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» Smurf Forum » New Story Ideas - Smurf Bears All Things, If The Smurf Fits
Author Topic: New Story Ideas - Smurf Bears All Things, If The Smurf Fits
Richrod Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 05-10-2014 04:06 PM      Profile for Richrod Smurf   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Here are two new story ideas that smurfed to mind the past few days while redesigning my personal website:

Smurf Bears All Things - The title is a smurfed variation of the biblical phrase "Love bears all things" (from the New Testament). Nanny Smurf needs some new mint herbs for her window-sill garden, but the herbs she needs only grow near (gasp!) Forbidden Falls. Smurfette knows exactly what the plants look like, and Vexy is tough and fearless, so the sisters team up to find them. The Smurflings (Nat, Slouchy, Snappy and Sassette) want to smurf along, and like the Simpsons kids they wear down the two girls until they finally say yes.

It isn't until they're halfway to Forbidden Falls that the Smurflings realize they forgot to ask where they were going. When Smurfette tells them, they're terrified. Vexy tells them to remember two things: first, their Aunty Vexy is fearless and will protect them, and second, they shouldn't have been so quick to tag along without knowing all the facts. [Wink]

Our little blue friends hear a loud wailing, which scares the Smurflings. Vexy looks ahead and sees it's a lost bear cub. The Smurfs give it the smurfberries they brought for their lunch, and earn the cub's trust. The search for mints becomes a search for the cub's mother. Smurfette asks her sister how they'll find the mother in such a big forest, and Vexy answers a mama bear with a lost cub will be easy to find--listen for her angry growl. When they hear that growl, Vex bellows out an equally loud and shaky growl of her own to attract Mama Bear's attention. Mama angrily charges toward the source of that other growl, and is delighted to find her little cub.

Snappy gripes that it's smurfy the bear cub is reunited with his mama, but he's hungry and their lunch is in the cub's stomach. Mama Bear takes her cub and the Smurfs to a nearby grove of wild smurfberries and our friends have their fill, and more to take back home.

As they trek home, Vex muses that they didn't get to Forbidden Falls or collect the herbs, but they all learned a lesson in changing plans to help others in need like the bear cub separated from Mama Bear. As she and Smurfette are about to tell Nanny about their exciting adventure, Nanny apologizes for sending them out into the forest because she later found seeds for the herbs that she left in a drawer and forgot about. Oh, can you bear it? [Smile]

If The Smurf Fits - a play on the phrase "If the shoe fits, wear it" and Smurfette's name. The little lady tries out a new pair of flats (not her usual heels) made by Cobbler Smurf, who compliments her on being her best, and only, customer. Smurfette reminds Cobbler that there are other Smurfs who wear shoes--Vexy, Nanny, Slouchy, Farmer, and even the wooden-shoed Miller Smurf. Cobbler replies that it's true, but they all wear the same old pair until they finally wear out, while Smurfette just loves shoes because she has so many of them! [Smurfette]

Smurfette wants to make Cobbler more appreciated in the village and get him more customers. Never mind he also makes the Smurf's bedroom slippers, running shoes and sandals, all of which are not as high-profile as Smurfette's heels. So without his knowledge or consent, Smurfette wages a one-Smurf campaign to smurf the benefits of wearing shoes. Soon everysmurf is asking Cobbler for a pair of their own--even the barefooted Wild Smurf and Nat Smurfling! And Baby Smurf gets his own little booties as well! [Big Grin]

Unfortunately, getting so many orders at once forces an exhausted Cobbler to cut corners to keep up with the demand. The shoes start falling apart while the Smurfs are still wearing them. They pound on Cobbler's door demanding an explanation and to smurf him a thing or two. When he learns who convinced the Smurfs to shoe up, Cobbler is furious at Smurfette and says from now on she can find another shoemaker because he's giving her the boot. [Embarrassed]

Devastated that her plan went wrong, she boo-hoo's to Papa Smurf, who tells her that while she meant no harm, it wasn't such a smurfy idea. To undo the damage, Papa has Smurfette, Vexy and Brainy start convincing the Smurfs the benefits of wearing just their usual trousers (they last a lot longer than Cobbler's shoes, for one thing) and in time everysmurf is back without shoes except for the ones who already had them before this all happened.

Smurfette apologizes to Cobbler for all the problems she caused, and he accepts it; he knows she is a lady and didn't mean any harm. "Speakin' of ladies, can you smurf me a new pair of boots?" asks Vexy, who requests having high heels added to her usual low-cut boots. "Ol' girly-girl here is having an influence on me," she quips with a smile, and all three share a big smurfy laugh. [Smurfette] [Big Grin]

Any thoughts on these outlines?

Vexy is still my favorite Smurf. Tomboys need love, too. :)
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Icon 1 posted 05-12-2014 01:42 PM      Profile for Smurfy1For2       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Great ideas Richrod Smurf! I almost missed your post!! Great ideas and I love the titles!!
[Big Grin]

u wished u rocked as i

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Icon 1 posted on the 12th of Smurf 12:25 PM      Profile for Advertising Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
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Icon 1 posted 05-12-2014 09:06 PM      Profile for Sassette   Author's Homepage   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Very cute ideas.

I love "If The Smurf Fits" - it would make for some great drawings. I wonder what Wild Smurf and Nat's shoes would look like. (I'm such a girl thinking about all of the different shoes! LOL!!!)

"Smurf Bears All Things" was a very sound story with a nice lesson. Great smurfing!

[Happy Smurf]

I love everything about Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie!!!

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