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Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-07-2018 04:40 PM:
You smurfs in Smurf Village are going about your day as usual, when suddenly you hear distant rumbling. You decide to climb to the top of the Great Oak and look west towards Gargamel’s hovel. Behind the hovel you see this.

Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-07-2018 05:58 PM:
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-07-2018 09:25 PM:
Gargamel: holy smurf! What is that?!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-08-2018 06:59 PM:
Azrael: (confused and sarcastic) Meow-mrah! Maw-miaw? (I don't know! An explosion?)
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-08-2018 07:04 PM:
Papa: no doubt Balthazar was behind this! *angry face*

Balthazar: what on earth is going on out there?!

King Gerard: oh my God! What could have caused an explosion that large?!

Then the shockwave hits, it is the single loudest boom ever heard. Windows are shattered in King Gerard’s town.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-08-2018 07:23 PM:
King Gerard: Oh, great. Now, all of my peoples' windows have shattered by the strange explosion.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-08-2018 07:30 PM:
Gargamel: *angrily* Balthazar must have been behind this!

Papa: *arrives at Gargamel’s* what did you do crazy wizard?!

Gargamel: that most certainly is not my doing, I suspect it was Balthazar’s doing.

Papa: hmm, let’s confront him about it. He may be going too far.

Gargamel: *arrives at Balthazar’s with Papa* what did you do Balthazar?!

Balthazar: me?! I did not do anything like that! I wish it was mine though.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-08-2018 08:02 PM:
Brainy enters.

Brainy: Alright! Which one of you destroyed my latest Quotations book?
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-08-2018 09:25 PM:
Balthazar: the same fool who shattered all my glass and made my ears ring!

Papa: get back to the village Brainy, we are going to investigate the source of the blast.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-09-2018 03:28 AM:
Brainy salutes.

Brainy: You got it, Papa Smurf!
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-09-2018 07:01 AM:
Melody: hey Brainy, I think I know where the blast came from. I’m going to wait for Papa to get back and then I’ll fly you, Papa, and Hefty over there.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-09-2018 07:45 AM:
Brainy: Smurfmelody? But how did you survive from the Smurfs: The Lost Village movie universe made by Sony Pictures Animation?

STLV Brainy: We came with her.

Brainy shockingly saw his STLV counterpart, along with Hefty and Clumsy's STLV counterparts.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-09-2018 05:07 PM:
Melody: oh smurf me! I’ve got to contact my brother about this!

Papa returns

Papa: neither Gargamel nor Balthazar are behind this explosion.

Melody: then it’s probably my little brother Boeing.

Papa: why do you say that?

Melody: because he and some other smurfs have been working on a new weapon of war to stop the Wartmongers from invading Smurfstadt.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-09-2018 06:10 PM:
Papa: Let's hope that Boeing survived.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-09-2018 08:13 PM:
Melody: I’m pretty sure he did.

Boeing contacts the village via telephone.

Boeing: in case you haven’t figured out yet, that explosion was a test of our latest weapon of war. Don’t worry, the giant explosion indicates a successful test. For over half a millennium the wartmongers have raided smurf villages all around the region. I will send a warning to King Bullrush that unless the wartmongers stop raiding villages, there will be serious consequences.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-09-2018 08:27 PM:
Papa Smurf: Good idea! Now, let's Smurf!
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-10-2018 08:17 AM:
Boeing sends the warning to King Bullrush, but 6 months later the wartmongers raid Smurf Village! Some of the smurfs manage to escape by climbing the Great Oak. Brainy, Hefty, Handy, Melody, Smurfette, and Nat escape. All the others are captured and brought to the wartmongers’ castle with the threat of being eaten or enslaved.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-10-2018 01:06 PM:
Later, we see Brainy and Nat sitting on the ground.

Brainy: Well, Nat. That was a long length of 4 hours smurfing through.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 02-10-2018 04:40 PM:
MG, forgetting something?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-10-2018 05:21 PM:
Originally posted by Sweet Smurf 2:
MG, forgetting something?

Oh, yeah.

The Mystery Incorporated RP is put on hold.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-10-2018 08:08 PM:
Nat: oh look! *points at a landing helicopter*

Melody: that’s my brother SmurfBoeing, he’s pretty mad at the wartmongers.

Boeing: I warned them six smurfing months ago to stop raiding smurf establishments, and then they go and pull this smurf! Clearly they don’t take smurfs seriously. Well they must never have seen the B1 Smurf, it drops big bombs while flying faster than the speed of sound.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-11-2018 09:22 AM:
Brainy: Well, I suggest they'd stop pulling these ridiculous stunts.

Nat: Say, Boeing. What were the Wartmongers planning about?
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-11-2018 08:01 PM:
Boeing: for the last few years, they’ve been eating smurfs. They enslave the smurfs they think would taste bad. They’ve eaten a thousand smurfs and enslaved at least 20 times as many. I’ve warned them and they didn’t listen. Today is judgement day.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-12-2018 06:47 PM:
Nat: Wow. So, what's gonna happen to them?
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-12-2018 06:57 PM:
Boeing: my military smurfs are currently flying towards the wartmonger capital city. I’ve got hundreds of dive bombers currently gunning down any guard posts and weapons storages. I’ve also got choppers to carry slave smurfs to safety. I especially hope Blossom is okay.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-13-2018 03:31 AM:
Cut to Clumsy and Jokey.

Clumsy: Uh, yeah. Us too.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-13-2018 07:36 AM:
Clumsy, Vanity, Farmer, Papa, Gutsy, and Jokey are enslaved. Hackus, Tuffy, Weepy, Lazy, Greedy, and Grouchy are about to be eaten. Narrator and Scaredy/Paranoid have already been eaten. All the girl smurfs are enslaved because wartmongers don’t want to cough up hairballs.
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 02-13-2018 11:40 AM:
Bullrush: now I wonder which of the girls is in love with Boeing, I want to eat her.

Bullrush hears the A10 Smurfhogs gunning down his weapons storage and guard towers.

Bullrush: what in Shrek’s name is that racket?
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-12-2018 10:13 AM:
We cut to Brainy, Hefty, Handy, Melody, Smurfette, and Nat, who have now climbed down the tree and entered a cave in the forest.

HEFTY: There's got to be a way to save our fellow Smurfs! Handy, do you think you could build something that might be of assistance to us?

HANDY: Sorry, Hefty... Without my tools, I can't smurf anything to help us...

BRAINY: I wish Ariel was here... She'd know what to do...

VOICE IN THE DARKNESS: All you have to do is call, you know...

The stranded Smurfs jump in fear, but are relieved when they see it is only Ariel... Melody is the only one who is still confused...

SMURFS (except Melody): ARIEL!

BRAINY: My smurfness! I can't believe it's really you! Where have you been all this time?

ARIEL: Let's not worry about that now... Where are Papa and the rest of the Smurfs?

MELODY: Hold on just a smurf. You expect me to believe that we're going to get help from a Smurf I've never seen before? Who is this?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-12-2018 10:49 AM:
BRAINY: This is my wife, Ariel. I met her a long time ago.
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-12-2018 10:54 AM:
BRAINY: Oh, right! I forgot you're from different universes... Ariel, this is SmurfMelody, from the universe of the Lost Village movie... Melody, this is Ariel, the Lost Smurfette from the universe of The Smurfs: Legend of the Lost Smurfette fanfiction ...

MELODY: Not very lost now, are you?

ARIEL: I suppose not... So, about the others? Has something happened?

SMURFETTE: They were captured!

HEFTY: The Wartmongers have them...

NAT: They're gonna eat 'em! We got away cause we climbed up the great oak...

ARIEL: Is there anything we can use to infiltrate their base?

MELODY: We do have the A10 Smurfhogs... But I'm the only one who can fly them... but I can't fly them all at once, of course...

ARIEL: I can take care of that...

They get to where the planes are and Ariel approaches one of them...

ARIEL: Which one is yours, Melody?

Melody points to a jet with a picture of a firebreathing dragonfly on the wings...

MELODY: That one...

