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Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 04:07 PM:
Ok like pleaes don't use any made up girl characters or characters from another show. I have noticed the role plays are mostly like made up smurrfettes. I don't mind if you add male smurf characters but I'm like sick of the smurfettes. And no ccharacters from other shows. Thanks man.
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 04:25 PM:
Shaggy: All right everybody. Like gather around to here a christmas story.
Everyone sits around Shaggy to hear the story.
Shaggy: Twas the night before christmas and all through the pad, not a cat was swinging, and thats no where dad.

Hefty: Thats not how it goes, Shaggy!
Shaggy: But it's like my version.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 04:30 PM:
Papa: here let me say it

Shaggy: not cool man

Papa: twas the night before christmas and all through the house not a swamp rat did creep, as papa played kazoo in his sleep. But who was arriving to help this lost cause, the foul the vile, and ugly, ogre clause! He looked all around and scratched at his beard and said,

Gargamel: papa be quiet
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 04:36 PM:
Greedy: Oh hey gargamel, when did you get here?

Gargamel: Um...

Papa: Come to think of it, I don't remember giving you a map to our village.

Gargamel: Sassette did.

Papa: Ugh that Sassette. I was gonna give you a map for christmas.

Shaggy: Like, I can't wait for christmas. Think of all that food.

Greedy: Yeah tomorrow is christmas eve!
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 04:41 PM:
Papa: I hope I get a bunch of pretzel bacon cheese burgers.

Grouchy: I hate pretzel bacon cheese burgers

Papa: excuse me

Scruple: I agree with grouchy papa they are gross

Papa: I will slap you both.

Slouchy: Guys who farted

Snappy: I think it was Nat

Sassette: Gross Nat!

Nat: wasn't me bro

Snappy: dude your nasty

Papa: guys enough.
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 04:48 PM:
Shaggy: So do you guys wanna hear the rest of my story?

Hefty: NO!

Shaggy: Like, why?

Hefty: Stop. Just stop.

Shaggy: Geez, chill man.

Papa: I can't wait till christmas. Think of all the pretzel burgers.

Scruple: Calm down.

Shaggy: I'm thinking about like seeping through the next days till christmas so it can be like sooner.

Papa: That sounds hard. I'm very restless.

Lazy: Won't be hard for me. I sleep all the time anyway.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 04:53 PM:
Papa: nobody asked you lazy

Lazy: I feel dumb now I am going to sleep

Papa: good

Gargamel: I am so bored until Christmas

Shaggy: like me too man

Papa: guys lets go to Wendy's

Gargamel: no Papa

Papa: fine

Azrael: Do you guys want to sing?

Papa: no Azrael nobody wants to sing, at all

Azrael: fine

Gargamel: ok guys I am so bored
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 05:04 PM:
Marco: Hey guys I am here. I am gonna sing.

Director: Same.

Hefty: No I bet your worse than Harmony.

Harmony: I heard my name.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 05:09 PM:
Azrael: I will sing too

Scruple: if Azrael is than I am too

Papa: I will call the cops

Marco: I don't care

Papa: fine I will brb

Director: ok are we singing or not

Harmony: I will help

Azrael: guys maybe we shouldn't sing

Marco: yeah maybe we shouldn't

Scruple: I want to be a drama queen though

All others: o_o
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 05:13 PM:
Snappy: Anyone got an almond joy?


Greedy: Um yeah sorry Snappy.

Snappy: Are you lying? I am really in the mood for an almond joy right now.

Greedy: I'm sure you'll get some on christmas.

Shaggy: Yeah cause it's not like we have any, man.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 05:19 PM:
Snappy: tell the truth guys

Greedy: we are

Papa: I was lying about calling the cops guys

Azrael: we decided not to sing because of Harmony

Scruple: I wanted to be dramatic but nobody cares about my life or what I want

Papa: stop trying to get attention

Gargamel: guys is it almost morning

Papa: no

Smurfette: I want to get involved!

Papa: go away

Smurfette: oh boo hoo

Scruple: I will throw you in a puddle so you better leave

Smurfette: well then I will leave!

