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Posted by ronrocio (Member # 1258) on 01-05-2006 01:39 AM:
Hello, does anyone know the Smurf Theme Park in France, somewhere near Paris?
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 01-05-2006 09:13 AM:
The Smurf theme park is called Walibi Schtroumpf. It's located near Metz in northeastern France. When the park was open as a Smurf theme park is was a fun place to ride, play, and have adventures with The Smurfs. It even featured a real Smurf Village (le Village des Schtroumpfs)! There were many smurfy attractions at the Smurf park - including a ride where Gargamel exacted his revenge on the Smurfs!

Here were some of the Smurf rides at Walibi Schtroumpf:

Click for a bigger Walibi Schtroumpf Theme Park Brochure
Walibi Schtroumpf Theme Park Brochure - (click for bigger pic)

Eventually, in 2003, the smurfiness ended. All Smurf references ceased and the Smurf park was no more. The Smurf rides were changed into non-smurf rides: Gargamel's Revenge became Space Shot, SkySmurf became Monorail, MokaSchtroumpf became The Dancing Cups / Les tasses dansantes, AquaSmurf became Minis-Rivère, AstroSmurf became The Flying Barrels / Les Tonneaux Volants, Smurf Train became Small Train / Petit Train, and Salsepareille became Salsa.

The Smurf park has had many incarnations. The history of the park is as follows:

Name: Big Bang Schtroumpf (owned by Sorépark) - From: 1989 - 1990.
Name: Walibi Schtroumpf (owned by Walibi) - From: 1991 - 1998.
Name: Walibi Schtroumpf (owned by Six Flags) - From 1998 - 2002.
Name: Walibi Lorraine (owned by Six Flags)- From 2003 - 2003.
Name: Walibi Lorraine (owned by Palamon) - From 2004 - .

Hope this helps!

Happy Smurfing,

Big Bang SchtroumpfWalibi Schtroumpf


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