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Posted by MissCassidy (Member # 3409) on 11-27-2010 09:24 PM:
Well, I saw it tonight.
Not sure what to think. It is a change from the previous films, but I won't give away enough to make spoil it for those who haven't seen it.

I will share the opinion of my hubby. He found it hard to follow. The plot seemed to jump around, and there seemed to be a lot of loopholes in the magic.

I think this is significant as he hasn't read the books, so he is purely looking at it fresh because he's only seen the films.

For those who have read the books, I think it's a far better adaptation than the previous films. Yet, the director is really expecting people to have read the book to really appreciate the film and look past the "loopholes".

Let's just see how the whole thing ends... as the first does leave one with a cliffhanger, similar to Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf falls and apparently "dies", but unlike LoTR, with the death of Boromir and the breaking of the Fellowship, this film does not leave one with a hint of hope... So in that respect, don't go if you are thinking that it won't be too bad... It's rough.

On the upside, it will bait the crowds for the second one!
Posted by BlueTiger10 (Member # 3411) on 11-28-2010 06:26 AM:
My sister Lena saw it on its midnight showing. She thinks it is scarier than in 3d. Nagini, Voldemort's pet snake for example lunged towards the camera and Lena, leaning way too close to the screen, jumped. At least part 2 will look even better in 3D. But be warned... You never know what happens next. Even I hadn't finished reading books 5-7. Explore new worlds... Read.
Posted by MissCassidy (Member # 3409) on 11-29-2010 08:29 PM:
I read all of the books prior to watching the films. I think they've done a brilliant job adapting the tension that is building in the last book, and it will culminate with an explosive and surprising ending in the final film.
Posted by Rockinsmurf (Member # 3491) on 01-24-2011 10:27 AM:
I loved this movie. It's not quite as good as the book, but the movies never are. I can't wait to see the final Movie!

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