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Posted by Royal Smurf (Member # 6098) on 11-11-2018 10:40 AM:
Article originally published on November 6, 2018:

In the center of Rochefort, there is now a fresco Smurf near the Place de Morges. The drawing pays homage to the late Nine Peyo, the wife of the creator of the Smurfs, who was invested in Rochefort.

Rochefort now has her Smurf, but much bigger than the little comic characters. The Smurf with his boater, his bow tie, and his cane, is seven meters high and more than five meters wide. The drawing was placed on a gable near the Place de Morges, in the city center. This achievement is a tribute to Nine, widow of the author Peyo and godmother of the comic BD of Rochefort until her death two years ago, explains Jean-Marc Mahin, the president of the International Festival of laughter Rochefort (FIRR) .

"It was by talking with Nine Peyo's daughter that the idea came. She told me it would be nice to find a way to pay tribute to her mother who loved the Rochefort festival. She told me that there was still no smurf fresco and that if I found the partners and the wall, the studio Péyo would offer the drawing to the FIRR."

This outdoor mural is the first in Wallonia. The company Urbana, which reproduces the drawing, made another mural Smurf in Brussels but it was a fresco on a ceiling. The project was funded by the Ministry of Tourism and the City of Rochefort:

"There are not so many empty gables in the center of Rochefort. It was necessary to find a gable on which there was no window. However, most gables like these are already used for large billboards. But we thought that a fresco was better than an ad."

The Urbana company, which handed over a bill of 15,000 euros, had to smear the red brick wall with cement and place a primer to start from a blank page and reproduce the laughing Smurf. This allows a better aesthetics of the drawing since the wall is much smoother, details its founder, Nicolas Morreel:

"We work with material adapted for the fresco to hold despite the vagaries of the weather. The fresco should last at least ten years without problem. She will live and age a little but she will be nickel for very long years."

To reproduce the design offered by the Peyo family as large, several techniques exist:

"We can use the technique of grid report, direct plot or that of carbon paper. Depending on the type of drawing, the wall, the techniques of the artist, we adapt."

The official opening of the fresco will take place on November 22nd. It will be unveiled at the same time as the poster of the festival of laughter in the presence of the children of the creator of the little blue fellows.

Rochefort Smurf Mural Article

What the finished mural will look like:

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