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Smurf Connect Four
Gargamel has challenged Papa Smurf to a game of Connect Four to determine who is the Ultimate Connect Four Champion. Match four red pieces in a line to claim victory for The Smurfs!
Smurf Connect Four
How do I play Smurf Connect Four?

To win the game you must connect four red pieces in a row, in a column or on the diagonal. Point the mouse cursor over the row you wish to drop your piece in. Then left-click the mouse button to drop your piece. Connect four pieces and you win!

Level of Difficulty

Select the level of difficulty by using the drop-down menu on the scoreboard.
You can choose from: Too Easy, Easy, Medium or Hard.

Did you know?
  • During his long sea voyages, Captain James Cook played this game with his fellow officers. Because he devoted so much time to the game, his shipmates dubbed it the Captain's Mistress.
  • In 1974, Milton Bradley, now owned by Hasbro, released the Connect Four game we all know and love.
  • Other names for Connect Four include: Captain's Mistress, Four-in-a-Row, and Plot Four.
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Smurf Connect Four Hints

Connect Four needs JavaScript or "Active Scripting", which is usually turned on by default in your web broswer. Try the "Easy" skill-level if the game is tricky and have fun playing against Gargamel!

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