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Author Topic: My smurf collection
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Icon 7 posted 10-09-2018 03:16 AM      Profile for Jonnyx       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Hello everyone i am looking to sell my Smurf collection from childhood. I have gone through the checklist but most of my figures are not listed. Can anyone give me a rough estimate how much they are worth in total ? it would be much appreciated.

I did find the Gargamel model to be the most valuable in the checklist and the one i have is in good but not mint condition. Most smurfs are in good condition a few blemishes here and there with the exception of the car at the back, which has paintwork issues.

thank you for any feedback.



Posts: 2 | From: UK | Registered: Oct 2018
Squeaky Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 10-13-2018 12:22 PM      Profile for Squeaky Smurf   Author's Homepage  Squeaky Smurf's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Hello there, Jonnyx, welcome to our Smurf village!
Indeed, the Smurf figurine prices in the checklists mean the ones in mint condition, but I'm sure you'll get a good profit in selling them at a reasonable price. For example, your Bobsled Smurf, whose price is US$15 in the Super Smurf Checklist, can be sold between US$10-$13 (I mean, the equivalent in pounds), depending on his near mint condition.
Same to your Gargamel Mask Smurf. Being US$25 in the list, his price can be US$20 or a little more.
Would you mind showing a close-up of the Smurf that's driving the pink car? He seems to be a Spy Smurf. If so, that's a Regular Smurf, not a Super. I hope this helps! [Wink]

Keep on always smurfin'!!

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Icon 1 posted on the 12th of Smurf 12:25 PM      Profile for Advertising Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Buy a Smurf DVD!

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Icon 1 posted 10-16-2018 03:06 AM      Profile for Jonnyx       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Hi there Squeaky

Thanks for the feedback its much appreciated. Here is a close up of the spy smurf in the car.

Jon  -

Posts: 2 | From: UK | Registered: Oct 2018
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