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Smurf Checkers
Play checkers against Gargamel... show him who's boss! Who will be the Checkers Champion? Strut your stuff on the checkerboard in this execiting version of one of the world's most popular boardgames!
Smurf Checkers

How do I play Smurf Checkers?

You play as Smurf, the red piece. Click a red checker and then click an unoccupied gray destination square, moving diagonally.

You move diagonally (downward) when you start. You can never move horizontally (across) or onto the black squares. Try to jump over Gargamel's pieces to remove them from the board. If Gargamel jumps over one of your pieces, you lose a piece! If you manage to make it down all the way to the bottom of the gameboard, you are "kinged" - you can now move diagonally upwards and downwards. Your king is a powerful way to knock out Gargamel's gamepieces!

Once either all of Gargamel's pieces (or yours!) have been knocked off the gameboard, the game ends. Be careful, Gargamel is a good player!

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History of Checkers

Checkers is one of the world's most popular games - yet it is actually an ancient game! The first instance of an intact game board was found in Ur, Iraq. This historic checkerboard dates from circa 3000 BC, meaning that Checkers is actually over 5,000 years old! The ancient Egyptians played checkers as well, but it was the French that started playing on a Chess board - thus perfecting modern Checkers.

The first fully computerized version of Checkers was made by Arthur L. Samuel in 1952 on IBM's first commercially released computer, the IBM 701. In 2007, Checkers was declared to be "fully solved", meaning that a computer program could win or tie every single game it played - wow!

Trivia: In England, checkers is called draughts.

How do I play another game of Smurf Checkers?

Make sure Javascript is turned on. If ever you run out of moves, the game is over... just start again. Click the "New Game" button to start a new game. The scoreboard keeps track of your score, Gargamel's score and the tie games too. Will you be the Smurf Checkers champion?


Hints for Checkers

There are a number of checkers strategies, checkers hints and tips, and secrets of checkers that can be employed in the game to improve your chances against Gargamel.

First, remember that you can perform a double jump when two of Gargamel's pieces are vulnerable (diagonal to an empty gray square). Simply jump - twice - and remove both pieces at once!

Second, protect your gamepieces! Align your red checkers next to each other, on a diagonal, to stop Gargamel from jumping over them. Try to keep Gargamel from reaching the top row of the gameboard, to prevent him from kinging his pieces!

Finally, think ahead! Checkers is a game of strategy, forethought, and planning. Figure out what possible moves Gargamel could make and use them to your advantage. Box your opponent into a corner, by limiting his options - think ahead and you will win, Smurf!

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