All except smurfette: Good
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 05:26 PM:
Shaggy: Good night everyone. I am like going to bed so it's christmas eve.

Papa: Same.

Snappy: Hey Gargamel, if you leave now you can beat the holiday traffic.

Gargamel: Nah, I am staying for christmas. Maybe even the new year.

All: Ugh.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 05:36 PM:
Papa: goodnight guys

Shaggy: like is someone missing?

Papa: hmm I think so

Gargamel: who is it?
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-09-2014 05:41 PM:
Robert: Christmas eve and I'm lost in the woods. Well tomorrow is christmas eve. I hope I'm close to the village.

Back at the village

Chef: Has anyone seen Robert?

All: Robert!

Papa: Thats whose lost!
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-09-2014 05:44 PM:
Vexy: good Robert is gone, now I can pick my nose in peace

Papa: hey Hackus come over here

Hackus: hold on

Vexy: guys Hackus is constipated

All: HACKUS!!! > [Confused]
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-10-2014 05:28 PM:
Chef: If Roberts not here where is he?

Gargamel: Should we look for him?

Vexy: No. I hope he never comes back.

Papa: Um I don't really like Robert that much. So Chef if you wanna look for him fine but i'm not.

In the forest

Robert: Ugh I hate this. Wait I think I see the village.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-11-2014 02:30 PM:
Sweet Smurf: Smurfette, what's wrong?

Smurfette: I don't know but everyone wants me to go away.

Sweet Smurf: How unsmurfy!

Smurfette: I agree!
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-11-2014 06:40 PM:
Shaggy: Like, hey sweet smurf Have you seen robert?Sweet: No but why do you want Smurfette to go away?

Shaggy: Thats just Papa and Scruple, man.

Smurfette: So can I come back?

Shaggy: Like, sure. I was gonna tell a great story, but like no one wants to hear it.

In the forest

Robert: I see a light up ahead. I hope its the village.
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-11-2014 06:52 PM:
Robert: It is the village! I wonder why nobody was looking for me?

Papa: Ew look here comes Robert.

Vexy: Ugh I never got to pick my nose!

Scruple: Hey Hackus why don't you come over to the rest of us?

Hackus: Hold on.

Scruple: Ugh

Azrael: Oh well so is anyone going to tell a story?

Shaggy: Like does anyone want to here my story?

All: No Shaggy!

Shaggy: Like chill guys.

Papa: What about my story?

All: No!

Azrael: Papa no offence but your story was worse than Shaggy's.

Papa: How rude.

Gargamel: I thought we were all going to bed.

Lazy: I'm not tired.

Papa: What?!

Lazy: Just kidding I am going to bed now.

Papa: He keeps saying that then next thing you know he's up again.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-11-2014 09:41 PM:
Sweet Smurf: I do! I mean, I'm a big fan of "Shrek" and if you're telling the "Shrek" version, that's fine by me! But, if you don't like it, I'll tell my version!

Smurfette: Okay.

Everyone sits down to hear Sweet Smurfs story

Shaggy: Zoinks! Let's hope it's not scary!

Sweet Smurf: It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Just like everyday, the children did not worry about the world behind their closet door, for it was full of fun-loving monsters galore.

Gargamel: Like "Monsters, Inc."?

Sweet Smurf: Let me continue! (cont'd) And who to arrive to serve the Christmas cause? Why no other than the smurfy Santa Clause. With the help from his Smurfs, under the tree he placed presents for everyone on the turf. They puts presents in the sockings one by one and there work were done. I, out of all non-Christmas Smurfs, saw him out the window on his home flight as he said "Smurfy Christmas to all and to all a smurfy night!"

Shaggy: Like, what the heck?

Smurfette: Thanks, Sweet Smurf. (kisses)
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-18-2014 06:04 PM:
Gargamel: I think I prefer "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

Scruple: Next thing you know is that I start having weird dreams!

Gargamel: You mean like the time you dreamt you were that blue mutant from "X-Men"!

Smurfette: Did you...?

