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Posted by Fabius Hirrus on 04-13-2001 11:30 PM:

I am from Brazil,and me and many friends are willing to go to the next costume party of our university here in Rio de Janeiro as Smurfs!

Each one already chose its preferred smurf character,and got also the clothes and the accessories (like Brainy's glasses,etc).

But the problem is,we need to paint our bodies with something blue,and we are not sure of what to use!

Do you have any idea of any paint,die,spray or something else that we could use?

I would be very glad to send the pictures to you guys ,that is,if it's useful for this lovely site!

I thank you for hearing in advance!


Fabius Hirrus

Posted by Papa Smurf (Member # 1) on 04-13-2001 11:44 PM:
Hello Fabius, your Smurf costume party sounds exciting!

As far as body paint, this is the best available. There is nothing better. Their advertisement says, "Long-lasting paints will stand up to swimming, dancing, exercising, etc."

If you're looking for really nice Smurf costumes, take a look here.

Hope this helps and have a good time!

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