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» Smurf Forum » "Salad Smurfs" fan adaptation (Page 3)
Author Topic: "Salad Smurfs" fan adaptation
Joseph Raymond
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Icon 1 posted 03-25-2013 05:25 AM      Profile for Joseph Raymond       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Salad Smurfs

Salad Smurfs is a comic book story that was created and published by Studio Peyo in 2006.

The Smurfs are tired of Chef Smurf's disgusting food (except for Greedy Smurf, who eats it anyways). When Papa Smurf takes matters into his hands, he notices the food looks disgusting indeed, to which Chef Smurf tells him it's the best he can do with the vegetables he gets, so Papa Smurf goes to Farmer Smurf for an explanation. Farmer Smurf doesn't have one; the plants get love, water, sun, everything, so Papa Smurf takes a carrot to examine it and finds tiny parasitic fungus that impede the vegetables' growth. Papa Smurf gives a plant growth formula and a fungicide to Farmer Smurf, yet warns Farmer Smurf to not use more than a few drops each day.

Papa Smurf leaves the village for a few days. Chef Smurf gets an ultimatum from the Smurfs and tells Farmer Smurf to use the maximum dose of the formulas to hurry the growth of the vegetables. The following day, Farmer Smurf's vegetables grow really big, and Smurfs enjoy the new food.

When Papa Smurf returns to the Smurf Village, he finds it deserted and thinks Gargamel could have captured the Smurfs, but when he spies the wizard's home, he sees him still planning his upcoming revenge. Since it's late, Papa Smurf decides to resume the search in the morning and eat some food (that he notices is better than when he left). Suddenly, he hears noises and finds Chef Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Greedy Smurf and Smurfette. Chef Smurf tells him that after using the formula, the food got better, but that night Scaredy Smurf found an anthropomorphic zucchini and awakened everyone for help, until they found the zucchini was Poet Smurf. The following days, Jokey Smurf became a tomato and Vanity Smurf turned into a pickle. Since they thought it could be contagious, the Smurfs voted to quarantine the three vegetable Smurfs. The following day Clumsy Smurf, who was guarding them, became a potato and tried to run away, but was captured and quarantined. Brainy Smurf arrived as a pea and was quarantined too. With time, more and more Smurfs became vegetables, until the day Hefty Smurf became an eggplant and, instead of getting quarantined, freed all the vegetable Smurfs, so the four remaining normal Smurfs went into hiding. Since then, they have been awaiting for Papa Smurf's return.

Papa Smurf finds about the overdose of the growth formula and theorizes that the oversized vegetables may be the cause of the Smurfs' transformations. Farmer Smurf didn't eat vegetables because he didn't like the unnatural use of the formulas, Chef Smurf didn't eat them because he cooks so much that he loses interest on what he has cooked, and Smurfette didn't eat because she's on a diet, while Greedy Smurf did indeed eat the vegetables and hasn't been transformed.

The problem is when Papa Smurf also becomes a vegetable, although he only partially turns into a cauliflower. The Smurfs flee from him, believing his theory was wrong, before he can remember that he ate some food indeed. Papa Smurf goes to the forest to find the vegetable Smurfs and tell them that the food is what turned them into vegetables.

Meanwhile, the four normal Smurfs decide that the only possible antidote is to use the growth formula on the Smurfs, spraying it by plane. The vegetable Smurfs arrive and chase Chef Smurf and Farmer Smurf, who they blame for their predicament. While escaping on the plane, the Smurfs forget Greedy Smurf, and Smurfette falls from the plane. Papa Smurf shows Smurfette that the transformations aren't contagious, and then finds why Greedy Smurf hasn't transformed: He eats a sarsaparilla leaf every day for dessert. Before Papa Smurf can analyze one leaf, Chef Smurf and Farmer Smurf spray the formula on the others, which could be catastrophic. Papa Smurf quickly munches the leaf, which cures him, and then he, Greedy Smurf and Smurfette give sarsaparilla to the other Smurfs. Chef Smurf and Farmer Smurf crash their plane on a pumpkin, and the formula causes them to become vegetables, the only two among the cured Smurfs. Papa Smurf decides to leave them as vegetables for a brief time as a lesson.

Joseph Raymond

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Century Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 03-19-2016 03:40 PM      Profile for Century Smurf  Century Smurf's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I really appreciate your translating, Vic George! The vegetable smurfs look a lot like the Veggietales characters. For those of you who don't know about Veggietales, here's a link to the theme song. Compare Bob the Tomato to Jokey the vegetable!

"Read about me in the Smurf comic book 'The Hundredth Smurf!'"

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Icon 1 posted 03-19-2016 04:10 PM      Profile for Redneck Smurfette  Redneck Smurfette's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I never thought of comparing this to Veggietales...interesting....But cool! [Happy Smurf]

Man...An Irish-Redneck-Lass...You guys are in trouble!;)
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Smurf Soup
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Wow I want some Smurf salad
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Squeaky Smurf
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