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Author Topic: "The Wedding Present"
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Icon 1 posted 11-22-2007 05:50 PM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
A new EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf mini-story called "The Wedding Present" has been posted at It's basically a very short story that takes place after the epilogue of the EMPATH novel.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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Icon 1 posted 12-05-2007 06:40 AM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I've already shown one of the pictures for this story, with Empath coming home from his honeymoon with Smurfette very happy, so here's another picture where Empath's confronted with a memory from the ten-year gap between Chapter 18 of the EMPATH novel and the epilogue, where he remembers a time he calls "the year of hell" when he is without any of his fellow Smurfs due to the time-travelling adventures:

Click for a bigger Smurf Picture

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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Icon 1 posted 06-14-2019 06:17 AM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Slightly modified from the original, but anyway here it is.
It was about a week after the wedding of Empath and Smurfette that they had returned from their honeymoon at a distant island paradise. During the time of their absence, the Smurfs in the village were busy preparing something special for the newlyweds for when they return, working rather diligently around the clock to make sure it was ready for the couple.

Then came the day when Tracker spotted the stork carrying the wicker gondola with Empath and Smurfette in it heading toward the village. “Smurfs, get ready!” he announced. “It’s Empath and Smurfette! They’re smurfing home!”

All the Smurfs gathered around the center of the village where the stork landed, lowering the gondola and allowing Empath and Smurfette to step off and grab their bags. They were rather dressed down from how they appeared when they had left for their honeymoon – Empath was just wearing his star-patterned hat and pants with no shirt on, and Smurfette was in a purple tube dress with her regular white heels, yet still wearing Empath’s hat. But there was something rather different about Empath that went beyond his being this dressed down, and it wasn’t just Empath’s best friend Polaris Psyche who was sensing this difference about him. He wore a rather big smile on his face, and his eyes were a bit glazed with his eyelids at half-mast. It was almost as if Empath was drunk on something, though Polaris sensed that his friend hadn’t taken any substance that would make him look that way.

“Welcome home, Empath and Smurfette,” Papa Smurf greeted as he embraced the two of them together. “I trust that you had a real smurfy time enjoying yoursmurfs and smurfing to know each other better on your honeymoon.”

“The island paradise was just so incredible, Papa Smurf,” Empath answered. “Marco Smurf couldn’t have smurfed a better place for us to smurf a week together with just the two of us. The weather was just so wonderful, the beaches are excellent, the food is just so plentiful and delicious…we even smurfed on a hike together up the mountain that oversmurfed the sea.”

Papa Smurf looked at Empath rather strangely, not believing what he was hearing. “Is this my son speaking in Smurf all of a sudden, or did somebody smurf places with him on that island?” he asked Smurfette.

“Honestly, I don’t know how that happened, Papa Smurf,” Smurfette replied. “It just smurfed about three days into our honeymoon, and now I just can’t smurf him to stop. He smurfs that there’s nothing wrong with him that made him smurf like he’s been speaking in Smurf all his life.”

“Maybe it’s smurfing alone with you on that island that’s smurfed that, Smurfette,” Snappy suggested, sounding a bit sly.

“Or maybe that’s just something that’s smurfed to happen, smurfing among us for about ten smurfs straight,” Nat offered, ignoring Snappy’s comment.

“Empath has been known to speak in Smurf language on occasion when he reaches a certain emotional peak, such as being very angry or very scared or even sometimes very happy,” Polaris reported. “However, this one has now detected a new kind of link in his brain that wasn’t present the last time this one has scanned him. This link must have enabled him to access this normal natural ability of a Smurf to speak in Smurf language rather flawlessly. Other than that and his brain being overstimulated by the amount of activity he must have engaged in with Smurfette on this ‘honeymoon’, Empath is functioning normally.”

“This smurf has never smurfed any better, Papa Smurf,” Empath tried to reason. “This smurf is still the same Smurf you know from our years smurfing together off and on, just with this ability to finally speak in Smurf without smurfing like I’m going to smurf something wrong in the process. This smurf could go back in smurfing in Psychelian if that’s what you’re used to, but somehow I don’t feel like I want to smurf back to smurfing that way.”

