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Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-17-2012 01:53 PM:
Tabby: its worth a try!

Man: her is your food

Tabby; *says something in chinese*

HAndy: u speak japanese?

Tabby: a little, i learned when i went to vist my human friend Wynonna in collage. Plus i watch alot of anime shows

Smurfette: Let's eat first!

Hefty: *breaks chopsticks so they're little enough for a smurf*
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-17-2012 02:11 PM:
Sportette:*pulls out smurf sized chopsticks from her sock*

Hefty:are you going to eat with those

Sportette:yes yes I am
Posted by Archive Smurf (Member # 2350) on 04-17-2012 03:50 PM:
Archive: *hums the Chopsticks song*
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-17-2012 04:35 PM:
Smurfette: *hums along, then they are all humming along*
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-18-2012 01:42 AM:
Chinese people (we'll get some names for them soon): *pick up the smurfs*

Chinese woman: Hello!

Smurfs: *scream*

Woman: Do not fear little blue Caterpillars! My name is Mandy Sue! You can just call me Mandy

Sportette: *makes fist* How do you know we talk??

Hefty: *jumps up*

Mandy: See that man over there... *points to the one that gave them food* His name is Li! He told me all about you.

Archive: Could you show us around?

Smurfette: Maybe show us a store?

Handy: What you do to celebrate?

Tabby: What animal year it is?

Smurfs: What? Huh?

Mandy: Oh. Little Blue caterpillars, this one in pink...

Tabby: Call me Tabby! Nice to meet you!

Mandy: Well Tabby! It's very nice to meet you too! This year is the year of the dragon. The celebration of the Chinese Lunar year goes back centuries. There are 12 different creatures represented in the Chinese calendar. A different animal is commemorated each year. After 12 years the animals are repeated.

Hefty: Interesting!

Li: *brings over mini-bowls of food* Sorry about the wait! Have some free mini-dumplings!

Handy: There is so much food!

Archive: We should take some home!

Sportette: Why? So greedy can eat it all? No thanks! *starts stuffing her face*

Smurfette: You may join us if you wish Mandy!

Mandy: Are you sure?

Handy: Yep!

Mandy: *reaches for some then stops*

Sportette: Don't mind me!!

Mandy: Alright! *eats a mini-dumpling*
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-18-2012 09:34 AM:
Handy: Hey! Isn't that Chloette over there?

Chloette: *walking in the restaurant and notices handy waving to her* Ooh, the other smurfs are here!

Handy: Chloette, what are you doing here?

Li: *Walks over* Hello.

Chloette: Nin Hao! Wo Shi Barbier, Chloette. Wo Shi Shi Sui.

Li: Ni Hao, Wo Shi Li.

Chloette: *Points at smurfs at table* Wo De peng you.

Li: *Nods head and walks away*

Sportette: What was all that jib jab about?

Chloette: I am taking a Chinese Mandarin Class in my school. I was just talking in Mandarin to him. I'll translate:

Nin Hao! Wo Shi Barbier, Chloette. Wo Shi Shi Sui.

Means: Hello! I am Chloette Barbier. I am 10 years old.

Ni Hao, Wo Shi Li.

Means: Hi, I am Li.

Wo De peng you.

Means: My Friends.

Sportette: Okay, I did not get a word you said.

Chloette: Whatever.

Hefty: So you can translate some Mandarin and Tabby can translate Japanese?

Tabby and Chloette: Pretty much.

Smurfette: Okay, we probably won't have any trouble here then.
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-18-2012 09:41 AM:
P.S. I really am taking a Mandarin Chinese Class.
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-18-2012 11:43 AM:
That's cool!!

Tabby: I can speak SOME Chinese, but only the basics. Not as good as you Chloette!

Smurfette: Wheres Animator?

Chloette: Um, he's here, somewhere? *suddenly all smurfs and Mandy faint* Um??? Are you guys okay? Mandy? Smurfette? Archive? Anyone??
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-18-2012 11:45 AM:
Handy: whoa whats that!!! *looks at some strang invention*

Tabby: Lets go see! we'll catch up with you guys later

Rest of them: Okay

Sportette: i'll be looking at the wepons okay!

Tabby; ok i'll be there in a few minutes


Handy: Tabby can you ask what that is?

Tabby: its worth a try

Tabby: それは何ですか? (that means what is that in japansese)

Man:これは花火ランチャーです。我々は夜の終わりに 花火を撮影するためにそれを使用しようとしてい 427;! (this is a firework launcher. we are going to use it to shoot fireworks at the end of the night!)

Tabby: its a firework launcher! there gonna shoot some into the sky at the end of the night!

Handy: AWESOME!!! what time!?

Tabby: 何時? (what time?)

