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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Papa Smurf
Member # 1
 - posted 12-18-1999 05:20 AM
All right.

I give.

What is "Mil-Looney-um"?

Vic George
Member # 37
 - posted 12-18-1999 05:17 PM
That would be the Looney Tunes' version of the "millenium". Technically, though, the next millenium doesn't start until January 1, 2001, since they are counted from 1 to 1000. The Romans who came up with this "anno domini" or "common era" recording of dates had no year 0, since they had no number that stood for 0. Unfortunately, most people wouldn't give a big smurfing deal about it!
Papa Smurf
Member # 1
 - posted 12-24-1999 06:31 AM

I eventually figured it out after seeing the 20th Looney Tunes cartoon in a row.

I wonder if they showed the "exploding piano" Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam cartoon?

Papa Smurf
Member # 1
 - posted 12-25-1999 01:38 PM
I found this at :

"The third millennium officially begins Jan. 1, 2001. But that doesn't mean we won't party the night away precisely one year earlier, when every numeral in 1999 rolls over and the year 2000 comes in. But 2000 is simply the final year of the second 1,000-year period in the dating system established by sixth-century monk Dionysius Exiguus.

Dionysius was working before the invention of the zero, and therefore started his system with the year 1 A.D., his calculation of the year of the birth of Jesus. Thus, the first hundred-year period (century) A.D. and every complete century thereafter ended on the last day of the 100th year.

Still, the third millennium may have begun already. Although Dionysius pegged his calendar to the birth of Christ, modern scholars now agree he had to be born at least four years - and perhaps as many as 20 years - earlier. So when we flip our calendars to the year 2000, it will actually be 2004 or later, and the real year A.D. (Anno Domini, or in the year of the Lord) 2000 may have already passed."

Vic George
Member # 37
 - posted 12-26-1999 07:52 AM
Anyway, the whole thing about the "Y2K computer problem" has given me an idea for a possible Empath story about the Smurfs dealing with a "Yie Kwan Kai" problem. I'm just not sure about the exact year to set this problem in, since I would want to set it for December 31, 999, but then I remember another (actual Smurf) story where Mother Nature says something to the effect of Father Time acting a certain way "this early in the millenium", suggesting that the turning point of the millenium had already passed.

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