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Posted by pistel (Member # 712) on 12-11-2004 06:53 PM:
Good day all, i got my self one of those talking baby smurf doll that are said to swear. I have head people say that it do not swear, but i did try it and it does sound like it is saying how gives a ****. But if it is not saying that then can someone tell me what is it saying?
Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 12-11-2004 10:44 PM:
Hi pistel,

Check this out:

From what I recall, Baby's noises absolutely did not sound anything like expletives. That woman in ON, Canada (where Irwin was from) was either hard of hearing or perhaps very imaginative.

Baby Smurf doesn't swear - at least the dolls I have heard do not.

Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 12-17-2004 02:12 AM:
Here is the full newspaper article from way back in 1997. It seems this piece states that the doll says a slightly more vulgar expletive than the one I've seen reported elsewhere. Like all good urban legends, there are different accounts of Baby Smurf's exact swear words. Regardless, what a bad little Smurf!


HAMILTON JAN 8, 1997 - A Toronto toy company denies it's making swearing Smurfs or kinky Clever Cutie dolls.

"They're working perfectly - they're not swearing or cursing", says Irwin Toy public relations vice-president Scott Irwin, after the company received more complaints of their dolls using indecent language.

It started last week when a Brantford mother complained that a Baby Smurf doll she got for her daughter would say things like "Who gives a f***?"

Irwin says they have received three more complaints, one from Sarnia and the others from the Brantford area, about the smurf doll, and now Karin Guyatt, a Hamilton women says that a Clever Cutie doll, also made by Irwin, her daughter Kimberly Desjardins, 10, got for Christmas is saying bizarre things "It's definitely saying "I want to cut you" and "I like it when you cut me". Guyatt says.

The petite blonde doll, which comes with a hair dryer, brush and cell phone accessories which fit into an electronic socket on its hand, is capable of recognizing them and asking for them in a sing-song voice recorded by an actress in New York, according to Irwin, and then making the sound effects of a running dryer and a ringing phone when the appropriate object is placed in its hand. It also clearly says, in the same chirpy voice, "I want to cut you".

"If some people are hearing that, it's coincidence" says Irwin, who says the dolls really are saying innocuous messsages like "I want to hug you" and "I like it when you hug me". "All of the dolls are alike" Irwin says, who says no one at Irwin has found a doll which actually says anything else than what it has been programmed to say, and likens the problem to people who hear offensive lyrics on pop songs, and phone into radio stations to complain, and once disk jockeys tell the audience that there may be offensive lyrics, more people believe that they hear them. "It sounds like they're saying such and such, but in fact, the recording artists never said that", Irwin says.

"She really loves that doll" said Guyatt, who says her daughter is hearing impaired and did not notice the doll's odd speech. Guyatt only found out what the doll was saying after her nephew was playing with her daughter and heard it a few days ago.

Irwin says the Clever Cutie and Baby Smurf doll have a variety of messages recorded onto electronic chips that are all the same for either doll. Debbie Brown, a company spokesperson,says "We only use nonalterable RAM chips" that cannot be changed after they leave the factory.

"I'd like a new doll", said Kimberly. Irwin has said it will replace the toy.

Posted by jokersmoker (Member # 3153) on 03-23-2010 03:02 PM:
Years ago I was working in radio and I read a news story in the Toronto Sun. It was about a woman in Brampton that bought her seven year old daughter a Talking Berry Lovin'! Baby Smurf and the toy taught the child a new four letter word. When i got off work I hurried to the nearest toy store and grabbed one.Immediately IRWIN TOY pulled them off the shelves.Now up to date:
I got this "crock" message from a dealer :
Hamilton, Ontario based Irwin Toys emphatically denies that Talking Berry Lovin'! Baby Smurf swears. agrees, after personally investigating and determining the toy isn't cursing. Although one Canadian woman claims Baby says "who gives a (expletive)?", this cute little doll does not swear - period. This is simply a case of an overactive imagination, bad hearing, or both.”
Let's look at the REAL facts.
A) It was pulled off the shelves
B) It certainly isnt saying I'm Hungry like it was supposed too
C)Upon playing it for my broadcast friends and police,and retail sales people I have found that they too must have bad hearing,including an OPP officer who said"Someone is in a lot of trouble"
I will agree that in some you cannot hear the expletive but in mine you certainly can.
D) IRWIN toy was out of Toronto NOT Hamilton.
Finally I am very surprised at the cheap attempt of denial by BB on this,its something like Coca Cola NEVER admitting there was once Cocaine in thier drink.One thing is for sure this doll no matter what IS a Collectable,just on the noteriety alone.(Remember The Little Mermaid video cover??)
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 03-23-2010 03:37 PM:
Hey jokersmoker upload a recording and put it up here I can't wait to hear it!!
Posted by jokersmoker (Member # 3153) on 03-23-2010 04:53 PM:
I will be happy to if it is allowed. I am glad that you posted the story you were basing your investigation on. It appears to be from an Irwin PR guy covering his blue butt.No matter,toy was pulled and the rest is history.
Posted by pudgy (Member # 1241) on 03-23-2010 05:08 PM:
Ffffffft... okay

