Smurfs for Nintendo Game Boy, but with enhanced color graphics and sound.The Smurfs 2 / The Smurfs Travel the World. Infogrames' 8-bit Smurfs 2 game, similar to the Sega Genesis version. Copyright 1995 Infogrames.

Sega Game Gear SmurfsSega Game Gear: The Smurfs. A portable version of Infogrames' fantastic Smurf game. This particular version of The Smurfs videogame is considered one of the best color Smurf platform games ever made. This game was released in Europe only, but because the Sega Game Gear does not have regional / territory lock-outs on their cartridges, the game can by played on any Game Gear in the world.

The Smurfs 2 - The Smurfs Travel the World. Collect the magic crystals... and somehow rid the world of pollution? A European-only release.

Sega Genesis: The Smurfs. A great 16-bit Smurfs platformer from Infogrames. The Smurfs CD. The Sega CD version of The Smurfs features a really nice CD soundtrack (an orchestral version of the Genesis music) and FMV (full motion video) of our favorite Smurf characters. This Smurfs CD was only released for the European PAL Sega CD (called the Sega Mega CD). The Smurfs 2 / The Smurfs Travel the World. Play as both Smurf and Smurfette and collect the magic crystals scattered around the world! Released in 1996. A beautiful 16-bit Smurfs game from Infogrames. Although this cartridge will work on USA/Canadian NTSC Genesis systems, it was only officially released for the European PAL Sega Megadrive as "Les Schtroumpfs Autour du Monde".

Super Nintendo: The Smurfs. Infogrames' 16-bit Smurfs game, nearly identical to the Sega Genesis version. The Smurfs 2 / The Smurfs Travel the World. Infogrames' 16-bit Smurfs 2 game, similar to the Sega Genesis version.

Microsoft Windows: Learn with the Smurfs. Three titles were released for the PC in this educational series from Infogrames: 1) Shapes and Colours, 2) Memory and Logic, 3) Numbers and Letters. Read all about this software here. Infogrames also released My Printing Workshop, Teletransportsmurf, The Smurfs and 3-2-1 Smurf! My First Racing Game also known as "Smurf Racer!" and "Smurfs: Let's Get Loose". Loaded Studio released one Smurf themed game, Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel.
What are the unreleased games?

A number of games were announced by software houses but never saw the light of day. The following Smurf video games were scheduled for release, but alas, never were.

Atari 2600 VCS:
Smurfette's Birthday. A treasure hunting game in which various Smurf characters must retrieve the supplies necessary to throw Smurfette a birthday party. Once everything is found, the birthday party table is set and Smurfette joins the celebration! Papa Smurf's Treasure Hunt. This game exists as a title only - and it has also been referred to as "Smurf's Hunt".

ColecoVision: Super Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle. A souped-up version of Smurf Rescue with better graphics, better sound, and extended gameplay. This cartridge (called a 128K "microwafer") required an add-on known as the Super Game Module, which greatly extended the ColecoVision's technical capabilities and increased memory capacity by 30K. Neither the Coleco Super Game Module nor Super Smurf Rescue was ever released. From 1983. Smurf Play & Learn. An educational cartridge intended for young children that teaches basic skills. Introductory mathematics is taught using the Smurfs! From the 1982 ColecoVision promotional catalog.

Intellivision: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle and Smurfette's Birthday.

Nintendo 64: The Smurfs. A platform game targeted to players over the age of 8, The Smurfs for N64 was in development for a full two years and scheduled for release in Summer 2000. Infogrames, the game publisher, still confirmed the release of this game as late as 1999, but the cartridge was never actually released for sale. The final release date for N64 Smurfs was supposed to be 12/31/2003.

Nintendo Game Boy Color: The Smurfs Adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy Color is the most famous unreleased Smurfs video game ever, and details/screenshots were exclusively released here on Suffice to say, this game was an absorbing, full-on role playing adventure game in a style similar to the Legend of Zelda. Live multi-console multi-player support was planned, among other ideas. It is unfortunate this cartridge was not released, as it would have easily achieved status as a "classic". From 2000.
What about pirated and unlicensed games?