Scruple: Embassing, isn't it?
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-18-2014 08:37 PM:
Shaggy: I thought my story would like be groovy man but you-

Hefty: enough Shaggy

Marco: I have a great idea. Why don't we leave the christmas decorations up all year. That way we won't have ro waste time taking them down.

Robert:Absolutely not! What will people think when they see christmas decorations up in the summer! I can not believe you!

Marco: They will think I'm festive.

Vexy: Yeah Robert. You really need to think of things before you say them out loud.

Robert: You really need to think about how you've been picking your nose all day before you start eating!
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-23-2014 04:26 PM:
Papa: Guys calm down.

Gargamel: Yeah guys geez.

Shaggy: Like chill guys.

Vexy: Tell Robert that, and tell him to stop , making fun of my nose picking!

Robert: You don't pick your nose before you eat, you shouldn't even pick your nose at all

Azrael: Guys shut up
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-26-2014 11:24 AM:
Sweet Smurf: Stop it, you too, or else you'll get grounded!

Smurfette: You heard him and no "Buzz Lightyear" for a year or too!

Vexy and Robert: NO BUZZ LIGHTEAR!

Papa: Yeah, no "Buzz Lightyear"!

Vexy: But that'll make me as crazy as the Joker!

The whole village goes quiet

Papa: That's no excuse!

Shaggy: You better behave yourselves, guys!

Robert: Sigh, fine!
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 11-26-2014 04:31 PM:
Vexy: What's Buzz Lightyear?

Robert: You never heard of Toy Story?

Vexy: No.

Robert: Oh I forgot your not modern.

Scruple: Guys this is the middle ages.

Vexy: Yeah Robert. You really need to think about-

Robert: Oh shut up!

Shaggy: Like, will they ever stop?

Vexy: Yeah because Robert is leaving now.

Robert: When did i say-

Vexy: *flings booger on Robert*

Robert: I'm going! I'm going!

Papa: Why can they never get along?
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-26-2014 06:29 PM:
Sweet Smurf: I don't know, they just don't!

Papa: (burp)

Vexy: PAPA!

Papa: What? It's a complement!
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-29-2014 03:40 PM:
Gargamel: Is anyone else bored?

Papa: Yeah but if I had Wendy's I wouldn't be

Gargamel: Um yes you would

Azrael: I have an idea
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-30-2014 12:06 AM:
Smurfette: Let me guess: We are going to watch "The Grinch"?

Azrael: No, we let Scruple do stand-up comedy!

Scruple: Got to go (Runs off)

Sweet Smurf: Okay, I'll do it!
Posted by PapaPretzel (Member # 5386) on 11-30-2014 09:35 AM:
Azrael: Ok since scruple is being weird

Papa: Everyone come over here
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 12-02-2014 10:05 AM:
Sweet Smurf: Okay, everysmurf, why did ET receive the phone bill?

Smurfette: Why?

Sweet Smurf: Because he phoned home!

Smurfette laughs

Smurfette: Because he phoned home! (Laughs) That's very funny!

Vexy: I don't get it!

Gargamel: For someone I created when I was trapped in modern times, you know nothing about the modern world?

Vexy: Yes.
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 12-02-2014 02:16 PM:
Sweet Smurf, you didn't know this yet, but i like came up with a different way for Vexy and Hackus to be in the smurfs cause I like don't like how the movie made them be in modern times. I like them to stay in the middle ages, so they also don't know what ET or Buzz Lightyear is, man.

Grouchy: I hate stand up comedy... but I will.

Papa: That means he wants to do stand up comedy but he doesn't want to admit it.

Sweet: Okay. I didn't think Grouchy liked jokes though.

Grouchy: I love jokes...but I hate anyone to know.

Papa: You don't like jokes. You always get mad at Jokey when he does any jokes to you.

Grouchy: I like comedy..

Smurfette: Um.. okay.

Grouchy: Here I go. Why was the number zero fired?

Vexy: Grouchy, are you really gonna tell math jokes.

Papa: Grouchy even I'm not good at math.

