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Posted by A Strange Smurf (Member # 2106) on 04-01-2008 03:13 PM:
I went to Value Village hunting for smurfs, because sometimes they have a smurf in one of their little bags of mixed toys. Doesn't happen often.

Well today I found a whole bag of just smurfs! It was about 10 figurines plus 2 kinder smurfs for about $3, and my collection just doubled in size and value. [Big Grin] [King Tut Smurf] [Clown Smurf] [Eek!]

Talk about a great find! [Confused] Now I just need to figure out how to identify this smurf that's missing whatever accessory it was supposed to have came with. [Confused] All I have to identify it with is a hand over one shoulder that should be holding something, and a walking posture. I'll be splunking the site looking for it all evening I'm sure! XD
Posted by A Strange Smurf (Member # 2106) on 04-01-2008 05:58 PM:
Well, I identified my odd smurf as Butterfly Catcher smurf. He doesn't have his butterfly net though, so I don't think he's worth anything in terms of collecting.

He's still cute! (This wasn't an April Fools post if you were all wondering. Otherwise, I guess people just don't care to post today, lol. Jinx maybe?)

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