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The Smurfs Cartoon
The Smurfs Episode Guide
Smurfs Episode Guide
Features every episode of The Smurfs cartoon!

The Smurfs Episode Guide
Smurf Movies
Smurf Specials
Favorite Smurf Episodes
Favorite Smurf Episodes
The all-time best episodes of The Smurfs!

The Best Smurf Episodes
The Smurfs Movie
The Smurfs Movie
All of the details about the 2011 Smurf Movie!

The Smurfs Movie
2011 Movie Discussion
Smurfs 2 Movie
Smurfs 2 Movie
The Smurfs 2 Movie from 2013!

2013 Smurfs 2 Movie
2013 Movie Discussion
2013 Movie Review
Smurf DVD & Videos
Smurf DVD & Videos
Every Smurf DVD and VHS Video!

The Smurfs DVD
Australian Smurfs DVD
UK Smurfs DVD
Smurfs VHS Videos
Smurf DVD Reviews
Smurf DVD Reviews
Read reviews for the all of the Smurf DVDs!

The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Review
The Smurfs Season 1 Volume 2 DVD Review
The Smurfs True Blue DVD Review

Smurfs DVD (PAL version)
The Smurfs Cartoon Promotion
Smurfs Cartoon Promotion
Special trade ads for The Smurfs... Saturday Morning Cartoons, Movie Posters, TV Guide Ads, Comic Book Ads, and Emmy Awards!

The Smurfs Cartoon Promotion
Smurf Episodes For Sale
Smurf Episodes For Sale
Buy a Smurf DVD!
... and Buy Smurf Episodes!

Smurf DVDs For Sale
The Smurfs Breaking News
Breaking News
Read and discuss everything about The Smurfs Cartoon on the message board!

What's your favorite Smurf episodes?
Did you hear about the New Smurf Movie?
What's the latest DVD news?
Smurf Characters List
Smurf Characters List
The complete list of Smurf characters...
plus listen to The Smurfs talk!

The Smurfs Characters List
Buy a Smurf DVD!
The Smurfs Cartoons!
Welcome the lovable Smurfs into your world! This is the place to learn everything there is to know about The Smurfs Cartoon! See the comprehensive Episode Guide. Read the latest news about the new Smurf Movie. Watch your favorite Smurf episodes and perhaps find some new favorites too!
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