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» Role Play Forum » Brewer Smurf's Shop Is Open (Page 2)
Author Topic: Brewer Smurf's Shop Is Open
Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette
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Icon 1 posted 08-12-2019 06:29 AM      Profile for Ariel author of The Lost Smurfette       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Her body is now as see-through as mist... She turns to face him... She has aged tremendously... Tears moist on her cheeks...

I am afraid this stone is not of your decorations... You see... I remember, now... I died on my last mission 190 years ago... I was 410... Your village's Papa was once my Brainy...

She fades away, leaving a blue orb of light behind

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Brewer raises an eyebrow, looking at the distinct signature hand carved into the stones he bought off Clumsy.
“...Smurfin’ ghosts.” He says. “Any excuse to not pay for their drinks.”
They bump the door into their mushroom back open with their hip, becoming enveloped by the cotton.
“Why would I ever change it from two trucks. Don’t be ridiculous. You know I can’t afford the smoke machine.”

“...How’s Ariel?”
Brainy asks after a moment, and Brewer rolls his eyes.

“Just embarrassed, I think. Smurfed off without her cider n some story about Papa using Brainy as a name when he was younger, pretending we don’t know she’s buried in the cemetery. Like we didn’t go to her funeral? Like I’m some sorta 180 year old smurfling-“
They gesture broadly as soon as they’ve set the bottles on the counter, constantly beset by ghosts and their antics.
“Like Papa ever shuts up about how proud he was to be named Papa at birth, smurf-“

Brainy’s laugh is an ugly snort, one he quickly covers up behind his hand with a bit of a flush. How inelegant!

all of my art is explicitly gay and of lgbt people, its all fashionable, its all delicious

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