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Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 11-27-2010 02:22 PM:
Smurf Cupcakes with Marshmallows
Smurf Cupcakes with Marshmallows

I was smurfing around Google and I found this blog. I don't know if you saw this before, so... [yum!] [yum!] [yum!] [yum!]
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 11-27-2010 03:49 PM:
The Smurf Cupcakes using the Smurf Marshmallows is such a cute idea. And they look very tasty too! (I bet Gargamel would agree!)

Here are some more Smurf Cupcakes...

The Smurfs Cupcakes


This set of cupcakes has Vanity, Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Gargamel too! The little mushrooms and flowers are a cute bonus.
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 11-27-2010 04:00 PM:
This design for Smurf Cupcakes uses fondant characters for a neat 3D effect (as opposed to the pastillage or gum paste / sugar paste used in the previous recipe).

Smurf Cupcakes using fondant

[Happy Smurf]

The details are quite impressive. Jokey Smurf holds his present (let's hope it is a "good" surprise) and Smurfette holds a red rose. How sweet!
Posted by Pinkie (Member # 3182) on 11-27-2010 04:12 PM:
I don't think I am talented enough to make such elaborate cupcakes! I do think they are very cute though. I love the little smurf covering his mouth. Adorable!!!
[Enamored Smurf]
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 11-27-2010 04:32 PM:
Here is an easy idea for Smurf Cupcakes - make blue and white cupcakes! Instead of using a Red Velvet Cake Recipe, why not make a "Blue Velvet Cake"!

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Simply use your favorite cake base but add blue food coloring and lots of creamy white frosting stacked up to look like a Smurf hat. Looks pretty smurfy to me!
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 11-27-2010 07:23 PM:
OMG, Sassette... The first cupcakes featuring Vanity, Papa - Smurfette, then, looks perfect! [Vanity Smurf] [Smile] [Smurfette] Even old mean Gargy has got his own one!! [Gargamel] And those ones from the second pic, mainly with the little Smurf dolls, hmmm... so adorable and well done that it's even a pity eating them... [Enamored Smurf]
And how practical the Blue Velvet (nice name for a nice dessert) Cupcake recipe is. Thanks a million for sharing this smurfy and mouth-watering stuff!! YUM! [yum!]
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 11-28-2010 07:47 AM:
Gargamel looks like he's about to take a bite out of the Smurfette cupcake!! LOL I'm really hungry now... They are all very cute thanks Sassette and Squeaky!!
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 12-19-2010 07:00 PM:
You're welcome, Smurfy! And I've just found other one.

(Brainy and Jokey look sooo cute!!) [Cool] [Razz]
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 12-20-2010 06:00 PM:
I love them all, Squeaky! Yochana did a wonderful job. Brainy holding the mushroom and Jokey with his little present are my favorites too!

 -  -

[Enamored Smurf]
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 12-26-2010 09:53 PM:
Awesome pics! I don't think I could snack on a Smurf though!!!

Posted by Pinkie (Member # 3182) on 12-27-2010 10:38 AM:
Look at Smurfette doing aerobics, she is adorable!

[Enamored Smurf]
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 12-27-2010 12:47 PM:
Thanks, everysmurf!! I'm glad you liked them and Smurfette looks lovely as well as Smurf sunbathing beside her. [Smurfette] [Enamored Smurf]

This time, here's a Grouchy Smurf cake(!!) I found in this blog. It's on page 4.

 - [Frown] [Big Grin] [yum!]
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 12-30-2010 04:12 PM:
That Grouchy Smurf Cake is cute... and here's some more Smurf Cupcakes! The Gargamel cupcake gives me the giggles!

Brainy, Papa, Greedy, Gargamel & Smurfette!

Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 12-30-2010 05:17 PM:
I'd never imagine saying that, but here it goes: Gargy looks so innocent with a chubby face!! [Eek!] [Gargamel] Yet Brainy seems to wear a pince-nez instead of glasses, but he's cute, and Papa's expression is also great. [Big Grin] Thanks for posting, Sassette!! [Sassette Smurfling]
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 03-07-2011 01:46 PM:
I've just found something else about Smurf cakes that you posted a certain time ago, and here's other smurfy idea too: SMURFS!! - Misc 3D Cakes

Posted by VicGeorge2010 (Member # 300) on 03-07-2011 03:36 PM:
Those cupcakes just bring out the Gargamel in some people in that THEY WANT TO EAT THEM!!!
Posted by SmurfyDove (Member # 5345) on 04-06-2018 02:01 AM:
Yeah... I think that those cakes are cute and all... But as for taste? I'm scared to pick it up... Much less, try to take a bite out of one...

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