The Revenge of the Smurfs for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance was released in 2002 in Europe, but was never officially offered for sale in the United States. However, the title is indeed available for sale in the USA - complete with professionally made packaging - by foreign pirates. The cartridge can be found mixed in with Nintendo Game Boy auctions from time to time. It should be noted that the cartridge says "The Smurfs" instead of "The Revenge of the Smurfs", and the instruction manual is poorly put together.

There are three unlicensed, "home-brew" Smurf games for the Commodore 64: Castle Smurfenstein, Smurfs (Smurfen), and GI Joe II: The Smurf Massacre. 1) Castle Smurfenstein came out in 1983 and is a parody of the cult-favorite "Castle Wolfenstein". Strangely, the setting was changed from Germany to Canada (probably a humorous jab by the Detroit authors), and the castle itself is located in the province of Ontario. Who knew that the Smurf village was hidden in Canada? Castle Smurfenstein was created by the cruelly named "Dead Smurf Software". 2) Smurfs (or "Smurfen") for the Commodore 64 is a home-made version of Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle for the ColecoVision. It is a very well made tribute, and features a ridiculously catchy version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" as the in-game music. 3) In G.I. Joe II: The Smurf Massacre the player attempts to blow away our poor little Smurf friends, in a bizarre homage to both GI Joe and the Smurfs. There is another version of Smurf Massacre out there (called The Great Smurf Massacre), in which Smurfette is the intended victim, but the game thankfully does not work. Perhaps the result of Papa's magic?

Smurf`n Doom is a port of Id's classic Doom game to the Sega Dreamcast. In this incarnation, however, Doom is populated with the Smurfs!
Smurf Video Game Trivia

There are lots of interesting tidbits of information regarding the many Smurf videogames. Here is a compilation of that smurfy data, sorted by game:

ColecoVision's Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's Castle: If you're lucky enough to have bought your game in Canada, your cartridge came with a unique surprise: a bonus high-quality glossy sticker in French. Due to strict language laws enacted around that time, Coleco was required to make extra stickers for Canada so French Canadians could place an "all-French" label on top of the original English label. The French label reads "Schtroumpf Au château de Gargamel", which means "Smurf at the Castle of Gargamel".

Naked Smurfette Trick

Smurfette's Floating Dress
Naked Smurfette

Smurf Rescue has an interesting Easter Egg: a naked Smurfette! Smurfette really does lose her clothes in this game. If the player crouches when Smurf finally finds Smurfette, her dress will magically disappear. Getting her dress off is quite tricky, really, so the guaranteed way of getting Smurfette naked is to enter and then exit the final level (the room with the skull). Watch carefully as you exit - what a naughty Smurfette!

Of course, this is a programming error, not intentional. According to the people at Intellivision (one of Coleco's competitors in the 1980s), the nude Smurfette appears due to sprite limitations (when a white part of the Smurf's body is directly in line with Smurfette's white dress, one of the two white areas must go - in this case, Smurfette's dress is removed). So the rumors are true - due to a programming mistake, improper game testing, and some luck, you too can see a nude Smurfette!

Floating Dress

What happens to Smurfette's clothing once you undress her? It floats around the screen, of course! After you enter and exit the final screen, simply wait around - Smurfette's dress will float all over the screen, forever.
Smurf Video Game Cheats and Level Codes

You want Smurf cheats? Well, we have them in abundance. Here is our assembly of cheat and level codes for a variety of Smurf video games - listed by platform and game.