HAD to comment on this.

It was never pulled off the shevles except in small numbers. It was sold all across Canada for almost 2 years after the incident, including a $5.00 "blow out" price near the end. The box was quite big and was very visible in whatever store isle it was in.

Regarding swearing, Irwin said, "If some people are hearing that, it's coincidence". THE DOLL DOESN'T SWEAR. The spokesperson couldn't say what he/she really wanted to say...that these people hearing things are bats**t insane.

Finally, regarding the police and the OPP officer: I'm glad the Toy Police are on the case. I can get G.I. Joe and Darth Vader to help bring Baby Smurf down to the station if there is any trouble.

Still... I can't wait to hear the upload.
Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 03-23-2010 06:20 PM:
Talking Baby Smurf

My Berry Lovin' Baby Smurf doesn't swear or say anything naughty. Heehee, my baby seems to be well behaved, except for being a little messy eater!
[Angel Smurf]

I am curious to hear what the swearing Baby Smurf says...
Posted by GreenDay Smurfs (Member # 2895) on 03-23-2010 06:41 PM:
Well first off, when i started looking at this website before i joined, i looked at the rumors because i was doing a speech on the smurfs, anyways i thought that was funny so did my friends. i don't have a baby smurf doll, but i think people are just saying things so that people can sew the company, it's just like people asking "Are smurfs communists?" or "Is smurfette a sexist?" It's just people and their own life and reality.
Posted by jokersmoker (Member # 3153) on 03-23-2010 07:40 PM:
Pudgy you dont have one do you? You start listening to company PRs you'll start believing reality shows. This doll(mine) swears. Everybody agrees PERIOD! I really cant upload the wav file as I've been told this is a family site.You may be correct that they were around AFTER these were removed and then replaced.Be nice and I might put it on Youtube.
Posted by pudgy (Member # 1241) on 03-23-2010 08:18 PM:
I own both the US and Canadian dolls. Both don't swear.

So that means that somehow, somewhere, special versions of the ROM or Flash RAM had to be created undercover. How many do you think actually exist?

What, seriously, are the odds of some secret subterfuge in the Chinese factory, men skulking around quietly reprogramming a tiny batch of the ROM chips to contain obscenities?

Let's look at this another way. All the collectors on this site have the non-swearing Baby Smurf dolls.

The only person who claims that a swearing Baby Smurf doll actually exists is you.

So prove it... provide us the youtube link. We're all looking forward to seeing and hearing it.
Posted by jokersmoker (Member # 3153) on 03-23-2010 08:49 PM:
You got it buddy.The price will reflect that. Do me a favor. Go to the Toronto Sun (or I will)
and get a backcopy of the original story from Brampton.Final facts. You say none swear, I say mine does,does yours say "I'm hungry??,mine doesnt.You say they have no value,I say mine does.If you're right I'm bats,if I'm right I'm Batman!
Posted by jokersmoker (Member # 3153) on 03-24-2010 03:43 PM:
This is dedicated to IRWIN PR guys everywhere!

And to my good friend Pudgy,by the way the price is now $5000

Mike on camcorder is a little shoddy. Still think it's saying I'm Hungry? NOT!

Swearing Baby Smurf - Warning Adult Language

Swearing Baby Smurf - Warning Adult Language
Posted by pudgy (Member # 1241) on 03-24-2010 06:28 PM:
Hi again, jokersmoker ... or should we all call you by your new name, BATMAN!

