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Smurf Collector Chat!
Chat live with Smurf collectors and fans from around the planet! Brag about your latest auction win, arrange a trade, or just smurf around with the worldwide Smurf collector community! Requires Java. Read the Chat-FAQ for more information!
Smurf Collector Global Chat:

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There are buttons on this page, a field that says "Enter nickname", and some other stuff. What do I do?

Despite all the buttons, connecting to Smurf Collector Chat is very simple! Simply enter a nickname into the space provided (or use the default name "SmurfBuddy"), and click the "Connect Now!" button. That's it! You're done!


Sometimes when try to chat I get the message "Connecting to server..." and nothing else happens, or I get some sort of other connection error. Smurf Collector Chat utilizes servers (other computers) that are heavily used by people from all around the world. Sometimes, a connection is not completed properly because of this heavy "load". Simply hit the "Connect" button located at the bottom right corner of the chat window (you may have to hit "Disconnect" first), or hit "refresh/reload" on your browser to try again.

I am still getting connection errors that stop me from using Smurf Collector Chat.

Click the "Config" button to bring you back to the screen that allows you to select "Server Name" (if you are not already there). Select a new server from the list, and press "Connect now!"


What is a nickname?

A nickname is the "handle" or alias you use to chat with other people. It is not advised that you use your real name as your nickname. Select a nickname that suits your personality!

How do I change my nickname once I'm chatting?

Simply type "/nick OtherNickname" (and hit the Return key) where "OtherNickname" is the new nickname you wish to use.

I can't select the nickname I want!

Sometimes, a nickname you desire is already being used by someone else. In that case, you have no choice but to choose another nickname.


I don't see any chat at all on this page!

A Java "applet" (program) is used on this page. Some computers (such as those at work or school) are configured to not allow Java programs to be run, due to security concerns or workplace policy. If you have the authority, change your browser's security settings to allow Java applets to run. In the Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, choose the "Tools" menu, then the "Internet Options" Menu, then click the "Security" tab. Next, click the "Custom Level" button. Finally, under the "Reset to:" drop-down menu, select "Medium" and hit the "Reset" button. Answer "yes" to the warning and then hit the "OK" button.

I still don't see any chat on this page!

You may be using an older browser that does not have Java support. Upgrade your browser to a newer version.


Is there another way to access Smurf Collector Chat other than the applet on this page?

Yes! Any other IRC client (such as the popular mIRC) can be used to access the chat. After loading your IRC client, select a Undernet server and "/join #SmurfChat". Unlike mIRC, though, the Smurf Collector chat IRC client you see on this page is free for all Smurf fans!

Where can I get further help regarding Undernet?

Check out DALnet's official help page, In addition, feel free to ask the Smurf collector community on the SmurfBBS message board.


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