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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Member # 1224
 - posted 05-22-2012 05:19 AM

Play The Smurfs 3 Game Boy


START = Enter key
SELECT = Space Bar

A = D Key
B = S Key

Joypad = Arrow keys

Click your mouse on the game screen to begin, and press the Enter key.


Front cover of Infogrames' The Smurfs Nightmare cartridge boxBack cover of Infogrames' The Smurfs Nightmare cartridge box

The Smurfs Nightmare


Smurfs Nightmare game screen.
Gargamel has smurfed them again! It was a haunting night with a full moon when Gargamel cast an evil spell over the entire Smurf Village. Now all its inhabitants find themselves trapped in their worst of nightmares. Only Hefty Smurf is unaffected because he was out smurfing in the woods when the spell was cast. Searching through Papa Smurf's laboratory, he finds a potion that allows him entry into the dreams of the other Smurfs. It's the beginning of a long voyage, deep into the heart of their nightmares....each one stranger than the last! The Smurfs' fate lies in your hands, so get smurfing with your Game Boy Color right away!


Control options.


A scared Smurf!
When it comes to video games, are you a "Papa Smurf" or just an apprentice? Whatever your skill level, use the options menu to smurf the following options:
Difficulty Level:Choose Easy or Hard.
Music:With music (ON) or without music (OFF).
Password:Enter a code to avoid starting a game from the beginning.
To change an option: Move the cursor with the Select Button. Change the setting with either Button A or B.


At the end of some stages, you will be given a password made up of 3 faces. This allows you to restart a game at the point where the password was given to you. To enter a password: Select "Password" from the Options Menu. Using Left/Right on the Control Pad, choose the face you want to change. Then, select the character by pressing Up or Down on the Control Pad. Enter the password by pressing the Start Button.


A Scary Demon!
Your journey will be littered with evil spirits and extraordinary encounters, plus other varied bonuses:

THE SMALL RASPBERRY JUICE FLASK:You will find these flasks in all the levels. Each time you smurf one, you get 1 energy point.
THE BIG HEARTS:Finding one of these hidden flasks adds one heart permanently to the energy bar and increases your chances of survival. For example, smurfing one of these bonuses when the energy bar has 4 hearts, a 5th heart is added.
THE NETTLE JUICE BOTTLE:Nettle juice is a potion that strengthens a Smurf, making him invincible for a few seconds.
THE FREEZING POTION:These flasks contain a potion, which immobilizes all enemies around you for a few seconds. Take advantage of this to smurf all nearby bonuses.
Sarsaparilla leaf.
THE SARSAPARILLA LEAVES:Picking up the sarsaparilla leaves throughout the game will reward you in two ways:

The height and length of a Smurf's jump depends on the number of sarsaparilla leaves you have picked up. The more leaves you pick up, the higher and farther the Smurf will jump!

Collecting more than 40 sarsaparilla leaves in a level will give you access to a special bonus stage!


At the end of some stages, you will be given a password made up of 3 faces. This allows you to restart a game at the point where the password was given to you. To enter a password: Select "Password" from the Options Menu. Using Left/Right on the Control Pad, choose the face you want to change. Then, select the character by pressing Up or Down on the Control Pad. Enter the password by pressing the Start Button.

1]THE SCORE:To increase your score, smurf as many enemies and pick up as many bonuses as possible! Good scores reward an extra game life.
2]THE ENERGY BAR:This is made up of 4 hearts and displays your energy points. When all energy hearts are gone and you get hit, you lose one game life.
3]THE SMURF'S HEAD:The number displayed to the right of the Smurf's head displays the number of remaining game lives.
4]THE SARSAPARILLA GAUGE:This gauge displays how many sarsaparilla leaves you have picked up. A full gauge will give the Smurf maximum jumping height and distance.

0 to 15 leaves = normal jump

16 to 31 = 1.5 x normal jump

More than 31 leaves = 2 x normal jump
5]THE OXYGEN GAUGE:During the Bottomless Well Stage, this gauge appears above the sarsaparilla gauge. It displays the Smurf's oxygen supply, and it slowly decreases in time. TheSmurf can obtain more oxygen by opening packages.