ARIEL: I'll start there, then... (Walks away and starts working her magic, leaving Melody with the other five Smurfs)

MELODY: What is she doing? (Watches as Ariel waves her hands over each aircraft)
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-12-2018 11:37 AM:
Brainy: She's working her magic.
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-12-2018 11:52 AM:

Ariel returns to the group of Smurfs

ARIEL: It is done...


ARIEL: I cat a spell on each of the planes... So that when you fly in yours, you will also be flying the others at the same time. I made sure to make it to where you can get them into the positions you will need them in. I want you to fly in and cause a diversion by destroying their stores of supplies, while Hefty, Handy, Brainy and I are disguised as wartmonger servants, Smurfette and Nat will be our lookouts, that means you are going to let us know when to go in... Questions?
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-12-2018 12:03 PM:

Ariel returns to the group of Smurfs

ARIEL: It is done...


ARIEL: I cat a spell on your planes so they will all fly at once so you can take down the wartmongers' storage. While Hefty, Handy Brainy and I will go in disguise as wartmonger servants and sneak away with the other Smurfs. Smurfette, you and Nat are going to be lookouts.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-12-2018 02:07 PM:
NAT: You've got it, Ariel.
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-12-2018 02:45 PM:
At the wartmongers' castle: SmurfMelody soars in with her fleet of A10 smurfhogs and begins to shoot up the storages behind the castle... Nat smurfling zips down a tree and whispers into Smurfette's ear, she races over to where Ariel, Brainy, Handy, and Hefty are awaiting their cue...

SMURFETTE: Get ready, they should be out any moment, now...

ARIEL: Ok, Smurfs, remember, this spell doesn't last long and we don't have much time before our friends are eaten anyway... We can't get caught, so that means we can't speak Smurf... We'll have to either be very quiet or try to avoid social contact with any of them... Remember thank code word I assigned before I left?

BRAINY: Yeah, it was smurfshade, right?

ARIEL: Right. I hope the others know it too, because that's exactly what we're going to use to let them know that it's us...

Ariel casts the spell and the four of them sneak into the ranks unnoticed...
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-13-2018 02:34 AM:
Back in the Wartmongers' castle...

Originally posted by SmurfBoeing:
Bullrush hears the A10 Smurfhogs gunning down his weapons storage and guard towers.

Bullrush: what in Shrek’s name is that racket?

BULLRUSH: (cont.) You! (Points to the wartmongers in front of Brainy, Hefty, Handy, and Ariel) Go check it out!

The disguised Smurfs step forward as the indicated wartmongers leave...

BULLRUSH: (cont. to the phony wartmongers) And you four! (Flings the overcrowded bubble cages at them) Take these Smurfs to the kitchen! (Ariel and her team push the Smurfs in the direction of the kitchen) AND NO SNACKING ON THEM, YOU HEAR? THEY'RE ALL MINE!

They get into an empty hallway...

ARIEL: Hey, you ever heard of smurfshade?

PAPA: Ariel?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-13-2018 08:37 AM:
ARIEL: What's wrong?
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-13-2018 09:19 AM:
PAPA: Is that really you? What happened to you?

A wartmonger turns the corner... Ariel straightens up and jerks the bubble cage...

ARIEL: (carefully watching through the corner of her eye) You shut up in there, you little blue rats!

The wartmonger passes through the door at the end of the hall...

ARIEL: Sorry, Papa, we're going to get you Smurfs out of here... Just play along, and maybe we can get out without being caught...

PAPA: Yes, yes... But where are--

HANDY: Hi, Papa!


BRAINY: Smurfily sorry, Papa, but Ariel said that this was the only way to save everyone...

They arrive in the kitchen, only one wartmonger is there...

HEFTY: Hey you!


HEFTY: Get yourself to the throne room! Bullrush wants to have a few words with you!

The wartmonger runs out, slamming the door behind him.

ARIEL: Nice going, Hefty! (Hefty nods his head) Ok, we're running out of time... Grab some stuff for me to make some fake Smurfs with and we'll be out of here!

Handy and Brainy grab some rotten veggies from the compost bin while Hefty and Ariel carry the bubble cages out to where Melody, Nat and Smurfette are sitting in the A10 Smurfhogs, and attach them to the planes...

Quickly, Ariel casts a spell on the moldy produce, which turn into something that looks like a bunch of sleeping Smurfs.

ARIEL: Hurry, someone's coming!

They jump out the window and Ariel lifts the spell off of herself and the three other wart-smurfs as they land into some empty smurfhogs.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-13-2018 10:07 AM:
CLUMSY: (whispering to Ariel) Uh, what's happenin'?
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-13-2018 10:23 AM:
ARIEL: Shhhh.... We're going to go where they won't find us, is all I can say right now but we have to be quiet or they'll catch us...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-13-2018 11:18 AM:
Cut to Bullrush.
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-13-2018 11:41 AM:
The fake Smurfs have been cooked without anyone realizing that they weren't really the little blue creatures that they had captured after all...

BULLRUSH: Why, these Smurfs taste even worse than the last bunch! What's going on?!? I thought Smurfs were supposed to be a delicacy! And WHERE ARE THOSE SLAVES?!?!!??

WARTMONGER: (salutes) Uh... Sleeping, sir....

BULLRUSH: WHAT????!!!!????!! Bring them to me!

Cut to the Smurfs... They have gotten to a deep cave, hundreds of miles away from the wartmongers...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-13-2018 01:08 PM:
BRAINY: Phew! That was close!
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-13-2018 02:37 PM:
ARIEL: I know...

She lights a torch and motions for the others to follow her... They reach the back of the cave where there is a curtain of leafy vines, which Ariel pushes aside to reveal a huge village...

ARIEL: Welcome to Smurfy Haven, I built this place with the help of the Smurfs I rescued from the wartmongers... I'm not really surprised that you are the last ones who were caught... I've been reenforcing the invisibility shield Papa has kept over the village for a few years now... Sorry I didn't respond to your letters, but now you know why I didn't come home...

A Smurf in a camoflauge suit walks up to her and whispers in her ear...

ARIEL: What's that? They did, did they? Thank you for telling me, General you may continue with your business...

GENERAL SMURF: Yes, ma'am!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-13-2018 06:23 PM:
GENERAL SMURF (Cont.): And thanks to re-enforcing the invisibility shield, no human will be able to find the village.
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-14-2018 01:50 AM:
ARIEL: Or wartmonger...

PAPA: How presmurfly, did you go about doing this?

ARIEL: When I was traveling the world, I found myself visiting thousands of Smurf villages... But one day while I was in a village in the country of America, some wartmongers came and captured them all... I slipped in and rescued them... Since then I've been running what I like to call the Underground Railsmurf... Rescuing entire villages from the hands of danger... So far, we have saved two hundred villages of ranging numbers of Smurfs...
Posted by SmurfyDove: Ariel, Lost Smurfette (Member # 5345) on 03-14-2018 03:57 AM:
Cut to the Warmongers' castle... King Bullrush called for the fake smurf "slaves" to be brought to him for questioning...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-14-2018 04:06 PM:
GUARD: Uh, King Bullrush. I don't think these creatures are speaking.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-14-2018 04:20 PM:
BULLRUSH: What do you mean, "not speaking"?

GUARD: Well... Um...

Just then, Ariel's spell wore off, revealing piles of mush which used to be vegetables, and now is home to flies and maggots. Bullrush roars in outrage...

Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-14-2018 06:49 PM:
Back at Smurf Village, we find Papa Smurf in his laboratory working on an experiment.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-15-2018 01:39 AM:
In Smurf Haven, however, Ariel has noticed his absence and is very worried...

ARIEL: Brainy, where's Papa Smurf? I've been looking for him everywhere and I haven't smurfed any signs of him...

BRAINY: I don't know, I thought he was going to talk to you about a new lab...

ARIEL: No... ~gasp~ I think I know where he is! GENERAL!

GENERAL: Yes ma'am! (salutes)

ARIEL: Get a rescue chopper ready to go... We have one Smurf that went back to the danger zone... And be prepared to handle some chemicals; we're bringing the lab with us, too...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-15-2018 04:32 AM:
Cut back to Papa Smurf in Smurf Village, still working on his experiment.

