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Smurf Poem Generator!
Want to make a smurf poem? Have an ode coming on? Well you're in luck! Whether or not you're a master of the written word, the Smurf Poem Generator will turn you into a Poet Smurf in no time!
Smurf Poem Maker

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Sentence Patterns
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Smurf Poem Generator

How do I write a Smurf Poem?

Click the "Make Poem" button and a smurfy poem will appear!

The poems created may be silly, but that's what makes them smurfy! Did you make a rather funny poem? Share it with us... we always love a good giggle! Post your Smurf poems here!

How do I make my own poem?

Add or delete words in the lists 1-7 to make your very own poem. Simply type new words into the lists, but make sure the new word is the correct type of word! Use the existing words to guide you and read the tips below.

Quick Grammar Lesson:

Remember that a noun is a person, place or thing (ie. car). A verb is an action, occurrence or state of being (ie. crashed). An adjective is a word that helps describe a noun (ie. fast). An adverb tells how (ie. loudly). An interjection is a word that is independent from other words and used as it is (ie. Ouch!). Here is an example... Ouch! The fast car loudly crashed. For additional help, read the definitions below:
  • Concrete Noun - A concrete noun refers to objects (including people and animals) that physically exist. For example, clocks and watches exist physically and are concrete nouns. Whereas, time has no physical existence and is an abstract noun.

  • Abstract Noun - An abstract noun refers to an idea, feeling, quality, etc., that has no physical existence. For example, freedom and happiness do not physically exist and are abstract nouns.

  • Transitive Verb - A transitive verb refers to a verb that takes an object. For example, Brainy Smurf read the book. The word "read" is the transitive verb. (... read a book, ... play the flute, ... eat the smurfberry, etc.)

  • Intransitive Verb - An intransitive verb is a verb that does not act on an object. For example, I lobby for more Smurf cartoons on television. The word "lobby" is an intransitive verb.

  • Adjective - An adjective is a word that describes somebody or something. For example, You are wearing a smurfy hat.

  • Adverb - An adverb modifies a verb. An adverb describes how something is done. For example, Smurfette quietly plants flowers in her garden. Other examples include: slowly, loudly, expertly, often etc.

  • Interjection - An interjection is a word that is independent from other words and stands alone. For example, yes, hello, hey, oh!, ah!, and wow are all interjections.

What is the Smurf Poem Generator?

The Smurf Poem Generator makes random poems. This game is simply a poem maker. First, it randomly selects sentence patterns. Then, wherever the pattern has a number, it randomly selects a word from one of the numbered word lists.

Smurf Poem Generator Hints

The Smurf Poem Generator uses JavaScript / Active Scripting. Make sure it's turned on in your browser and enjoy the Smurf poems!

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