Cheats for ColecoVision - Smurf Rescue: Looking for the top score? How does over 900,000 points sound? Aside from the
naked Smurfette trick, this is the neatest Smurf Rescue cheat available. First, choose skill level "4" on the blue "game option" screen. Next (while watching out for the hawk), move back and forth between screen one and screen two, over and over and over. You'll eventually have over 900,000 points. This cheat locks up every ColecoVision we've tried and you'll have to reset after using it. Alternate versions of these Smurf Rescue cheats can be found on this Smurf forum posting. In terms of pure game play: if you're having trouble getting over obstacles, a "double jump" will often do the trick. As the instruction manual states, "Jumping: push the control stick up when Smurf stands still to make him jump in place. Push it up again IMMEDIATELY after jumping to make Smurf take a large jump forward." The "large" jumping technique will work on every obstacle Smurf must jump over throughout the whole game.

Cheats for Nintendo Game Boy - The Smurfs: To choose any level, complete the game (defeat Gargamel) and wait until the credits end. A "level select" option will now appear! Level codes: Level 1 - BDFG; Level 2 - SMGB; Level 3 - GPSB; Level 4 - SNTM; Level 5 - VTFS; Level 10 - ZRMS.

Cheats for Nintendo Game Boy Color - The Smurfs' Nightmare: Easy Skill [Level 2 - Hefty, Brainy, Handy; Level 3 - Hefty, Greedy, Astro; Level 4 - Brainy, Hefty, Hefty]; Normal Skill [Level 2 - Brainy, Handy, Scaredy; Level 3 - Astro, Scaredy, Brainy; Level 4 - Scaredy, Greedy, Brainy]; Hard Skill [Level 2 - Brainy, Handy, Hefty; Level 3 - Astro, Hefty, Brainy; Level 4 - Hefty, Greedy, Handy]. To get unlimited items, enter: Scaredy, Scaredy, Scaredy, Greedy. To get invincibility: Collect all the leaves 15 times without dying. To get invisibility: Collect all the leaves, start again and collect nothing. To get the bonus level: Collect all the leaves on the "Workbench Gone Mad" level. To get Level 1 Carrot code: Left, Right, Middle. Alternate level passcode instructions can be found here. GameShark / Pro Action Replay Codes (European and Australian cartridges) - Unlimited Lives 0103B6D9 / Unlimited Time 0108CDD9.

Cheats for Super Nintendo - The Smurfs: Lake Password - Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, Greedy Smurf, Jokey Smurf; Cave Password - Papa Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Greedy Smurf.

Cheats for Sega Genesis - The Smurfs: Lake Password - Smurfette, Hefty Smurf, Greedy Smurf, Papa Smurf; Cave Password - Jokey Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf, Smurfette; Descent Password - Brainy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Greedy Smurf.

Cheats for Sony PlayStation - The Smurfs: To choose any level, select "New Game" and then set the difficulty to "It's no picnic". Press X and on the next screen (after the Smurfs video) enter L1, Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Left, Up, R2 to enable full level select.

Cheats for Sony PlayStation - Smurf Racer: Race as Astro Smurf - Win first place on the Astro Smurf's Challenge track in championship mode; Race as King Smurf - Win first place on the Royal Neighborhood track in championship mode; Race as Super Drive - Win first place on the Gargamel's Laboratory track in championship mode; Race as Wild Smurf - Win first place on the In The Trees track in championship mode. GameShark codes - Infinite Missiles 80094408 0001 / Unlock Everything 800100EA FFFF.
Why did Coleco release Smurf games for competing systems?

Although the Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision were all in direct competition with one another, Coleco took the unique position (at least for the early 1980s) to produce video games for not only itself - but for its competition as well, in order to maximize sales. Thus, Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's castle was released for both the ColecoVision and Atari 2600. Coleco even took the unique step of producing an Atari 2600-only game,
Smurfs Save the Day. Coleco used the same mold for their Atari 2600 and ColecoVision cartridge casings, except that the Smurf ColecoVision carts were black, and the Smurf Atari 2600 carts were beige. In England and Europe, all the Coleco cartridges, regardless of platform, were black (and two types of labels were printed: color and black & white).
What do I need to know about game hardware to enjoy my Smurf video game?