Man:午前9時30分今夜 (at 9:30 tonight)

Tabby:9:30 okay?

Handy: okay i'll be sure to be there

Tabby:おかげで、我々はあるでしょう (Thanks, we will be there)

Man: さて、さようなら青毛虫!早くお会いしましょうA 281; (okay, Goodbye blue caterpillars! see you soon!)

Tabby: lets go find the others!
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-18-2012 11:48 AM:
I love google translate............. [Big Grin]
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-18-2012 11:56 AM:
Greedette uses that too, she thinks she knows more about chinese than I do. [Roll Eyes]
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-18-2012 12:57 PM:
Just pretend the smurfs didn't faint!

Handy: Guys I have some good news
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-18-2012 01:05 PM:
Smurfette: What?

Mandy: Little Blue Caterpillar, let me show you around china!

Smurfette: Whom?

Mandy: You!! There are little Chinese doll dresses that would fit you just fine!

Smurfette: Really, Thanks Mandy!
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-18-2012 02:29 PM:
Mandy: Would you Mandarin Speaking caterpillar like to come too?

Chloette: No, I have xiao che (school).

Mandy: *nods* Tabby, you like to come?

Tabby: 不,謝謝,我想在這裡留下我,啊哈,朋友手持。 (No thanks, I would like to stay here with my, ahem, friend Handy.)

Mandy: 隨你 (suit yourself)
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-18-2012 02:39 PM:

That's it
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-18-2012 05:32 PM:
Li: Um, would feisty blue caterpillar like some cucumbers?

Sportette: Hoopla!!!

Li: What is this Hoopla?

Sportette: I love getting people with foreign accents to say Hoopla! You can go foreign dude.

Li: No I live here, you the foreign dude.

Sportette: Whatever.
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-19-2012 03:03 PM:
Sportette i really lik ur profile pic! is the one all the way on the left me? Or some other smurf
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-19-2012 03:41 PM:
Thanks it's greedette

Sportette:look I found a new fogein dude!*pulls out a British guy*

British guy:pardon me but why are these nice talking

Sportette:KITTY CATS!

British guy:kitty cats?

Sportette:haha got you to say kitty cats

Smurfette:are you done

Sportette:no PINEAPPLES! now I'm done
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-20-2012 06:53 AM:
Smurfette: I am sorry...Mr.....

British guy: Le 'Fleur

Smurfette: *thinks* strange, a British guy with a French last name.

Sportette: You can call me Ms. Chainsaw. That is Ms. Sportette Chainsaw.

Mr. Le 'Fleur: Chainsaw?!

Smurfette: Okay, you can go now!

Sportette: Bye Mr. Pee Fart.

Smurfette: It was Le 'Fleur.

Sportette: Whatever.

Chloette: I found another foreign dude!

Smurfette: Not again!

Sportette: Yay!!!

Chloette: *pulls out a French Guy* This is Drake Hudson.

Smurfette: *thinks* something is funny about this. British guy with a French last name and a French guy with a Spanish last name.
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-20-2012 10:51 AM:
Mandy: Little Blue Caterpillars. I think it time we go!!

Sorry, that's all I could come up with
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-20-2012 11:22 AM:
Handy: what time is it?

Mandy: 8:15

Tabby: we need to get back to the fireworks!!
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-20-2012 06:15 PM:
Smurfette: Wow!! So this is Chinese New Year?

Tabby: *lights fireworks and they light up*

Smurfette: Wow, those are really smurfy Mandy! Is this what it's like every year?

Mandy: No!! But I have a feeling that's got something to do with Tabby and Handy!!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-21-2012 12:12 PM:
Crazeeee(from my story):*cross eyed* goop? Arooooo!!!

Sportette:bye crazeeee


Mandy:the crazy blue cattipiler want goop?


Mandy:she want goat?
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-21-2012 12:18 PM:

Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-21-2012 12:38 PM:
Lol! I love how this is coming along!

Key (for this part):

SSV = Second Smurf Village (my story)

HCB = How Can It Be (Sportette's story)

Fashionette (SSV): Ewww! Goats are disgusting, have bugs, and eat hay! They are so gross!

Fashionette (HCB): I know! They are so dirty and everything!

Fashionette (SSV): Who in the smurfin' world are you?!

Fashionette (HCB): I'm Fashionette, who are you?

Fashionette (SSV): I'm Fashionette too! Wow! This is so totally awesome! You wanna be friends?

Fashionette (HCB): Totally!

Fashionette (SSV): I have this totally strange sister named Model Smurfette. *points to Model Smurfette*

Fashionette (HCB): Woah! You two are twins!

Fashionette (SSV): Yeah, but everyone knows I'm the more good looking twin. It is so stressing having a sister that you have to share makeup with.

