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Posted by Vic George 2K8 (Member # 300) on 02-08-2008 11:13 AM:
I finally got a copy of The Adventures Of Superman #441, which features Superman dealing with various cartoon character analogs brought to life by Mxyzptlk, which includes analogs of the Smurfs. Here's the first page, where Superman watches Mxyzptlk bringing them to life:


The second, where a cartoonish Superman gets attacked by the Dorfs:


And the third, where he rounds them up and puts them in his cape:

Posted by Shane Jensen (Member # 1345) on 02-08-2008 02:04 PM:
That's pretty funny.
Posted by Marianamersmurf (Member # 1985) on 02-08-2008 05:41 PM:
LOL! This is amusing. This may be a stupid question, though: Mxyzptlk's line that says "I'm a better animator than Hannah and Barbara!!" I noticed they mispelled William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's names. Was that intentional?
Posted by Vic George 2K8 (Member # 300) on 02-08-2008 07:20 PM:
I believe that was intentional, given at the time Hanna-Barberra Studios wasn't yet eventually owned by Time-Warner, the same company that owned (and owns) DC Comics.
Posted by Raven Child (Member # 795) on 02-08-2008 10:12 PM:
Thanks that was really amusing Vic.
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 02-11-2008 09:51 PM:
Cool! I like the cartoon comic superman!!
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 11-21-2017 11:44 AM:
Very interesting find! [Big Grin]
Posted by VicGeorge2010 (Member # 300) on 12-04-2017 08:21 AM:
If you're looking for the comic book in a reprint, check out the Superman: The Man Of Steel Vol. 9 collection at The story is called "The Tiny Terror Of Tinseltown."

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