While searching for some of these Smurf games for your console, you may encounter some systems you've never heard of. This is because some videogame systems have alternate names for different geographical regions. Alternates include:

Nintendo (USA, Canada) = Famicom (Japan, Europe, UK).
Super Nintendo (USA, Canada) = Super Famicom (Japan, Europe, UK)
Sega Genesis (USA, Canada) = Sega Megadrive (Japan, Europe, UK)
Sega CD (USA, Canada) = Sega Mega CD (Japan, Europe, UK)
ColecoVision (USA, Canada) = CBS ColecoVision (Europe, UK)

Smurf games released in Europe are typically designated "PAL" or "SECAM" and only work on televisions compatible with the PAL and SECAM video format. Smurf games released in the United States and Canada are designated "NTSC" and only work on NTSC compatible televisions. This means, for example, that two versions of "The Smurfs" for Sony PlayStation had to be made: one for NTSC and one for PAL. Luckily, due to the foresight of the console designers, ColecoVision and Intellivision game systems on both sides of the pond are identical - thus, you can play the exact same Smurf Rescue cartridge in both European and American consoles.
What happened to these companies?

Atari: Atari began its life in 1972 with the popular Pong video game and managed to keep alive as a going concern for over twenty years. Despite early promise with the Atari 2600 (and its Smurf games), Atari was never able to re-create its initial success with subsequent game consoles. Finally, in 1993, Atari was unable to survive the failure of yet another of its platforms, the "Jaguar 64", and the company never released another new game system.

Intellivision: Spurred by the success of their electronic handheld games, Mattel introduced the Intellivision video game system in 1980. By 1984, however, it was all over. Technologically, the Intellivision featured slightly better graphics than the Atari 2600 and had permanently attached joysticks with telephone-style keypads on them. Despite its short life, the Intellivision definitely had its share of fans, and the system remains a memorable part of early videogame history.


Coleco Smurf Rescue
Coleco: ColecoVision came onto the video game scene in 1982 like an earthquake. Featuring the best graphics and technology of its generation, Atari and Intellivision looked primitive by comparison. Consumers bought the system in droves, and by 1983, ColecoVision was the #1 video game system in America, crushing both Atari and Mattel. Coupled with Coleco's success with the "Cabbage Patch Kids", it is safe to say that Christmas 1983 was owned by Coleco (and quite a few copies of Smurf Rescue).

Despite its success, and superior hardware, the ColecoVision was eventually bested by something it probably never dreamed of - fickle consumers turned off by suddenly "unfashionable" videogames. In 1984, the entire video game market was dead - and so was the ColecoVision.

Although the ColecoVision was the most high-tech system of its era, the build quality of many consoles was poor. Without proper maintenance, many ColecoVisions have simply self-destructed over time. If you own a ColecoVision, take care of it!

Infogrames: Although Atari had been bankrupt, dead and liquidated for over a decade, the actual name and logo is still quite valuable as far as marketing is concerned. The renewed popularity of all things 1980's during 2002-2003 sealed Infogrames fate - it was renamed Atari on May 7 2003, although Infogrames remained essentially unchanged except for the name. Things did not work out well for Infogrames, sadly - in February 2006, the company's line of credit was cut off, and on February 17, 2006, it was announced that the studio was for sale. Hope is not lost though - fiscal 2007 may have posted a net loss of ~$54.1 million for the Atari subsidiary but Infogrames has restructured its debt and plans to continue releasing new game titles for 2007 / 2008.
Atari 2600:
Smurf Rescue
Save the Day
Smurfette's Birthday

Smurfette's Birthday

Smurf Rescue
Smurf Play & Learn
Smurf Paint 'n' Play
Smurf Challenge
Smurf Racer!


Smurfs 2

Nintendo Wii:
Smurf Dance Party
Smurfs 2
Smurfs 3

GB Color:
Smurf's Nightmare
Smurf Adventures

GB Advance:
Smurfs Revenge

Nintendo DS:
The Smurfs
Smurfs CD
Smurfs 2

Master System:
Smurfs 2

Game Gear:

Smurf Apps:
Smurfs - Android
Smurfs Village iPhone
Castle Smurfenstein
Smurf Massacre

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