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Posted by Smurfette (Member # 4140) on 03-22-2012 08:49 PM:
You can start however!!!
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 10-26-2014 11:45 AM:
The time vortex stops spinning and the Smurfs (including myself and Smurfette), as well as Avery, Tyler, Stan, Lindsay and Nikki land.

Stan: Whoa, another time that isn't home? I hate of arriving somewhere before my blog!

Avery: Do you think they will notice we're gone?
Chloe: Where's Stan, Avery and Tyler?

Ellen: Time travelling with the Smurfs!

Bennett: It's uncanny, not I think about it!
Avery: And let me guess, we're on a volcanic island?

Snappy: How did you know?

Avery: That volcano, duh.

Grandma Smurf: Okay, you young whippersnappers, Papa and I will go for a walk while you collect coconuts! (P.S. and G.S leave)

Stan: I miss Blue... more than I thought I did!

Lindsay: (Turns to Stan) You can talk?

Avery: (turns to Lindsay) You have been time-travelling with us this whole time and didn't notices Stan's secret.

Nikki: I smurfily hope we smurf home!

Me: Did you just speak Smurf?

Nikki: I'm starting to get the hang of it!

Avery: Not only that, Chloe now knows how Empath felt to be "Smurfed behind".

Stan: Okay, two choices: we sit and wait for a WAYBAC or a TARDIS or "time-travelling car" or Papa to assemble the time crystals in order to return home or we make a game out of coconut collecting! Whoever has the most coconuts wins and I'll obviously sure Robert will win. (turns to his stuff monkey) No, Robert, we didn't by you extra climbing gear from Father Time's Gift Shop because you can climb without them.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 10-26-2014 12:29 PM:
Stan: (writing on a leaf) I'm writing on this leaf since my blog doesn't exist yet. Hefty kept winning except on time he lost to VicGeorge. LOL. Meanwhile, Tyler and Nikki MADE A FUNNY.
Tyler: Wow, Smurfette's beautiful. Do you think you look more beautiful in blue?

Nikki: If you think the colour blue makes people more beautiful, why don't you become a Smurfette yourself (Tyler pauses and Nikki laughs) I MADE A FUNNY.
Stan (still writing on a leaf): Nikki made another funny with Avery and Sweet Smurf.
Nikki: You know once we get back home, since I'm into Smurfs, I think I'll move to Pandora and sign up for the Avatar program. (Nikki laughs) I MADE ANOTHER FUNNY.
Brainy: You know, here's my ideas for some games we could play instead. There's Brainy for a Day, Spot the Fake Quotations, etc.

Avery: Sounds like fun!

Stan: Well, if you like it, you can Smurf it! (Stan gets an idea) That's it!
Smurfette: I like this idea!

Nikki: I was Stan's idea!

Lindsay: I thought it was Brainy's!

Me: Let's smurf.

Hefty: I don't care whose idea it is, it's a boring as Stan's blog.

Lindsay: Stan writes a blog.

Brainy: Question 1. What are Gargamel saying he's taken all Smurf willage?

Smurfette: (bangs her bell) All your Smurf are belong to Smurf.

Brainy: Correct! 1 point to Smurfette! Question 2. Who is the Scottish Smurf from Sony's 2011 live-action film?

Tyler: (bangs his bell) Uh... Bagpipe Smurf.

Brainy: Wrong. If you like it, you'll have to Smurf it.

Tyler: I wish I had some Chi! (Tyler goes up against a familiar person) Karl? But you weren't with us when we went through the vortex to dinosaur times!

Karl: I built my own time machine since I watch you go into the vortex and programmed my time machine with your current place in time! Also, Brainy wants me to... (grabs a hammer) ...hit you with a hammer while pulling your underwear at the same time!

Tyler: Really, that's what your doing? (Gets hit on the head and gets a wedges) Ow, that double painful.

Hefty: That is so EPIC! (Gets an idea) Hey, that's it!
Okay, one of you is going to decide what happens next. Remember even though we are using the plot and storyline from the Smurfs episode of the same name one of the same name, we are using the humour of "Dog with a Blog" so the stunts (except for the volcano, which we are still using) have to have a bit of light, DWAB style humour!
Posted by Nature Smurfling (Member # 5239) on 10-30-2014 07:39 AM:
This is barely about smurfs. I think it is. Why did you add so many other characters?
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 10-30-2014 01:29 PM:
Just for fun!
Posted by boogerbook (Member # 5405) on 11-01-2014 05:37 PM:
what the heck you are ruining this with characters from another show! why! why! why! this is peaches!
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 11-01-2014 10:36 PM:
boogerbook, you are a big meanie!
Posted by smurfyteeny (Member # 5525) on 03-25-2015 10:48 PM:
[Gargamel] smurfaroo! youve got talent! btw, love the way you mentioned tardis, are you a DW fan? ugh its hard to type im on my WII. [Gargamel]
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 08-26-2017 06:14 PM:
Originally posted by smurfyteeny:
[Gargamel] smurfaroo! youve got talent! btw, love the way you mentioned tardis, are you a DW fan? ugh its hard to type im on my WII. [Gargamel]

I guess so! See, boogerbook. That's how you treat me!
Posted by SmurfBoeing (Member # 6154) on 11-14-2017 07:39 AM:
SmurfBoeing: Melody, Stormy, Blossom, get in the plane. We’re scouting Garbagesmell. Stormy, you’ll be next to me so you can shoot from the window.

They all get in the SmurfCessna 172 and take off from a river.
Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 12-18-2017 01:53 PM:
Seems in-consistence with what I posted or are we starting all over?

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