Fashionette (HCB): I know just what you mean! I have this sister Dancette *points at Dancette*

Fashionette (SSV): Finally someone who understands me!

Fashionette (HCB): This friendship is already setting sail!

Fashionette (SSV): Uhhh, boats make me nauseous.

Fashionette (HCB): * [Big Grin] *

Fashionette (SSV): *thinks* I wonder why she's laughing. I was serious.

Honestly guys, I've always wanted to do this on some roleplay for a long time. I thought it'd be funny if Fashionette and Fashionette met.
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-21-2012 12:59 PM:
Ya their exactly alike I made a list of all the characters in the village in my story got all 257
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-21-2012 01:17 PM:

Smurfette: *on Mandy's shoulder* We should go home now. It was nice meeting you Mandy!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-21-2012 01:38 PM:
Mandy:nice to meet little blue cattipilers as well

Sportette:can we go to Paris


Smurfette:well let's go!

All:bye Mandy!


Sportette:well*pulls out skateboard* going to the eifle tower

Bakette:*pulls out frying pan* I'm going to sell the worlds best wepon... A frying pan

Smurfette:did sportette say she was going to the eifle tower with a skateboard?
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-21-2012 01:51 PM:
Archive: Remember what happened LAST TIME she went down the Eiffel tower with a skateboard?

Smurfette: Yep! Let's go stop her!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-21-2012 01:59 PM:
Sportette:*gets to top and skateboards down* yahoo smurfaroo! Weeeee! *goes down but trips and falls off skateboard* dang it but yay I'm alive!

Smurfette:no more eifle tower

Sportette:*on top of a 100 story building* okay!*goes down* weeeee!!!

Archive:or anything else

Sportette:well that smurfs
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-22-2012 05:24 AM:
Tabby: hmmmmmmmm i wish we were in london

Handy: why?

Tabby: my Brittish accent is really convinceing

Handy: Paris is the capitol of love, i think?

Tabby: well in that case.......* starts kissing Handy*

Smurfette: do they ever stop kissing!

Archive: i dont think so, only between breathing

Tabby: did u bring the last firework

Handy: yup, lets do it!!!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-22-2012 09:30 AM:
Sportette:can I have your candle*takes firework puts it on a bin then takes a bite* yum

Tabby:will she explode


Hefty:I don't know

Handy:I think she ate my hammer

Smurfette:I think she's hungry

Archive:now what

Sportette:*pulls out a mime* I found a mime *pulls out mimick(from my story)* and mimick

Themime:*pretends he is in a box

Mimick:*mimicks brainy* as papa smurf always says...
Posted by Archive Smurf (Member # 2350) on 04-22-2012 01:35 PM:
Smurfette: What on earth?
Archive: Oh my goodness... o_O
Sportette: Be nice or I use my chainsaw!! *explodes into hyper energy*
Tabby: I was right, she was going to explode into this.
Handy: I can't believe this.
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-22-2012 01:52 PM:
Smurfette:what of she explodes into a million peices


tabby:That's loud and annoying

Sportette:*her hat explodes*

Handy:well her hat exploded but not her

Archive:she exploded into a bunch of evil laughing

Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-22-2012 10:04 PM:
Smurfette: Sportette!!!!!!!!! What the smurf, stop this smurfin'!! * ಠ_ಠ *

Archive: Who are they? *points to a bunch or french smurfs*

Tabby: Darn! Painter would have loved to meet them!

Smurfette: Hello!

French Smurf: Bonjour, ma belle!

Chloette: Huh?

Handy: Hello, summin summin'

French Smurf: I said "Hello my beautiful! *kisses Smurfettes hand*

Smurfette: Hehehe *giggles*

Archive: *the look of disapproval*

Smurfette: *stops giggling* I'm married!

Sportette: So, who are you anyway, ya flirt!

French Smurf: My name is Jean Smurf!

Tabby: *points to her jeans* You mean, like, Jeans?

Jean: No, more like John! It's John in French!!

Smurfette: I love your name!

Archive: *◔_◔*

Jean: Thanks..... quel est votre nom?! What is your name?

Smurfette: Me? Oh my name is Smurfette?

Jean: La Schtroumpfette is a charmant/lovely name too!
Posted by Archive Smurf (Member # 2350) on 04-23-2012 02:23 AM:
Smurfette: Oh my god thanks.
Jean: No problem.
Archive: *investigates deeply in secret to what's going on* I don't know but yeah.
Programmer: Duh, what's going on? I know I haven't seen you guys in like forever but jeez...
Jean: Who is that coming smurf over there?
Archive: That's programmer, a decent inspiration of mine.
Programmer: Yea.
Jean: Programmer? That's a "bien" name.
Programmer: Ah so your french? Also, thanks.
Jean: No problem.
Chloette: Huh? Huh?
Sportette: NYAAAAH!!!!!!!! RATS!!!!!!!!
Archive: Okay, this is a bit too much.
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-23-2012 11:15 AM:
Tabby: wait Handy are you French?

