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Posted by crystal (Member # 1773) on 04-15-2001 05:59 AM:
I have a question for you....I would like you buy a figurine, But I would
have to send cash is that ok? if so how do I go about doing that.

Thank you,


Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 04-15-2001 06:03 AM:
Hi Crystal!

Unfortunately, we do not sell Smurf figurines (or anything from the Gallery) at this time - we're just creating an archive!

However, be sure to check out eBay for brand new mint Smurfs, and rarities you can't get anywhere else!

Hope this helps!

Posted by crystal (Member # 1773) on 04-15-2001 06:09 PM:
Thank you very much!

I'll be sure to check on Ebay.


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