Alright Batman, smurf hats off to you for posting the video. It was fun to hear Baby Smurf and I liked the video.

Unfortunately, I do not hear it do any cursing. It sounds exactly like both of my dolls.

It's just "baby talk"... smurfy jibber-jabber. I mean, you can kind of convince yourself it's saying, "who gives a f***", but it's not. It's just baby talk. It could just as easily be saying, "snug as a bug".

Good luck with your sale... and long-live the swearing smurf myth!
Posted by GreenDay Smurfs (Member # 2895) on 03-24-2010 06:48 PM:
it kinda sounds like it's saying etheir "Snug as a bug" as pudgy refered or " jitter bug" or something. but why sell a toy that swears for kids. it just gives a bad rep. on smurfs.
Posted by Mariana MerSmurf (Member # 2633) on 03-24-2010 10:09 PM:
I think its kind of like how we mishear lyrics in songs, our ears can trick us when something doesn't sound completely clear.
Posted by Raven Child (Member # 795) on 03-25-2010 12:17 PM:
To me he sounds like he's saying something in french. Not enough to have it sound anything in English.
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 03-25-2010 07:03 PM:
Here is another article about the Swearing Baby Smurf, from 1997.

The Hamilton Spectator
by Adrian Humphreys
January 8, 1997

Cursing Smurf no joking matter to mother

Does it or doesn't it? This Berry Lovin' Smurf swears, says Stoney Creek's April Wood, who bought it for daughter Aleksandra. (Scott Gardner, The Spectator)

STONEY CREEK -- What parent wants their child playing with a plush, stuffed, Masochistic Sadie or Lots o' Swearin' Smurf? A recent rash of trash-talkin' toys that some people say are blurting out offensive statements is a public-relations nightmare toymakers can do without. But what's behind the blue-faced Smurf toy that two families insist swears a blue streak, and the sweet-faced Clever Cutie doll that seems to say, "I like it when you cut me"?

Are these good dolls gone bad?

April Wood of Stoney Creek bought a $40 Berry Lovin' Smurf. Her aunt thought she heard the doll swear, but dismissed it until she heard of a similar complaint in Brantford. "When she played it for me the f-word is quite clear. You can't mistake what it's saying", said Ms. Wood. "It may be a joke until you hear a little kid with that coming out of her mouth. My daughter is going to hear it enough in her life, but to hear it coming from a toy is too much", she said of six-month-old Aleksandra.

A spokesman for Irwin Toy Ltd., which makes both dolls, dismisses the claims. "There is nothing wrong with the technology in these dolls -- it's been used for years", said Scott Irwin, senior vice-president.

"We've had three complaints out of thousands and thousands of dolls that have been shipped." The dolls are just being "misheard" and he blames new complaints on the power of suggestion from the media. "There are only 26 letters in the alphabet and there are lots of words that sound like others. What we recorded on the dolls are not swear words or anything offensive", he said.

The Smurf is designed to make three sounds: It says "I'm hungry", it giggles, and it says meaningless baby talk. But the baby talk is garbled, with the last word starting with and F and ending with a hard C sound.

"It's like looking at clouds. One might say `doesn't that cloud look like an elephant? ... Look, there's the elephant's trunk, there's the tail.' But does that make the cloud an elephant? No," said Mr. Irwin.

The process for making talking dolls is simple. A team thinks up a new doll, comes up with appropriate phrases for it to "speak", and then reviews the statements to ensure they are not offensive, said Mr. Irwin. The company records an actor reading the lines in a studio. Music or sound effects may be added. The sound is then mass produced onto silicon microchips which become part of a small circuit board inserted into each toy.