Handy: I picked some up from Painter

Tabby: ah, Wanna walk around

Handy: sure Paris is cool so we might find some interesting stuff

Tabby: we could build our own national landmarks!

Handy: we would need the plans......

Tabby: i got that part under control
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-23-2012 11:22 AM:
Jean: S'il vous plaît, laissez-moi vous montrer! Please, let me show you around!

Smurfette: Okay!

Archive: Programmer, there's something "fishy" about Jean!

Programmer: I indeed think so too, unfourtunatly he has everyone sucked in.

Sportette: *jumps up behind them* Except for Me!!!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-23-2012 12:28 PM:
Sucked in what?
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-23-2012 12:30 PM:
Jean: Qui êtes-vous mon Schtroumpfette belle?

Chloette: Umm... Is he talking to me?????

Jean: Oui, je m'adresse à vous.

Chloette: Where's google translator when you need it?

Magikette (from my story): *appears* I have an idea! Just a second *waves wand and Painter appears*

Painter: Huh?! Chloette, what am I doing here?!

Chloette: Magikette brought you here, pretty sweet right?

Magikette: My work here is done. *disappears in a puff of smoke*

All: *coughing*

Chloette: So, we thought you could be a French translator. This is Jean, he speaks french.

Jean: *cuts in* and a little English.

Chloette: Right, and so to make it easier on him, I thought you'd make the perfect translator.

Painter: But of course, Chloette. I'd be more than happy to do so.

Jean: Alors, voulez-vous une tournée?

All: *look at Painter*

Painter: He says "So, do you want a tour?"

Smurfette: Yes!

Painter: Qui

Jean: D'accord, mais je ne pense pas Que Je Sais Que Votre Schtroumpfette blonds courts. *looks at Chloette*

Chloette: Is he talking to me?

Painter: Qui, he is saying "Okay, but I do not think I know your short blonde Smurfette."

Chloette: I think he was describing my hair.

Painter: As do I Chloette.

Chloette: Tell him that "My name is Chloette"

Painter: Elle est traitée comme chloette.

MEANWHILE..........(with archive, programmer, and sportette)

Archive: What do you mean?

Sportette: What?! Do you really think I'm that crazy?

Archive and Programmer: *nod their heads*

Sportette: *sighs* I haven't trusted that John-

Archive: Jean.

Sportette: Okay, I haven't trusted that Jean from the start. I was only acting like a howler monkey so he would just think I was a howler monkey in disguise.

Archive and Programmer: What?!
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-23-2012 12:55 PM:
Sportette:I didn't finish and then slap him

Archive:you are crazy

Sportette:Don't be a son of*a hand covers her mouth*

Programer:no bad language

Sportette:I was going to say son of a pineapple



Sportette:Im not crazy

All(even strangers):yes you are
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-23-2012 02:40 PM:
Tabby: Hey Painter, Wheres Laur?

Painter: I was in the middle of painting her and now im here!

TabbY: *pulls out a stick and waves it the Lauren Appeared*

Laur: hey guys!!!!
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-23-2012 11:40 PM:
Archive: How do we prove Jean is dodgy?
Posted by Sportette (Member # 4102) on 04-24-2012 03:36 AM:
Sportette:um eaves drop it always works
Posted by Jokie Smurf (Member # 4119) on 04-24-2012 07:21 AM:
Chloette: I'd hate to do so, but it seems we have nothing left to do.
Posted by Tabby Smurf (Member # 3715) on 04-24-2012 12:28 PM:
Handy: how are we gonna get the plans for the effiel tower!!

Tabby: the reason laur is here is shes gonna draw a copy of it for us and were gonna bring it back home

Laur: good plan, but where are the plans?

Tabby: duh, at the top of the effiel tower.......
Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 04-24-2012 08:24 PM:
Smurfette: *dramatic* Oh, Paris is so amazing!

Jean: Merci beaucoup! Puis-je vous demander où vous Schtroumpfs sont de?

Painter: Thanks very much! May I ask where you smurfs are from?

Smurfette: Smurf Village we can take you there if you want?


Archive: Ready?

Chloette: Ready!

Tabby: Commence operation "Catch Those Jeans"

Handy: On three one, two, three!


Archive: Smurfette, may I speak to you...

Smurfette: Alright!

Archive: Do you still love me?

Smurfette: Oh of course!

Archive: You and Jean.....

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