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Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 01-14-2018 01:58 PM:
Smurfette: Good morning, Smurf Village... and all my fellow Smurfs!

Jump out of bed, mix up a breakfast for my favourite pet mouse!

Living in a village where everyone has a mushroom house!

I remember the day when I felt like I was dying!

Clumsy isn't no help but he's does keep trying!

So who's the Smurf who name defines

her own gender, something that is by design?

Squeaky, it's me,

happy just to be...

In the "Cursed" Land!

Who knew that Smurf Village was once surrounded by sand?

I'm not worried about Gargamel's plan

because it's a beautiful Smurf Village day!

Clumsy: Hi, Smurfette! Nice singing voice!

Smurfette: Do you want to sing as well?

Clumsy: Sure... I try taking Grace's advice

but nothing seems to work out right!

I try to be nice,

not wanting to start a fight!

I'm trying to help the way I could

but nothing seems to work as it should!

I guess it's just my luck! (Smurfette: Your luck!)

Because of my name, I'm stuck! (Smurfette: You're stuck!)

It's a typical Smurf Village day!

Harmony: Can you two keep it down?

Clumsy: Sorry!

Harmony: And you call that singing...

I'm never respected because whenever I pay, they always cover their ears

because they think it's terrible music they hear!

But soon when I play,

it won't be a typical Smurf Village day!

Narrator: We now follow Smurfette to Handy's place! I wonder what our resident inventor is working on!

Handy: Don't worry, Clockwork!

I'll fix you up so can return to work

for King Gerald, our friend

to the end!

I need to make sure his turf

for protected by certain Clockwork Smurf!

For I am the one that created you,

a fact the is so true!

And to say

it all happened on a typical Smurf Village day!

Smurfette: Bye, Hefty!

Hefty: Bye, Smurfette!

Narrator: While Smurf Village is happy, even sunshine and butterflies must have it dark clouds! And for every Smurf, that dark cloud is known as Gargamel!

Papa: There is nothing to worry about, my dear Smurfs!

Gargamel will never find our turf!

Gargamel: My motive... it's always changes! (Scruple: Changes!)

But location their village and capturing them is always a pain!

Papa: I was amazing to see Gargamel's plan fall

when Smurfette proved herself to be the truest Smurf of all!

Gargamel: Soon the day will arrive

when they won't survive!

Whenever it's gold, food, destruction or essence,

my new will be intense!

And it won't be...

Papa, Scurple and Gargamel: A typical Smurf Village day!

Smurfette: Hi, Greedy! What's cooking?

Greedy: Something VERY yummmy!

Brainy: Well, as Papa Smurf always said...

Every Smurf: SMURF IT, BRAINY!

Brainy: (To himself) I can't believe Papa chose Baby to be his successor!

Why can't he see

that I'm the perfect choice?

Is it me

or because of what everyone said with their voice?

Come on, Papa Smurf, if you give a chance,

I could organize everything including the blue moon dance!

I'll never rest

until I prove my BEST!

Papa: Brainy, guess who's here? It's our friends from Smurfy Grove!

Every Smurf: In the "Cursed" land,

there is a village once surround by sand!

If Gargamel attacks, we'll take a stand! (Take a stand 5x)

It's a typical...

Smurfette: Beautiful...

Grouchy: Exceptional...

Every Smurf: Smurf Village Day!
Posted by Matthew Grisham (Member # 6579) on 04-02-2018 10:58 AM:
Smurftastic music number.
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 04-02-2018 12:00 PM:
REALLY GOOD! If I were to make my fanfic into a musical, I would totally want to have YOU be the one to compose the songs for it!

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