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Sofia Vergara
actress, comedian, television hostess, and model
Sofia Vergara

Name: Sofía Margarita Vergara

Birth: July 10, 1972 in Barranquilla, Colombia
(Star Sign: Cancer)

Best Known For:
Curvaceous Body!

Modern Family
(TV Series)

Escape from Planet Earth
(Voice of Gabby Babblebrock)

Happy Feet 2
(Voice of Carmen)

Puss in Boots
(Voice of Crazy Lady / Kitten #1 and 4)
The Smurfs 1 & 2

The Three Stooges

New Year's Eve

Four Brothers

Machete Kills

Fading Gigolo

SOPHIA VERGARA:    Trivia / Fun Facts  * Quotes  * Films  * Smurfs Movie  * Baby Pictures  * Funny Photos
Although well recognized as a dark-haired bombshell, Sofia is actually a natural blonde! She dyes her hair brunette.

"I’m a natural blonde, but when I started acting, I would go to auditions, and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent – but I had blonde hair. The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, ‘Oh, she’s the hot Latin girl.’ I loved it … Being brunette toned me down a bit. For every 100 roles that come out for another actress, there are two that fit somebody like me. I mean, I cannot play a scientist. I know who I am. I know how I look. I know how I sound. I’m not going to tell my agent, ‘Book me for Schindler’s List 2.’"

"Listen, I'm not afraid of anything. I'm Colombian." – Sofia Vergara shows no fear in fulfilling a pledge to streak down Sunset Boulevard if her show Modern Family won the Emmy for outstanding comedy (which it did!)
* TV Commercials & Ads starring Sofia include: McDonalds, Visa, Pepsi, Covergirl Cosmetics & Got Milk (milk mustache campaign).

* Aimed at soccer Moms, Sofia presented a fashion line at K-Mart called, "The Sofia Vergara Collection".

* Sofia's son is named Manolo after the character of the same name from the film Scarface.

* Sofia studied pre-dentistry at a Colombian University for 3 years.

* In 2009, Sofia had a five-week stint on Broadway as "Mama" Morton in the revival of Chicago.

* On the set of The Three Stooges movie, the cheeky director Peter Farrelly affectionately called her Sofia "Viagra"!
Film Reel
The Smurfs Movie 2011Modern FamilyHappy Feet TwoThe Three Stooges 2012Four Brothers
Film Reel
Sofia Vergara Kisses SmurfSofia Vergara Hugs Papa SmurfSofia Vergara Smurfs Movie World Premiere

Smurfing around with Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Smurfs Interview
The early life of Sofia...
Sofia Vergara Baby Picture
Sofia Vergara as a Baby
Sofía Margarita Vergara was born on July 10, 1972 in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia.

Sofia grew up in a big family with five brothers and sisters. Her father had a farm that produced cattle for the meat industry and her mother was a homemaker.

Growing up, her siblings and cousins gave her the nickname "Toti" and it has stuck to this day.
Sofia Vergara as Little Girl
Sofia Vergara as a Little Girl
Sofia was raised as a devout Catholic in this well-off family. Sofia studied at a private bilingual Spanish / English school. At the age of 14, Sofia had her first boyfriend whom she later went on to marry when she was 18. Her childhood sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, and Sofia were married for 2 years. They had a son named Manolo during this time. After her divorce, Sofia studied dentistry at a university in Colombia for three years. It wasn't until one day that she was walking on a Colombian beach that she was "discovered" by a photographer.

Many opportunities arose for her to work as a model and to break into show business. When Sofia decided to pursue them, she left her undergraduate / pre-dentistry studies two semesters shy of earning her undergraduate degree. Leaving behind the troubles of Columbia (her brother was murdered during an attempt to kidnap him), she moved to the US and took her family (son, mother & sister) with her.
Sofia Vergara Funny Faces
Sofia Vergara on the set of The Smurfs Movie
On the Smurf Movie Set

Sophia Vergara on the set of the Smurfs 2 Movie
... and the Smurfs 2 Movie!
Smurfing with Sophia

Sofia Vergara plays the character "Odile" in both The Smurfs movie and the Smurfs 2 film.

Odile is the CEO of a French cosmetics company called Anjelou. Anjelou has an in-house advertising department, where Patrick Winslow works.

Odile is Patrick's boss and is a source of tremendous stress and consternation for Patrick. Odile is mercurial, illogical, emotional and contradictory in her management style. Although at one point Odile forbids Patrick from engaging in a course of action, she later completely reverses herself as it suits her. Odile is the model for "nightmare" boss although it is possible for her to seem kind and warm - when one is in her good graces.

In a possible nod to her malapropism-prone character Gloria on the TV show Modern family, Odile humorously says to Gargamel, "What is it that you desire, hmmm? Riches? Fame? Fortune? With my help... the whole world will know... the name that is... GARBAGE SMELL.".

Trivia: Odile's last name is not revealed in the Smurfs movie. In the Smurfs Movie novel, however, Odile's surname is listed as "Jouvenel", a humorous homonym for "juvenile", meaning adolescent or childish.
Gargamel and Odile
Hank Azaria (Gargamel) & Sofia Vergara (Odile) on Set

Patrick and Odile
Patrick & Odile
The Best "Odile" Quotes


*** Odile gives a demonstration of her anti-aging cream

Gargamel: I see no transformation. Your potion has no power. She's still an eye-offending dogfish if you ask me.

Odile: This is my mother who you are speaking of!

Gargamel: I'm so sorry, I didn't realize... How sad for you in thirty years.

*** Odile briefs Patrick on his future in her company

Odile: Oh, there is his. My new Vice President of Marketing.

Patrick: So wait, you fired Ralph?

Odile: His campaign was rubbish. He gave me what I asked for, not what I wanted. Can you give me what I want?

Patrick: Is that what your asking for?

Odile: How would I know what I'm asking for when I don't even know what I want!
Gloria on Modern Family

Sofia Vergara Gloria - Modern Family Mispronunciations
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