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Posted by Shy Smurfette luvs Gutsy Smurf :D (Member # 4353) on 04-30-2012 08:49 AM:

Dude and Scaredy

Scaredy and Dude are two rats I have.

Random Video 2

You'll hear my voice.

Random Video

You might hear my voice in this too.

Oscar x Bea - Firework

A tribute I made, using "Firework" by Katy Perry.

Bea Tribute - It's My Life

Yup. Another one.

GoGoRiki - Statistics

Another one. [Big Grin]

Pogo X Rosa - Anywhere

Another one. Yup.

GoGoRiki - The Interview


GoGoRiki - Epic Holiday


Happy Tree Friends and GoGoRiki - Everythings Magic

I hate Happy Tree Friends now. I love GoGoRiki though. I was banned from it a long time ago. Enjoy anyway. lol

Flippy X Flaky-Crazy For This Girl

Same goes for the previous one.

GoGoRiki - Your Own Love

Some pictures on here are by me. So trashy and old.

Posted by Shy Smurfette luvs Gutsy Smurf :D (Member # 4353) on 05-02-2012 09:06 AM:
Oh, cool, now their watchable!
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 05-03-2012 03:44 AM:
COOL videos Shy Smurfette! and I love Howls Moving Castle!!
Posted by Shy Smurfette (Member # 4353) on 05-03-2012 05:27 AM:
Thanks! [Big Grin]

Me too, especially Calcifer. [Wink]

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