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Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 03-26-2012 04:38 AM:

found this great picture. Where's Papa? (hint he's small)
Posted by My dog Padfoot (Member # 4119) on 03-26-2012 06:25 AM:
Found him!

Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 03-26-2012 06:30 AM:
I spotted Papa too!

Let's see how many other cartoon characters we can list!!! Perhaps 3 at a time?

I'll go first... and name the easy ones!

 -  -  -

1) Papa Smurf
2) Bugs Bunny
3) Homer Simpson

Who's next?
Posted by Animator Smurf (Member # 3898) on 03-26-2012 08:29 AM:
 -  -  -

1) Yogi Bear and Boo Boo

2) Pikachu

3) The Jetsons
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 03-27-2012 02:08 PM:
 -  -  -

I found:

1) Beavis and Butthead

2) Batman Beyond

3) Scooby-Doo & The Mystery Gang
Posted by My dog Padfoot (Member # 4119) on 03-27-2012 02:31 PM:
How about these:

 -  -

1. Spongebob
2. The flenstones
3. Donald Duck and his Nephews (huey, duey, and louey)
Posted by MissCassidy (Member # 3409) on 03-27-2012 03:10 PM:
Wow this is a mash up of Cartoon Houses! I see old Hanna and Barbara mixed in with Disney mixed in with Warner Bros, mixed in with Anime (Dragon Ball Z and I think that's Kanen Riders? and Pokemon) mixed in with a smattering of Nicktoons...

And Terry Toons (Woody the Woodpecker...super old school cartoons that were made in NYC back in the DAY...)

Just... Wow.

Oh yeah and some independents from Canada.. I think mainly Nelvania was the big animation house there.
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 11-19-2013 06:30 PM:
Just between Homer's feet. [Smile]
Posted by Richrod Smurf (Member # 5003) on 11-20-2013 12:32 PM:
For those who don't know, this drawing is a parody of the front cover of the 1978 DC Comics oversize graphic novel "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali", a deliberately campy sci-fi story that capitalized on the legendary boxer's popularity and which the DC artists had a lot of fun creating. It's now considered one of the best graphic novels of all time for the richness of its illustrations and bizarre but fun storyline.

The original cover had all the famous celebrities and politicians of 1978 in the audience.

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali DC Comic
Posted by Amy Sue Smurfette (Member # 4050) on 11-21-2013 04:46 PM:
awww poor Papa Smurf looks like he's about to get stepped on! good thing he's still pretty quick for an elder smurf :-D

and...i have to say it...OOOH! BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD! MY IDOLS! :-P lol not really. but i do find them amusing.
Posted by SmurfFan82874 (Member # 3926) on 11-25-2013 12:30 PM:
 -  -  -

1. G-Force from Battle Of The Planets
2. The Herculoids
3. Fat Albert's Gang
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 11-25-2013 02:33 PM:
#1.  -

#2.  - #3.  -

#4.  -

#1. Background: beside Spongebob (found by Jokie): Sandy, the Rugrats, the Fairy Oddparents and Zim & Gir (from Invader Zim); foreground: the Tick and Space Ghost;

#2. Hardy Har Har;

#3. Freakazoid, Ren & Stimpy;

#4. Screwball Squirrel, Dexter, Deedee and the Animaniacs.
Posted by masked smurf (Member # 5040) on 11-26-2013 05:15 PM:
Very easy [Happy Smurf] [Wild Smurf] [Astro Smurf] [Roll Eyes] [Smile] [Techno Smurf]
Posted by thatonesmurfx103.9 (Member # 4917) on 11-26-2013 05:44 PM:
I'd add the 4 boys of South Park... just for giggles :lol:
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 10-03-2015 04:50 PM:
Yep, cool idea, Linkin!! [Big Grin]
Posted by VicGeorge2010 (Member # 300) on 10-04-2015 05:58 AM:
Off-topic, I wonder who won the Superman vs. Muhammed Ali match.

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