Grouchy: Fine. Um..

Shaggy: What?

Grocuhy: All I know is math jokes.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 12-20-2014 01:56 PM:
Sweet Smurf: Aw, come on! The answer is "Because he got nothing done!"

Everyone goes silent

Vexy: I don't get it!

Jokey hits Brainy on the head

Brainy: Hey!

Jokey: (sarcastic) Sorry, just a gadget malfunction!

Sweet Smurf: But you're not Inspector Gadget!

Jokey: Exactly, I was being sarcastic!

Everyone laugh

Brainy: Why are you laughing?

Smurfette: Basically because you got hit on the head!
Posted by Sweet Tooth Smurf (Member # 5518) on 02-02-2015 08:08 PM:
Brainy: I'll tell Papa Smurf!

Papa: Oh shut up Brainy I dont care about your miserable life!

Jokey: Hey Gargamel, take this gift!

Gargamel: Oh I don't think i've recieved a gift in atleast Forty years!

Gargamel opens the gift and explodes in his face.


Sweet Tooth Smurf: Did someone mention Chocolate?!?

Papa: No Sweet Tooth! Now get out!

Greedy: And dont even look at my chocolate!


Sweet Tooth: I just wanted chocolate...

Gargamel: I'll turn you into chocolate if you mention that one more time!

Shaggy: Like chill dudes you are totally ruining the moment!

Brainy: Someone bring me to Doctor Smurf so he can see if I have some damage to my skull!

Nurse Smurf: Dude shut up and get out already no one even likes you!

Doctor Smurf: Dude im not checking you.

Brainy: I'll tell Papa Smurf!
Posted by smurfyteeny (Member # 5525) on 03-26-2015 11:04 AM:
all: brainy!

brainy: heh heh

azrael: hey look, schroples back!
schrouple: im only back because i was being chased by social services.

grouchy: i hate not telling jokes.
papa: so, you want to go back up?

grouchy: i wont hate that.

smurfette: ok, so shoot

gargamel:i can think of a few things id like to shoot.

brainy:papa smurf!

papa: shut the bleep up brainy everyone hates you! have you ever wondered why you get thrown so much?

brainy: sheesh.

grouchy: why did the smurf cross the road?

all groan

grouchy: to get away from gargamel, on the first side!

smurfette fake laughs noticably
Posted by smurfyteeny (Member # 5525) on 03-28-2015 10:32 AM:
scruple: sooooo, what now?

papa:lets all get some wendys!

all: no!

brainy: sorry im late, i was getting "qoutations from brainy smurf"!

scruple throws brainy in a puddle
brainy: well fine! hmmph!
Posted by smurflina (Member # 5412) on 10-11-2015 04:55 PM:
Jewelette: yay its christmas its the best time of the year
Snappy: yay yay
Sassette: jumping jack rabbits i hope i dont get under that stuff!! (Gags looking at the hanging holly)
Jewelette: what you scared? (Giggles)
Slouchy: why wouldnt she be?
Jewelette: hmph its nit like somebody spit on you
Nat: uhhh right?
Meanwhile smurflina was helping hang decorations singing deck the halls on the right pitch
Posted by kawaii moe smurfling (Member # 5711) on 10-24-2015 03:07 PM:
kawaii moe smurflng: hi i've been left all alone and heard singin g so i came running? i'm alone
Posted by smurflina (Member # 5412) on 11-04-2015 05:40 AM:
Smurflina: oh hey young smurfling wanna help! (smiles brightly)
Posted by kawaii moe smurfling (Member # 5711) on 11-08-2015 12:39 PM:
kawaii: umm sure
Posted by smurflina (Member # 5412) on 11-12-2015 11:48 AM:
Smurflina: great here some holly! (Smiles and hangs more up handing you some
Posted by Redneck Smurfette (Member # 5521) on 12-08-2015 03:28 PM:
(While the Smurfettes are decorating, Redneck Smurfette comes up...)

Smurflina: Hey Redneck!

Redneck: Well, it's nice to see that you lassies are in the holiday spirit...The other Smurfs are just cursin and yellin and bangin up on Brainey...

