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Smurfette Coloring Pages!
Smurfette coloring pages are a great way to express your inner Artist Smurf! Have fun coloring the black and white Smurfette picture with the full pallette of colors. Maybe Smurfette should be pink - it is your choice!
Smurfette Coloring Pages:

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How do I use Interactive Smurfette Coloring Pages?

Just click on a tool, select a color and start coloring your Smurfette picture! You can use different tools: a freehand paint brush, a paint bucket (which fills an entire area with one color), an eraser, or a "clear" tool (to reset the Smurfette picture back to its original state).

What do the Coloring Book buttons do?

Press the Paintbrush icon to paint freehand - the mouse works like a paintbrush! Press the Paintbucket tool to fill an entire area with color. The Eraser tool allows you to erase anything you've painted. The Clear tool clears away everything you've colored and returns you to the original uncolored picture. The possiblities are limited only by your imagination.. so enjoy coloring!

I want more Smurf Coloring Sheets!

More Smurf Coloring Pages:
Hints and Tips!

Interactive Smurfette Coloring Page utilizes Java. Get free Java here. Did you know? The paintbucket tool can be used to fill entire areas over and over. You can override an old color with a new color - that means you don't always have to press the clear button to start again! Don't forget the paintbrush - it's fun for smurf doodling! Have fun playing the Interactive Smurf Coloring Game!

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