“I have no complaints about that, Empath,” Papa Smurf responded, chuckling. “I’m just surprised that it smurfed you 160 years of your life to finally start speaking in Smurf, and now in the smurf of a week it just happens right out of the blue. I guess smurfing in love with Smurfette has really smurfed you for the better.”

“Now if I can just smurf him to stop smurfing at me all the time,” Smurfette playfully added. “I mean, no matter where we smurfed on the island or what we smurfed, I just couldn’t smurf him to smurf his eyes off me for a single minute. I couldn’t get changed behind a rock without smurfing like he’s smurfing at me with smurf-through eyes. And personally, I can smurf that he enjoys every single minute of smurfing at me like that!” She looked at Empath, whose facial expression seemed to confirm what she was saying about him, and placed her right hand on the back of Empath’s head, patting him like a dog. Empath’s expression didn’t change.

Now it was Tapper’s turn to look at Empath rather strangely. “Great Smurfiny Crickets, my dear Empath, I never thought that a gentlesmurf like you would be such a voyeur that enjoys smurfing at Smurfette. But then, the Good Book does smurf to married men to let their wife’s smurfs satisfy them at all times, and to let themsmurfs be captured by her love.” He then turned to Smurfette. “I wouldn’t worry too much about him smurfing at you like that, as long as his eyes are only on you and no other female that smurfs across his path – which is a fortunate thing in this village, given that there are only two female Smurfs smurfing here.”

“That feeling Smurfette may be experiencing is that of a telepathic bonding between Empath and herself,” Polaris mentioned. “This could have been caused by their initial intimate activity that has bonded them together as husband and wife. She may be experiencing the same kind of thoughts that Empath has in a way she has never experienced them before this bond took place.”

“Something like what the Good Book smurfed about Adam ‘knowing’ his wife, perhaps,” Tapper guessed.

“It doesn’t mean that Smurfette is turning into a telepath, fellow Tapper,” Polaris responded. “It does mean that only she can personally know what Empath must be thinking at all times, given what this one can sense in Smurfette.”

“You two must be all smurfered out from all that you smurfed on your honeymoon,” Papa Smurf observed after looking at the newlywed couple again. “While you both were smurfing your fun together, I had all my little Smurfs smurfing together a surprise gift waiting for you for when you returned to the village.” He then turned to Handy, who was standing nearby. “Is this surprise gift ready for them?”

“It’s all smurfed, Papa Smurf,” Handy answered. “We just got it finished, cleaned up, and ready for Empath and Smurfette to smurf into.”

“What’s the surprise you smurfed for us, Papa Smurf?” Smurfette asked, curious to know.

“Well, smurf up your bags and we will show you, Smurfette, Empath,” Papa Smurf answered. Empath followed behind Smurfette, carrying their bags with them, as they followed Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs to the eastern section of the village, where Smurfette’s house was located.

When they arrived there, Empath and Smurfette stood astonished at the sight of Smurfette’s house. It was made bigger with the addition of four adjoining smaller mushroom-shaped sections, indicating that there were additional rooms added to the bottom floor of the house. The two of them weren’t sure what to make of this adjustment to her house that the Smurfs made during her absence from the village.

“We figured that since you two Smurfs want a place where you could smurf alone together, we might as well smurf up your place to make it your private smurfuary,” Handy told Smurfette. “Just wait until you smurf at what rooms we smurfed inside your new home with your husband – some of which I think Empath will also enjoy.”

“Before we smurf inside, Empath, I believe it’s customary for the husband to smurf his bride across the threshold into his new home,” Papa Smurf reminded Empath, who seemed all too eager to check out the renovations to Smurfette’s house.

Empath didn’t seem to mind the delay in order to follow a marital custom. “Well, who is this smurf not to oblige his wife of this unique privilege?” he responded. He then dropped the bags and cradled Smurfette into his arms. “Ready to smurf inside our new home together…Mrs. Empath Smurf?”

