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Smurf BBS Information!
Smurfing for a new group of friends? Want to talk to the Smurf community's most established Smurf experts? Need help locating a bucket of blue body paint? Smurf BBS is the place for you! This page will explain the how's, why's, where's and when's of the renowned giant that is "Smurf BBS". If you haven't already, check it out here!
Questions and Answers:
Is it true that SmurfBBS is the longest running Smurf Message Board in the world?

Yes. By far, SmurfBBS is the oldest Smurf-releated message board in the world - it has been in continual operation for over a decade. In addition, Smurf BBS has the largest userbase of any Smurf message board - over 3,000 members, making it the oldest and most popular Smurf bulletin board in the world.
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What is Smurf BBS?

Smurf BBS is a meeting place for Smurf nuts. More than that, it's a place where Smurf fans can talk, make new friends, buy, sell, or anything else their blue heart desires. Simply put, Smurf BBS is the center of the universe for the Smurf community.

More specifically, Smurf BBS is an electronic bulletin board system (or "BBS") that caters to Smurf collectors and afficionados. Smurf BBS runs on custom software written by Infopop and You can enter the Smurf Collector Bulletin Board through
this link. Smurf BBS is also accessible through
When did Smurf BBS come to be?

1998. Although we did go through an experimental phase in 1997 (using simple auto-page-refresh software common at the time). The current message board has been in use, and continually upgraded, since 1999. Yup, the messages actually go all the way back to 1999! If you wish, you too can read about how the
impending Y2K problem will affect the Smurf world.
Who moderates (manages) the Smurf BBS?

Papa Smurf, Raven Child and Sassette run the Smurf Collector Bulletin Board. If you need help, drop one of them a line.
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How do I get my own custom Smurf picture (avatar) for the BBS?

First a quick definition - a Smurf avatar is a little picture that goes next to your name when you post messages on the BBS. You need to be registered on the site to get an avatar.

If you haven't already registered:

Register for the site by
clicking here. It is fast, easy and free to register! After you complete the simple registration, click the "Select a different Avatar Image" link and choose from one of the many Smurf pictures. If you wish, you can also upload your own avatar, but you must complete the quick registration process entirely first. Press the "Submit Registration" button, Edit your Profile, and click "Select a different Avatar Image" to pick an existing avatar or upload a brand new one.

If you have already registered:

Login to the BBS, Edit your Profile (accessible by first clicking the Private Msgs / Profile link at the top of most Smurf BBS pages), and click "Select a different Avatar Image".
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