Papa Smurf: I don't know why my little Smurfs are still worrying about me. Clearly, this experiment will stop the Wartmongers once and for all. And luckily, my lab is able to survive.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-15-2018 04:53 AM:
Suddenly, there is a loud whirring noise outside his laboratory...

ARIEL: Papa! Please come out! We're going to smurf your lab to the chopper to take it to Smurf Haven! We need to hurry, my spell should be wearing off on the wartmongers any minute now and when they realize they don't have any Smurfs, this is going to be the first place they come to find us... I can't let you stay here and risk getting caught again! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happens to you, Papa...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-15-2018 05:48 AM:
PAPA: Let's go! (beat) And if the invisibility spell wears off, I'll use my new ice freeze spell to attack the Wartmongers.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-15-2018 06:58 AM:
Just as they start to take off, three wartmongers come bursting through the woods, they hear the smurf copter and are afraid, because they couldn't see the Smurfs flying away with Papa Smurf's lab.

GUARD 1: What's that noise?

GUARD 2: It's a tornado!


ARIEL: That gives me an idea! (closing her eyes, she begins to cast a spell on the three wartmongers that cower below) Powers that be... Hear my plea... Make a tornado and banish those three!

A twister suddenly forms around the three wartmonger soldiers and whisks them away to the castle of King Bullrush... Leaving what they hadn't crushed under their feet perfectly intact...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-15-2018 08:51 AM:
BULLRUSH: What happened?!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-15-2018 09:37 AM:
GUARD: A tornado, Sire. We got blown away by it...

BULLRUSH: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! You three had better find those Smurfs or I'll "blow" YOU out of my kingdom!

The three wartmongers get booted out of the castle, landing on their backsides outside of the drawbridge...

Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-15-2018 10:39 AM:
We fade to the three wartmongers searching around the forest.

GUARD #2: Boys, what are we gonna do? If the Smurfs are rendered invisible from the naked eye, which makes them impossible to find, we don't know what the King will do to us.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-16-2018 08:05 PM:
GUARD 1: I don't know...

We fade to black. Suddenly, the sound of a clock tower is heard chiming off the hour and starting the day in Smurf Haven... Ariel is walking with Brainy along a silent, dimly lit path...

BRAINY: I still can't believe it's really you... I mean...

ARIEL: You were sure that I was probably dead... I know... I kinda thought I was for a while out there, too...

BRAINY: You don't mean you...

ARIEL: Considered it? Yep... Had it not been for that sliver of hope that I might see you again, I wouldn't be here... You, and all the others are what kept me going all this time... Had I been even one second later than I was saving Papa earlier today, I would've had one less reason to keep fighting...

BRAINY: (grabs Ariel's hand) What happened to you out there? You weren't like this before you disappeared on me--us, I mean...

ARIEL: I used to be gentler... Sweeter... I know, but that was the old Ariel... One that is hidden underneath a newer, tougher version of myself... It's going to take a miracle to get me to go back to the way I was...

BRAINY: You're not any different to me... You are still amazingly beautiful and talented and smurfily, very intelligent... The things you can come up with even smurf my mind...

ARIEL: Brainy Smurf, you sure know your way around a topic still , don't you?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-17-2018 04:08 AM:
BRAINY: As long as you're here, my love. I'm complete.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-17-2018 08:15 AM:
ARIEL: You really mean that?

BRAINY: (blushing) Uh... Well, yeah. I really do mean that. [Big Grin]

ARIEL: (smiling, she gives Brainy a kiss on the cheek) I love you too, you blue rascal, you...

BRAINY: Hehe...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-17-2018 12:02 PM:
Suddenly, Gutsy enters the scene.

GUTSY: Are all the Smurfs in line, Ariel?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-17-2018 02:00 PM:
Ariel jumps a little, not expecting anyone else to come to the post for a while...

ARIEL: What are you talking about, Gutsy? In line for what?

GUTSY: I was just thinking that maybe we should take a team of Smurfs back to Smurf Village to retrieve our belongings...

ARIEL: I'm sorry Gutsy, I can't let you do that... It's far too dangerous to go there right now... The team I took with me to get Papa Smurf and the lab was almost caught by a group of wartmongers...

GUTSY: But what about the other Smurfs' houses? They're not taking very well to the new place...

ARIEL: Have you noticed that, too, Brainy?

BRAINY: No, I haven't. Not really, that is, but there are some subtle smurfings on that might turn some heads...

ARIEL: I think I have seen a few examples of restlessness... I suppose we could do a little something for it... But we can't be bothered with anything that isn't a necessity. For example, we can get all of Handy's tools, but only one or two of Vanity's mirrors... And other things, such as Clumsy's rocks, don't need to be gotten unless asked for...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-17-2018 03:09 PM:
CLUMSY: Gosh, I hope my rock collection isn't in jeopardy.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-17-2018 08:03 PM:
Ariel squeals and leaps into the air and lands in a fighting stance...

ARIEL: Clumsy! Don't do that to me! How is it that you can sneak up on me AND be the clumsiest Smurf in the world... Not even in Smurf Haven have I met anyone like you! And that's not because you're my twin brother! But sadly yes... Part, if not all, of your rock collection is at stake... I can't afford to send too many Smurfs back to Smurf Village to retrieve things that may not even be there anymore...

CLUMSY: Oh, OK... I guess I could just take a few rocks here... I can try to get more somehow... I don't know.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-18-2018 09:41 AM:
Vanity enters the scene, looking at himself in the mirror.

VANITY: And I hope that the complexion of my beautiful face remains intact.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-18-2018 06:11 PM:
Ariel snaps back into her protective stance, her hair puffed and frizzed from anxiety...

ARIEL: Gah! Seriously?!? You Smurfs really need to stop sneaking up on me like that... How is it that you all have such big feet and can walk so quietly? I mean I do have slightly large feet, but they're incredibly small for a Smurf, because I'm half fairy. So I naturally walk around silently... But yes, Vanity, I understand that you like your skin to be a specific shade of blue... I am working on a project that will help you keep your tan until we can find a local beach away from humans and any other mythical creatures that might want to eat a little blue buffet of sorts...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-19-2018 02:53 AM:
Vanity: Okay, okay... There's no need to get steamed up.

Cut to Papa Smurf walking up to Ariel to apologize.

Papa Smurf: I'm sorry if the others had scared you, Ariel. They were just... (realizes that her hair and frizzed from anxiety) Great Smurfs! What's happened to you?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-19-2018 03:55 AM:
ARIEL: It's nothing, Papa... I've been a little on edge since I started this whole business of saving entire communities of Smurfs from the wartmongers... The fact that some have been smurfed anyway just makes it worse. You don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine...

Ariel takes a deep breath and tries to smooth out her hair, which fluffs right back up.

BRAINY: Ariel, are you sure you're okay? I don't think you should be trying to get too much done if it's smurfing you out...

ARIEL: It's fine, Brainy, it's only my hair...

PAPA: Brainy does smurf a point, there, Ariel... Anxiety can cause your magic to smurf out of hand, much like your allergies do...

ARIEL: Papa, my magic is fine... (she turns a nearby toadstool into a rose) See? Nothing to smurf about! (the rose shrivels and becomes a snake, before it can strike, however, it wraps up in a ball and rolls away at high speed up the side of the cave and turns back to a toadstool)

VANITY: Humph! That didn't look "fine" to me...

GUTSY: Aye, lass... Seems like you need a break from rescuing Smurfs from the wartmongers...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-19-2018 07:01 AM:
PAPA: You'll have to go rest now in your new home, Ariel. And in the meantime, we'll set off to ask Johan and Peewit if they can cover for you. If not, we'll chose one of the Smurfs in the haven.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-19-2018 11:14 AM:
ARIEL: No Papa, it's okay... I'll just... Keep from using my magic! There, problem solved...

She accidentally smacks Clumsy on the back, a surge of magic bursts through him, causing his hat to explode like one of Jokey's gift boxes...

CLUMSY: Uh... Sis? You sure you're gonna be okay without any rest?

JOKEY: (comes out from behind the bushes) Yeah, Ariel! I usually think that kind of stuff is hilarious, but you doing it in your state of health seems dangerous!

