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Posted by Florian Grasl on 04-16-2001 05:50 PM:
Hello to you

I am searching for the first video of the Smurfs in German language. It is called, as I know:

"Die Schlümpfe 1 - Schlumpfines liebster Freund"

I wanted to give it as a present to a girl, loving the Smurfs, so, perhaps, you understand my problem.

Do you know, where to get this video in German language, or alternative, the first episode in English or Dutch?

I´ve been searching the web for uncountable hours and the only thing I found was at, but the description says, that this video isn´t produced any more. So, perhaps there is another way to get it. Or in another language..........

Once again, please help me and respond as fast as you can. I love this girl and she loves the smurfs. So, it is very important.

I hope to read something from you soon and with the best wishes, I leave you now

Florian Grasl

Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 04-16-2001 05:55 PM:
Hello Florian!

If I had this video I would definitely help you out. However, online auctions may be your option - the contents of the auctions are constantly changing, so you have a good opportunity to find what you're looking for.

Be sure to check out this! They sell tons of top-notch, hard to find Smurf videos, at low prices! That should be your first stop.

Hope this helps you find your video.

Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 04-16-2001 05:58 PM:
Also, an idea - if you can't find the video, you can always sign up your girlfriend for a free smurfy email address!

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