(Then Miner and Lumberjack walk up)

Miner: Efin-begorra! I hear you lass!

Lumberjack: Yup...Remember when Christmas was the one season where nosmurf was not in the spirit?

Kawaii: Hee hee! Even Grouchy Smurf!

Centry Smurf: Hey, can I help?

Redneck: Sure!

(As everysmurf was decorating, Redneck Smurfette went into her house, and brought out this BIG box of decorations...)

(Two hours later...)

Lumberjack: Hey...Have you Smurfs seen my lassie?

Smurflina: Not for a while...

Centry: I think she went into her house...

(Once they opened the door...)


Lumberjack: Lassie!

Redneck: What?

Smurflina: Why are there SOO many decorations?

Redneck: What? It's an Irish tradition to put as many ornaments as many places as you can put them.

Centry: I think that you went a little overboard...

Lumberjack: Ai...

(Redneck just shrugs her sholders and walks out...)

[Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Wild Smurf]
Posted by smurflina (Member # 5412) on 12-16-2015 06:21 AM:
Lovette sees
Lovette: eyes go hearts and twirls) its sooooooo amazing!!!

Angerette: pff sure

Melody: wish u a merry merrrrrry CHRISTMAS! (grabs angerettes hand and twirls her)

countrette: golly...

Melody: come on nothin better than singing christmas carols!!!

Smurflina: yah... (smiles)

Melody: its snowy lets have a snow ball fight !!

Jewelette: can i play?!

Melody: sure!!! Come on guys!
Posted by Redneck Smurfette (Member # 5521) on 12-16-2015 09:28 AM:
(All the Smurfs start havin a snow ball fight...)

(Then Hefty and Jokey and Grouchy start walkin up...)

Hefty: Hmpf! Some holiday cheer that was...!

Jokey: Yah! And I had a really neat surprise!

Grouchy: I hate everysmurf being grouchy....

Smurflina: Hey you Smurfs!

Hefty: What are you guys doing way over there?

Redneck Smurfette: Havin a snow ball fight!!!


Hefty: LET"S GO!

(Then Hefty and Jokey start running towards the other Smurfs while Grouchy doesn't move...)

Grouchy: I hate Smow ball fights!

Jokey: Come on Grouchy!

Grouchy: hmmmm....I hate being the only Smurf who dosen't have fun!

(And then Grouchy starts to walk towards the others.)
Posted by smurflina (Member # 5412) on 01-06-2016 08:21 AM:
Angerette; (hits grouchy with one)

Jewelette: (giggles and throws one at melody)

Melody: ItS on like smurf kong!!! (Throws snowballs chases jewelette with a handful of snow)

Lovette: giggles and throws one at jokey) got you!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 02-06-2018 08:05 PM:
Brainy: Hey, Clumsy!

Clumsy turns to see Brainy.

Clumsy: Yup?

Brainy throws a snowball at Clumsy in the face.

Brainy: Bullseye! (laughs)

Clumsy wipes the snowball off his face, looking pretty angry.

Clumsy: Oh, yeah?

Clumsy grabs some snow to form a snowball.

Clumsy: Well, take... (throws a snowball) THIS!

Brainy is pelted with a snowball.
Posted by ShaggySmurf (Member # 5387) on 01-08-2020 12:25 PM:
Shaggy Smurf: Like, I'd rather eat the snow than throw it.

Snappy: it doesn't taste very good. Kinda bland

Shaggy: I take what I can get.

Smurfette: does anyone want to build snowsmurfs?
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 01-09-2020 07:45 AM:
Sassette: I do! I do!

Slouchy: Smurfaroo! Me too!

[Nat, Snappy, Slouchy and Sassette dash off to build snowsmurfs with Smurfette.]

Snappy: Hey, Shag! You wanna join us?

Shaggy: Like, no, thanks, you guys. You go on ahead. [walks off] I'll be hangin' with Greedy Smurf, if you need me.

Snappy: Okay. [shrugs] But, you're gonna miss out.

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