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Posted by ESPO8338 on 04-28-2001 03:15 AM:
I am interested in purchasing a doll of my hero Gargamel.

Please send me photos of dolls and how to order.

Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 04-28-2001 04:01 AM:
We currently do not have any products for sale - we're a non-profit site, and our objective is to simply archive as many smurfy items as possible.

However, all is not lost! eBay has a wide variety of Smurf items for sale - simply use the keyword "smurf" or "gargamel" and you may find what you're looking for!

Posted by Sassette (Member # 2) on 04-28-2001 04:03 AM:

I just did a search for "Gargamel" - and found over 31 items, including a 15" plush Gargamel (for $2.25)!

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