The technology is simple and has been used extensively for a decade in many consumer products, says Dr. David Jones, a computer science professor at McMaster University. When the actor's recorded messages are converted to digital data, it is stored in the language of machines -- strings of zeros and ones. This data is then stored on microchips, the same kind of chips that run computers. Powered by small batteries, the sound is activated by a movement -- such as rubbing the toy's belly or squeezing its hand. Dr. Jones said some chips could have a technical glitch which muddles or snips what is recorded onto them. For instance the phrase "I like it when you cuddle me", could sound like "I like it when you cut me", if the last syllable of "cuddle was snipped. Or a "doll hacker" could replace the doll's recorded mechanism either in the factory or in the store. A similar microchip from a cheap greeting card that allows the consumer to record a personal greeting could be switched with the factory-programmed version, he said.
Posted by Squeaky Smurf (Member # 2416) on 03-27-2010 04:51 PM:
Just kidding!! [Big Grin]
Talking seriously now, I've listened several times to what the doll said and it sounded to me: "I think you're a bug"; not "I'm hungry", but none of the reported expletive too. As Mariana said properly, sometimes our ears can play tricks on us. [Confused]
Posted by joker 2 (Member # 3189) on 04-22-2010 10:19 AM:
Hurray Hurray Hurray Step right up and see the Swearing Smurf!

He laughs,He cries,He swears!

F-Bomb Smurf - Warning Adult Language

F-Bomb Smurf 2 - Warning Adult Language

They say he doesnt exist
Irwin toy NEVER made one!
Can you believe your eyes? Or ears?
Tell your friends
Posted by pudgy (Member # 1241) on 05-01-2010 02:10 PM:
There are actually two versions of the "Swearing" Baby Smurf Doll. Both versions "swear" (if you have a dirty mind that is). Both of the dolls say three things.

Version 1:

1) Giggles
2) I'm Hungry
3) "Swearing"

Version 2:

1) Giggles
2) Crying
3) "Swearing"

joker 2 / jokersmoker has the second version.

Here is a video of the first version that says "I'm hungry":

Talking Baby Smurf Version 1 - "I'm Hungry"
Posted by POPE SMURF (Member # 3263) on 08-09-2010 11:56 PM:
WOW !!!!! Different people do hear different things if all the baby smurfs say the same thing at the end. I would like to believe that our Bluebuddies are so much more innocent than all this.
Posted by Shane J (Member # 1345) on 08-10-2010 11:13 PM:
After listening to the audio examples above, I am totally NOT convinced that the doll is saying any swear words. It only sounds like it because that is what some of you are expecting because of the hype. It's just like what happened with some of those Disney "hidden messages". Turned out to be myths. I don't think the words from that doll sounds anything like the swear word mentioned.
Posted by GreenDay Smurfs (Member # 2895) on 08-11-2010 10:21 AM:
Thats true Shane!!! I think that we've all heard so many rumors about the baby smurf swearing that when it comes to listening to it we're all like 'is he gunna swear?' i dont think the company would even consider on making a toy that swears because they dont want complaints.
Posted by MissCassidy (Member # 3409) on 03-27-2012 03:58 PM:
Maybe, but the recording is pretty bad... :/
Posted by Archive Smurf (Member # 2350) on 03-27-2012 04:13 PM:
Sounds slightly expletive?!
Posted by Shy Smurfette luvs Gutsy Smurf :D (Member # 4353) on 03-27-2012 04:30 PM:
I did hear a cuss word in that one video.
Posted by My dog Padfoot (Member # 4119) on 03-27-2012 05:30 PM:
I don't think that the people who created the talking baby smurf would never make it say any bad language. I'm sure it was just baby talk and he was just saying: Ba da da da.
Posted by Smurfy1For2 (Member # 1224) on 03-29-2012 01:15 AM:
It's funny how you hear different things when you listen to it over and over!! You can really hear whatever you want I think and that's what makes it so hard for anyone to agree. But I can't believe for a second Baby Smurf actually swears!

[Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Angel Smurf]
Posted by Greedette (Member # 4086) on 03-29-2012 05:47 AM:
Above in the video i can understand why people are thinking baby smurf is saying bad words but he's probably just saying smurf-berries or something. Or just because the video quality was bad it sounded different and sometimes are ears can play tricks on us.
Posted by Redneck Smurfette (Member # 5521) on 05-20-2015 01:22 PM:
Here's how I see it, with what I've heard, the baby does not swear, it's just baby talk. Really, it depends on how you hear it. For example (and correct me if I'm wrong), if in general, you think "Dirty" thoughts, that is what you will hear in situations such a these. Like, just to give an idea, if I had heard somthing that a family member previosely said, or I'm thinking about curse words, and someone says somthing that I didn't pay 100% attention to, somtimes, I hear somthing that they didn't say. Do you get what I'm smurfin?

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