“Ready whenever you are…Mr. Empath Smurf,” Smurfette replied, giggling. Handy opened the door to Smurfette’s house as Empath carried Smurfette across the threshold and went inside, with Papa Smurf and some of the other Smurfs following, and Polaris carrying their bags inside.

Empath and Smurfette were more astonished by the change of the interior section of Smurfette’s house than they were of the exterior change. The main bottom floor room now had a dining table in front of her fireplace, which was located underneath a fancy chandelier. Also in the same room was a living room section with a couple of couches surrounding a coffee table and a cabinet with Smurfette’s windowvision crystal screen and Empath’s Game Wand. The four adjoining room sections included a kitchen, an art studio for Empath, a private study room for Smurfette, and even a bathtub with a curtain to pull across its doorway. Handy showed that the bathtub actually drew water from the village reservoir and was capable of not only heating up the water, but also of draining the water in a way that would not pollute the land or the water when it was drained.

“There’s also a control that smurfs the water to bubble up as you smurf in it, that will help either of you to relax from a hard day’s smurf,” Handy mentioned as he finished showing them the tub.

“I hope you like the style of the curtains I smurfed out for the various rooms, and the throw pillows for the couches, and the rugs for the floors, and all those little touches I smurfed to make you and Empath smurf right at home,” Vanity said as he directed their attention to those details.

“And let’s not forget ze paint colours to help smurf your living space into a real masteurpiesa,” Painter added.

“And your kitchen is smurfed with plenty of dishes, cups, and utensils for your smurfonal dining pleasure,” Greedy joined in. “Of course, I hope the two of you will join us for meals from time to time. It just wouldn’t be the same for us to not smurf the two of you smurfing meals with us.”

“I also made smurf that your chimney is as clean as a whistle before the two of you smurfed home,” Sweepy said, trying to keep his distance from Empath and Smurfette since he was still covered in soot.

“And me and my smurfing crew made sure it was all smurf and span after Sweepy smurfed his thing with the chimney,” Tidy finished. “Of course, if you ever need a Smurf to smurf up your house, I’m always ready to smurf the job for you.”

Empath noticed the pictures that hung on the walls, which were mostly photos that Vanity had taken of both Empath and Smurfette being together. One of them Empath noticed was the time he and Smurfette spent the day of the Summer Solstice together in the Imaginarium beach setting, with Smurfette modeling her latest swimsuit and Empath in his tiger-striped bikini briefs that made Smurfette playfully embarrass him. Empath had no idea that Vanity would preserve such a moment like this for posterity, and frankly, neither did Smurfette when she also saw the picture.

“I still think you smurfed cute when your face smurfed red when I smurfed you in that swimsmurf, Empath,” Smurfette commented. “I can still smurf the color in your face in this photo picture. And I can smurf that you’re still embarrassed by the sight of this moment being captured.” She giggled afterward when she noticed Empath’s face again turning red. But this time Empath wasn’t all that intimidated by her doing that.

“I guess there’s just no smurfing that thought from you, Smurfette,” Empath responded. “You always liked smurfing at this smurf like I was just some object for you to smurf at, even when you tried to deny it.”

Smurfette’s gaze was upon another picture, which also amazed her as much as it amused her. “That was the time you smurfed me up as this Lady Space character, and Jokey challenged me to shock him, and so I did with a bit of help from Papa Smurf,” she explained as the two of them looked at the picture.

“Hey, let me smurf,” Jokey interrupted, taking the picture from the both of them. He was surprised that Vanity would capture the moment so perfectly, when Jokey held Smurfette as Lady Space’s hand and felt as if he had touched a live power circuit, jolting him so severely that it left him walking around with the hairs of his skin standing up on end for the rest of that day. “Vanity Smurf, how dare you smurf a picture of me when the joke smurfs back at me! I don’t smurf anything funny about it!”

Most of the other Smurfs laughed, remembering that moment themselves. Even Grouchy, the village sourpuss, couldn’t help but snicker at the thought of when that happened, finding it very hard to maintain his usual scowl.

