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» Smurf Forum » Smurf names (Page 3)
Author Topic: Smurf names
Joseph Raymond
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Icon 1 posted 03-22-2013 06:39 AM      Profile for Joseph Raymond       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
List of The Smurfs characters

Papa Smurf
Hefty Smurf
Brainy Smurf
Barber Smurf
Cobbler Smurf
Jokey Smurf
Grouchy Smurf
Dreamy Smurf
Clumsy Smurf
Greedy Smurf
Chef Smurf
Vanity Smurf
Handy Smurf
Scaredy Smurf
Tracker Smurf
Sloppy Smurf
Harmony Smurf
Painter Smurf
Poet Smurf
Baby Smurf
Natural Smurf
Nat Smurfling
Snappy Smurfling
Slouchy Smurfling
Grandpa Smurf
Farmer Smurf
Sassette Smurfling
Alchemist Smurf
Timid Smurf
Architect Smurf
Baker Smurf
Clockwork Smurf
Clockwork Smurfette
Dabbler Smurf
Doctor Smurf
Dopey Smurf
Enamored Smurf
Finance Smurf
Flying Smurf
King Smurf
Lazy Smurf
Mango Smurf
Miner Smurf
Nanny Smurf
Nosy Smurf
Editor Smurf
Reflection Smurf
Reporter Smurf
Sneezy Smurf
Stinky Smurf
Sweepy Smurf
Tailor Smurf
Weakling Smurf
Wild Smurf
Weepy Smurf
Tuffy Smurf
Wooly Smurf
Nurse Smurf
Lucky Smurf
Lumberjack Smurf
Timber Smurf
Pretentious Smurf
Pastrycook Smurf
Cook Smurf
Submariner Smurf
Navigator Smurf
Fisher Smurf
Hunter Smurf
Marco Smurf
Flighty Smurf
Don Smurfo
Nobody Smurf
Pushover Smurf
Gutsy Smurf
Panicky Smurf
Crazy Smurf
Narrator Smurf
Passive-Aggressive Smurf

Joseph Raymond

Posts: 246 | From: Waterbury, Connecticut | Registered: Jan 2013
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Icon 1 posted 11-25-2019 11:42 PM      Profile for Zackmak       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I see the administrator eventually created a finalized list, which eventually had some edits:

I love all the detail in there! It really puts it in perspective on just how many Smurfs there were across those 9 seasons, and how many actually had names.

In reading this bluebuddies thread, along with using a great reference site created by site member Vic George, I realized that the finalized list was missing some things, or some editing could be done.

For example, the Smurfs named Cobbler and Architect are not on the list. And while Medic Smurf is shown , since there were two Medic Smurfs appearing in the episode their from - 'Happy Unhappiness Day To You' (Thanks Vic George for that) - shouldn't that be noted as well?

Also, #44 says Golfer Smurf, but it should be noted that the Smurf in the episode 'A Hole In Smurf' was never mentioned by name, and therefore, the name 'Golfer' is a fan-made name, respectfully.

These above mentioned characters are all from the Original 100.

The document also shows the additional 7 Smurfs that were discovered as the seasons went on...but I'm wondering if Grouchus Smurfus (from a Season 9 episode), the nine Poltersmurfs (from a Season 7 episode) and both Angel and Devil (from multiple episodes, starting in Season 4) can also be put on the list for additional characters?

I know one is a statue, the nine are spirits/ghosts, and the other two are figments of the conscious...but they are all interactive, no different than all the other Smurfs with each other. They're existence is also 'ongoing' (unlike the handful of fake Smurfs that were temporary). And how they were created or how they exist should not be a concern, if you consider that some other characters are still accepted as Smurfs by their peers even though they were made through magical spells or put together mechanically or through their 'natural' creation, of course.

Under the category of 'Smurfs That Weren't Smurfs', we can add Gargamel as the evil baby Smurf (from season 1, The Baby Smurf), and also the evil Nosey Smurf (season 5 The Mr. Smurf Contest); the Sorcerer Smurf (season 1 episode of the same name), as well as the 'Evil Greedy Smurf' figment of imagination (i just made that name up because he's not mentioned in the episode by name. It was season 1 The Smurfs And The Money Tree). The Gingerbread Smurfs from season 4 episode of the same name could also be put here.

In that same list, it says there was an Evil Smurf created by Hogatha. But I only know when she became Snorty Smurf and Grandma Smurfette....and the list already shows these. So what episode does Hogatha become this 'Evil Smurf'?

Anyways, these are just my thoughts. Opinions would be appreciated. Just looking to see if this wonderful 'name list' can be fine-tuned even further.

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Icon 1 posted 11-26-2019 03:07 AM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I think we should have separate lists for each of the Smurf franchise's "continuities" instead of just mashing everything together like some fanfiction writers are wont to do.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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Icon 1 posted 12-04-2019 05:57 AM      Profile for VicGeorge2010   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Probably more useful would be a chart similar to that on the Smurfs Wiki that indicates which media universes the Smurf characters appear in.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

Posts: 3518 | From: Westfield, MA | Registered: Mar 2003
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