WALK:Press Left or Right on the Control Pad.
SMURF AN ENEMY:Jump on the head of an enemy.
SWIM:Press Left or Right on the Control Pad. To swim upwards, press Button B.
JUMP:Press Button B once for a normal jump. If you have collected enough sarsaparilla leaves, press Button B twice or three times to jump higher and farther.
OPEN A PACKAGE:Place yourself below a package and jump up to open it.
DUCK DOWN:Press Down on the Control Pad.
PUSH:Place yourself next to the object you want to move. Press Left or Right on the Control Pad.
FLY IN A SOAP BUBBLE:To move the bubble containing the Smurf, use the Control Pad.
FLY WITH WINGS:Use the Control Pad to control your direction.
TO TAKE OFF WITH THE ROCKET:Quickly tap Button A. When you release Button A, the rocket will fall to the ground.
BONUS STAGES:In this stage, the Smurf can refill his Raspberry Juice and increase the number of game lives by opening packages. To open a package, punch it using Button B.

Don't stand still when the packages tumble down towards the Smurf! A super-bonus is there for the taking if you open them all ... but watch out, some packages are booby-trapped!


THE RABBIT RIDE:In this level, Hefty Smurf rides a rabbit. Make the rabbit run slower or faster by pressing Left or Right on the Control Pad. To jump over an obstacle, press Button B.
THE BOTTOMLESS WELL:Here Hefty Smurf has to swim underwater. To move left or right, use the Control Pad. To swim upwards, press Button B.
THE FLOOD WAVE:Look out! A dam has given way and a giant wave is chasing Smurf. Use the bonus springs and press Left or Right on the Control Pad to escape!
THE MOLE'S BURROW:Hefty Smurf finds himself on the back of a mole moving in an underground tunnel. Control the mole's speed by using Left or Right on the Control Pad. To jump over an obstacle, press Button B.


To enter any of the houses in the village, you must have the correct key. You'll also need to find objects to have access to certain stages: a carrot for the Rabbit Ride, a rope for the Bottomless Well, a hammer for the Flood Wave and a pair of glasses for the Mole's Burrow. You must find these objects during your voyages within the "Smurfs Nightmare". To do this, sometimes you'll need to solve a little puzzle to get objects. Here's a few clues that might help you:

The Dangerous Kitchen:Jump on the strawberries in the correct order to get the carrot.
The Library Of Fear:Place the pawns on the right squares to unhook the rope.
The Mysterious Planet:Break the rock with the rocket to make the hammer appear.
The Haunted Manor:Operate the levers to release the pair of glasses.
The Workbench Gone Mad:Trigger the hook at the right time to recover the key.
The Laboratory Of Hell:Jump on the test tubes to find the magic flask.

Bonus game.
The Rabbit Ride.
The Flood Wave.
The Mole's Burrow.


The Smurfs Nightmare cartridge.
Infogrames' The Smurfs Nightmare is available for sale worldwide right now!

Click here to buy Smurf videogames online!

Instructions scanned and prepared by Vic George.
Jokie Smurf
Member # 4119
 - posted 05-22-2012 07:42 AM
That's pretty cool Smurfy1for2! [Smile]
Velvety Vanity
Member # 4150
 - posted 05-22-2012 04:27 PM
This looks pretty cool!

But after "Go into their houses and rescue them", I can't do anything! Please help.
Jokie Smurf
Member # 4119
 - posted 05-22-2012 05:58 PM
I think you're supposed to press either the "S" key or the "D" key for that part. I know it's one of those, I just can't remember which one. Tell me what happens.
Member # 3862
 - posted 05-22-2012 10:55 PM
I love this game [Big Grin] have it myself but can't make it beyond the second part of the mysterious planet
Member # 4140
 - posted 05-23-2012 12:25 AM
@Smurfy1for2 Thank you so much for posting this game, I just love it so much!!!
Member # 1224
 - posted 06-02-2012 02:03 AM
The Smurfs Nightmare Cheat Codes and Unlockables

2: Rabbit Race
Hefty, Brainy, HandyBrainy, Handy, HeftyBrainy, Handy, Hefty
3: Mysterious Planet
Hefty, Cook, AstroAstro, Hefty, BrainyAstro, Hefty, Brainy
4: Workbench Gone Mad
Brainy, Hefty, HeftyHefty, Cook, HandyHefty, Cook, Handy

Level 1 Carrot code: Left, Right, Middle.

Invincibility: Collect all leaves fifteen times - without dying.

Invisibility: Collect all leaves. Start again and collect nothing.

Bonus level: Collect all leaves on the level "Workbench Gone Mad".
Member # 1224
 - posted 06-02-2012 03:16 AM

The Smurfs Nightmare - Complete Video Walkthrough

Member # 4693
 - posted 12-20-2012 12:38 PM
Great game!
Amy Sue Smurfette
Member # 4050
 - posted 12-21-2012 07:11 AM
aww wish i had that for on the go.
Sweet Smurf 2
Member # 5136
 - posted 12-16-2014 11:54 AM
I actually like this game. [Big Grin]

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