“Now this is the picture that I truly smurf is beautiful,” Empath declared as he directed Smurfette’s gaze toward the picture Vanity took of her wearing a rippling blue water dress – the very same dress she wore on her Ray Of Sunshine album cover. In fact, the picture itself was from the album cover shoot.

“I couldn’t believe I smurfed that album about seven years ago,” Smurfette said, staring at wonder at herself from that time. “Of course, I couldn’t have smurfed that album if it wasn’t for you, Empath.”

“And there’s the picture I smurfed of you with Crinkles the dinosaur, Smurfette,” Vanity pointed out, “which smurfed about a year for me to develop since we were smurfed on that time-travelling adventure that we thought we would never smurf home from if it weren’t for Empath and his friend Polaris.”

Smurfette remembered that day very well, which was right around Empath’s 155th birthday. She also remembered being time-lost with her fellow Smurfs when they lost the Key of Chronos in the prehistoric era they brought Crinkles back home to, and having to rely upon Papa Smurf’s limited understanding of how to align its crystals so they could hopefully return to their own home in the time period they belonged to. Yet no matter what time period she and her fellow Smurfs ended up in, the only thing Smurfette could think of was coming home to Empath. Eventually they also lost the crystals, but somehow Empath managed to find both the key and the crystals and opened the doorway for them to return home, almost a year later around his 156th birthday.

Empath could sense that thought in Smurfette, who herself was sensing that Empath was rather uncomfortable remembering the year when he was left all alone with Polaris as his companion, wondering if he ever was going to see the likes of Smurfette again, and almost dying in the process of bringing his fellow Smurfs home. Smurfette knew there was a reason Empath had called that time "the year of hell", for despite all the goofy mishaps they had gone through in their separate travels during that time, it truly wasn't a picnic for either of them being apart from each other for that long. Vanity began to realize something was wrong when he heard Empath crack the glass of the picture when he was holding it in his hands. “Maybe it would be better not to have this smurfing on the wall of our house, Vanity,” Smurfette suggested. “It smurfs up too many bad memories.”

“I’ll smurf on to it, just in case you change your mind about it,” Vanity promised as Smurfette handed him the picture in question. As proud as he was for taking the picture with Smurfette and Crinkles in it, he didn’t like seeing Empath be reminded of a painful memory by having it being around in his new house.

“So…any of you want to smurf what we’ve done to the bedroom?” Handy interrupted, eager to continue on with the tour of Smurfette’s remodeled house. Empath and Smurfette decided to do just that.

The bedroom wasn’t all that different from the last time Empath went into and saw it. It did, however, include a second dresser and a much bigger closet for both Empath’s and Smurfette’s clothes, plus the bed was totally different. Empath noticed the minute he sat down on the bed that it shifted this way and that, as if the mattress was basically a bag full of water.

“You’ll be smurfing on my latest invention, Empath and Smurfette,” Handy described. “It’s called a waterbed. It will smurf the both of you a good night’s sleep, and it will smurf you warm when the nights smurf cold.”

“Aye, Empath, take a smurf at what I smurfed up above your bed,” Tapper directed.

Empath and Smurfette noticed a plaque that read: He smurfed me to his banqueting table, and his banner over me was love.

“That’s from the Song of Solomon, from your holy book, Tapper,” Empath realized.

“That’s just so beautiful,” Smurfette said, remembering the Imaginarium fantasy setting she and Empath had entered that was based on the Song of Solomon, where she played the part of the Shulamite woman and Empath a servant of King Solomon, her “beloved”, as Smurfs would have interpreted it.

“Everything in this house is just so incredible, like a dream smurfed true,” Smurfette finally said. “I’m not sure how me or Empath could ever thank you Smurfs enough for smurfing so much for us.”

“Even though you smurfed your heart completely to Empath, it doesn’t mean we still can’t smurf our love for you, Smurfette,” Hefty answered, sounding like he was speaking for the rest of his fellow Smurfs. “Smurfing the two of you being happy together like this is all we could ever smurf for.”

“So how do you like this new home we smurfed for you, Empath?” Papa Smurf asked.

