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Smurf Battleship!
Play Battleship with Gargamel! Sink all of evil Gargamel's ships before he has a chance to sink your ships... and you win the game!
Smurf Battleship Game:

Try to find Gargamel's hidden ships.
Click inside Gargamel's Fleet to start the game!

Smurf Ships Types and Number
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Smurf Battleship

Smurf Battleship Instructions

You and Gargamel each take turns trying to sink each other's ships. When you select a square, you "fire" on Gargamel's fleet, resulting in either a "hit" or "miss". In return, Gargamel will try to fire upon you. With every new game, the computer randomly assigns your ships to various positions on the board.

How do I play Smurf Battleship?

Click your mouse on a square in the "Gargamel's Fleet" side of the screen. Try to get a hit - a red indicator appears when you hit a ship. Keep clicking in the general vicinity of the "hit" to sink Gargamel's ship. Once all of his ships are sunk, you win the game! If Gargamel sinks all of your ships - you are smurfed.

What are the different types of ships?

The ships come in a variety of sizes. The eleven ships include: 4 Minesweepers (two squares), 4 Frigates (three squares), 2 Cruisers (four squares) and 1 Battleship (five squares). You have to sink them all to win!

Smurf Battleship Hints

Smurf Battleship uses JavaScript / Active Scripting, which is usually turned on by default on most web browsers. Enjoy the game and go sink Gargamel's Fleet!

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