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Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 03-24-2010 10:44 AM:
Father Abraham and Smurf Cycling Safety:

Smurf Cycling Safety Commercial

It's real life cycling Smurfs! This is a Dutch government commercial starring Vader Abraham*. This fun commercial from 2001 introduces new traffic laws. For example, all traffic from the right always has priority - even with Smurfs! The commercial reminds viewers to pay particular attention to the safety of cyclists.

Father Abraham in Smurfland* Vader Abraham is the well-loved father of the Smurfs! Born Pierre Kartner in the Netherlands, Father Abraham is a world-renowned musician and performer. In addition to singing with people like Nana Mouskouri and Engelbert Humper-Dinck, Father Abraham is famous for singing with the Smurfs! His Smurf Song has sold over 25 million copies worldwide and spent seven weeks at #1 on the Dutch music charts. The English version of his music with the Smurfs (Father Abraham in Smurfland) was the first introduction many children had to the Smurfs and helped turn the Smurfs into the worldwide success they are today.

Posted by Sweet Smurf 2 (Member # 5136) on 10-29-2014 01:05 AM:
Nice video and I didn't even see Father Abraham and Smurfette together since "The Smurf Song" only featured to male Smurfs.
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 10-29-2014 04:00 PM:
You can listen to the Smurf song here again, Sweet Smurf 2. [Wink]

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