“Smurfing in this smurf’s own Smurf house years ago just doesn’t compare to what you and all the other Smurfs have accomplished in just a week of us smurfing away on our honeymoon, Papa Smurf,” Empath complimented.

“Well, let me smurf you a little something to help you and Smurfette get settled into your new home,” Tapper said as he presented them a bottle of well-aged smurfberry wine. “I smurfed this in my cellar in the hopes that it would have been me and Smurfette smurfing together like this, but being the gentlesmurf that I am and your best friend, I am letting you and Smurfette smurf the privilege of opening up this special bottle for this special occasion.”

“Tapper, this smurf couldn’t accept this from you,” Empath mildly objected. “You should smurf this for yourself in case you do smurf that special someone in your life that you want to smurf forever with.”

“If there were only a village of Smurfettes that our village of Smurfs could encounter someday for us to marry, Empath, I would consider smurfing this bottle until that time smurfs,” Tapper remarked. “But things smurfing what they are, nothing would make me smurfier than to see Smurfette smurf her happiness with a bit of something smurfed from my own hands with the one her heart truly loves.”

“Tapper, you truly are a special friend,” Smurfette said as she kissed him on the cheek, making him blush.

“Let’s smurf a toast to our new house, Smurfette,” Empath suggested. “It’s the least we can do to smurf our appreciation of this wonderful gift.”

Empath and Smurfette went back downstairs with the other Smurfs, who apparently were already waiting with champagne glasses in hand. Tapper had anticipated this and brought enough bottles of wine to fill every Smurf’s glass with some of his finest. Only Polaris Psyche refused to have any, since his body couldn’t tolerate fermented drinks of any kind.

“To the new household of Empath and Smurfette,” Tapper toasted, raising his glass high. “May their house always be smurfed with love. The other Smurfs clinked their glasses together and drank to the toast, including Empath and Smurfette.

“Well, it’s been a pleasure to finally smurf you and Smurfette back home into your new home, Empath,” Papa Smurf said after the toasting. “We’ll let you smurf some time alone for you to smurfle in.”

“Thanks for everything, Papa Smurf,” Smurfette said, kissing Papa Smurf on the cheek as he and his other little Smurfs departed.

“By the way, Polaris, how was it getting smurfled into your own new home?” Empath asked, preventing his friend from leaving too soon.

“This one is still adjusting to the present condition of solitude since you have given up your previous residence to share your current one with Smurfette, fellow Empath,” Polaris answered with a hint of loneliness in his voice. “However, this one is managing to adapt to the new situation, even though there may be a necessity to adapt this one’s living quarters to suit this one’s sense of personal aesthetics.”

Empath smiled, understanding what Polaris had told him. “Don’t worry about it, my old friend. You’ll smurf used to smurfing there by yourself. This smurf is very certain of that.”

“Hopefully, this one will also ‘get used to’ your new speech patterns,” Polaris responded, realizing that his friend was becoming more like a Smurf than he had been just a week ago. He also bade Empath and Smurfette farewell before he departed.
Later on in the evening, as the other Smurfs prepared for sleep, Empath was sitting on the new bed of his new bedroom, looking around at everything in it as Smurfette changed into her night clothes behind a folding divider. He was so used to sleeping alone in his own house, that it felt rather strange to now share a bedroom with somebody else, even a female Smurf that he married.

He also wasn’t used to this new “telepathic bonding” between himself and Smurfette that formed during their honeymoon that enabled them to sense just what each other was thinking at any given moment. He had never used his mental abilities on Smurfette in such a manner that invaded her private thoughts and with any sense of pleasure in doing so. Now it felt like he knew everything about her, even her most private thoughts, and it was starting to make him feel rather uncomfortable. He could sense that Smurfette now felt also uncomfortable knowing everything there was to know about her husband in her own thoughts. Perhaps in time they would learn together how to control this new ability of “knowing” each other this intimately.

“You haven’t smurfed a word since we got settled in, Empath,” Smurfette finally said, breaking the silence. “But then, I guess we really don’t need to smurf anything since we know what each other is smurfing. You’re smurfing at this house and wondering how this is going to smurf like for the rest of our lives.”