Ariel jumps a little, her hair completely standing on end now...
ARIEL: EEP!!! JOKEY SMURF! ~sigh~ Fine... But no one, and I MEAN no one, is to go back to Smurf Village without me... I've worked too hard to protect you for you to go about getting captured again... Please...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-19-2018 12:06 PM:
All (but Papa Smurf and Ariel): (unison) Yes, Ariel.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-19-2018 06:45 PM:
ARIEL: I want you to promise, too, Papa Smurf...

PAPA: Of course I won't go to the village without you. You can smurf in me to keep my word.

BRAINY: Me too, Ariel. I wouldn't do anything to cause you to worry yoursmurf into a worse state of health than you already are...

CLUMSY: Uh, yeah, Sis, me too.

ARIEL: Thank you guys... I'm going to head home now and try to get some rest...

BRAINY: Here, I'll walk with you.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-20-2018 02:27 AM:
Brainy got Ariel up to take her to her home to rest. Cut to Papa Smurf and Smurfette.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-20-2018 03:23 AM:
SMURFETTE: Papa Smurf, is Ariel going to be okay?

PAPA: I really hope so, Smurfette. But I think she'll be in need of a lot of rest... She's been very busy during the years since we last saw her, she saved about two-hundred smurf communities. Running the underground railsmurf is not an easy task, you see...

SMURFETTE: Do you think she's had any... (she looks around carefully, checking for any eavesdroppers) ...visions, lately?

PAPA: I'm sure she may have. They might have been smurfily bad ones, too, seeing by how jumpy she's been...

All the color drains from Smurfette's face as she realizes that Papa is right. She gains it all back, though when she comes up with an idea...

PAPA:(continued) Ariel needs plenty of rest, OK? No disturbing her about any of her visions...

SMURFETTE: (running off, hardly listening) Okay, Papa Smurf! I'll smurf you later!

She spots Ariel and Brainy walking to a small box that swings low to the ground from a high tree branch, a smurf elevator. She carefully approaches them as they are about to enter it to go to the branch that Ariel lives on.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-20-2018 06:56 AM:
SMURFETTE: I'm afraid to wonder what's wrong with Ariel.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-20-2018 07:57 AM:
She shakes her head as she watches Brainy take Ariel up in the elevator.

SMURFETTE: (continued to herself) But she's my friend, and friends care about each other... I got to find out what's wrong with her!

She races after them...

Cut to Ariel and Brainy, in the elevator...

BRAINY: Ariel, are you alright? I worry about you... I want to know that you're okay and not going to go running off like you did those years ago...

ARIEL: I'm fine, Brainy... It's just... I had this vision some time ago that... You know what, I'm sure it's nothing... I have been wrong before... I mean, what are the chances that I'm not wrong now? Of course, part of it already has come true... Oh never mind that...

BRAINY: Ariel, are you sure you're okay? You're not upset that we're here, are you?

They exit the elevator and it zips back down, Ariel takes a seat on the branch for a moment before speaking again... The elevator returns quietly with Smurfette inside... Neither Brainy or Ariel notice her...

ARIEL: In a way, yes... I'm upset because you were caught by the wartmongers... The first part of the vision I had... The second part involved everysmurf in Smurf Haven... A smurftastrophe that nobody should ever have to witness... The reason why I have been so nervous lately... I don't know what to do about it, but I've been trying my best to guard this place from the wartmongers and all other threats to smurf kind...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-20-2018 10:21 AM:
BRAINY: (shocked) Wow.

Brainy shook his head and rubbed Ariel's forehead.

BRAINY: I see you have a condition, dearest.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-20-2018 11:23 AM:
ARIEL: Oh, yeah? (finally sees Smurfette from the corner of her eye) Hello, Smurfette... I am certain that you heard most of that?

SMURFETTE: Yeah... Wait... How did you know?

ARIEL: I didn't... Until now, of course...

BRAINY: (helps Ariel to her feet and leads her to her hut) I don't think you should be trying to do too much right now... You know what Papa Smurf said; he wants you to rest...

ARIEL: Listen, I know you all just want to help me here, but I've got this... I mean, I'm the one who built Smurf Haven... I can't just run away to my treesmurf because of a little headache...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-21-2018 09:53 AM:
BRAINY: Darling, please don't get excited. We're just trying to help.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-21-2018 01:29 PM:
Ariel takes a deep breath and tries to relax, taking Brainy's hand as she is about to open the door to her house...

ARIEL: I know, my dear... It's just that... (she looks around and sees many smurfs had gathered around them) Oh my, how about you two come in and I can explain to you over a nice home cooked meal... Sound good?

BRAINY: Alright, then... I've been missing your cooking anyway. I don't think there's a problem in doing that, do you think so, Smurfette?

SMURFETTE: I guess it's okay if we do that... Just don't go to too much trouble to cook anything extravagant for us, Ariel... You don't need to be stressed out about it.

ARIEL: Stressed out? From cooking? No, no, no! Not at all... It's one of the few things I do anymore that calms me down...

She leads them into the hut and places a sign on the door that reads: IMPORTANT MEETING IN PROGRESS. PLEASE DON'T DISTURB.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-21-2018 06:46 PM:
Brainy: Well, since you led us into your hut to talk about some problems. What's smurfing on?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-21-2018 08:07 PM:
Ariel goes to the stove and starts cooking...

ARIEL: It's about the visions I've been having lately... I don't know how to explain it, but it's like I've been having them on and off for months now and it's been really smurfing me over... I haven't been able to sleep much more than a few minutes at a time...

SMURFETTE: Oh my, that's awful! You poor thing...

ARIEL: (shaking her head as she stirs the contents of a pot) It's not just the fact that they keep me up at night... Most, if not all of them have been coming true... Like the way that the wartmongers began smurfing entire villages and eating those who lived there... Or even the manner in which you all were captured... That one isn't even finished happening, yet...

BRAINY: What do you mean, Ariel? Is something else going to come for us?

ARIEL: I --I don't rightly know... The last thing I remember from my vision is that I saw many bare Smurfs chained to a huge brick wall...

Brainy and Smurfette gasp in horror, Ariel serves them bowls of chicken and dumpling soup...

ARIEL: I'm sorry, you smurfs... I know this isn't a very good topic for a dinner conversation, but I really have to tell someone...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-22-2018 02:23 AM:
SMURFETTE: But, why did you do that?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-22-2018 03:14 AM:
ARIEL: Do what?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-22-2018 07:24 AM:
Brainy and Smurfette looked at each other, then Brainy said to Ariel.

BRAINY: Maybe you should stay and rest.

SMURFETTE: Yeah. And besides, we have to go with Papa Smurf to seek Johan and Peewit for help.

Brainy and Smurfette got up and began to leave the hut.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-22-2018 09:10 AM:
ARIEL: Wait... Please...

The two smurfs freeze in their tracks... Brainy turns to face Ariel...

BRAINY: Yes, Ariel? What is it?

Ariel looks at him with pure fear in her eyes... Beside him, Smurfette inches towards the door...

SMURFETTE: I'll... Just let you two have your space... (she exits)

BRAINY: Ariel, it'll be okay... You just need to get some rest... So how about I go and let you get some sleep now so you can get back on your feet?

ARIEL: No... Not alone.

BRAINY: What? Why not? You need rest right now and if I stay here I might keep you awake...

ARIEL: Please, Brainy... These visions I've been having lately... I don't know whether I'm dreaming or not... I'm scared, Brainy... I don't think I can be alone right now... The visions... They keep me up at night... One minute I'm asleep and smurfy, the next, I wake up having a vision, I usually would come out of it smurfing... That's why, before I rescued your village and brought them here to Smurf Haven, General and his friends would camp outside my house at night... They thought it was something that kept getting into my house and attacking me during those late hours...

BRAINY: That... That's awful... But I'm here for you, now. There's no need to worry yoursmurf about it... I'll be here whenever you need me...

ARIEL: Thank you...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-22-2018 10:14 AM:
Cut to Papa Smurf and Smurfette.

SMURFETTE: Brainy decided to stay with Ariel to keep her company.

PAPA: Well, that's very smurfy of him.

Handy then came in and tapped Papa Smurf by the shoulder.

