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Jayma Mays
Jayma Mays

Name: Jamia Suzette Mays

Birth: July 16, 1979 in Grundy, Virginia

Best Known For:



Ugly Betty

The Smurfs Movies

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Red Eye
JAYMA MAYS:   * Trivia / Fun Facts    * Smurfy Interview   * Build-a-Bear   * Smurf Movie Premiere   * Best Films & TV
Jayma Mays plays Grace Winslow in the Smurfs Movies. She is the wife of Neil Patrick Harris' character, Patrick Winslow. Grace is 5 months pregnant in the first movie. Her husband, Patrick is a little nervous about becoming a first time Dad but Grace effortlessly shows her maternal side with the lovable creatures, the Smurfs. At the end credits of the movie, we see their little baby boy, Blue Winslow.

The Smurfs Director, Raja Gosnell, says that Grace is a surprisingly tricky role... "You have to be both funny and emotional. She (Jayma) was the only actress who made us believe both sides – her comedic skills are just fantastic, and she also had the enthusiasm and excitement that made us believe what we were watching was real."

Jayma Mays watched The Smurfs cartoons growing up because her mother was a huge fan...

"My mom loved them, so she made me watch them with her. Just to get under her skin, I would always tell her that my favorites were Gargamel and Azrael! We had the sheets, we had the Smurfs glasses, the sippy cups, all that stuff. But secretly, I was a fan. I loved the show – but I was at an age that I couldn't admit that I liked something that my mom wanted me to like."

Jayma Mays speaks about playing the role of Grace Winslow in the Smurfs Movie...

"For Grace it's so exciting that these little creatures have come into her world and her life. She loves them and she loves their spontaneity and carefree outlook on life. She enjoys her own life being thrown into the air a bit. That's something she's trying to convince Patrick – it's okay to have fun and it's okay to be disrupted in your life. And since they're about to have a child, everything's going to be a bit disrupted for a while – and the Smurfs help him get ready for that."

Jayma Mays reveals her favorite Smurf...

Well, I do have an affection for Clumsy, but I think that’s because of all of my character’s interaction with Clumsy, and he’s so lovable and sweet, and you want to take him home and cuddle him."

The Smurfs 2 Interview
Jayma Mays: Role of Grace Winslow
Smurfs Build-a-Bear Workshop
Jayma Mays and Neil Patrick Harris visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop on July 27, 2011 in New York City. The Smurfs co-stars joined a group of children to build some custom Smurf dolls. The children wore Smurf Hats and Smurf T-Shirts. Smurfy fun was had by all!
Jayma's original name was Jamia (the the female form of James), after her father. Her name was constantly mispronounced so they changed it to Jaima, and then eventually to Jayma.

Jayma is a natural red head.

Along with being a skilled pianist, Jayma trained in dances like Ballroom, Country Western, Disco, Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Swing.
* Jayma can speak in American Southern, Appalachian, British, Cockney, French, German and Irish accents.

* By coincidence, Jayma's played characters named "Charlie" on both Heroes and Ugly Betty.

* Jayma's all-time favorite television show is The Golden Girls.

* Jayma appeared on the show How I Met Your Mother which stars Neil Patrick Harris.
Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays & Smurfs
Film Reel
The Smurfs Movie 2011 Glee Heroes Paul Blart: Mall Cop Red Eye
Film Reel
Smurfs Movie World Premiere
Jayma Mays at Smurfs World PremiereJayma Mays Big SmileJayma Mays Smurfs Movie Premiere
The Smurfs 2 Movie Premiere
Jayma Mays at The Smurfs 2 PremiereJayma Mays & Smurfs 2 CakeSmurfy Jayma Mays
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