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Smurf Collector Links!
SMURFS COLLECTOR LINKS is proud to maintain ties with Smurf collectors from around the globe. If you don't see your site listed here then post a message and announce yourself to the world! Make sure you include a site description and we'll add you to this page as soon as possible.
Smurfy Websites:
Raven Child's amazing website features her brilliant writing, drawing, sketches, and great dream catchers! And Smurf fan fiction, of course!
SmurfFan's website dedicated to all things Smurf!! Featuring original works by Troy W. Pennie.
Smurf Town
A professional site featuring downloadable Smurf videogames, toys, links, and more!
Steph's Smurfy Site
Smurfy Steph's smurftopia! Includes Poet Smurf's poems from the TV show, a collector's list, and more!
The Blue Collection
RonSmurf's truly stunning Smurf collection. Includes Smurf photo albums and Smurf fairs!
A list of all the Smurfs characters with a description of each! Includes a Smurfs television show episode guide. Nice!
Buffalo Road Character Collectibles
We sell Smurf figures, houses, cottages, windmills, playsets, plush dolls, pins, posters, catalogs, mugs and almost anything else smurfy! We have Smurfs from all over the world including Germany, Macao, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. Come browse our on-line store where we have over 600 smurf items listed. Buffalo Road Imports has been collecting and dealing with Smurfs for over 12 years!
A very flattering page featuring a variety of smurfy links.
Jenifer's PVC Smurf collection! There are a lot of good photos here!
Toy Addict
If you're looking for Smurfs (or any other toy made from 1950-2000), this is a shop worth checking out!
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Buy a Smurf DVD!
Smurf Collectors Unite
An excellent Smurf collectors site! Features a large PVC collection.
SmurfBBS is the first and oldest dedicated Smurfs message board on the 'net! SmurfBBS is a community-run Smurf Bulletin Board System shared by, Vic George's Imaginarium, Dirk's Smurfy Page, and Raven Child! Come smurf with us - get a FREE membership here.

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