HANDY: Uh... Papa Smurf?

PAPA: (turns to Handy) Yes, Handy?

HANDY: About Johan and Peewit?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-22-2018 01:27 PM:
PAPA: Yes... Well we'll just have to find a place to meet up with them and let them know that we're okay, won't we?

HANDY: Why, yes, Papa. But what about Ariel's warning? And the wartmongers' castle is dangerously close to the human kingdom...

PAPA: Which is why we will have to wait until after Ariel recovers from her stress... Smurfette just got done telling me about the conversation she and Brainy smurfed with her... The visions have been smurfing a toll on her since she was in our village last... Building Smurf Haven was the only thing that kept her mind off it...

HANDY: Oh...

PAPA: But, yes, Handy... As soon as Ariel gets better, we will see about getting word to our human friends that we are safe...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-22-2018 01:55 PM:
A week later, at the human kingdom. We see Peewit juggling apples and oranges for entertainment as the King watches him.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-22-2018 05:14 PM:
The king dismisses him, his wild fits of laughter booming through the throne room... Peewit runs off to find Johan who is in the courtyard doing sword practice...

PEEWIT: Hey Johan! Are you ready to go to the smurf village today?

JOHAN: I sure am, Peewit, my friend... Today is the day we finally get to meet their newest smurf...

PEEWIT: Yeah! I wonder what he's going to be like?

JOHAN: I don't know, Peewit... I heard that this smurf can see the future...

They ride through the forest and reach Smurf Village... What they see is a disaster area... The mushroom houses are crushed and the wood is rotting away... No smurf is anywhere to be seen... Even Papa Smurf's lab is missing... The two humans stare in shock at the sight of the ruin...

PEEWIT: What do you think happened, Johan?

JOHAN: I... Don't know, Peewit. My only thoughts are that I hope, wherever they might be, that they are okay...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-23-2018 02:33 AM:
PEEWIT: I wonder... Maybe they didn't survive the disaster?

JOHAN: (sighs) I don't believe it. The Smurfs would never die, not even in a place filled with chaos and destruction.


Johan and Peewit turned around to see Papa Smurf alone.

JOHAN AND PEEWIT: (unison) Papa Smurf!

PEEWIT: Ah, thank goodness it's you. (beat) Say, where are the other Smurfs?

PAPA SMURF: Well, (chuckles) Let's just say that they're running a little late.

Gutsy, Hefty, Handy, Jokey, Vanity, Greedy, Grouchy, Brainy, Smurfette, Clumsy, The Smurflings and Smoogle all entered, walking slowly.

PAPA SMURF: (looking unamused at his little Smurfs, crossing his arms) Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-23-2018 05:36 AM:
Ariel comes swinging by her hair from one of the trees...

ARIEL: So sorry, Papa Smurf! It's my fault that we were late...

PAPA: Okay, Ariel I know you just want everyone to be safe... But everything is fine right now... Johan and Peewit are our friends... So why don't you come and say hello?

ARIEL: You're absosmurfly sure that these two are safe?

PAPA: You're never going to find out unless you come and see for yourself, Ariel...

ARIEL: Hold on a smurf... I'll be right back...

She races back into the forest for a while...

PAPA: Please excuse her, friends... She's been awfully smurfed out lately... Ever since...

PEEWIT: Since what, Papa Smurf?

PAPA: Years ago, after we had first found her in the city of New York, she left the village in search of a purpose... Recently, she found it... When she heard that wartmongers began smurfing entire villages and eating the smurfs who lived there, she would sneak into their kingdom and rescue them... We were her most recent mission...

PEEWIT: Oh my...

JOHAN: If all of the villages have been destroyed, where are you all living, then?

PAPA: In a place Ariel built... It's called Smurf Haven, it's very far from here...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-23-2018 09:15 AM:
PEEWIT: So, what? Is this some sort of... backup location?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-23-2018 06:46 PM:
ARIEL: Not exactly, Mr....

PEEWIT: The name's Peewit... Nice to meet you...

He extends a hand offering a friendly handshake, which Ariel reluctantly accepts...

JOHAN: And I am Johan, dear madam... So, we were told that you built Smurf Haven... Correct?

ARIEL: Right...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-23-2018 07:32 PM:
JOHAN: And all of you built it for a reason because the Wartmongers attacked your village?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-24-2018 07:52 AM:
BRAINY: Actually, Ariel built it all herself... Long before the wartmongers smurfed OUR village... Not even Papa Smurf knew about it until after she saved us5
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-24-2018 12:59 PM:
PEEWIT: Wow. (beat) So, is there anything we can do to help?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-24-2018 06:09 PM:
ARIEL: Not really, no... Of course I don't think you'd even fit through the cave tunnel to get to Smurf Haven.

PAPA: The only way I can think of that anyone could ever help with is if you can smurf out a way to reduce the amount of visions Ariel has and cure her of her headaches...

JOHAN: Sorry, Papa Smurf... I study swordsmanship, not medicine... But moments such as this make me wish I knew medicinal remedies...

PEEWIT: And you already know that I gave up alchemy years ago... I'm made to only be a court jester, and I'm proud of myself for being good at what I do.

Ariel removes her glasses and slides them under her hat... She stands there a moment, eyes closed, massaging her temples with her fingers... Brainy tries to comfort her, but when he reaches out to touch her, she jerks away, making a distressed sort of squeak.

BRAINY: Ariel? Are you okay? What's wrong?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-24-2018 09:57 PM:
Ariel groans softly.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-25-2018 04:06 AM:
BRAINY: Papa Smurf! What's happening to her?

PAPA: She's smurfing another vision! Quick! Catch her before she falls!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-25-2018 07:01 AM:
Both Papa Smurf and Brainy caught Ariel as she faints.

BRAINY: (gasps when he sees Ariel out cold) She's unconscious! (turns to Papa Smurf) What made her unconscious?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-25-2018 09:17 AM:
PAPA: Her visions have been smurfing a serious effect on her health lately... The vision she's having now must mean something dire...

Slowly, Ariel begins to awaken... Moaning and shaking, she opens her eyes wide with fear and looks around, breathing sharply on the verge of tears...

CLUMSY: Golly gosh, Sis... You feeling alright?

BRAINY: Ariel, are you okay? What's wrong? What did you see?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-25-2018 12:53 PM:
ARIEL: (holding in tears) The Wartmongers... Meeting up with the ultimate force of destruction...

BRAINY: Who was it?

ARIEL: The big... fearsome... more realistic-looking... Anti-Dragon... (faints again)

All of the Smurfs gasped.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-25-2018 01:45 PM:
JOHAN: Oh, my...

PEEWIT: Gosh! Is she going to be okay, Papa Smurf?

PAPA: Quick! Smurfs, before she goes into another! Smurf me one of your water smurfers!

Clumsy, with unusually steady hands, pulls out a water bottle from under his hat and passes it to Papa Smurf...

CLUMSY: Uh, here you go, Papa Smurf....

Papa splashes some of the water onto Ariel's face... Sputtering, she wakes up again and throws herself into Brainy's arms, sobbing quietly...

ARIEL: I've failed, haven't I? I failed them all!

BRAINY: Ariel, what are you talking about? The wartmongers haven't come yet... There's still a chance we could do this...

Ariel stands up and pushes herself away from him...

ARIEL: A chance we can do WHAT, exactly? Get eaten by a wartmonger? Or worse, roasted alive by the AntiDragon?!?

She breaks away from the group and sits down on a broken toadstool, tears pouring like waterfalls...

ARIEL: Face it, Brainy... I... I failed you... I failed you all...

CLUMSY: You didn't fail me, Sis...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-25-2018 02:10 PM:
Smurfette: (crying) Oh, boo-hoo! She's getting worse! Oh, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-25-2018 04:24 PM:
ARIEL: (in a now hopeless, grim tone) Don't bother crying over me, Smurfette... You're going to need those tears soon enough...

BRAINY: Ariel? Are you sure you can't do anything about it?

ARIEL: I don't know what to do about it, Brainy... The AntiDragon is the most powerful, most evil thing known to man and smurf alike...

PAPA: (to Johan and Peewit) I'm smurfily sorry, friends, but I am afraid we will have to cut this visit a bit short...