“That’s exactly how this smurf is smurfing at this moment, Smurfette,” Empath replied. “We’re finally together after ten years of smurfing a friendship and then a love relationship, and then this smurf realizes that things in the village aren’t going to smurf the same anymore. There’s already a distance smurfing between us and our fellow Smurfs that this smurf is sensing right now, that they’re going to have to smurf used to smurfing you not as Smurfette, but as Mrs. Empath Smurf. They may not even enjoy smurfing around us anymore when we smurf ourselves in public.”

“I know that feeling, too, Empath,” Smurfette replied, sighing. “I still love my fellow Smurfs, and I have no intention of ever hurting them in any way. But I feel it’s time for them to grow up and undersmurf that I desmurf to have somebody to care for me for all time, that I can’t keep smurfing my life on hold for any of them. Besides, if we ever smurf to the point where we will smurf children, they’re going to be rather busy smurfing the uncles. And I can’t smurf of anyone else I would rather smurf as our children’s uncles than our fellow Smurfs.”

“This smurf can already imagine what that may smurf like, Smurfette,” Empath said, snickering. “Uncle Brainy would be smurfing his Quotations books to our child. Uncle Hefty will be smurfing him baby exercises. Uncle Handy will have him smurfing around with tools. Uncle Greedy will smurf him the various types of food that he smurfs. Uncle Harmony will smurf him how to play the horn, even if he himself still can’t smurf the right note. Uncle Vanity will smurf him the…beautiful side of things that most Smurfs smurf for granted. Uncle Clumsy will smurf him the fun of smurfing with rocks and mud. There’s basically no end to what his uncles will teach him.”

“And what if our child smurfs out to be a girl?” Smurfette asked.

“This smurf will make sure she smurfs the same kind of education from our fellow Smurfs that our child would if it was a boy,” Empath answered. “Of course, we may have to smurf out for her in case Baby Smurf smurfs in love with her.”

Smurfette giggled at the thought as she stepped out from behind the divider. “Well, we still have all the time in the world before we even decide on whether we should start smurfing a child of our own, Empath. Right now, we should just get used to smurfing each other’s company so that our child knows that we truly love each other.”

“My smurfs exactly,” Empath responded as he watched Smurfette approach him. He still couldn’t help being captivated by how beautiful she looked, which was how Empath always saw her as since the first day his eyes fell upon her when he came home from Psychelia for good. But now it was even better than how he first saw her, since she was now giving herself completely to him for all time.

Smurfette noticed Empath looking at her that way since they had been alone together for the past several days. “Is this Smurf sensing some excitement smurfing from a Smurf like you, who’s supposed to be Psychelian in all his behaviors?” she asked playfully.

“Excited?” Empath responded in jest. “Who’s excited? Does this smurf look like he’s excited? That wouldn’t be proper behavior for a Smurf raised to be a Psyche. This smurf is just…simply admiring your beauty, that’s all. Psyches would never behave otherwise.”

Smurfette nodded, sounding like she’s heard this one before, as she joined Empath. “A good thing that this Smurf isn’t married to your friend Polaris Psyche. If that were the case, I’d be smurfing you feel jealous right about now, which isn’t a proper behavior for a Psyche.”

“A good thing the Smurf you married is a Smurf, even if it took years for me to smurf like one,” Empath remarked as he embraced Smurfette and kissed her.

“Isn’t being a Smurf the smurfiest thing in the world for you to be?” Smurfette asked between kisses.

“Wouldn’t smurf this feeling for anything else,” Empath answered as he laid back with Smurfette and kissed her again and again. “I truly love you, Smurfette.”

“And I love you, too, Empath.”

It was the best wedding present they have ever received.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
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There are now some additions to the mini-story, which is posted on Smurfs Fanon Wiki and Vic George's Imaginarium, featuring Duncan McSmurf's comments.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

Posts: 3559 | From: Westfield, MA | Registered: Mar 2003
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