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Posted by Jennifer on 06-13-2001 07:56 AM:
Do you know if there were only 10 glasses in the hardee's set? If so I have the whole set but I also have a smurfette that is different from the set and has 1982 on it. Do you know what this is or where it came from?



Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 06-13-2001 08:04 AM:
Hi Jennifer!

I did a search of the Smurf Bulletin Board System and found a message that provides a link to the Ultimate Smurf Collection, which has the largest collection of Smurf glasses I've ever seen. Just use the "search" function of the BBS and look up "glasses" or "glass".

I'm not an expert on Smurf glasses, but I bet this site can help! I hope so, at least!


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