JOHAN: No problem, Papa Smurf... You need to take care of this issue before it gets out of hand... We understand how that is...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 02:46 AM:
Suddenly, the Anti-Dragon appeared in Smurf Haven through transportation. He looked realistic in appearance and silver in color. All the Smurfs gasped as they were shocked to see him.



Hefty began to put his dukes up at the Anti-Dragon.


HEFTY: Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! I oughta give him a smurfing right on the nose!

Then, King Bullrush transported himself into Smurf Haven to again meet up with the Smurfs.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 02:59 AM:
CLUMSY: Uh, look, everysmurf! It's King Bullrush!

KING BULLRUSH: That's right, Smurfs! After perfecting my transformation skills, I have finally made it to Smurf Haven! (turns to the Anti-Dragon) Now, my minion! Destroy! DESTROY!

ANTI-DRAGON: And just why, pray tell, should I obey you? I am the ultimate force of destruction! The ultimate! Capiche? That means "the greatest and the last"! I have, but one purpose, to eat the biggest magical thing in existence!


ANTI-DRAGON: (laughs, "OOOH-HE-HE-HOOO!") Nailed it on the first guess!

The Anti-Dragon fleed out of Smurf Haven and is on his way to eat the Great Guardian of the Mythical Creatures.

PEEWIT: The Great Guardian of the Mythical Creatures is the magical life force of all mythology!! If he eats it, the magic will fade away and all of mythical creature life will cease to exist!!!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 03:59 AM:
Ariel hears this and rises to her feet...

ARIEL: Not if I have anything to do with it!

BRAINY: Ariel, wait!

He is too late, Ariel has left to defeat the AntiDragon... The smallest, yet most powerful creature, against the largest and most ultimate source of destruction...

PAPA: She has regained her determination, and she won't stop until one of two things happens... Either she destroys the AntiDragon and saves all of the mythical creatures of the world, or else...

All the smurfs gasp loudly. Brainy tries to chase after Ariel, but Hefty grabs his arm and holds him back...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 07:01 AM:
HEFTY: Brainy. Let her go.

Brainy watched Ariel run off as he sighed. Cut to Ariel, catching up with the Anti-Dragon. The Anti-Dragon flew up very high. Ariel did the same and tried to capture him, but missed.

ANTI-DRAGON: Nice try, half-fairy girl! I'm way faster than you! Try to catch me again, if you dare!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 07:33 AM:
Ariel tried again and failed to do so because of The Anti-Dragon's fast speed and large size.

ANTI-DRAGON: Let's see if you can handle my breathing fire! Think fast, goody-goody!

He breathed fire at Ariel, ultimately sending her to the ground in impact with her fairy wings damaged.

ANTI-DRAGON: So long, Smurfs! (laughs evilly as he flew off into the distance)

Johan, Peewit and the Smurfs ran over to Ariel.


Ariel coughs as she got up.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 07:54 AM:
Ariel became furious... Using her magic, she levitates and teleports to the temple of the Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures...


It's too late of course, Ariel is already there before the AntiDragon, waiting patiently for her chance to strike...

ANTIDRAGON: (finally arriving at the temple) So, Princess Half Smurf... Come to try again? You may have beaten me to the temple, but you won't be able to save the precious Guardian or your little friends...

ARIEL: (smiling, a glow of wisdom about her) Maybe not... But I also know that you won't succeed in destroying the Guardian...

ANTIDRAGON: What do you mean, you little blue rat?

ARIEL: I simply mean that I know something that you don't... About this place...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 10:07 AM:
ANTIDRAGON: What'cha talkin' 'bout, girly?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 10:16 AM:
Ariel sighs as she facepalms herself.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 10:44 AM:

ARIEL:(cleverly bluffing) I'm talking about how this temple has a secret passage from here to a whole other world of magical Guardians ... If you eat the one here, it just means that another will take their place as the Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures... Also, you wouldn't even survive to eat the next one, because everyone knows that the Guardian's blood is very poisonous... Especially when you swallow it...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 12:34 PM:
ANTI-DRAGON: Well, Ariel, for your information, there's one thing you don't know! I am immune to all poison and disease, so eating the Guardian will be a cinch! Ciao! (turns away from Ariel)

ARIEL: Not so fast, Anti-Dragon! If you dare lay a hand on him, I'll attack you with my special karate moves!

ANTI-DRAGON: (turns back) You wouldn't dare!

Ariel gets so furious that she tries to beat up the Anti-Dragon, but he was indestructible.

ANTI-DRAGON: (laughs) Foolish girl! Your feeble karate moves cannot penetrate my scaly armor! Ha-ha-ha!

The Anti-Dragon smacks Ariel in the face with his tail, causing to send her hurling towards the ground outside of the temple.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 12:37 PM:
Johan, Peewit and the Smurfs ran to see Ariel unconscious.

BRAINY: Ariel! (beat) We came here as soon as we can! Are you okay?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 01:59 PM:
Ariel wakes up and looks Brainy in the eye... She is crying...

ARIEL: I... I failed! I couldn't do it! Brainy, I failed them all...

Suddenly, they hear a warm chuckle from the distance...

FEMALE VOICE: Oh, dear child... You didn't fail anyone...

A sparkling figure floats down beside them... It is Queen Mersandra, Clumsy and Ariel's mother...

ARIEL: (drying her tears) Mother Mer! It's you! (her expression goes from ecstatic to confused) What do you mean? The AntiDragon is going to eat the Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures... All the magic in the world is going to be destroyed...

MERSANDRA: That isn't the real Great Guardian...

ARIEL: Then where is the real Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures?

Mersandra giggles and points her wand to Ariel...

MERSANDRA: YOU are the Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures, Ariel...

ARIEL: Me??? But I...
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 02:24 PM:
MERSANDRA: Tsk, tsk... No need for questions now... I have just banished those nasty wartmongers from Smurf Haven... You should be getting home now... As long as the AntiDragon believes he has eaten the "Great Guardian" that resides within that temple, he won't be any more trouble for you...

ARIEL: But what about the creature that is pretending to be the Guardian?

MERSANDRA: It's actually a very poisonous mushroom that not even his body can fight off... And if he pulls through... Let's just say that he won't be breathing any more fire for a very long time...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-26-2018 04:50 PM:
Queen Mersandra suddenly faded away, with sparkling stars fluttering around Clumsy and Ariel. We hear the Anti-Dragon laughing.

ANTI-DRAGON: Guess what? That poisonous mushroom was so good, which means I am still immune to all poison and disease. So, after I heard you were the Guardian. I've decided that we should battle for your life! If I win, you get eaten alive!

BRAINY: Fine! But if Ariel wins the battle, she won't die! (to Ariel) Right, honey?

ARIEL: (gulps, sighs) I guess I have no choice.

ANTI-DRAGON: Then, let's go!

Ariel tries to punch the Anti-Dragon, but missed. The Anti-Dragon breathed fire as Ariel dodged.

ARIEL: Wha-? I thought mom said you can't breathe fire anymore!

ANTI-DRAGON: Well, that's where she's wrong! Because my fire breather lasts for a lifetime, and cannot be destroyed under any traditional methods or poisonous food items!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-26-2018 05:25 PM:
ANTIDRAGON: Now, enough blathering and let's get this over with... I'm famished!

ARIEL: All right then... But since I am the one who is being challenged, I get to choose what kind of battle this is...

ANTIDRAGON: Seems fair enough, I suppose... What type of battle do you suggest?

ARIEL: Well, as you are clearly larger and stronger than I... I devise that we should have a competition of wits... Brainy, here will set up three tests for you to solve, I will be solving the puzzles given to me by a smurf of your choosing... Agreed?

ANTIDRAGON: Alright...

ARIEL: Good... Now, pick the smurf you think will give me the most difficult riddles...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 02:40 AM:
ANTI-DRAGON: Hmmm.... (rubs his head) I pick... the one smurf who would give you the most difficult riddles of all of Smurf Village... And that would be.... (points to Papa Smurf) Him!

SMURFS: (gasp, unison) Papa Smurf?

Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 02:49 AM:
PAPA SMURF: Well, it's his choice, my little Smurfs. If he chose me to give Ariel the most difficult riddles during the challenge, then I guess we'll have to agree with him.


SMURFS: (unison) Yes, Papa Smurf.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 03:53 AM:
ARIEL: Okay, now that we've found our riddlers, let's depart and choose what riddles and tests to present to one another...

The two teams separate to opposite sides of the field to get some ideas for their tests...

Cut to Ariel and Brainy whispering on their side of the field...

BRAINY: Ariel, are you sure you're going about this properly? I mean, the AntiDragon has already outsmurfed you before...

ARIEL: Yes, yes, I know what I am smurfing, Brainy... I knew that he was going to pick Papa Smurf... I'm not worried about it...

BRAINY: But--but no smurf has EVER solved one of Papa's riddles...

ARIEL: Not in front of the other smurfs, maybe... But I HAVE solved his riddles... All but one... BUT I know that Papa would never tell the AntiDragon about that one...

BRAINY: Of course not... He would never do that... Right?

Ariel shakes her head...

ARIEL: Never mind that now... Let's get together our riddles... I just hope we can baffle him enough to where he is too confused to bother about anything...
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 04:27 AM:
Later, the two teams come back to the front of the temple of the Great Guardian of Mythical Creatures, Papa Smurf with a concerned look on his face, and Brainy whispering worriedly to Ariel...

BRAINY: Ariel, are you sure about this? Are you positive that this will work?

ARIEL: Brainy, calm down... It'll be fine... Just remember that riddle we agreed would be last...

BRAINY: Yes, but Papa Smurf is so wise and...

ARIEL: And Papa Smurf is my father... So trust me when I say that I know that Papa would never do anything to hurt me, or any other smurf in the world...

BRAINY: I hope you are right about that...

The two teams meet at the temple...

ANTIDRAGON: (laughing maniacally) I hope you have your smartie-cap on today, Princess... Because your Papa and I have developed some tricky questions for you! But of course, since it was I who challenged you... You may be the first to present a riddle... Proceed.

ARIEL: Brainy, if you would?

BRAINY:(shakily) Oh yeah, right... Two smurfs are sitting at a table... Each is given a drink... The first smurfs his drink quickly and goes through many glasses before leaving... The other takes small sips and finished only one glass before leaving... Both of their drinks are smurfed with a poison... But only one smurf dies... Which is it and how is that possible?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 07:26 AM:
The Smurflings start to sweat and worry about Ariel getting the riddle wrong.

SNAPPY: (whispering) Uh, Smurflings? I think my head is starting to sweat from all the worrying.

SASSETTE: (whispering) Uh, that's okay, Snappy. Us too.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 07:27 AM:
Not only the Smurflings are sweating and worrying about Ariel, all of the adult Smurfs and Peewit (but Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Handy Smurf, Gutsy Smurf and Johan) are doing the same as well.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 07:31 AM:
SMURFETTE: Oh, dear. I hope Ariel survives the challenge, Papa Smurf.

PAPA SMURF: All of us do, Smurfette. But sometimes, a riddle can be difficult to answer during an important event.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 08:20 AM:
ANTIDRAGON: So what you are asking, correct me if I'm wrong, is which one would die after both have had drinks with poison in them?

ARIEL: That's right... But one of them drank more than the other, that's important, too... Do you have an answer?

ANTIDRAGON: Well, I think it's the one who drank multiple glasses, it was probably a very small amount of poison in them so the one who drank slowly would survive... You thought you tricked me, didn't you?

ARIEL: Oh, but I DID fool you... You see, the drinks had ice in them... The one who drank quickly survived because he didn't give the ice a chance to melt... The poison was in the ice... So the one who drank slowly and let the ice melt was the one who died...

The AntiDragon becomes furious that he could not solve such a simple question...

REFEREE SMURF: (cheerfully) Question number one goes to Ariel!

All the Smurfs whoop and cheer... Except for Papa Smurf, who must now give Ariel HER first riddle...

ARIEL: OK... Now it is YOUR ridddler's turn to ask ME a question... Go ahead, Papa Smurf...
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 09:09 AM:
PAPA: Alright then... What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

Ariel laughs a little...

ARIEL: That's an easy one! If you spell each of the amounts of time out correctly, you will find the answer to be the letter M...

She pulls out a small twig and writes down: "Minute"... "MoMent"... And "a thousand years"

PAPA SMURF: (secretly sighing in relief) You are correct... The letter M is the right answer to the riddle...

ANTIDRAGON: WHAT?!!? I was certain that you would get that one wrong! How did you get it right?

REFEREE SMURF: All of round one goes to Ariel!!!!

The Smurfs whoop and cheer yet again...
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 09:19 AM:
ARIEL: And now it's your turn to answer the next one... Brainy?

BRAINY: A human wants to send a message that is to arrive at a certain destination on the first day of June... The messenger says that he can only use a certain selection of words... The message that the man sends with the limited choice of words reads "CARROT... FIASCO... NEPHEW... SPRING... RABBIT... SONATA... TAILOR... BUREAU... LEGACY... CORONA... TRAVEL... BIKINI... OBJECT... HAPPEN... SOFTEN..." What was the message?

ARIEL: Well, Mr. AntiDragon? What is your answer?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 09:56 AM:
ANTI-DRAGON: I'll think about it! In my super ultra magic brain of knowledge! And all of you Smurfs turn away, and remember... No peeking while I'm thinking!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 10:24 AM:
ARIEL: I'm awfully sorry, Mr. AntiDragon, sir... But I can't allow that... For you have been very untrustworthy, lately... How are we supposed to believe that you won't try anything once our backs are turned?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 10:37 AM:
ANTIDRAGON: How have I been untrustworthy, little half-fairy? I have been as sweet as sugar cookies...

GREEDY SMURF: (grumbling) Yeah! Nasty, BURNT sugar cookies!

ANTIDRAGON: I heard that, you fat blue pimple!

Greedy and most of the other Smurfs gasp loudly in disgust at the AntiDragon's remark...

ARIEL: You see what I mean? We can't even trust you to be polite... Now, your answer...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 10:39 AM:
ANTI-DRAGON: Oh, right. (beat) Is it Wumbo?

SMURFS: (unison, angrily) WHAT?!?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 10:52 AM:
ARIEL: Brainy, what was that coded message again?

BRAINY: It was "CARROT... FIASCO... NEPHEW... SPRING... RABBIT... SONATA... TAILOR... BUREAU... LEGACY... CORONA... TRAVEL... BIKINI... OBJECT... HAPPEN... SOFTEN..." But the AntiDragon is wrong... Do you know what it means, Ariel?

ARIEL: Yes... Actually I do... You see, if you take the first or last letter from each word, you will find out that the message says "CONGRATULATIONS"... the human was obviously sending a message to congratulate a friend or family member who is being rewarded on the day he wants it to arrive there...

BRAINY: You're right, Ariel! Good job!

REFEREE SMURF: Round two, question one: Ariel gets it!

The Smurfs whoop and cheer for joy... Ariel has almost won the competition...

ANTIDRAGON: You won't get me again, you little.... (growling under his breath, then snarling to Papa Smurf) give her the hardest one you got...
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 11:13 AM:
PAPA: Okay, Ariel. Your riddle is this... "You don't get to choose me, but I am with you from birth... And I will be with you until you die... I am completely yours, but those who know you use it more than you do... What am I?"

ARIEL: The answer is my name
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 12:02 PM:
ANTI-DRAGON: I don't believe this. She got it right.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 12:07 PM:
ARIEL: Okay, Brainy. You're up!

BRAINY: Now, Anti-Dragon. What goes down the river very, very far to the bottom, has water flowing through and begins with a "W"?

ANTI-DRAGON: Easy. A waterfall!

SMURFS: (gasp)

BRAINY: (shocked) What the-? (blinks, beat) HOW DID YOU GET THAT ONE RIGHT?!?
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 12:27 PM:
ARIEL: Don't be upset, Brainy... It's the last question... And the only one he's gotten right... (whispering) But you DO know that wasn't the one we agreed on, right?

Brainy turns a bright shade of red as he realized this...

