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Posted by heather (Member # 173) on 01-15-2001 12:45 AM:
Where is the best place to buy VHS tapes of Smurf TV episodes or movies from the '80's? I've looked at the linked sites that sell items but they all seem to be toys and collectibles. I've also checked and the other movie sites. Blockbuster is the only one who actually turned up results - they were all unavailable of course.

Any ideas?


Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 04-13-2001 07:53 AM:
Hello Heather!

eBay's Smurf Videos section has an incredible amount of high-quality, low-priced Smurf videos for sale! And much of this stuff is very rare!

I did a quick search for "Smurf video" and found 6 items for sale right now - go check it out!

Hope this helps!

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