ANTIDRAGON: (discouraged by the fact that he has already lost) Yeah yeah whatever... It's your turn now, Princess Blue Brat... Papa Smurf, give her your question
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 12:46 PM:
PAPA SMURF: Whatever you say, Mister... (chuckles) ...Anti-Dragon.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 12:51 PM:
Papa Smurf writes the following in the sand:
Why Does

1 = 3

2 = 3

3 = 5

4 = 4

5 = 4

6 = 3

7 = 5

8 = 5

9 = 4

10 = 3

ARIEL: Oh... This one's so easy! It's the number of letters in each one when you spell the words out!

PAPA SMURF: You're right, Ariel!

REFEREE SMURF: The final round is over! Time to look at the end results!

A scorekeeper smurf raises a scoreboard that has Ariel's face with a large number five on one side and the other has a picture of the AntiDragon with a number one...

REFEREE SMURF: It is smurficial! Ariel Smurf has won the game!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 01:16 PM:
ANTI-DRAGON: Alright! If I can't eat you, then I'll...

Anti-Dragon flies off to capture Johan and Peewit.

ANTI-DRAGON: ...kidnap your human hero friends!

The Anti-Dragon's arms were so strong that neither both Johan and Peewit can break free.


PEEWIT: Hey! Let us go!

ANTI-DRAGON: Oh, I'll let you go alright! Down to the Wartmongers! (laughs evilly as he left off with Johan and Peewit)

SNAPPY SMURFLING: Dang. He got away with 'em.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 01:19 PM:
SMURFETTE: Oh, dear! Papa Smurf, what can we do to save Johan and Peewit from certain doom with the Wartmongers?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 01:22 PM:
Papa Smurf ponders.

PAPA SMURF: I'm afraid it would have to be a certain someone of ours who will have to go in after them.

BRAINY: Well, who's that certain someone?

All the Smurfs turned to glare at Ariel.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 01:32 PM:
ARIEL: I'm going, alright... And I think I'm going to need a rescue team to come with me... So... Who's with me?!!?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 01:48 PM:
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty, Handy, Vanity, Grouchy, Jokey, Greedy, Gutsy and The Smurflings all raised their hands. Ariel counts out how many raised their hands.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 02:23 PM:
ARIEL: Thirteen... Fourteen... Fifteen. All right then... You DO know what you're smurfing yourselves into, right?

SMURFS: Yes Ariel...

ARIEL: OK... Let's go do this thing. FOR JOHAN AND PEEWIT!!!!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 03:40 PM:
Meanwhile at Gargamel's hovel.

Gargamel: Ah, piece and quiet. No Smurfs. No... (he suddenly spots The Anti-Dragon from further away) What is that? (beat) Is that... the Anti-Dragon? (beat) And why is he carrying the two heroes, Johan and Peewit? The ones that I hate the most, besides those rotten little Smurfs? (beat) And he's going over to the Wartmongers? Well, that's a coincidence.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 04:00 PM:
AZREAL: (sighing) Maw-mreow... [translation: whatEVER...]

Cut to Ariel and her team of Smurfs, who are hiking through the bushes...

ARIEL: Alright then, remember guys... Wait till I cast the invisibility spell on each of us before going into the open... Okay?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 05:00 PM:
SMURFS: (unison) Yes, Ariel.

Later at the Anti-Dragon's lair, we see the chained-up Johan and Peewit locked away in his dungeon.

PEEWIT: Gee, Johan. I wish the Smurfs would come to our rescue.

JOHAN: I wish the same too, my friend. But it looks like we're stuck here, unless we can get out of here ourselves to battle the Anti-Dragon.

Suddenly, they saw a floating key unlocking the chains of Johan and Peewit in the dungeon.

PEEWIT: Well, looks like that floating key saved us. (shocked) Floating... key?!

The floating key then moved away.

JOHAN: Hmm. Something tells me this isn't part of a haunted house?

PEEWIT: What do you mean?

JOHAN: The Anti-Dragon is still here. There's no way his lair could get haunted that quickly.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 05:17 PM:
PEEWIT: (shrugs) Well, at least there's no strange voices coming from the castle.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-27-2018 05:32 PM:
ARIEL'S VOICE: Shhh... You must be very quiet... We're here to save you... Now hold still so that I may cast an invisibility spell on you two...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 05:38 PM:
PEEWIT: (screams) Who said that?!

ARIEL: I did.

PEEWIT: Ariel? That's strange. Even though we can hear you, we can't see you.
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-27-2018 05:41 PM:
ARIEL: Exactly! Now be quiet so I can cast the spell on you two!

Cut to the Anti-Dragon, enjoying a drink of lemonade.

ANTI-DRAGON: Ah. It's such a nice day to relax, when there isn't trouble coming around. (to audience) And I mean trouble! (he returns to have another sip of lemonade.)
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-28-2018 02:57 AM:
Cut to Ariel and her team, who have now saved their friends, Johan and Peewit... Ariel has managed to cast the invisibility spell on the two humans and they are carefully creeping away from the AntiDragon's lair...

ARIEL: Ouch! Clumsy be careful where you step... You're pulling my hair...

CLUMSY: I thought I was in front of you...

Ariel realizes that she can't see any of the invisible Smurfs or Johan and Peewit...

ARIEL: Hold on you guys... Turn towards my voice and close your eyes.

They do as they are asked, and Ariel casts another spell so that they can see each other and still be invisible...

BRAINY: Well, that's much better...

The group hurry back to Smurf Haven...

JOHAN: Thank you for saving us...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-28-2018 03:13 AM:
Cut to the Anti-Dragon at Gargamel's hovel.

ANTI-DRAGON: Excuse me, Gargamel! But have you seen two humans around? I'm starting to feel like they escaped.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-28-2018 04:33 AM:
GARGAMEL: Why, no I haven't seen them... Not since you flew over my house with them... Why would I care anyway? You have been trying to destroy all the magic in the world, which I have been working so hard to try and harness... (mumbling to himself) despite the fact that if you DID manage to do so, you would just die along with it
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-28-2018 07:01 AM:
ANTI-DRAGON: Obviously. (beat) But, no matter. (shouting to the sky) You may have won this round, Smurfs! But mark my words, (demonic voice) I'll be back! (snaps his fingers and disappears magically)

GARGAMEL: (turns to Azrael) And to think if the magic would have faded away, which it didn't. Yet.

AZRAEL: Meow! (Yeah!)

Cut to Smurf Haven with Johan, Peewit and the Smurfs having a celebration dance. We see Papa Smurf conducting the Smurf orchestra. Greedy is decorating the cake.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-28-2018 07:34 AM:
Ariel and Brainy are walking along a small creek...

BRAINY: I'm really glad that we managed to defeat the AntiDragon... You don't know how devastated I would be if he would have eaten you...

ARIEL: Any smurf would have been severely traumatized by that... Of course, since my life determines the fate of all the magic in the world AND the lives of all the mythical creatures of the world, you'd be dead...

BRAINY: Well, it would most likely be more from a broken heart...

ARIEL: What? Why?

BRAINY: [Embarrassed] Well, I... Uhm... You know... [Embarrassed] [Big Grin]
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-28-2018 10:04 AM:
Ariel giggles.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 03-28-2018 11:00 AM:
She kisses him on the cheek, and they continue their walk, hand in hand...

Cut to Johan and Peewit with the rest of the Smurfs... Johan is speaking with Papa Smurf...

JOHAN: I must thank you and your Smurfs for rescuing me and Peewit from the AntiDragon's lair...

PAPA SMURF: Don't thank me, Johan... It was all Ariel's plan... SHE'S the one whom you should be thankful to...

JOHAN: I shall be sure to show much gratitude to her...

PAPA: I'm sure she would consider it as unnecessary... She has always been a very humble smurf... But I think it will do her good to hear a thank you for all her hard work... Which is why I have Brainy Smurf walking with her away from Smurf Haven... The other villages' leaders and I have planned for each of our villages to get together and throw her a surprise party... As a show of gratitude for all she has done for Smurfkind...
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 03-28-2018 12:05 PM:
PEEWIT: And it looks like those two were made for each other.

Johan, Peewit and Papa Smurf giggled as Brainy and Ariel continued their walk.


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